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I can feel my depression creeping back but I really don't wanna talk about it to anyone. I need to get out of this quickly do you have advice?

🌻watch a film or a tv show -this always helps Me to get my mind shut up;

🌻hang out with your family or friends; go on an adventures with them; eat lunch together; go take a walk in the nature;

🌻clean your room or house; organize your shelves -your books, your clothes; throw out the stuff you don’t need anymore;

🌻bake or cook something for yourself/ your family/ your friends;

🌻take a long shower, shave, lotion;

🌻listen to your favourite songs; maybe dance a little while listening to them;

🌻maybe try writing your thoughts down if you don’t want to talk about them,, so you still get the feeling you’ve talked about them;

🌻make yourself some tea or coffee or smoothie or;

🌻go to a cafe -take a book or a journal with you,, be aware of your surroundings -how amazingly beautiful all the lives are; how wonderful it is that YOU are HERE; how incredible it is that YOU were put here at the same time as all these other lovely souls; be aware that YOU are exactly as important and beautiful as every other soul here on Earth with YOU;

🌻play with your pet(s) or sibling(s); tell them you love them; tell your family and your friends you love them and if that’s not something you would normally do then you don’t have to say it out loud -you can show it in little ways -take them for a walk, hug them, ask then if they’re okay, play card or boardgames with them, help them;

🌻treat yourSELF - your body & soul; it may mean buying something nice you have always wanted(a book, a piece of clothing, a new piece of furniture), or making a new playlist, or buying some flowers to make your room smell nice; whatever makes YOU feel good and don’t buy a book ‘cus i told you it will make you feel better -it may not, so if u know you hate books then just leave it-

do what makes YOU happier & do you & be you &

honestly if i knew how to get out of this quickly i would be going to school and taking classes rn but i’m not so i am oh-so sorry ur going through this but you are not alone and i feel ya and unfortunately i don’t know the cure and everyone has it different so i really really hope any of this helps but i’m sorry if it doesn’t but take time from what stresses you and take time to work on YOURSELF☀️🌻🐝also u can always come back and talk to me (or someone else -there are loads of lovely people who would be happy to talk to you and help you here on tumblr or irl) xx bless you,, i wish i could do more and make it all go away

the start of vices & virtues

hi. back at it again with an analysis nobody asked for. so today, folks, we’re doing it on ballad of mona lisa and this one was a lot of fun, but so are all of them. whatever.

now, chronologically, this one is known to be the first song written for all of v&v. this song, according to wiki, was written after pretty. odd. was released but before they had toured so it’s old. now, that’s just important to how i’m phrasing all of this, knowing the timeline. (aka, this is before whatever happened in cape town).

before we start, we’re going to talk about the title right quick. so the definition of ballad is: a poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas. so really, this if just a fancy way of saying that this song is a story about mona lisa. now, the thing that stumped me and my sister for a long time was why mona lisa? why her in particular? songs are very meaningful in the way that things as big as that aren’t an accident. it’s not a name you pull out of your ass as a placeholder. she has some sort of meaning to this song (especially since she shows up in the lyrics later in this song (also in another song, hmmm). so we looked into the meaning of mona lisa and there’s a lot of different things but a lot of what we found was mysterious person. nobody knows who she was, they have guesses but we’ll never know for sure. she’s this person that we all know what she looks like but we don’t know who beyond that. hmmm, how can i tie THAT into a song?

anyway, if you didn’t get it, mona lisa is ryan. she, in this song, is ryan, and he is brendon.

She paints her fingers with a close precision

He starts to notice empty bottles of gin

And takes a moment to assess the sins she’s paid for

so first off, brendon was talking about this lyric in an interview. he said that this is about someone dolling themselves up. but like, honestly, if you watch any of panic, that’s not really brendon’s thing tbh. like, sure, he wears high heels sometimes but makeup isn’t really a brendon thing. (even in early panic days, he wasn’t all that emo until he met ryan). with that, it was very much ryans thing to do the emo makeup and such, not brendon’s. so with that in mind, this is about someone dolling themselves up which could also be a reference to putting on a facade, lying about who someone is. cough cough mona lisa?

then, these other two lyrics, it was kinda hard to figure out what they meant so here’s our idea. so, early panic days, even up to pretty odd, they were kinda wild. they drank a lot and did a lot of drugs, tbh. i think that when ryden first started, it was a thing like opportunity? they were both drunk so why not. now where the lyric comes in, i think that the relationship between ryan and brendon started with a lot of drinking but brendon fell in love with ryan, ryan never loved brendon. so when brendon developed feelings, he didn’t need to be drunk or high to be able to sleep with ryan. but for ryan, that never changed. this song, as you’ll see, is a lot about brendon sort of realizing that maybe ryan didn’t love him the way he wanted him to. ryan still had to be drunk in order to sleep with brendon and this is brendon realizing that. he’s looking around and seeing all these alcohol bottles and other things and realizing that ‘hey, maybe things aren’t what they should be’. the last lyric of that chunk ties into all of that. he pauses from what he’s doing, whatever brendon was doing, and looked over things. he was looking at all the signs, things ryan had said, things he’d seen and realized that, again, maybe things weren’t what they should be.

