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FOR THE AMAZING BEACH AU: Whitney and her flock of children paying the largest and most intense game of marco polo ever!!!!! (also I love the achilleus, will + paddy family dynamic u got there!!) xx

YES WHITNEY AND THE KIDS MY FAVS!! They’d totally have a blast playing a huge game of Marco Polo! Anything for my children to be happy :,) ((Catch me with those family dynamics tbh ))


HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR: The blue cross @ my uni labs bc…medicine 😍 (ugh so proud of myself to have made my dream come true 😍😍😍😍) and then…this dude…the first pic is a guy who has a crush on my friend and hE KINDA LOOKS LIKE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE and so as a good friend i told my friend to live IN the moment and to not throw this opportunity out of the window 👏 seriously he looks like my boyfriend (they are both so fucjing hot)😭 as my lovely friend pointed out…my baby has blue eyes and this guy doesn’t. The hair style, the pose…even the face…. 😍 albert 😍

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katie, what do i do if i keep seeing pretty people on my dash and get sad because i know i'll never look anything like them? like they have the perfect body and looks and seem to be doing so well and i'm just me

Hey pal I totally feel ya, I’ve spent my entire life comparing my appearance to other girls and internalizing horrible thoughts about my face and my body and it is really not a fun time. But please don’t feel bad about yourself.

For one thing, it’s important to remember that most of the photos you see here are carefully crafted. You are seeing these girls the way they want to be seen and when they want to be seen, whereas you are seeing your whole self all the time. Sometimes you just need to stop being so hard on yourself and cut yourself some slack. I know it’s easier said than done and it will take a long time to unlearn the things society has made you believe about yourself, but you’ll get there.

And yeah, you’re just you. But you’re so beautiful and you deserve to feel beautiful ❤️

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How about something sad but sweet? SnB Yunan letting Masrur, Ja'far, Mystras, and Sinbad see their crush in the rukh either immediately or a while after their death, which they feel responsible for. Sinbad and Mystras hate that they never got to confess and experience being with their crush, and Ja'far and Masrur, being so young, can't stand that they couldn't figure out what their feelings even were until after the death. Really I just need these broken boys to be told "it's ok," ya feel? ;///;

I totally feel that, hope you enjoy! Although I think I kinda went to the sadder path…


  • He definitely didn’t know some people could show persons who have already passed away. At first, he is a bit wary about being able to see his crush without warnings.
  • However, the moment a bright, toothy smile stretches across her feautures, the Fanalis feels himself relaxing.
  • He is almost sure it feels too warm to be a part of the Great Flow, a nice feeling of joy rocking him, even though he doesn’t really change from a mildly shocked expression outside
  • Only when he has seen her again, he realizes that he really misses, and his heart feels painfully tight.
  • Just as soon as she arrived, she faded away, the golden warmth disappearing with her forever. His chest started to hurt even more after that.
  • Would just turn around, without looking at anyone. He just feels that he wants to be alone. The only thing he has in mind is trying to figure out the silent words that he saw her lips trace for a brief second.


  • Can’t do anything but stare because he cannot believe his eyes at the moment. But, like Masrur, he initially believes it’s a trick from a foe to weaken him.
  • It’s not until she reaches her hand that he starts to let his shoulders relax. His heart is beating so quickly, because he doesn’t know what will happen next, and his legs won’t answer.
  • He swears her hand cannot touch him, but still he can feel the warmth, and for a moment he can also smell her sweet scent, that one that really made his days when she passed by him.
  • Ignores the calls from the others as he slowly walks forward, seeking for more comfort, but it never came to him.
  • She disappeared with a smile, before Ja’far perplexed state. His hand is reaching out into thin air where once was a small piece of relief.
  • Quietly wishes that she hadn’t gone so quickly, but reality soon hits him and makes him remember that was just an illusion. With a small, sad smile, he silently thanks Yunan for a shot moment to give his farewells to his first love.


