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this love is o u r s

no offense but imagine keith and allura spending //so much time together// and everyone is just like [shifty eyes] but in reality allura is just learning/accepting she’s gay and keith is helping her along since he’s been out way longer and in general they’re just having a good ol’ time Gay Bonding™

and when lance finally is like “what’s going on with u two… are u like… u know” keith and allura are just like “uh no actually we’re both gay”

and bi!lance’s inner dialogue is just like ~u win some u lose some~

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How come nobody else suspects this family of being vampires? I mean glowing eyes, fangs. Come on people in the sims world, get a grip. It's not that hard putting two and two together. Heck, I don't believe in vampires but if someone struts around with big fucking fangs I'd have some questions. Smh. But I love your story! So keep doing you boo.

for real tho lol it’s kinda supposed to highlight how slacking salem + auggy have become with the whole “our kids are vampires and need to be protected” thing, what with just sending them off to public school and just saying fuck it to everything

plus to be fair if someone with strange eyes and pointy teeth straight up told me they were a vampire i’d still be like…………… ya ok bud. 



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Can I use sign language for spells? I feel uncomfortable speaking aloud sometimes but I don't want it to hinder my practice.

You don’t have to talk at all, if you don’t want. Even just thinking a spell is enough.

Intent is what matters the most.

Personally, I hate talking in general. It makes me anxious. I totally feel ya on this. Not speaking won’t hinder your practice at all.

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Jack talking about how protective he'd get over his teenage daughter is so adorable and it's my new aesthetic (pls i needed to share this thank you for listening)

Haha dude I totally feel ya! He’s such an adorable bean :)


if you’d only done
something more for the one
back when you were young

I gotta say…I’ve always felt bad for the dormitory cooks. They’re all elders. They work 20 hours a day (4AM-12AM, every day, so when the hell do they sleep?) And during their work time they get no breaks, not even a bathroom break, and they never even get to sit. Geez! What are they? Slaves? Because I’m pretty sure this breaks every labor law known to man.

So when one of them does that “Oh, my aching knees!” animation, I’m always, “Yeah, I totally feel ya, dude.”

Schizoid things

-“What? Oh ya I’m totally listening”

- Feelings?

- Please stop talking

- 🎶 Stop. Don’t talk to me loser, lame ass, wanna be🎶

- “This must be so hard for you”

- “Why?”

- Oh my god he’s crying now.

- “Um sorry?”

-What where we even talking about? Shit.

- Do I actually care about them or are they just interesting.

- You have a dog?!

- (-_-)

- “Let’s hang out!”

- “Oh I can’t I have to….walk my…hamster.”

- Fictional characters? Hell yes!

;-“You’ll grow out of it. Everyone feels like that sometimes” - Oh it’s 3 am? Time to work.

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Since you're a huge cat lover, mind if you share some of headcanons on Bucky and cats?

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Omg, I sure can. 

  • cats > dogs
  • cats are most definitely in bucky’s top five
  • bucky will do anything for them 
  • anything 
  • he once ran out of canned food so he had amazon do same day delivery for his order
  • he cries when he goes to shelters
  • he’s the type of guy who will leave out food for stray cats as well 
  • that causes him to attract other animals 
  • he watches his cats eat 
  • heart eyes @ his cats 
  • tells them that he loves them 24/7 
  • forces them to snuggle with him 
  • aspires to walk his cats like steve can walk his dogs
  • totally owns a 25 pound cat 
  • the only time an argument with spark between steve and bucky bc steve is a dog guy and bucky is totally for cats
  • will spend spend hours on the internet as he finds diy cat tree houses
  • does this dance @ his cats every day
  • while tony is building clint an archery room and steve an art studio, bucky asks tony to build him this
  • cat buddies with you 
  • bucky ❤️ cats 
▏The Lonely Aisle ▏Daehyun ▏❃ ▏

Request: can i get a scenario with daehyun and you’re grocery shopping and he’s all clingy and childish. kind of like kids when they want something haha. thxs dude ily (really i cant handle this fool)

Comments: To be honest, I can’t handle him either. I totally feel ya.

            “Eight bags of chips, five gallons of juice, and lots of candy.” You glanced down at the shopping cart in front of you and made sure each item was in there. You nodded and checked each of them off after seeing that they were, and heaved a sigh as you pushed the cart to the next aisle to find the remaining items.

            “Wait, jagiya!”

            You stopped in your tracks and spun around, only to see your boyfriend, Daehyun, speeding down the aisle with a bag in hang. Once he reached you, he took a moment to lean against the shelves and pant heavily. “Can we… Can we get this?” He held the bag of candy assortment in your face with bright eyes.

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i could use a love song | luke hemmings

“Gross,” you mutter softly to yourself as you sit along the window seat of your local coffee shop. There was a bar set up right along the window, and you often found yourself sitting there. It was one of the only spots that wasn’t situated for conversational and social interaction.

Outside there was a couple, curled up together drinking their hot coffees. Both were seated in their respectful chairs, but the girl had hers turned towards the guy, with her leg over his. You hated that type of affection. You figured if anyone wanted to act like that, they should be doing it in the privacy of their own home, not in front of you.