A lonely speaker in a conversation

Her words were swimming through his ears again

There’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you’ve paid for

so, this one took us a little while to get but hear me out. so we said that brendon was the only one who fell in love, right? just, for now, say that this ‘conversation’ is actually just a metaphor for sex. so, with brendon being the only one in love, he was the only one really contributing in a sense. sure, ryan could get his dick hard and you know, have the sex stuff but, there wasn’t any feelings. ryan was just doing it, there wasn’t anything more to it then that. kind of a shitty feeling for brendon and this song is him realizing that.

then, i posted an analysis for northern downpour that you can read here. basically, if you’re gonna be too lazy to read then, here’s a very short synopsis. ryan was basically saying that he doesn’t feel the same and it’s this long, very extra way to tell brendon that he’s delusional if he thinks that ryan will love him. ANYWAY, this song is a lot about brendon starting to doubt the truth that he seems to have conjured up and so he’s thinking over the songs off pretty odd that ryan wrote, thinking about them and trying to see them from ryans perspective almost. he heard northern downpour as a love song and he’s starting to think about it as what it really was, a song that said i will never love you.

this line comes up again at the end so there’s some significance but this is still the beginning, brendon is still on the fence about what he believes. he’s not wanting to let go of the man he loves yet so he’s saying here that ‘hey ryan, it’s not that hard to show me a little bit of love’. it’s kinda sad, really. he’s saying that he’s not that hard to leave.

He senses something, call it desperation

Another dollar, another day

And if she had the proper words to say,

She would tell him

But she’d have nothing left to sell him

so remember at the beginning how i said that he was brendon? it still is, fam. anyway, brendon is sensing desperation in himself. he’s watching this relationship fall apart in front of him and he’s not sure what he’s desperate for but it’s something. he wants to either have ryan say he’s in love or say that he isn’t. he needs one of the two before it starts to ruin him (hint: it already has). anyway, another dollar another day, is just a fancy way of saying that he’s going through the motions. we say with the bottles of gin that brendon was starting to realize that things weren’t right and that’s starting to play in the front of his mind. he’s not ready yet to give up so seeing ryan and trying to be with him is starting to feel robotic. he’s just walking along and he isn’t quite sure what to do yet, he doesn’t know.

so i’m definitely taking this proper words thing, again, as i love you. this song is a lot, to me, about brendon desperately trying to hold onto whatever he thinks that him and ryan have. this was written when ryan was still in the band and i’ve hinted/mentioned at it before. i think their relationship was very one-sided. even their stage gay was very one-sided. i think that their relationship was brendon falling hard and fast for ryan but ryan didn’t see him romantically. i think to ryan, their relationship was purely sexual and brendon just tried to see past it all. i think this song was brendon questioning a lot of things and finally, maybe, seeing that ryan wasn’t truthful. (i’m totally rolling with that through the duration of their relationship he hinted at feelings to keep brendon saited but didn’t mean it). so if ryan had the words to tell brendon that he didn’t actually care romantically (without losing the sex) then he would have. he would tell brendon if he could keep their friends with benefits thing. if he did though, he wouldn’t have any other lies to feed to brendon to keep him around (and keep the sex).

Mona Lisa wear me out

Pleased to please ya

Mona Lisa wear me out

so first off, let’s go back to mona lisa. in this song, mona lisa is ryan. now we’re bringing up again the meaning behind her and the fact that nobody knows who she is. and we’re going to take ryan as a catfish, of sorts. he’s been lying to brendon this whole time. sure, it was fun and games to fuck for them at the beginning but once brendon fell in love, he had to lie to keep brendon around. he never loved brendon but brendon has loved him for a long time. so with that, nobody knows the real ryan anymore which is why he’s mona lisa. he’s been lying for so long that they feel he’s just a fake, they can’t believe anything that leaves his mouth.

so then to the rest of the lyrics. brendon is asking ryan to wear him out (which I’m going with sexually cause everyone gets worn out after a sexual encounter, yeah?) wear me out, tire me out, make me sweat, yadda yadda. then he says ‘pleased to please ya’ which is very ,,, i wanna say cringey. this is why i said that brendon is beginning to think that ryan wasn’t so truthful. it’s almost like he doesn’t want to believe but he can’t outright deny the possibility. he’s saying that it makes him happy to please ryan. he puts out sexually because he thinks that that’s what’s keeping ryan around. he doesn’t want ryan to leave so he’ll do anything (sexually) to keep him interested in brendon. which, is really fucked up but, ya know. then he goes back to asking to be worn out (sexxxxxxx).

ALSO i would just like to point out that the music video is different just slightly. my sister came to me with almost tears in her eyes like ‘MANDELA AFFECT’ and it was trippy. in the music video he drops the ‘pleased to please ya’ and the second mona lisa which i don’t think was an accident. it’s HIS music video, why does he need to cut those like 5 seconds to make it shorter. that would have been done when originally recording the song. now, it’s already a single and it’s already popular. bands are more likely to lengthen a music video to add things in (talking, extra things that aren’t a song thing) rather than shorten it. so why? my only thought on that is since this came in v&v, after he’s already gone through the breakup, he feels ashamed at his actions. a slut? (no slutshaming, please don’t hurt me)

also, speaking of music videos, i wanna talk about how mona lisa in the video is portrayed as a child. this is something that i’ll talk about later too when mona lisa comes up in a different song (side eye emoji). but anyway, why? mona lisa in this song is portrayed as a love interest, why is she suddenly a child? kinda rape-y ya know? but this is my thought. we’re going with ryan has been lying, right? he’s been lying to brendon about his feelings and honestly, let’s talk about how literally everyone and their dog sees ryan as innocent. he’s got this little babyface and he smiles and everyone is like ‘awwww’. so that’s what brendon saw too, ya know? he sees this innocent man and he probably, when he first started doubting things was like, ‘come on, ryan wouldn’t lie, he’s too innocent’. and come on guys, children represent innocence through and through.

