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❝ i can shake everything off as i write; my sorrows disappear and my courage is reborn, ❞  - Anne Frank

time for some recommendation time because i have bookmarked some of my favourites during my hiatus to keep me rejuvenated and quenched and wanna share them with ya’ll♡

i really really love and admire these authors and their incredibly divine writings that just pulled my heartstrings and drowned me in my own ocean of tears. you should have a look and when i mean ‘should’ i mean you MUST because they are insanely good (in my opinion). i’m sure there are way more brilliant writers and stories to discover but then again, there are a billion stars in the night sky and we have all the time in the world to pick one and admire it.

▼please and i mean PLEASE don’t throw any hate, shade or give annoying rude requests of updates to writers who put in effort to rekindle the passion for reading and craft our fantasies and imaginations▲

fic rec update: 16 May


six degrees of separation (yoongi scenario)
he didn’t (multi-member series)
❝ you guys don’t frickin know how much i love her fics and if you can handle cliffhangers then you will enjoy her masterpieces but if you don’t - well prepare some tissues❞

arranged love (jungkook series)
hiraeth (jungkook series)
❝ art. alyssa is art. that’s all i can say because she is a fucking masterpiece❞

to earth (yoongi scenario)
listen (taehyung scenario)
punchline (jungkook scenario)
❝ mia’s writing is like getting a glimpse of what heaven seems like because her stories are just exceptionally beautifully written❞

cerise (yoongi scenario)
mischance (jungkook scenario)
accismus (taehyung series)
oodal (namjoon scenario)
the universe of us (taehyung & jungkook scenario)
❝ as you can tell, i’m a mega fan of cat’s writings. like no joke. pls read her stories and love her and bless her for such amazing stories like pls she is a sweet gift from heaven i swear❞

pressure (jimin scenario)
❝ her comical scenarios and plots makes me smile like there is no tomorrow so maybe her amazing writing will do something to you too…its probably black magic…❞

bts college!au
❝ okay she makes me feel so frickin fluffy with her drabbles like i can just EXPLODE with floor. she is crazy and her imagines are so relatable i just had to put her in my recommendation list❞

the taste of love (yoongi scenario)
obliviously obviously obvious (jungkook scenario)
❝ if i could, i would just give you her entire masterlist because i swear, missy’s writings can cure every broken soul. she makes me feel like such a disloyal hoe just because her writings for every member are frickin insanely good❞

noise (jimin scenario)
❝ main culprit for making me cry over angst because of this scenario. she is really good guys pls go check her out if you wanna good cry❞

cinderella (hoseok series)
enchanted (jimin series)
❝ jen is one of the first few writers that got me hooked and stimulated my passion for writing. i’ve talked to her before and she is a genuinely nice person. pls give her love for her incredible writing❞

better than words (taehyung scenario)
the little things (jungkook scenario)
untimely confessions (seokjin scenario)
❝ kristen’s stories are masterpieces and i’m not kidding you like they are so genuine and deep - deeper and the ocean - and that says a LOT❞

prince charming - love is easy - after all (jungkook series)
laws of motions and attractions (taehyung series)
limited edition (jungkook scenario)
❝ if you guys want a taste of extreme fluff and angst, go to kaye’s because her writings *sigh* i don’t even know anymore. she is just one of the most talented writers i have ever known in my entire existence❞

caller number 9 (yoongi series)
salted caramel (hoseok series)
warning labels (hoseok scenario)
felicity (seokjin scenario)
❝ *screaming because thalia is fucking amazing and i love her writings so much* you have no idea how much i admire her writing. its so new and fresh and just something i want to experience and have it screened in a cinema ya know. oh yeah and her edits makes me question my own artistic talent❞

the insanity called love (taehyung scenario)
❝ issy just slays it. she SLAYS it. if she played me she will slay ya'll❞

basically her entire text masterlist
❝ cheesy af and lucy’s texts makes me want to puke butterflies and cry rainfalls. partner in crime but likely to be the one to have to save my ass from the cops because i daydream too much in the midst of schemes❞

first light (jungkook scenario)
the swirling way of stars (jungkook scenario)
blue orchids (jungkook scenario)
❝ ya’ll…you have no idea how much i love mari and her stories. she makes magic with her words and fantasies come to life with her imagination that is just beyond the universe❞

between the lines (jungkook scenario)
❝ i spent months trying to find this amazing blog who has the amazing fic that reminds me of jodi picoult’s Between The Lines. and trust me, its so beautiful i love it soo much it gets mE SO FLUFFY. kim’s stories are beyond amazing and i’m just nOPE NOT TODAY GURL❞

