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So, to all these people saying Ghost in the Shell is racist for using a white actress.

If Kusanagi was cast as a black woman, would you SJW racists be complaining?

Also, why is it only Europe and America that have to be diverse? Why is no one asking Japan or China to be more diverse? Because if you’ve ever stepped out of your little box and went to an Asian country (I’ve been to Japan, Taiwan, India, and South Korea several times) you’d see that they have NO DIVERSITY.

Like, Japan is 99% JAPANESE people. They don’t have large percentages of white, black, Hispanic, ANYONE. They have strange stereotypes for foreigners. They have conscious bias against anyone different from them (in most cases). It’s ingrained in their society.

But is anyone outraged about their lack of diversity? Their, dare I say, racism against non-Japanese? OF COURSE NOT. It’s fucking JAPAN.

Same goes for South Korea. And Taiwan. NO DIVERSITY.

The double standard is staggering. It makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

FYI, my many many Japanese cousins LOVED the live action GitS. They thought it was amazing. When I asked if they cared about Kusanagi being played by a white woman, the replied with “That’s a silly question. She’s pretty and talented. She looks a lot like Kusanagi.”

tl:dr GitS was awesome. Racist will never be happy. If she was cast black, I bet you wouldn’t be complaining. Mah reprezuntashun whaaaaaa. Dumbasses.

  • happy international women’s day to nb folk
  • happy international women’s day to indigenous women
  • happy international women’s day to black women
  • happy international women’s day to abused women
  • happy international women’s day to religous women
  • happy international women’s day to lgbt+ women
  • happy international women’s day to dark skinned women
  • happy international women’s day to mentally ill women
  • happy international women’s day to ace-spec women
  • happy international women’s day to women of color 
  • happy international women’s day to disabled women 
  • happy international women’s day to mixed women of color
  • happy international women’s day to literally all of us who identify as women/present as fem/support ALL women - we’re amazing and the fact that we have made it this far is amazing and i am so proud of every single breath we take in this world that hates so many of us!! i love you all and you all inspire everyday xox

❝ i can shake everything off as i write; my sorrows disappear and my courage is reborn, ❞  - Anne Frank

time for some recommendation time because i have bookmarked some of my favourites during my hiatus to keep me rejuvenated and quenched and wanna share them with ya’ll♡

i really really love and admire these authors and their incredibly divine writings that just pulled my heartstrings and drowned me in my own ocean of tears. you should have a look and when i mean ‘should’ i mean you MUST because they are insanely good (in my opinion). i’m sure there are way more brilliant writers and stories to discover but then again, there are a billion stars in the night sky and we have all the time in the world to pick one and admire it.

▼please and i mean PLEASE don’t throw any hate, shade or give annoying rude requests of updates to writers who put in effort to rekindle the passion for reading and craft our fantasies and imaginations▲

fic rec update: 16 May


six degrees of separation (yoongi scenario)
he didn’t (multi-member series)
❝ you guys don’t frickin know how much i love her fics and if you can handle cliffhangers then you will enjoy her masterpieces but if you don’t - well prepare some tissues❞

arranged love (jungkook series)
hiraeth (jungkook series)
❝ art. alyssa is art. that’s all i can say because she is a fucking masterpiece❞

to earth (yoongi scenario)
listen (taehyung scenario)
punchline (jungkook scenario)
❝ mia’s writing is like getting a glimpse of what heaven seems like because her stories are just exceptionally beautifully written❞

cerise (yoongi scenario)
mischance (jungkook scenario)
accismus (taehyung series)
oodal (namjoon scenario)
❝ as you can tell, i’m a mega fan of cat’s writings. like no joke. pls read her stories and love her and bless her for such amazing stories like pls she is a sweet gift from heaven i swear❞

pressure (jimin scenario)
❝ her comical scenarios and plots makes me smile like there is no tomorrow so maybe her amazing writing will do something to you too…its probably black magic…❞

bts college!au
❝ okay she makes me feel so frickin fluffy with her drabbles like i can just EXPLODE with floor. she is crazy and her imagines are so relatable i just had to put her in my recommendation list❞