so i’ve saved the pre chorus and the chorus for last cause it always seems to flow better for me that way ?? i dunno. also it’s typically one of the last things you hear in a song so it just makes sense. heres the pre chorus

Say what you mean

Tell me I’m right

And let the sun rain down on me

Give me a sign

I want to believe

now this is really blunt. like i said, brendon is questioning things and i think this song is him expressing that he wants to know if his doubts are true or not. maybe he’s giving into the doubts a little more now, getting a little harder to ignore. he’s blunt. tell me what you want, is first. say what you mean, say the truth, tell him that he’s correct in thinking that it’s not real. and i know this can be taken as “tell me i’m right that you love me” but this song is really negative, honestly. it’s not a love song, he’s not asking for a confession of feelings. at first we took the point of ‘say i love you’ and my sister was talking about how the sun raining down on him is a sign of happiness. which, yes, i totally get that but like i said, this is not a love song. when we changed our thoughts on this to ‘tell me you never loved me’ i looked at it as a sign of freedom. he’s finally being proven right, his doubts are at ease because they’ve been proven. yes, brendon is sad because heartbreak fucking sucks but he doesn’t need to worry anymore which is also a relieving feeling. the light is positivity in a dark time. this is looking on the bright side when everything else sucks. but like i said, brendon was very much in love with ryan. while he’s starting to see that he’d been lied to, he doesn’t want to believe it. he wants to believe that ryan loved him and he’s fighting desperately to hold onto a rope that is frankly falling apart right before his eyes.

Whoa, Mona Lisa,

You’re guaranteed to run this town

Whoa, Mona Lisa,

I’d pay to see you frown

so, as i said before, this is a callout to ryan. hey ryan, you’ve been running my feelings and this band. which is totally fucking true. pretty. odd. was not brendon’s choice in music, it was ryan’s. even fever was ryans idea. (even the lyrics my dudes. though not all of the lyrics are 100% ryans so fuck off with that shit). he was the one that wanted more of the beattle’s aesthetic because guess who, after leaving panic, went on to write MORE music that was beattle’s ish. ryan fucking ross. brendon went back to his steampunk, heavy bass (thanks dallon) music. he’s always been a little more into that. (also pop and frank sinatra but ya know, whatever). then again, hey ryan, i want to see you frown. this line i am analyzing last because i think it’s meant to come last. the chorus is supposed to be the main thing in this song which would only make sense to have it come last. the verse’s lead up to it, you’d read them first but song structure and such. ALSO, EACH TIME, THIS COMES AFTER THE PRECHORUS AFTER HE’S ASKED TO BE PROVEN RIGHT, THANKS. each time, he’s saying he’d love to see ryan frown after ryan (hypothetically) had the chance to admit that he never loved brendon. i’m also going with that since ryan didn’t love brendon, his heart wasn’t in this. their little breakup won’t hurt ryan the way it tore brendon up. ryan could have shrugged this off and been unaffected by it. brendon wants to see him hurt the way he did.

There’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you’ve paid for

and then this line comes up a second time. it’s the actual end of the song, this is after brendon is realizing that ryan was full of shit. it’s revenge. he wants ryan to feel the pain that brendon did. he wants ryan’s heart to get torn out. it’s very angry, honestly but deserving almost? he’s already asked ryan to show him a little love and that probably didn’t go so well (cape town?) so now brendon is asking for ryan to get hurt.


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Southern US follower here. I'm like still so excited that you wrote a drabble with Ignis imitating his s/o with a southern accent. It has made my whole week. May I please request a drabble with them? I'm sorry, I know that's not specific. Maybe there's a misunderstanding because of accents? Whatever you can do as long as you're feeling inspired to do it suga! ;)

That’s more than enough Darlin’, I have a southern accent myself, and movin’ north brings it out a little more, or at least it’s more noticeable when I’m excited, or visit family. I’d be honored to have Iggy and his little lady have some accent fun!

I may have accidentally made her more New Orleans than originally planned.


“Careful, there Darlin’s those little mudbugs will snap you something fierce.” You called to the two youngest members of your group, before moving into the trailer,  turning to your tall boyfriend over a large pot. “Need some help, Suga?” You asked filling up another pot of water, before setting it on the burner behind his pot.

Ignis held out an arm, as you stepped into his embrace, “I do apologize, love, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the perfect recipe for you, to remind you of home.”

You blinked up to the tall man, waiting for your pot to boil, giggling at the fact that he seemed so stressed about this. “Can I try?”

Ignis held the tasting spoon to your lips, as you tried a little of the broth for the seafood gumbo, after you suggested that Noctis wouldn’t even notice the vegetables in it. He watched as you tried placing the flavor, he figured he had everything but there was still something missing. “Love?”

You waited for a moment, before smiling, “All ya need is to dress it up with a shot of Tabaska, and you’ve got the bee’s knees, Suga.”

Ignis started, one of the things he loved about you was your adorable accents, but at times he found it rather difficult to understand what you meant. Unlike Cindy your words didn’t have a flair accent to him, sometimes words meant something completely different.  Such as when you kept referring to Noctis and Prompto as ‘Boo’, a term that simply meant someone younger than yourself. Yet you saved the term Suga for him and him alone, which he quickly grew fond of.  