the devil skates on thin ice (yoongi series)
❝ you all have no fucking clue how amazing ivory is. iv’e been through her past personas and she still strikes me with her flamboyant vocab and outstanding storylines❞

paper hearts (jungkook series)

iniquitous (jungkook scenario)
❝ idk about you but tina is underrated and i waNT PEOPLE TO LOVE HER WORKS thank you pls. she is new so she doesn’t have that many fics but i’m so excited for new ones because she is just MMHHMMM❞

rent-a-boyfriend (taehyung scenario)
❝ yo this fic had me and my friends sQUEALING during biology class like i’m so in love with this fic where can i find a boyfriend????? like taehyung???? this fic is enough to stir the butterflies in you ;) ❞

petrichor (yoongi scenario)
❝ so so so s o SOOO good and so reALLL and genuine like it gives me raw feelings and i just SIGHHH

snapstreak (jungkook series)
❝ basically aus + kalice = some crazy cliche fluff shit. though in real life she is an actual ass she is actually really soft for jungkook so thats the only thing i respect of her


there is waaaaaaaaaaay more i assure and i’m pretty sure you guys know waaaaaay more. these are my fav scenarios and authors who have truly inspired me:) pls give them all the respect and love they deserve for their hard work. some of them are on hiatus or either really busy but all we can do is give them support and patience♡ will update the fic soon:))

So, to all these people saying Ghost in the Shell is racist for using a white actress.

If Kusanagi was cast as a black woman, would you SJW racists be complaining?

Also, why is it only Europe and America that have to be diverse? Why is no one asking Japan or China to be more diverse? Because if you’ve ever stepped out of your little box and went to an Asian country (I’ve been to Japan, Taiwan, India, and South Korea several times) you’d see that they have NO DIVERSITY.

Like, Japan is 99% JAPANESE people. They don’t have large percentages of white, black, Hispanic, ANYONE. They have strange stereotypes for foreigners. They have conscious bias against anyone different from them (in most cases). It’s ingrained in their society.

But is anyone outraged about their lack of diversity? Their, dare I say, racism against non-Japanese? OF COURSE NOT. It’s fucking JAPAN.

Same goes for South Korea. And Taiwan. NO DIVERSITY.

The double standard is staggering. It makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

FYI, my many many Japanese cousins LOVED the live action GitS. They thought it was amazing. When I asked if they cared about Kusanagi being played by a white woman, the replied with “That’s a silly question. She’s pretty and talented. She looks a lot like Kusanagi.”

tl:dr GitS was awesome. Racist will never be happy. If she was cast black, I bet you wouldn’t be complaining. Mah reprezuntashun whaaaaaa. Dumbasses.

  • happy international women’s day to nb folk
  • happy international women’s day to indigenous women
  • happy international women’s day to black women
  • happy international women’s day to abused women
  • happy international women’s day to religous women
  • happy international women’s day to lgbt+ women
  • happy international women’s day to dark skinned women
  • happy international women’s day to mentally ill women
  • happy international women’s day to ace-spec women
  • happy international women’s day to women of color 
  • happy international women’s day to disabled women 
  • happy international women’s day to mixed women of color
  • happy international women’s day to literally all of us who identify as women/present as fem/support ALL women - we’re amazing and the fact that we have made it this far is amazing and i am so proud of every single breath we take in this world that hates so many of us!! i love you all and you all inspire everyday xox

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This is a public service announcement! The writers, artists, and content makers/fans for bakudeku are some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with! Everyone is so supportive of each others talent and creativity in a ship that is hit with so much hate from the outside.

I just want to thank you all for the content you bring, the kindness you show, and the love you have for each others work! You all are amazing!!!! Love you all mah dudes!!!!

“leave the devs alone!!!!! they are trying their best!!!!! we should be thanking them for the game!!! be positive!!!!”

yea okay but did anyone tell u that u can in fact….be hyped as hell for andromeda but…..recognize there might be some problems with how they’ve marketed the game as a whole, especially their complete sidelining of lgbt+ romances? they’re completely selling this game on the “pretty good banging” and yet the only romances we’ve seen so far are straight romances? and??? people aren’t supposed to be the least upset or frustrated that sara has had 0 cinematic trailers??? bioware has marketed themselves on their inclusiveness and im sorry…..i just haven’t seen it yet

also, shocker:

they’re adults able to take constructive criticism!!! like adults!!!!!! amazing 

You’re Amazing

@eliana55226838@bonnie-bombay, @yaoitrashqueen, @the-vampire-inside-me, @themarshmellowsnowqueen, @idolaelyartist, @sophie-cartoons

I know ya’ll may hear this a lot from other people but I just wanted to say that I think each one of you are so Amazing, Ya’ll really inspire me because Your outlook on artwork art so Astonishing and Breathtaking  I hope I’ll be that great someday.