the taste of love (yoongi scenario)
obliviously obviously obvious (jungkook scenario)
❝ if i could, i would just give you her entire masterlist because i swear, missy’s writings can cure every broken soul. she makes me feel like such a disloyal hoe just because her writings for every member are frickin insanely good❞

noise (jimin scenario)
❝ main culprit for making me cry over angst because of this scenario. she is really good guys pls go check her out if you wanna good cry❞

cinderella (hoseok series)
enchanted (jimin series)
❝ jen is one of the first few writers that got me hooked and stimulated my passion for writing. i’ve talked to her before and she is a genuinely nice person. pls give her love for her incredible writing❞

better than words (taehyung scenario)
the little things (jungkook scenario)
untimely confessions (seokjin scenario)
❝ kristen’s stories are masterpieces and i’m not kidding you like they are so genuine and deep - deeper and the ocean - and that says a LOT❞

prince charming - love is easy - after all (jungkook series)
laws of motions and attractions (taehyung series)
limited edition (jungkook scenario)
❝ if you guys want a taste of extreme fluff and angst, go to kaye’s because her writings *sigh* i don’t even know anymore. she is just one of the most talented writers i have ever known in my entire existence❞

caller number 9 (yoongi series)
salted caramel (hoseok series)
warning labels (hoseok scenario)
felicity (seokjin scenario)
❝ *screaming because thalia is fucking amazing and i love her writings so much* you have no idea how much i admire her writing. its so new and fresh and just something i want to experience and have it screened in a cinema ya know. oh yeah and her edits makes me question my own artistic talent❞

the insanity called love (taehyung scenario)
❝ issy just slays it. she SLAYS it. if she played me she will slay ya'll❞

basically her entire text masterlist
❝ cheesy af and lucy’s texts makes me want to puke butterflies and cry rainfalls. partner in crime but likely to be the one to have to save my ass from the cops because i daydream too much in the midst of schemes❞

first light (jungkook scenario)
the swirling way of stars (jungkook scenario)
blue orchids (jungkook scenario)
❝ ya’ll…you have no idea how much i love mari and her stories. she makes magic with her words and fantasies come to life with her imagination that is just beyond the universe❞

between the lines (jungkook scenario)
❝ i spent months trying to find this amazing blog who has the amazing fic that reminds me of jodi picoult’s Between The Lines. and trust me, its so beautiful i love it soo much it gets mE SO FLUFFY. kim’s stories are beyond amazing and i’m just nOPE NOT TODAY GURL❞

the devil skates on thin ice (yoongi series)
❝ you all have no fucking clue how amazing ivory is. iv’e been through her past personas and she still strikes me with her flamboyant vocab and outstanding storylines❞

paper hearts (jungkook series)

iniquitous (jungkook scenario)
❝ idk about you but tina is underrated and i waNT PEOPLE TO LOVE HER WORKS thank you pls. she is new so she doesn’t have that many fics but i’m so excited for new ones because she is just MMHHMMM❞

rent-a-boyfriend (taehyung scenario)
❝ yo this fic had me and my friends sQUEALING during biology class like i’m so in love with this fic where can i find a boyfriend????? like taehyung???? this fic is enough to stir the butterflies in you ;) ❞

petrichor (yoongi scenario)
❝ so so so s o SOOO good and so reALLL and genuine like it gives me raw feelings and i just SIGHHH

snapstreak (jungkook series)
❝ basically aus + kalice = some crazy cliche fluff shit. though in real life she is an actual ass she is actually really soft for jungkook so thats the only thing i respect of her


there is waaaaaaaaaaay more i assure and i’m pretty sure you guys know waaaaaay more. these are my fav scenarios and authors who have truly inspired me:) pls give them all the respect and love they deserve for their hard work. some of them are on hiatus or either really busy but all we can do is give them support and patience♡ will update the fic soon:))

“leave the devs alone!!!!! they are trying their best!!!!! we should be thanking them for the game!!! be positive!!!!”