Both of you turning as you heard a loud snap and then a yelp from Prompto than another from Noctis, as your feet quickly carried you outside, only to hear you yelling at the two.

“What are ya’ll! I said to be careful with those mudbugs.” Ignis heard you called, followed by Noctis and Prompto,  apologizing meekly, and Gladiolus snickering.

“Can’t hurt that bad. Fuk!” Gladiolus groaned, as Noctis and Prompto begun to laugh.

Ignis turned back to the pot, than to the spices he had, he had to admit he had never heard of this ‘Tabaska’ that you had referred to. Maybe it was something different, yet what sound similar to ‘Tabaska’?

Only to hear you come back in a few moments later, holding the large container of crayfish, as you sat it down on the countertop. “They’re fine, just a little bobo, nothing too serious. Iggy, Suga, are you fine, ya look like ya cher left the coop?”

Ignis turned to you, before back to his spices, then back to you again, “I do apologize, my love, I don’t believe I have an Tabaska, nor am I aware of what it is.”

“Ya kiddin’.” You giggled walking over, checking his spices, picking a few red bottles up, before placing them down. “Ya know they’re…oh what do ya’ll in the city call it,I guess ya ain’t. Stay here, Suga, I think I got some in my bag.”

Ignis watched as you disappeared out the screen door again, before quickly appearing with a small red bottle in your hand. Handing it over to him with a bright smile.

“A girl, gotta keep her some in her bag at all times. I’ll have Ma and them make ya a batch soon.”

Ignis took the bottle, before realizing that the item was Tobasco sauce, or Hot Sauce. “How much would you believe would be needed?”

You rinsed the crayfish off, before dumping all of them within the boiling pot, “Just a couple splashes should be fine.”

Ignis stared at you, “That’s not a measurement, love.”

You waited for the hissing of the crayfish to finally stop, before capping the lid, “Ain’t no thing such as measurements with a Gumbo, Suga, you just have to go.” You took his large hand within your own, uncapping the lid. Leading his hand over the pot, as you gave a few shakes, giving a quick stir, then holding the tasting spoon to his lips. “You first, Iggy.”

Ignis wrapped his lips around the spoon, before turning large green eyes to your own, “This is amazing, love.”

You gave a giggle mimicking his accent, a feat you did often to throw him off, “You’re not so bad yourself, love.”

Ignis chuckled, pressing his lips to your own, “Your style of cooking is amazing in itself. You’ll let me assist you with future endeavours?”

You blinked confused, waiting for the words to settle, between Ignis’s smooth accent and his extensive vocabulary there was a few times that you had to just stop attempting to figure what he meant and just ask. “What was that, Iggy?”

Ignis chuckled, pressing another kiss to your forehead this time mimicking your own accent, “I’d be honored to help you in the kitchen, Suga.”

You gave him a playful nudge, before turning to your crayfish boiling, “We got about ten minutes, I’ll tell the boys to set the table. Next time I’ll tell you how to make a Boiling Pot, Love.”

Ignis smiled, watching you leave out the screen door to set up for the evening, blowing him a kiss, “I look forward to it, Suga.”

All the While, Part 10

The next day saw a blurry-eyed group of teenagers standing in line to see Star Wars. It was opening day and you were so excited you could hardly stay still. It was freezing and you all huddled together for warmth. Sirius had his arm around you and was wearing the spelled boots and gloves that you got him. You wished you had some of your own.

“Y’know my hands are nice and toasty. I could put them on your –” Sirius began before you clapped your mittened hand over his mouth.

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As I walked into my office and glanced at my clock, I realized that my client would be here in no time.

I quickly finished up my yogurt and sat down at my desk.
A few minutes later my client “Sugar” walks in.

We hugged, sat and got right into it.

Sugar: So ever since my dad left me and my mom, I can’t seem to stop using men and just having sex with them.

Ashlee: Do you believe that if he stayed around, you would treat men differently? How do you think your behavior would be if he came back into your life now, at 25?

Sugar: I don’t believe I would’ve went to jail for… ya know, selling myself. He could’ve showed me the game men run and how not all men come into my life just to leave. And if he was to come back, i’d want nothing to do with him. I mean its kinda’ too late now.

Ashlee: Okay okay ….Do you think you’d ever forgive him?

Sugar: I mean I could try, but it’d probably never be good enough for his ass. Hes a asshole, and i’m surprised my mom even went for him.

Ashlee: What if your father is willing to make changes and better you two’s relationship?

Sugar is a client who truly wanted changes to happen I believe, she just wanted her father to be there.

She always got her laughs in, she never could take it seriously when I asked her about meeting with her father.

She kept talking as I took down notes.

After the session, as always, we talked, not on a professional level but more as a personal level.

She’d always tell me about how her shopping ventures, and her travels.

