ya was different back then i do believe

This mixtape made me realize how different Yoongi, Suga and Agust D are from each other. Ya’ll may think i’m crazy or probably just thinking waaaay to into it but i truly believe he has 3 different personalities. If you sit back and listen to all of his verses, watch his interviews and logs, you’ll be able to spot the differences too.

The calm, chill demeanor and goofy personality belongs to Yoongi. He shows up during interviews, v app streams and through the old vlogs that they used to do.

Suga is the producer and rapper of BTS. He’s the ‘filtered’ idol version of Agust D and the only way to bring him out is through music.

Agust D is the underground rapper with no filter. He’s the one rapping Nevermind, Cypher Part 2 & 3. He doesn’t give a fuck about what the world thinks and is quick to call people out with no regrets. He’s also the one that likes to set shit on fire (i need u, young forever, fire etc.) As far as his mental and emotional state goes, he’s very troubled which explains his raw attitude towards certain things.

If you think this is total bullshit than that’s fine but at least it gives you something to think about …….