yea okay but did anyone tell u that u can in fact….be hyped as hell for andromeda but…..recognize there might be some problems with how they’ve marketed the game as a whole, especially their complete sidelining of lgbt+ romances? they’re completely selling this game on the “pretty good banging” and yet the only romances we’ve seen so far are straight romances? and??? people aren’t supposed to be the least upset or frustrated that sara has had 0 cinematic trailers??? bioware has marketed themselves on their inclusiveness and im sorry…..i just haven’t seen it yet

also, shocker:

they’re adults able to take constructive criticism!!! like adults!!!!!! amazing 

See ya 2016 ✌🏼! If I’m real honest this was the hardest year but it’s also been the most amazing year full of blessing I didn’t even know I needed. Hope ya'lls NYE is full of folks who love you well 🙌🏼

Shoutout to all the non native english speakers out there. Ya’ll are awesome. I want to see more of your native tongues on my dash everyday!

Just Gonna leave this here:

Drops the song Evermore from the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack with Dan Stevens singing in the middle of the red queen fandom with a nice little note attached saying:  

Listen if you want Cal singing in RQ4 Feels. (: 

Enjoy, and happy crying, 

Lily (aka the sadistic person you love) 

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It's been about ten months since the last update on the Humiliation tag. Is there anyway ya'll could update it? PS. You all do amazing work. I have found so many of my favorite stories from this library :D

ahh thank you so much babe!

Gut Feeling by Chubstilinski (2/2 | 29,842 | NC17)

Stiles was maybe, possibly, mildly obsessed with his favorite regular, Deputy Derek Hale. But in his defense, Derek seemed just as obsessed with Stiles. Or at least, Stiles’s baked goods, if his appetite for sweets and increasing waistline were anything to go by.

Take Shelter by tresshots (6/6 | 19,028 | NC17)

Stiles loves cock. Everybody in Beacon High knows it. They may whisper about him taking it up the ass, but at least he’s getting some.

Cue in Derek Hale. One year older, handsome and totally unobtainable – or that’s what Stiles thought. It didn’t take more than one suggestive curl of Derek’s eyebrows and Stiles got on his knees, just like that. So what if Derek doesn’t want to hold his hand in public? He hits all Stiles’ kinks at once, and anyways it’s just taking some time, Stiles figures, for Derek to come on terms with being in a relationship with a guy…

A Place in the Pack by TuckerPuppy (HarleyD) (5/? | 9,528 | R)

Derek has his little pack and Stiles has been hanging around the fringes, but Derek realizes that he needs to bring him fully in to the pack to protect him. Scott doesn’t like the way things are going, but everyone else seems on board. Isaac is thrilled. Derek doesn’t want to turn Stiles into a wolf, not that he needs to, Stiles already smells like pack. Stiles already smells like *his*. He just needs to do something about it.

This takes place season 2ish… it will not follow canon. And why dont we just say for this story they are seniors and 18, and in this world Derek has just been successfully running his pack for a few years.

Pack feels, especially with Isaac and Stiles bonding. Not at all canon compliant. Also, use of the term ‘omega’ different than in the show, here we will use it for low pack member and not rogue wolf. Also, gonna get slashy up in here :D And read the tags people, it makes it pretty clear what kind of story it is. Dont like, dont read. :D

Top Five by Siriuslydepraved (2/7 | 4,380 | NC17)

Derek 'borrows’ Stiles’ computer while he’s at school and stumbles across his porn stash. Curious, he looks through the folders and finds one marked Top Five and makes a copy. He’s shocked to learn what Stiles is into but it doesn’t stop him from making Stiles’ dirty little fantasies come true.


“I live for nights that I can’t remember with people that I won’t forget!”

Coachella Weekend 2 was amazing with my 2 favorite loves @thecubandoll and @kyleenojenner 😘😘

I only remember taking the first 4 pics. The rest of the night was kind of a blur. But hey those are some of the best nights. Everything was lit from start to finish and I have you 2 to thank for that! 🔥🔥

& I put captions on the pics🗣💭🌴

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YA'LL I wanna say something. I myself am trans/nb and like... Cheerio is not a canon trans girl... You can most certainly have that headcanon/AU, (I personally headcanon him genderfluid!) but just... stop trying to push people into calling him certain pronouns/gender terms. He/she/they/boy/girl/other, Chihiro Fujisaki is Chihiro Fujisaki, the amazing SHSL programmer we all know and love. You have your opinions, I have mine, Meghan has hers. Stop bullying her, please. *drops mic and walks away*

Thank you. This is exactly my thoughts: headcanons are great, but should be acknowledged separately from canon, in my opinion!