  • ❝ What kind of scary-ass clowns came to your birthday? ❞
  • ❝ I wish I could, but I don’t want to.  ❞
  • ❝ You have to stop the Q-tip when there’s RESISTANCE!  ❞
  • ❝ Crossed the line?! You’re so far past the line, you can’t even see the line! The line is a dot to you.  ❞
  • ❝ From now on, this chair is the one. You know what else is the one? My sweatpants!  ❞
  • ❝ No, you didn’t get me! It’s an electric drill, you get me, you kill me!  ❞
  • ❝ I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.  ❞
  • ❝ I’m not so good at the advice. Can i interest you in a sarcastic comment?  ❞
  • ❝ I fold like a cheap hooker that got hit in the stomach by a fat guy with sores on his face.❞
  • ❝ We were on a break!!!!  ❞
  • ❝ You could not be more wrong. You could try, but you would not be successful. ❞
  • ❝ I am here, on my knees, holding up these couch cushions as a symbol of sorrow and regret.  ❞
  • ❝ Gum would be perfection.  ❞
  • ❝ Ya know I can’t believe I even thought about getting back together with you! We are so over!  ❞
  • ❝ It bodes well for me that speed impresses you. ❞
  • ❝ I can’t believe I almost lost another girl because of counting!  ❞
  • ❝ Out of the blue!? This isn’t out of the blue! This is SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BLUE!  ❞
  • ❝ Oh I’ll prove it, I’ll prove it like a theorem!  ❞
  • ❝ What the hell am I doing? You just broke my fridge!  ❞
  • ❝ Well my apartment isn’t there any more, because I drank it.  ❞
  • ❝ Okay, but there is a big difference, all right? You are a lot hotter than I am. ❞
  • ❝ I mean, isn’t that just kick you in the crotch spit on your neck fantastic?  ❞
  • ❝ When the package is this pretty, no one cares what’s inside. ❞
  • ❝ Guys can fake it? Unbelievable! The one thing that’s ours!  ❞
  • ❝ It’s like there’s rock bottom, then 50 feet of crap, then me. ❞
  • ❝ Wow! It looks like the Easter Bunny’s funeral in here.  ❞
  • ❝ Yes, we would like some more alcohol, and you know, we would like some more beers too…  ❞
  • ❝ You hung up on the pizza place? I don’t hang up on your friends.  ❞ 

Today is a special birthday. Is still hard to believe that we became friends and she is very very precious to me now. (Being one of her followers back in the days of deviantArt, and I was too shy and my English was horrible to actually comment on her drawings)

We had our rough times like everyone else, but at the end everything is alright and we become better persons. There are some things that is hard for both of us to comprehend because we live in cultures with a lot of differences.

But we do our best, we talk and we keep going forward. I’m very grateful for her friendship, she is like family to me. And yeah… well more corny and cheesy stuff☄🌟☄✨🎆🎉🎊.

I wanted to give you something cool @atwotonedbird

I did my best :3 and I’m gonna send that drawing to you. So this is just the scan, and I changed some lighting because #watercolour jajajajaj.

Hope you like it and happy birthday. ¡Te quiero mucho!

Old Friends and New Lovers

Hi ! Welcome on Tumblr ! So i’m a French fan of The Walking Dead and I would love an imagine where the reader is Glenn’s cousin and an old friend of the Dixon’s brothers. She love Daryl and he love her too but they aren’t brave enough to tell each others but after the prison they are separeted and they found each other on rhe way to Terminus… Smut or not it doesn’t matter thank you 😀


‘Those who arrive survive’ kept repeating over and over again in my mind. I knew I wasn’t that far away now, maybe only hours distance, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m exhausted and hungry and just wanted to know I was somewhat safe. Of course I managed to be out on my own and was getting nervous. Every sound made me jump but I tried to ignore it and continue along.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Glenn was okay, and that made me sick to my stomach. I knew he would be, but the slightest thought of him in any trouble made me wretched. He was the only family I had left, even if he was just my cousin.

I heard branches crack and moaning coming from the woods surrounding me. Not to any surprise a walker came limping toward me. I quickly grabbed my knife and lunged it through the monsters head, which let him limply fall to the ground. Moments later I heard more scuffling around, which lead me to hold up my knife.

Large dirty hands pushed through the green covered branches, followed by a more than alive body. Cut up and mucky arms came after the hands, and then the face I feared I’d never see again.

“Daryl?!” I squeaked as I run over to him. I gave him no time to prepare to catch me as I ran straight into his arms. He stumbled back but didn’t fall, he quickly caught his balance and lifted me up off the ground. He spun me as we embraced and buried his head in the crook of my neck.

“Ya don’t know how happy I am to see ya.” He mumbled into my neck, making it tingle.
“I didn’t think I’d see you again.” I admitted quietly.
“Why do ya say that? I knew ya would.” He pulled his head from my neck and set me back down. I wasn’t ready to let go of him so I latched right back onto him. His arms slung right back around and his chin set right in my head. I felt a small kiss placed right on the top of my head and he sighed. This is not the Daryl I knew, he’s different. He’s not soft and warm, a part of me believed he wasn’t so sure he’d see me again either.

I felt like now was the time to say the three words I’ve been feeling forever, but I’m afraid he won’t feel the same. I couldn’t and I wouldn’t so instead I settled for “I’m so sorry.”

“Me too darlin’.” He held me a little tighter and I don’t know what came over me but I pressed my lips to his neck and moved up past his jaw and to his lips. To my surprise I felt him start to kiss me back. I’m not so sure as to what this makes us, but I know it’s more than what we used to be.

“Ya don’t know how long I been waitin’ to do that.” He smiled and pressed his lips back down on mine. He picked me up once again and started to back me up. My back was pressed against the tree with my legs still wrapped around him. He removed his lips from mine and worked back to ear and my neck. I knew there were going to be bruises, but I wasn’t worried about that yet. He ripped off my shirt and threw it to the ground, kissing down my chest to my belt and all the way back up. By then we were both breathing heavily and nothing else mattered.

