ya wishlist

keke! i see osomatsu san s2 got confirmed and everyone's makin' wishlists! so here's my s2 wishlist ya idjits!

1. The damn matsus pay their tab

thats it

Okay but everyone is always on about like character swaps, and sex swaps…

But give me a morality swap because I just lowkey thought of like Katniss as the Capitol, Harry as the death eater/dark lord rising (ok im already doing this but), the cullens as the volturi but darker than fuck because alice can see before people make mistakes, edward can hear, jasper can torture them for it, i dont remember if rosalie had a power, but emmett just hulk smashing everything, and victoria and that coven  trying to keep the peace, meanwhile dark jacob af fUCK ME UP I THINK I JUST CREATED VERSES FOR EVERYONE I WRITE

anonymous asked:

Hello, just want to say I love the recipes you post but just interested to know more about you? Sorry if this sounds creepy and you can ignore if you wish...just when I come across blogs it's cool to know a bit about their background and where some of their inspirations come from? Have a good day x

I actually have an about me page :) (with my wishlist ^-~)


If ya wanna know anything else feel free to ask I suppose. I like food, animals, and comic books.

but that evil gross purple chakra shit biting shikadai one day because he’s in a really bad mood

and boruto finds out, chases after him to see what’s wrong with him only for shikadai to start nagging about his negative problems

and he has to fight shikadai to get it through his thick skull that everything will turn out fine

but both boys end up getting hurt in the process and the evil chakra vanishes once boruto reaches him

then they tell their parents what happened–

au wishlist;

  • pornstar au
  • the boy next door au / neighbours au
  • apocalypse / zombie au 
  • teacher/student au OR teacher/teacher au
  • boxer au 
  • musician / rockstar / band au
  • working on a project together college/hs au 
  • tattoo artist au
  • personal assistant/boss au
  • stuck in detention together hs au
  • met at AA au 
  • met at neighbourhood bbq au
  • mr and mrs smith au 
  • and the mandatory undercover couple au