So, maybe you were a little bit cynical. Who cared? You surely didn’t.

But it was Saturday, and you had nothing to do. So you had ventured down to that local coffee shop, the one where most of them knew you by name, and acted surprised every time you changed your order.

It was a normal Saturday, but you were still bored out of your mind. You found yourself reading inside a busy local coffee shop out of the blue, and questioning why you ended up there in the first place.

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How about the RFA +V +Saeran headcanon reaction to a more goth/punk/edgy MC who has lots of tattoos and piercings? :3

•He would totally look up to you!
•Would think you’re so cool.
•Would ask questions like “Did it hurt getting tattoos? Piercings?”
•Unsure if he could do something like that.
•Excited to see if you have any new tattoos or piercings.
•Can’t stop talking about how cool you look.
•Will try the style but is a bit shy about it.
•Totally see him getting piercings on the top cartilage part of the ear.
•I dunno if he’d do tattoos though.
•Would always be on the look out for edgy clothes to get you.
•Gets all excited and hopes you like what he gets you.
•Since wearing black, in the summers he may ask if you’re too warm?
•Offers umbrellas to keep the heat off.
•Loves you with all his little puppy heart~
•Totally would wear a dog collar kinda thing as what he assumes as “edgy”

•Is like whoa momma!
•Thinks you are the bomb diggity.
•Thinks you’re hella sexy~
•Loves your tattoos and piercings.
•Would totally wanna get matching tattoos.
•Finds all kinds of wacky things to get you. “this is cool right?!”
•Totally feels ya on wearing black.
•Tells you how sexy sophisticated you look wearing all black. (Regardless of what you’re actually wearing)
•I dunno I just seem him being totally turned on by it.
•And he totally shows it.
•Has a thing for kissing you wherever your tattoos are.
•Loves you no matter what uwu~

•Finds you interesting.
•Hasn’t seen any females he knows be edgy.
•So it’s a total shocker to him.
•Finds it hot.
•Wonders where else you’ll get piercings.
•Wants to kiss you hella bad just thinking of it.
•Would like to know more about your style.
•Would most likely make some project with his company for you.
•Totally in support for what your into and will proudly show it to the world.
•May every once in awhile try out a more edgy look.
•A bit flustered about it
•I dunno I just see him being really kinky lololol
•Loves you more than anything in the world.

•A bit alarmed since it’s the opposite of her.
•But respects what you like.
•Offers all kinds of stores to check out that she’s seen in magazines.
•Finds you super pretty in everything you wear.
•Wants to learn how you do your makeup
•If anyone says anything rude about your style, I see her sassing it up to them.
•Fascinated by the tattoos and piercings.
•Too shy to get tattoos and piercings.
•Though always there to offer ideas for you.
•Loves you like no other.

•Omg the first thing I literally thought is boner automatically omfg
•Like he thinks you look so fine~
•Repeatedly will tell you how great you look.
•Thinks it’s so damn cool.
•Would totally rock the style with you.
•Knows all kinds of awesome stores to check out.
•Wants to work on more films/plays/photo shoots with a more edgy vibe.
•Want you to be featured in this stuff too.
•Starts to get all kinds of tattoos and piercings.
•Just friggin loves you so much!

•I feel like he’s more timid so he wouldn’t be as like wowie omg girl.
•But will always tell you how beautiful you are.
•Is always inspired by you.
•A lot of his new photos will focus on you.
•Wants to learn lots about that style.
•Always listening with attentive ears.
•He loves looking at your tattoos.
•He’ll just stare in awe
•Thinks they’re beautiful.
•Wants to know the artists of the tattoos.
•Will always pay for any new tattoos you want.

•Hell to the fuckin yes.
•He feels super understood.
•Like finally! Someone with an open mind!
•Have to go and get tattoos together like A LOT.
•Finds all of your piercings and tattoos so great.
•Competes to see who can get the coolest tattoos/piercings.
•I dunno why, but I see him being into gently tugging on your piercings with his mouth when making out???
•Shows you all his fav places to go.
•You’ll do each others make up.
•Loves you so much!

Do these work? :3


The face of a man who hates his job, his life, this station, this goddamn jelly, all goddamn jellies, the Enkindlers, everything that came before the Enkindlers, everything that came after the Enkindlers, every known alien species, all aliens species yet to be discovered, and everything that’s ever existed in the galaxy ever.

  • Stiles: *dusts wolfsbane on front of the Jeep & rams into Theo*
  • Theo, on the ground: Who the hell taught you to fight, Stilinski?!
  • Stiles: A real Alpha.
  • *Stiles phone rings*
  • Stiles: Stilinski's Jeep of Justice...
  • Derek: What the hell?! Stiles, take these handcuffs off me. I told you I'm not leaving again. Also I think something died back here...
  • Stiles, glances at the back seat: Oops sorry, those are my sweat socks. But I'm busy right now, Der. I promise later you can unleash your revenge on me. *winks*
  • Derek: *eyeballs actually sigh*