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Hey guys and welcome to this.

As you may or may not know I am moving cross country next month and I am a little short on funds. I need to be out of the place I’m in now by November 11th and I could use a little help getting my butt on the road!

I am opening up 4 slots for commissions. If they fill up quickly enough I may open them up again before I leave! I am willing to do most anything including gore, body horror, some NSFW, any fandom, any ships (no incest or pedophilia please) and any characters original or otherwise, even portraits of you! However, because of time, I am avoiding anything overly complicated both design and background wise so if I shoot you down because of that don’t worry! I can pick it up once I’m settled in again!

Feel free to DM me or email me at skelingtonhands@gmail.com (i respond faster to e-mails). And please signal boost this! Thank you!


Are you on Tumblr Mobile? Is your dash all screwed to Hell? Do you see posts made hours ago before post makes minutes ago most of the time?

Well! Fret not anymore! I believe that I have found the solution to that problem. Here it is in three easy steps!

Step one:

Step two:

Step three:

And there ya go! Should be fixed. Enjoy.

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No sleep we die like conspiracy theorists 👽⭐️

Also platonic Kidge is my jAM ❤️💚 Underrated friendship

So im going to be drawing more shance now because @sir-scandalous has opened my eyes to the beauty of this ship. Also freaking love his art so why not tag him in my first shance piece lol