Ricky Whittle (who is BRITISH and I was not prepared for that accent and I swooned) is the most charming, gracious man and I spent several minutes after the Q&A talking to him (along with another small harem of ladies). He shook my hand TWICE, asked my name, and he’d made eye contact with me multiple times during the Q&A because I turned into the MOST UNSUBTLE 12 YEAR OLD IN EXISTENCE all blushing and chinhands staring.

Emily Browning is the tiniest of tinies and I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed her performance in Legend, but she left pretty much immediately. She was seated next to Pablo, who is 6′5′’, and the contrast between her tiny doll body and him barely fitting in his seat was precious.

Also the cast were so fun and funny and taking the piss out of each other and cracking jokes and talking deeply about acting and life and politics and it was AMAZING!


To whom it may concern, 

In the nearly 10 years that I have known Luke Danes, I have come to know him as an honest and decent man. He’s also one of the most kind and caring persons I have ever met. I’m a single mother, and I raised my daughter by myself, but once Luke Danes became my friend in this town, I never really felt alone. Luke and I have had our ups and downs over the years, but through it all, his relationship with my daughter, Rory, has never changed. He’s always been there for her no matter what. He was there to celebrate her birthdays. He was there cheering her on at her high school graduation. Luke has been a sort of father figure in my daughter’s life. With his own daughter, Luke wasn’t given the opportunity to be there for her first 12 years, but he should be given that opportunity now. Once Luke Danes is in your life, he is in your life forever. I know from personal experience what an amazing gift that is, and not to allow him access to his daughter would be to seriously deprive her of all this man has to offer, and he offers so much. Thank you for your time. 

Sincerely, Lorelai Gilmore

All Tied Up (Reid/Reader)

Here’s a Reid smut for all the sinners (including myself) out there in the Criminal Minds fandom. I’ve always loved fics with Reid as the sub so wey-hey, I’m going for it. Hope you enjoy!

Title: All Tied Up
Pairing: Reid x Reader
Rating: M/Explicit
Words: 1619
Warnings: CONSENSUAL BDSM BETWEEN A DOM GIRLFRIEND READER AND REID. Please don’t read if you don’t like. Some pretty demeaning language. Kinda slow build. Bondage, blowjobs, sex **unprotected, might I add**- the usual for a smut fic and a little bit more. This is some pretty kinky stuff.

As a rare normal day in the office came to a close, you stood next to the kitchenette right outside of the bullpen, finishing up a cup of tea. You smiled, watching your boyfriend converse with Morgan at his desk. You watched Morgan’s eyes widen while he laughed and clasped a hand on Reid’s shoulder. Curiousity took over and you placed your mug in the sink to be washed later before you walked over to the pair. You tapped Spencer on the back as he turned to face you.

“What’s going on over here?” you asked, laughing softly. “Guy talk, I’m guessing?” You pulled a chair over and sat down next to the two of them, taking Spencer’s hand in yours.

“You got that right, sweetheart,” Morgan smirked. “Pretty Boy is getting surprisingly NSFW over here.”

You jokingly slapped Spencer on the chest. “You’re talking about our sex life? At work no less?”

“Oh, he’s gone into some heavy detail. Seems your innocent baby face over here isn’t as innocent as he seems.

Your attention went to Reid, glaring at him with your mouth slightly open. “Alright, spill it, honey- what did you tell him about our time together?”

Spencer’s face flushed and red burned bright on his cheeks. “Aw, he’s embarassed now!” Derek teased, chuckling. “You get into the down and dirty of your bedroom life with me but you can’t own up to your girlfriend?” He paused. “I’ll tell you, Y/N- he told me you like being ‘all tied up’. Didn’t see that from you, but hey; I guess you don’t know a person until you sleep with them. Is that the saying?”