“I love you.” He whispered into my skin so quietly I wasn’t even sure he said it. “I love you.” He said again and this time I was sure. I didn’t say anything, I just held his face in my hands and leaned back into his lips. I didn’t have to say it, he already knew.

Okay so I hope that satisfied! Thanks for the request (:


Curtis Sister Imagine “Playing it Off”
- requested by bunbun1027.
You’re the same age as Pony but get treated like a 5 year old. Ever since your parents past Darry, Soda, and Pony had been looking out for you 24/7. The gang was coming over tonight and you got extra pretty because Dally was coming over and you had a huge crush on him. As soon as they all got here you walked down the stairs in a pink dress and lots of makeup on.
“Going out?” Soda joked.
“Um…no! Mom got me this dress so I can wear it if I want!”
There was always an exception when it came to your parents. They respected that. You went into the living room and saw Dally.
“Hey boys!” You called out. Two Bit stood up and gave you a hug and spun your around. He’d treat you like a little sister because he had always wanted one. You were part of the gang and he’d look after you just like he did with everyone else. You sat on the couch next to Dally. You brushed your dress and smiled at him.
“Hey..” He said “we’re playing spin the bottle, witch means you might have to kiss Pony!” He laughed and you responded “oh ya! Well you might have to kiss me so ha!” He turned back around.
“Play fair!” Darry called out and went upstairs to finish some paperwork. Steve got a bottle and spun it first. It landed on Two Bit. He was dared to strip down and run around the block. When he came back it was Soda’s turn and he had to chug down a veggie smoothie. The bottle then landed on you.
“Kiss Dally!” Soda said.
“Ya, kiss your boyfriend!” Steve joined along. Pony told them to back off and that you didn’t have to.
“Ok, ok! I’ll do it” you dragged dally to the kitchen.
“In front of us please!” Two Bit said. Johnny or Pony didn’t think it was a great idea. You never had your first kiss. Sure you loved Dally but it was still weird.
“C'mon losers!”
You finally kissed him. You looked at him and he looked at you. Differently then ever before.
After the night is over you waited for Dally to leave.
“Bye Dallas..”
“See Ya Doll!” He smiled.
“I can’t believe you kissed him!” Pony said.
“Me neither! Ohhh Dally!”
“Gross Y/N!”

Waking Up W/ BTS - No.3

Kim Seokjin 

“kisses forehead* 

“Mmm- Good morning princess-” 

“No, no, no baby- go back to sleep-”

“I- I am not- psshh-” 

*Goes downstairs and cooks eight different types of pancakes, crispy bacon, toast, and freshly squeezed orange juice-*


“Wake up-” 


“What’s that look for?”

“Oh come on- there’s only eight this time-” 

“What do you mean you can’t eat?”

“Too- too early?” 

You’re telling me- it’s - it’s too- early- to eat?” 



“I’ll believe you- when you eat-”

“Jagi- You never turn down food-” 

*cute sad face* 

“Ya- what is it-” 

“No- the real reason-” 

*disproving mom face* 

*concerned boyfriend face* 

Jagiya- I had no idea- I didn’t know-” 

“Baby- you- you are beyond perfect-” 

“No! I am serious! You are beautiful and strong and-” 

“Don’t- hey- don’t cry-” 

“I don’t know how that got into your head- I have absolutely no idea how the thought ever crossed your mind-” 

“And- I know- I know- I wont be able to get it out now- but I’m sure as hell going to try-” 

“There is no way this Princess would be dating anyone less than perfect-” 

*awkward silence*

I mean- you are a beautiful princess who shouldn’t be worrying about the stupid opinions of people who don’t deserve to breath that same air as you-” 


“Now can you- can you please- please eat-”

“For me Jagi?”

“For your pretty princess?” 

“I mean- for you-” 

“Pretty Princess?”

“That’s my girl-” 

The Variable-Chapter 1

(A/N: All rights and scenes/basic ideas are taken and belong solely to James Dashner. This is the first chapter of a story I’m posting on both wattpad [username: bookwormuncensoredXD] and on FanFiction.net [which will be up later tonight under the username bookwormuncensored] Hope you guys like it :) Feel free to let me know what you think and also if you’d like to submit some requests for imagines let me know. I’ll have two separate tabs for my fanfics and the stuff people request. And now the first chapter after that extremely long Authors Note. :P)

As I open my eyes pure darkness surrounds me.

Where am I?

Who am I? I think it starts with an M… why can’t I remember?

I try to speak out, to call out for anyone, but nothing seems to be coming out. On my hands and knees i crawl over to what feels like a corner of a box. My hands slide over rusted metal and do my best at trying to break free, wrapping my fingers through the holes of the metal and pulling with all my might. The box lurches upward flinging me back. In an attempt to stop myself from slamming into the other side I reach out for anything, but my hand meets what seems to be a knife. My eyes close tight and tears slip down my cheeks. Still no sound escapes past my lips.

The box continues upwards and it feels like an eternity has passed when it finally comes to a stop.

“The buggin’ box is almost an hour late today.”

The voice startles me thankfully my eyes have adjusted to the lack of lighting and I see the shape of a box in the opposite corner. I quickly scurry and curl up next to it.

Light peers in making me squint and throw my arm over my eyes.

“New Greenie! Wonder what Keeper the shuck face is going to get stuck with.” A voice calls out.

“Probably end up as a slopper.” Another chuckles

“Looks like the Green bean fancies a game of hide and seek. I'mma go get the bloody shank out of there. Give me a minute.”