  • Falls to his knees in disbelief, feeling the tears well up in his eyes as he slowly and clumsily crawls towards his crush. His mind is telling him it’s an illusion, but he doesn’t want to believe it.
  • Feeling his tears run down his cheeks, he loudly apologizes for not having been there to protect her, broken and punching his fist against the floor until it bled.
  • No one dares to say a thing when his confession finally leaves his lips in a heart-clenching screech. However, it’s in vain, now. It wouldn’t change the fact that she is dead.
  • The only, and last, thing he felt was a rush of warm wind caress his face, accentuating the cold and moisture on his cheeks. She was gone, now forever.
  • Mystras gets up, hastily wiping his face, and walks away as if nothing had happened. Seeing her one last time made it hurt even more, now that he thought it had been not enough.
  • However, deep down he is so very happy because his heavy burden had slipped off his chest, and the gentle caress, that, he likes to think, was his crush, helped him move on for her.


  • Stares into the void while his crush warmly smiles down at him. The feeling he got was just the same of when he saw her every morning when she was still with him.
  • Calls her name in a soft manner, but the wind seems to engulf his words; everything is silent. Still, he thinks he was able to hear something; something that made his eyes widen and his heart miss a beat.
  • A small giggle, that of a young girl who mischievously plays, one of forgiveness. He had things to be forgiven for, he thought, he hadn’t been able to protect her.
  • But knowing that she was okay made his chest flutter. A small smile graced his lips for a second, and soon after, her image disappeared, along with the feeling in his chest.
  • Thanks her as quietly as possible, and calls a brief “I love you” only for himself to hear. And, maybe, just maybe, she would finally know then. He really hoped so.
  • Thanks Yunan with a short nod, and leaves thinking that he would have never expected to erase a regret in day that seemed so normal, after having lost her.

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hey so i totally feel ya on the smoking thing, but it didn't look like a cigarette to me? I thought it was just a reflection of the light on the plastic bottle? idk tho

In her hand behind the water bottle that’s def a cigarette

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Since you're a huge cat lover, mind if you share some of headcanons on Bucky and cats?

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Omg, I sure can. 

  • cats > dogs
  • cats are most definitely in bucky’s top five
  • bucky will do anything for them 
  • anything 
  • he once ran out of canned food so he had amazon do same day delivery for his order
  • he cries when he goes to shelters
  • he’s the type of guy who will leave out food for stray cats as well 
  • that causes him to attract other animals 
  • he watches his cats eat 
  • heart eyes @ his cats 
  • tells them that he loves them 24/7 
  • forces them to snuggle with him 
  • aspires to walk his cats like steve can walk his dogs
  • totally owns a 25 pound cat 
  • the only time an argument with spark between steve and bucky bc steve is a dog guy and bucky is totally for cats
  • will spend spend hours on the internet as he finds diy cat tree houses
  • does this dance @ his cats every day
  • while tony is building clint an archery room and steve an art studio, bucky asks tony to build him this
  • cat buddies with you 
  • bucky ❤️ cats 

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ahh, I agree with you. I'm american and everytime I hear homo on the show I cringe only bc it's so negative for me. I also hate 'homosexual/ity' bc we used to have literal government propaganda films shown in schools warning young boys of the "homosexual" pedophile men. I think terms positive or negative vary by region bc some like words like "poof" used in the uk mean nothing to be but would really hurt an english queer person ya feel

yeah i totally feel ya, I cringe a bit too every time they use homo, homofil or homse because i have negative connections to all of them. I know thats a me problem buuuut I wish we used just “gay” haha

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hey! not a request, but will there be any sfw ignis in the future? not that i dont adore your nsfw writing, it's super hot and cute and my fav; but sometimes u just need that fluff, ya feel? its totally ok if you dont have any! ill try to catch the next open request period if thats the case. love your writing, and keep it up! i hope your week goes wonderfully <3

Hi! I think there is. I’m just on my way to work so I can’t double check, but I laid out all my notes for a longer Iggy slow burn fic this morning so I might get started on that soon too

shipvicturi replied to your post “How old are you ?”