I hope this makes your day ^^

See ya 2016 ✌🏼! If I’m real honest this was the hardest year but it’s also been the most amazing year full of blessing I didn’t even know I needed. Hope ya'lls NYE is full of folks who love you well 🙌🏼


Hello there! I visited Chuggaaconroy/Emile’s epic town of Palette! Dude, this place is so perfect, I honestly can’t put it into words. Emile is such an amazing Let’s Player, and an inspiration, to be honest. He always does extensive research on everything he does, and makes sure we’re both entertained, and informed! He inspired me to start playing again after a really long break, so please, excuse the bed head. :P Thank you Emile, for everything you’ve done! This place was so incredible!

When you’re in love but also dramatic as hell

i-msonotcreative  asked:

I'd love some kidnapped Kacchan and Izuku coming to the rescue! Hurt/comfort is my jam so if you want to do large amounts of that my dude I AM THERE (LOVE YOUR STUFF YOU'RE SO AMAZING)

Warning: The following is rated M for descriptions of violence, injury, and blood. Reader discretion is advised

Izuku had to constantly remind himself that this was just another rescue.

Someone had been taken by an upcoming group of villains and he, as the number one hero, had rushed to the sight. He had asked about the villain’s quirks, thought of a plan, and had wanted to form a team as quickly as possible.

“Deku … you can’t, not this time,” Uraraka was gently holding onto his arm as she spoke. She was trying to be calming, but it only made Izuku glare at her more.

What?” Izuku challenged.

“You’re shaking,” she motioned to his hands. “If this was any other rescue I would never tell you to stand down, but you’re too involved in this. We don’t know what they’ve done to him, what condition he’ll be in when we find him.”

“I’m going,” Izuku argued. “I’ve failed so many times at saving him … not this time, not now.”

You’re too emotional, you can’t. If this goes badly you could end up losing him,” she hadn’t wanted to play her hand. Izuku could see it in her eyes as she glared at him.

“I can’t not go. I don’t even know why you’re trying to stop me right now. It’s Kacchan! I have to go, I have to save him,”  Izuku did his best to not fiddle with his wedding ring. “I’m sorry Ochako, but I have to do this.”

He moved before she could stop him.

Izuku once again reminded himself that this was just another rescue. He couldn’t let himself get distracted by the fact that his husband hadn’t come home last night after his shift. He couldn’t succumb to the fear that had consumed him earlier this morning when he’d gotten the call. He couldn’t focus on the fact that every second he hesitated Katsuki was in danger.

No, this was just another rescue.

From the intelligence gathered from the other heroes Izuku had spoken with outside, the buildings structure was pretty sound, but it went down into an underground facility where they were most likely keeping him. They had guessed on a few of the villains, one having a slime quirk, that would render Katsuki’s quick useless. If he couldn’t get his hands to sweat, he couldn’t blow anything up.

Izuku moved faster.

If he had made it here last night, when they had first gotten hold of Katsuki, Izuku would have simply smashed an entrance to the last level where he assumed they were keeping Katsuki. However, almost an entire day had passed, and Katsuki’s condition was unknown. Izuku couldn’t just go punching and kicking his way through everything. When he reached the final floor, he’d paused for a second to take a deep breath. He steeled himself for what he was about to see, then reached forward.

He ripped the large metal door entirely out of the wall.

The room erupted in commotion in an instant. The small group of villains were startled, but a few of them had quick reflexes. Izuku targeted them first. He kicked off at around forty percent of his power, appearing behind them in a second and kicking them as far away from the body that he refused to look at. He couldn’t, he’d break if he did. Finish the job, remove the threat, then look.

Izuku had to make sure he was holding back, he couldn’t let his emotions influence his work. He couldn’t injure them too badly. That would only prove that Ochako was right and he shouldn’t have been the one to be sent in. Izuku made quick work of the group, bending an iron bar around them to hold them in place for the capture. They had caught Katsuki by surprise and in a cramped space where he couldn’t use his quirk to its full potential, Izuku had flipped the tables on them.