That voice is different….an…English accent?

Why do I remember that?

“Hey” He calls out, “No need to be afraid.”

I peer out a bit passed the box and quickly regret it as he spots me.

“Are you hurt? There’s an awful lot of blood in here. I’ll get you to the Med-Jacks. They can patch ya’ up.”

He stops in front of me and I back up as far as I can. He looks at me puzzled.

“I’ll be….” He murmurs.

“Ay Newt what the shuck is taking you so long? Shank your new lover?!”

Howls of laughter and hooting follow.

“You lot ain’t gonna believe this… It’s a girl.”

“A girl?”

“Is she hot?”

“I call dibs.”

“Ah you dumb shank. I’ll take good care of her!”

Tears begin to roll down my face and the boy in the box turns his attention back towards me.

“Everything’s gonna be okay, love. Not here to hurt you. Just gonna get you out of here and somewhere safe. I promise.” He coos softly to me and extends his hand out. “They ain’t gonna touch you.”

I take his hand and shot of electricity flows through me.

“Woah…” He gasps, “That’s quite the cut you have there. We’ll have Clint and Jeff take a look at it.”

I nod as he brings me over to a piece of rope cascading over the top of the box.

“Put your foot in the loop…yeah like that..good. Boys, pull us up!”

His hands grip on to the bit of rope on top of mine. My body cradles into him as the people above us pull us up from the box. When we are hoisted onto the lush grass I quickly jump to my feet and brush the dirt off of me with my good hand. The boy who had helped me, Newt, followed suit.

“She is quite the looker.” A tall boy marches over, hammer in hand.

I nearly topple over back into the box, but Newt catches me and brings me into his chest.

“Gally” He barks with a slight growl still hitched in his throat, “you bloody shank, think it’s a good idea to go up to the little lady here with a bloody hammer in hand! All of you get back to work now!”

I can get a better look at him now than I could in the box.

He is tall and skinny with a fair amount of muscle on his arms. His blonde shaggy hair is an adorable mess and his brown eyes have slight bags under them. He looks like he hasn’t gotten any sleep in at least a week. And that jawline makes his face seems almost regal.

You seem so familiar.

“Welcome to the Glade, Greenie.”

tiny-gay-bumblebee  asked:

Number 15 for the prompt meme, please!

15) things you said with too many miles between us

“You can’t say that, Harry.”

“What?” Harry sounded suddenly very lost, very fragile. He sounded so unlike himself that Eggsy found it difficult to imagine the voice coming from his mouth, instead seeing a disconnected fear floating through the distance.

“You can’t. You can’t say that, not right now,” Eggsy’s fingers tightened on his phone as he fought to steady his voice. “I’m almost four thousand miles away and you’re saying this?”

“I… I am,” Harry said. It was too late to go back on his word, he knew that. “I love you, Eggsy.”

“Harry, you bloody bastard.” He took a shuddering breath. “I’m gonna kick your arse when I get back, ya know that?”

“I understand,” Harry murmured. “I apologize, Eggsy, but it all-”

“I’m gonna punch ya right in the nose, and then I’m kiss you like you ain’t never been kissed before, I swear down.” Eggsy scrubbed at his eye and laughed breathlessly. “I can’t believe it. I can’t. It’s bollocks.”


“Doing this to me over the phone.” There was a muffled shuffling noise during which Harry held his breath, not daring to say a word. “You daft bugger, Harry, how could you think I’d do anything different? How could you not know gone I am for you?”

Harry’s face was hot with humiliation, but he was grinning as he leaned back in his chair. “I’m sorry, Eggsy. I’ll make it up to you.”

“You better.” Eggsy threw himself back onto the hotel bed, tension bleeding out of his body as he chuckled. “I don’t know if this makes going to America better or worse.”

“If it’s any consolation, I won’t be letting you out of London for at least a week once you return.”

“That helps a lot, guv.” Eggsy closed his eyes. He was angry, frustrated, relieved- but mostly, he was dead tired from a long mission. “I love you, Harry.”

“I love you too.”

#260 Eyebrows on fleek (Dan only)

(You know what I actually like that title pls don’t bully me)

You had been hired as the head makeup artist for the online hosts of the Brits. You were obviously overjoyed, as these were people you listened to all the time.

You finished Phil’s makeup pretty quickly. You had a nice chat about different conditioners with him and before too long, he was powdered and ready to go. But Dan was a different story.

“Can I make a weird request?” He asked.

“Sure thing,” you smiled, beginning to apply powder to his cheeks.

“Can you fill my eyebrows in? But not like, fleek as the kids say. Just like, in so they’re even, but not in enough that it looks like I waxed them. Ya’ know what I’m saying?” He chuckled a bit.

“I can totally do that. I believe the word you were looking for was ‘natural,’” you smiled, applying a pale blush so he didn’t look dead.

“Yes, that might just be it.” He smiled back.

You were almost sad when his makeup was done. His eyebrows looked great and you loved talking to Dan, it felt like you’d been friends forever. But the almost sadness didn’t last long.

About 30 minutes later, when the stream was briefly on commercial, you were called back in to touch the boys up. Phil didn’t need much, but Dan seemed to have wiped a bunch of powder off.

“At least your eyebrows stayed nicely,” you joked as you quickly reapplied the power to the man’s face.

Then another 30 minutes later, you were called back in because Phil had “accidentally” smudged Dan’s eyebrow. (You swore when you walked in that Phil winked at Dan.)