Bless. I love knowing I’m not the only late-twenties on this damn site.

Haha no worries there is lots of mid/late twenties in this site its just you have to look harder but not most people do share their age you know the other day i found someone around mid 40s i was so shocked like the oldest i have stumble on was 30s but like months ago its change since i did meet older people its just they are not in the same circle of interest and this is why you hardly find one while on the other hands all the stuff we are into are liked by younger people. But i totally feel ya because most of the people that i meet in the circle of my fandoms are younger and it makes me feel like a creeper haha

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i could use a love song | luke hemmings

โ€œGross,โ€ you mutter softly to yourself as you sit along the window seat of your local coffee shop. There was a bar set up right along the window, and you often found yourself sitting there. It was one of the only spots that wasnโ€™t situated for conversational and social interaction.

Outside there was a couple, curled up together drinking their hot coffees. Both were seated in their respectful chairs, but the girl had hers turned towards the guy, with her leg over his. You hated that type of affection. You figured if anyone wanted to act like that, they should be doing it in the privacy of their own home, not in front of you.

So, maybe you were a little bit cynical. Who cared? You surely didnโ€™t.

But it was Saturday, and you had nothing to do. So you had ventured down to that local coffee shop, the one where most of them knew you by name, and acted surprised every time you changed your order.

It was a normal Saturday, but you were still bored out of your mind. You found yourself reading inside a busy local coffee shop out of the blue, and questioning why you ended up there in the first place.

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I just started It's a Kind of Magic. I've only just finished part 5, but I just wanted to let you know I'm really loving it. I love the whole premise. I can wait to read more. If only there were more hours in the day and adulting (aka work) wasn't necessary. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Awww thank you lovely. I’m glad you’re enjoying it and I hope you enjoy the rest!

I totally feel ya. I hate having to adult when I wanna read fics 😂💜

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((I feel ya man, totally feel ya)) physical copy of comics or digital?

Physical copy for sure it doesn’t feel right reading them online.
((Right ))


The face of a man who hates his job, his life, this station, this goddamn jelly, all goddamn jellies, the Enkindlers, everything that came before the Enkindlers, everything that came after the Enkindlers, every known alien species, all aliens species yet to be discovered, and everything that’s ever existed in the galaxy ever.

โ–The Lonely Aisle โ–Daehyun โ–โƒ โ–

Request: can i get a scenario with daehyun and youโ€™re grocery shopping and heโ€™s all clingy and childish. kind of like kids when they want something haha. thxs dude ily (really i cant handle this fool)

Comments: To be honest, I canโ€™t handle him either. I totally feel ya.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  โ€œEight bags of chips, five gallons of juice, and lots of candy.โ€ You glanced down at the shopping cart in front of you and made sure each item was in there. You nodded and checked each of them off after seeing that they were, and heaved a sigh as you pushed the cart to the next aisle to find the remaining items.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  โ€œWait, jagiya!โ€

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  You stopped in your tracks and spun around, only to see your boyfriend, Daehyun, speeding down the aisle with a bag in hang. Once he reached you, he took a moment to lean against the shelves and pant heavily. โ€œCan weโ€ฆ Can we get this?โ€ He held the bag of candy assortment in your face with bright eyes.

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Schizoid things

-“What? Oh ya I’m totally listening”

- Feelings?

- Please stop talking

- 🎶 Stop. Don’t talk to me loser, lame ass, wanna be🎶

- “This must be so hard for you”

- “Why?”

- Oh my god he’s crying now.

- “Um sorry?”

-What where we even talking about? Shit.

- Do I actually care about them or are they just interesting.

- You have a dog?!

- (-_-)

- “Let’s hang out!”

- “Oh I can’t I have to….walk my…hamster.”

- Fictional characters? Hell yes!

;-“You’ll grow out of it. Everyone feels like that sometimes” - Oh it’s 3 am? Time to work.