Speaking of Katsuki …

Izuku, knowing that the threat was neutralized, finally allowed himself to look at his husband. Izuku’s eyes widened, his heart stopped, his lungs burned, and his body began to shake. It was so much worse than what they had predicted. Katsuki was hanging from an iron hook by his hands, feet off the ground, hands bound and covered in a substance that was indeed inhibiting his quirk. Blood splattered him from head to foot, Izuku unsure of where the injuries started and stopped. His brows were frowned in pain, eyes shut in a battle for consciousness, a metal mask covered his face to keep him silent, but blood and saliva dripped from the edges making sickening trails down Katsuki’s jaw and throat. Katsuki wasn’t moving, hardly breathing, in the now silent room his gasps sounding like they were coming from a dying man. He wasn’t even in his costume, but his civilian clothes.

Katsuki had been on his way home.

“Kacchan …” Izuku couldn’t move. Fear gripped him like a vice, planting his feet and stalling his mind. The image of his husband so brutally broken enclosed Izuku in despair and robbed him of his training. He was not the number one hero, Deku, standing before a victim anymore.

He was Izuku Midoriya-Bakugou, seeing the aftereffects of his husbands kidnapping.

“KACCHAN!” his voice tore from his body, a howl of anguish that scorched his throat and emitted the devastation of his heart. Izuku’s everything hung from a chain, bleeding and broken.

His feet finally moved.

“Kacchan! Wake up!” As gently as he could, he lifted his husband’s body so his hands became free of the chain, and cradled him close. Lowering to his knees, Izuku took every precaution to make sure he wasn’t touching any of the wounds inflicted onto the other. The pain had to be unimaginable, and Izuku didn’t want to make it worse. Izuku unclasped the metal mask first, giving Katsuki easier access to breathe.

Izuku felt bile at the back of his throat.

The mask had spikes. Katsuki’s mouth and cheeks were adorned with tears and rips, most likely caused if he had screamed in pain. Fresh blood spilled from the wounds, now flowing freely from the removal of the mask. Izuku quickly removed his own mask, replacing the torturous device with the strong metal, but padded inside, of his own to apply pressure and some comfort for the other. It would also help Katsuki breathe.

“Kacchan, please,” Izuku begged, tears spilling from his eyes, cries slipping from his lips. “Not like this! You can’t leave me like this! Kacchan, you can’t!” Izuku curled his entire form around his husband, sobs harshly rocking through Izuku. The wounds inflicted on his body had stopped bleeding at least, and Izuku had been able to feel a pulse, but it was faint. Izuku felt Katsuki’s body twitch, his head turned, and his eyes slowly peeled open. Izuku tried his best to smile.

“I’m here, you’re okay. Kacchan, I’m here,” Izuku whispered, his hand supporting the back of Katsuki’s head so that he could look in his eyes. “We found you. The others are coming by now. It’s okay,” Izuku continued to talk seeing the vibrant emotions of panic and pain flash in Katsuki’s eyes. “Shhhh, it’s alright. I’m here.”

Katsuki blinked once, twice, and then tears spilled from his eyes, cascading down his face and Izuku’s mask. Izuku could feel Katsuki’s hands weakly gripping at the front of costume, attempting to pull himself closer to Izuku. Voices could be heard from the hall now; the others were arriving.

“I love you so much, Katsuki,” Izuku said through his own tears. One of Katsuki’s injured, and possibly numb, hands reached up to wrap around Izuku’s neck. Katsuki tugged until Izuku leaned even closer.

Katsuki pressed the mask to Izuku’s lips.

Another sob bubbled out of Izuku before he peppered the mask in light kisses, moving from the mask to Katsuki’s nose and forehead. Katsuki held onto Izuku in a faint grasp that Izuku could only imagine was through sheer will alone.  

“Deku! Ground Zero!” A few voices called out. The other heroes that had been assigned were trying to assess the situation.

“Izuku!” Ochako yelled, rushing over to her friends. “Oh god,” her voice was shaking, sounding sick. “Bakugou …”

“You have to stay awake, Kacchan.” Another kiss. “I know it hurts, I know you’re tired, but you need to,” Izuku coaxed out, becoming terrified when Katsuki kept closing his eyes for longer periods of time.

“We need a medic here, now! Any recovery quirks?!” Ochako yelled, kneeling down and hugging the two of them. Medics arrived, but Izuku couldn’t let go of Katsuki, his body physically would not let him. It took Ochako using her quirk on both of them to get the two separated so the medics could look Katsuki over.