Over the next hour, you were called back in twice. You quickly caught onto the deal and couldn’t help but smile. After the show, Dan approached you.

“Hey, uh.. I was wondering if you maybe wanted to, uh, do my eyebrows again sometime?” He said almost nervously.

“I’d love to.”

Why Anita Sarkeesian’s “End online harassment” fund is a scam.

This is KrasyMonster signing in to talk about Anita Sarkeesian’s End Online Harassment fund is a scam. This is for the simple reason that this shit happens. Now I have been harassed online and I know for a fact that I’m going to receive abuse on this website and you know what? I am going to take it because unlike Sarkeesian I am ready for what abuse is going to come towards me in the future.

But here is the thing, she went as far as to go and complain to the UN about her fucking problems. There’s worse things going on like Terrorism, Global warming and much more but Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn decided to waste their time because they were being bullied and harassed online for having different opinions. Scary I know.

So back on topic. She has started a fund to “tackle” her problems and stop people from harassing her and people like her. Here’s my message to Ms. Sarkeesian: We all get abused for having different opinions and being different but to go to the UN and start a fund over it is ridiculous.

To conclude this we’ll finally talk about how it is a scam. It’s simple really, the money is going to go fucking no where except Sarkeesian’s pockets! Do you really all believe that the money is going towards stopping this problem? News flash! It really isn’t. You’re all being played for fools and when she’s exposed you’ll come back and say that good ol’ Uncle KrasyMonster was right. Do ya want to know what I’ll say? I told you so.



Rating: Gen
Season 8 Drabble for Vienen and Alone
“I’ve been so stupid, so naive,” she sighed as she hung on to the edge of the kitchen sink. The cool porcelain felt like it might crumble under her hands.
“What are we talking about here, Scully?”
“You’d like me to tell my child that you went down swinging…”
“Look that was just…I didn’t…I didn’t mean anything by it.”
“It’s fine. I’m fine. I just…I can’t believe how long it took me to figure it out.”
He rises from the kitchen table and draws up close to her back. Every muscle in her body looks like it’s gone rigid.
“Figure out what?”
“Why you said yes to helping me get pregnant…why you said all those things before.”
“It’s easy to make a lifelong commitment when you think you’re going to be dead in six months.”
He feels sick to his stomach, a dense, roiling feeling in the pit of his gut.
“Scully, no. That wasn’t it at all, that was never what it was.”
“And this, now…the doll and staying here with me…it’s not real, none of it is real.”

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anonymous asked:

wait, are you a guy? I thought you were a female

Hello anon!

What makes you think I am a guy? Or a girl for that matter?

I don’t believe I have ever specified.

It is funny how we all make assumptions based on certain cues. Perhaps it was the pink and purple theme of the blog that made you think I was female, or maybe the fact that I mentioned I am a Professor that made you think I was male?

Does it even make a difference? Just sit back, relax and enjoy the science.

Gender has nothing to do with it.

<3 ya


TIFF: How Josh Hutcherson Plans to Follow Up 'The Hunger Games'

Josh Hutcherson talks to Indiewire at the Toronto International Film Festival about taking a break from “The Hunger Games” to make “Escobar: Paradise Lost,” opposite Benicio Del Toro.

In the “Hunger Games” movies, Josh Hutcherson plays second fiddle to Jennifer Lawrence as her on-again, off-again love interest Peeta, but in Andrea Di Stefano’s white knuckle directorial debut “Escobar: Paradise Lost,” Hutcherson owns the screen as the film’s action star. In the thriller, Hutcherson plays Nico, a Canadian who falls in love with the niece of Pablo Escobar (a menacing Benicio Del Toro) and inadvertently finds himself in the crosshairs of the Columbian drug lord. Indiewire sat down with the actor in Toronto to discuss the project and his post-“Hunger Games” career. “Escobar: Paradise Lost” opens in select theaters November 26.

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anonymous asked:

Cris, I am absolutely sickened by some of the stuff I've been reading here. My mind is boggled how any one could label you as manipulative. Like wth? Have they been on your blog? I don't share the same beliefs about Larry as you do (I do believe they were a couple, but unsure about now) but whenever I've had questions you have been nothing but respectful and polite. Thank you for that and I'm sorry for any crap that you have been roped into. You are a good person.

Thank you. That’s why I ignore antis like that, I know I’m not manipulating anyone, I literally preach the gospel of Think What You Want, Just Be Nice About It.

They think that because I post that Harry & Louis are together and that Freddie is not Louis’ child (even though I rarely even talk about Fred), that I’m manipulating people. Apparently because they can’t believe that I really believe that.

Well, news for ya! I do believe that! And yet, I’m open to other people having different opinions, encourage those with doubts to step back or even stop being a Larrie if they find the situation uncomfortable. So I’m not sure how much less “manipulative” I can be about things.

And for the other anons asking how I can support Amy when she’s done X,Y,or Z?  Because a) she was talking about a DOLL when she said the things you’re so het up about, and b) I did not approve of her contacting TMZ, but that was nearly a year ago and it was one thing I disagreed with compared to three years of being friends (or friendly mutuals is probably more like it). People are not perfect and they do not always do what you think is wise, that doesn’t mean they aren’t good people and worthy of friendship.

None of that even remotely compares with what that anti has done or what Brett has done. And if you think it does, then you need to rethink your life. You should have time now that I’ve blocked you.