You feigned innocence and once again glared at Reid. “I can’t believe you told him that!” you squealed.

Derek smiled, staring at the two of you. “Don’t worry, lovebirds, your secret is safe with me. I won’t tell anyone.” He glanced down at his watch. “Welp, it’s almost six, so I think it’s time for all of us to get home.” The three of you stood up and began walking to the elevator. “And hey, guys, don’t have too much fun tonight.”

You rolled your eyes at the comment and pressed the button for the parking garage. When you reached the basement, you said your goodbyes to Morgan and you and Spencer got into your car. The ride home was quiet; Reid was still embarassed from the earlier exchange and you weren’t in the mood to talk just yet.

You pulled into the driveway and paused before opening your car door to go inside. When the two of you got into the house, you pulled your scarf and coat off, hanging them off the rack next to the door. Spencer was staring at the floor when you turned to face him. You pushed his jacket gently off his shoulders and tipped his chin up so he looked you in the eyes.

“So, do you talk to all of our co-workers about your very dominant personality in our sex life?” you questioned, running your other hand down his arm. “Or is it just Morgan?” He remained silent and you scoffed. You leaned in to press your mouth right next to his ear. “Do you want to go ahead with this?”

“Yes,” he responded.

You backed away from him and straightened your posture. “Good. I want you kneeling and facing the bed when I’m done.”

He followed your orders, kneeling at the foot of the bed before you sauntered into the bedroom after him. He kept his head down and complied with your request as you pulled what you knew was Spencer’s favorite set of lingerie out of a drawer. You quickly made your way to the connecting bathroom and changed out of your business casual clothes into the black lacy number, complete with an unlined bra, matching thong, and thigh-highs. You glanced at yourself in the mirror, satisfied with your look before you made your way back out to the bedroom.

“Stand up,” you commanded. “You can look at me.”

He stood slowly and turned to face you, visibly shuddering when he saw the outfit you were wearing. His eyes lingered on your breasts for a bit too long as he studied your body.

“My eyes are up here, Spencer,” you stated, motioning to your face. When he met your gaze, his eyes showed pure desperation; he wanted to kiss you, touch you- anything. You walked to his front, keeping eye contact the entire time. “Strip. But leave the underwear.” He begrudgingly continued with a small groan. “And stop complaining.”

When he finished removing his pants, you beamed at his impressive erection straining against his patterned boxers. “Someone seems to like this, huh?” you teased, tracing your finger over the outline of his member slowly. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. You stood up, meeting his eyes once more. “Lie down on the bed with your hands above your head.”

You grabbed a cotton rope from a chest near the bedside and bound his hands, making sure they weren’t too tight. You stradded his bare stomach, your ass so close to his clothed cock. “So, let’s get this story right.” You ran your hands up and down his chest. “You told Derek about our sex life?” He nodded. “Speak.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And to make it even worse,” you remarked, “you lied about it.” The gentle patterns you drew on his chest were stopped, only to be replace by your fingers pinching his nipples.

He whimpered, managing a, “Yes.”

You released the buds from your fingers, cupping his face in your hands. “Well, I guess if you can’t keep your pretty mouth shut, you might as well put it to good use.” You pulled your thong off, running it over his face before throwing it to the floor. Slowly, you positioned your body over his face, not quite making contact. Your fingers found their way to his hair as you sat down on top of him, making sure he could breathe.

You always forgot how good Reid was with his mouth. It was one of the first things you had learned about him in the bedroom but it always took your breath away to feel his lips and tongue against the most vulnerable part of your body.

“Fuck, you’re good at this,” you growled through gritted teeth as he lapped at your clit. “You must get a lot of practice, huh slut?” He let a groan leave him at the comment. “I want you to make me cum, then maybe I’ll give you what you want. How’s that sound?” His agreement was shown as his tongue began to probe your entrance, loving the taste of you. You moaned audibly, removing your bra and playing with your nipples as his eyes kept on you. Watching you caused plenty of noises to leave his mouth and the vibrations suddenly became too much as you fell over the edge.