“They’re going to help him,” Ochako reminded Izuku. She released him once Katsuki was put on a stretcher to be taken up to the surface. Izuku followed them like a shadow, keeping his eyes trained on Katsuki who was looking back at him with the same apprehension.

They didn’t want to lose sight of the other.

Izuku was allowed into the ambulance that was going to be taking Katsuki to the hospital to be checked over and healed by a recovery quirk in a controlled area. Ochako had assured Izuku that she would take care of everything here, from making sure the villains were handed over to the police, to the clean-up. Izuku couldn’t thank her enough.

Izuku was startled when he heard Katsuki’s muffled screams from the mask. Katsuki was struggling to move his arm away from the medic that had a needle positioned at a vein.

“Katsuki, calm down,” Izuku held up his hand to the medic to silently tell him to stop. “I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere. It’s to help you, don’t fight it.” Izuku readjusted himself so he was kneeling next to Katsuki, his thumb rubbing gentle circles behind his ear, fingers in his hair. Izuku motioned to the medic out of Katsuki’s line of vision to continue, Katsuki’s attention sole on Izuku. “That’s it, I’m here.” Katsuki eyes lazily blinked, fear melting into a hazed content. His blinking became slower, anxiety flickering through the drugged fog.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight, it’s okay.” A quick kiss to his forehead. “It’s okay to sleep now, Kacchan. They’ll have you fixed up and we’ll be ready to go home when you wake up, okay?” Izuku watched with bated breath until Katsuki’s eyes slowly slid closed, trusting Izuku to keep his word.

He hoped he could follow through with that promise.        

darkrosewhite  asked:

It's been about ten months since the last update on the Humiliation tag. Is there anyway ya'll could update it? PS. You all do amazing work. I have found so many of my favorite stories from this library :D

ahh thank you so much babe!

Gut Feeling by Chubstilinski (2/2 | 29,842 | NC17)

Stiles was maybe, possibly, mildly obsessed with his favorite regular, Deputy Derek Hale. But in his defense, Derek seemed just as obsessed with Stiles. Or at least, Stiles’s baked goods, if his appetite for sweets and increasing waistline were anything to go by.

Take Shelter by tresshots (6/6 | 19,028 | NC17)

Stiles loves cock. Everybody in Beacon High knows it. They may whisper about him taking it up the ass, but at least he’s getting some.

Cue in Derek Hale. One year older, handsome and totally unobtainable – or that’s what Stiles thought. It didn’t take more than one suggestive curl of Derek’s eyebrows and Stiles got on his knees, just like that. So what if Derek doesn’t want to hold his hand in public? He hits all Stiles’ kinks at once, and anyways it’s just taking some time, Stiles figures, for Derek to come on terms with being in a relationship with a guy…

A Place in the Pack by TuckerPuppy (HarleyD) (5/? | 9,528 | R)

Derek has his little pack and Stiles has been hanging around the fringes, but Derek realizes that he needs to bring him fully in to the pack to protect him. Scott doesn’t like the way things are going, but everyone else seems on board. Isaac is thrilled. Derek doesn’t want to turn Stiles into a wolf, not that he needs to, Stiles already smells like pack. Stiles already smells like *his*. He just needs to do something about it.

This takes place season 2ish… it will not follow canon. And why dont we just say for this story they are seniors and 18, and in this world Derek has just been successfully running his pack for a few years.

Pack feels, especially with Isaac and Stiles bonding. Not at all canon compliant. Also, use of the term ‘omega’ different than in the show, here we will use it for low pack member and not rogue wolf. Also, gonna get slashy up in here :D And read the tags people, it makes it pretty clear what kind of story it is. Dont like, dont read. :D

Top Five by Siriuslydepraved (2/7 | 4,380 | NC17)

Derek 'borrows’ Stiles’ computer while he’s at school and stumbles across his porn stash. Curious, he looks through the folders and finds one marked Top Five and makes a copy. He’s shocked to learn what Stiles is into but it doesn’t stop him from making Stiles’ dirty little fantasies come true.

Just Gonna leave this here:

Drops the song Evermore from the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack with Dan Stevens singing in the middle of the red queen fandom with a nice little note attached saying:  

Listen if you want Cal singing in RQ4 Feels. (: 

Enjoy, and happy crying, 

Lily (aka the sadistic person you love) 

Can I Just

Bun is one of the best writers out there, and everyone needs to know that. Whenever her fingers move across a keyboard, and words are turned into stories- my heart swells with every character and plot and feeling that she tries to convey. @rbuns, you are amazing, and I’m so lucky I have you as a friend. <3 <3

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