After regaining your composure, you straddled his torso once again, staring down at his mouth covered in your cum. “I guess it’s only fair to repay you, huh?” You positioned yourself between his legs and pulled his boxers down, met with his cock slapping against his lean stomach. You smiled and leaned down to stroke his cock, your mouth teasingly close. He strained his neck to look down at you, his eyes on your hand as it moved up and down. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt you this hard,” you remarked. “You like watching me get off, huh?”

You decided to get on with the show, and your eyes locked with his as you suckled on the head of his cock, giving him a show. You ran your tongue over the ridge where his shaft met the tip, and he moaned as his head fell onto the mattress. You continued moving lower and lower until the entireity of his member was in your mouth. You deepthroated him until you felt him nearing his release, when you suddenly pulled off him with a ‘pop’.

He groaned at the loss of contact, but he suddenly was silent as you teased the tip of his cock against your once again dripping pussy. “You’re not gonna cum until I tell you to. Do you understand?” He nodded, not sure if he could do anything else at this point. You slowly lowered yourself onto him, moaning as you adjusted to his size. “Have you learned your lesson? Next time you’ll know not to lie about your mistress.” You continued riding him as his breathing and groans intensified under you.

“Please, I- I can’t hold on any… any longer,” Spencer begged.

“C'mon baby, I’m so close; just hold out a few more seconds okay?”

He writhed underneath you as you felt yourself cumming. You collapsed onto his chest, almost yelling the command. “Cum for me, Spencer!” You felt his seed fill you as you both tried to regulate your breathing as best you could.

You quickly untied Spencer and went to the bathroom to wet a washcloth and grab a glass of water for him.

When you returned, he was sitting up, with that post-sex hair, rubbing his wrists. You handed him the glass of water and began cleaning the two of you up. “Was that too much?” you questioned, concerned.

He gulped down a drink of water before shaking his head adamantly. “God, no. That was amazing. You were amazing.”

“Well, I’m glad you had a good time.” You paused, not breaking eye contact with him. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Y/N.” He grinned. “And maybe I should talk to Morgan about our sex life more often.”

Thank you all <3

The last hour has been a literal crapstorm of anon hate, anon love, and my amazing mutuals supporting me and preparing to fight my haters. I decided to respond to the hate as well as the love because ya’ girl enjoys a good clapback. I’m going to bed now because tomorrow I have a lot to do. Goodnight to all of you, and thank you especially to @blasterboltssaidjacen @tiltingatwindmills  @musicalmoriarty@thepusheenqueen @daveedish @paper-comet-of-1812 @happyflower252 and @infant-alligator !!!

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~ Follow Forever~

I’ve made it to 1,000 followers after only being here for 2 months? This calls for a little appreciation to some of my favorite mutuals!

@theofficialcunt : She was one of the very first blogs I followed and was the first one I interacted with, she posts AMAZING content and is a wonderful human :)

@immadeofdreams : We literally became friends because I was such a dork and fangirled over how cool her username is lol… but she has become one of my favorite Tumblr people and you should give her a follow!

@taxidermiedlover : One of the first few blogs I came across, she’s such a sweetheart and has amazing posts! What more could you want in a blog?

@unicorncookiedough  : Another blog I was a dork over their username for lol… they literally like ALL of my posts and are just an overall awesome human!

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holy heck your animatic was amazing!! I absolutely loved the frame of Michael and Jer as kids and then them as teens!! can't wait to see more ❤️

Thank you so much!!! I’ve been meaning to make an animatic for a long time since I want to try out animation next year so maybe I’ll be making more sooner than expected with the positive feedback. Again, thank you!

I Like You Guys

Hey you beautiful horny curious people of earth! So, I have been getting many requests of a rec page of people who write Dan Howell fan fiction and blogs about the love of my life *cough cough*. So, without further a due, here are a few people I very much adore and write many very very lovely imagines about Mr.Howell, so please follow them and read their works because they are absolutely amazing :* In no particular order, here are the amazing horny people I follow and you should follow too:

  • novocainehowell (before was liamdapuppybear) aka best Daddy!Dan fic writer ever if you’re into that kinky shiz