ya this was an a movie

I watched Cars 1 again last night, and let me just tell you that I am so proud of Lightning. He has grown so much since the first movie came out. I pretty much grew up watching this franchise so to me it’s like, I’ve watched you grow into such a wonderful person car. I’m in tears.

alright so my take on the movie is that it was amazing, nobody dared to breathe, it was really fucking intense, loud as fuck, something totally different than you see in the theatres these days, everyone in it is absolutely amazing but it all adds to a bigger, more important picture than the individual characters, harry really is incredible in it and is deserving of all the praise he’s getting.

Hercules ! Hercules ! Hercules !

ask : OMG can I request an imagine where reader is falling in love with Leo but she doesn’t want to admit it so she basically bursts out into song with I won’t say (I’m in love) from Hercules but in the end she sees Leo and goes “screw it”

fucking hell, this was fueled purely on my two am insomnia ass coming up with the perfect way to write it, then ash yelling at me for staying up so late because apparently i ‘need sleep’.

anywho, i really fucking like how this turned out ?? shoutout my boy walt disney for probably being dead when Hercules came out but ya know, that movie is my shit.

/ my fave characters were the Muses, them some bad bitches y'all /

Your heart raced, rapidly, in a way you didn’t know it could. Hands sweaty, you mindlessly wiped them off on your shorts, before dragging a hand nervously through your (h/c) locks, messing them up. Piper’s hand reached over, grasping your wrist in the grip of her nimble fingers. “Are you okay?” Her words rushed over you like a cold current, pulling you back to reality.

You ripped your gaze away from the boy that you refused to admit you adored. Faking a cough, you nodded, smiling at your best friend. “Duh. If I wasn’t, I would’ve told you, McLean.” Piper arched her eyebrow, but decided to ignore it, as she led you through the crowd surrounding the campfire, watching Leo start it. Taking your usual seats, Piper stirred up a conversation with Jason, who she hasn’t seen all day, leaving you to admire the son of Hephaestus with wandering eyes.

You’d never love that asshole. He’s a jerk, always flirting with any girl he thinks is pretty, playing pranks with the Stolls, and teasing almost everyone. Never would the words 'love’ and 'Leo’ leave your lips in the same sentence. So why did your heart feel like it wanted to leap out of your chest every time you saw the kid? Your breaths shorten, and your thoughts become blurry.

You didn’t realize you spaced out. “Looking at something interesting?” Leo asked, patting your knee before sitting beside you. Furrowing your eyebrows, you stared at the fire, clenching your fists and pinning them to your knees.

“Fire’s pretty interesting.” You muttered half-heartedly, leaning forward, resting your chin in the palm of your hand. Leo watched you silently with a curious eye, never really noticing if you actually liked him as a person or not. He’s noticed that you’ve acted distant around him, especially lately, when before the four of you were the closest, best friends not too long ago.

Leo forced himself to look away from you, to ignore how the light from the fire flickered, creating shadows that danced to a silent melody across your face. “I guess it is.” Leo muttered, his elbows resting on his knees, as he watched the fire as well. A cold sweat settled on the back of your neck, and you wiped your hands on your shorts once more, attempting to ignore how close Leo was, and how his breaths were in sync with yours, and how his hands were dangerously close to your thighs.

A soft sigh escaped your lips, as you closed your eyes, leaning back onto your hands. Opening your eyes, you stared at the endlessly starred sky, watching a few clouds pass by. Leo stole a few glances your way, confused on how you were acting. He definitely didn’t want you, out of all people, to hate him. Heart racing at unhealthy speeds, you forced yourself up, brushing off your shorts. “I’m just gonna, take a walk.” You said response to Leo, Piper, and Jason looking at you curiously.

Pushing yourself to leave, you snuck out of the campfire, making your way quickly towards the forest, escaping the feelings you didn’t necessarily wanted to admit you had in the first place. Groaning, you tugged slightly at your roots, a sigh escaping your lips once more.

Smiling slightly, a childhood memory flooded your thoughts. When movie night happened, Chiron would play, ironically, Disney’s Hercules, knowing that it didn’t show how the god of strength was at all. You knew it was fake, but you liked it. Especially Meg, his love interest.

“If there’s a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I’ve already won that.” You started singing, remembering the song you heavily relate to now. Alone, and in the middle of the woods, you technically were allowed to be as dramatic as you possibly pleased. “No man is worth the aggravation. That’s ancient history, been there, done that.”

You thought you yourself, silently, pacing around as the background vocals played effortlessly in your head. Leo? Leo Valdez? You gritted your teeth, annoyed at yourself. Your last boyfriend was a flirt, someone who ended up cheating on you. You didn’t want to throw that title on Leo, but better safe then sorry, right?

“No chance, no way, I won’t say it no, no. It’s too, cliche, I won’t say I’m in love.” You sang again, twirling around and swaying around to the music in your head. The serious thoughts pooled in the bottom of your brain. Were you actually, in love with Leo? Could a relationship, possibly sprout from you- You growled slightly, spinning in place. “I thought my heart had learned it’s lesson, it feels so good when you start out.” You sang loudly, snorting in amusement at your own innuendo. 'I’m lame.’ You thought simply, but continued to sing loudly, your throats becoming sore. “My head is screaming 'Get a grip girl, unless you’re dying to cry your heart out.’” You belted the lyrics out, climbing atop a rock, and spreading your arms out to an audience that wasn’t there.

Or so you thought.

Hiding behind a nearby tree, Leo, Piper, and Jason watched silently, all amused. Unaware of their presence, you continued to sing. “No chance, no way, I won’t say it, no no. This scene, won’t play, I won’t say I’m in love.” You strutted around the top of the rock, tugging your hands through your hair, as the raw emotion you actually felt poured out of your lips into the next lyrics.

“You’re way off base, I won’t say it. Get off my case, I won’t say it.” Closing your eyes, you faced the star ridden sky, and carrying the tune, you belted the last lyric. “At least out loud, I won’t say I’m in love!” You heaved heavy breaths, letting out a spiral of different curses.

Calming down, you sat at the edge of the rock, finally coming to acceptance with your feelings. Slamming the bottom of your shoe against the rock, you sighed heavily. “I, Y/N L/N, am in love with Leo Valdez. And it scares me, and I really hate it.” You said aloud, and you heard a sharp gasp come from the woods.

Standing up quickly, you saw Piper, Jason, and Leo, emerge from the woods. “Fuck. Are you serious? You heard that?” You asked, wanting to be anywhere else but there. Leo was too stunned to answer you, and Piper nodded, a smirk spreading across her face.

“You have a good voice, Y/N.” Jason smiled at you, and you thanked the gods for sending you someone as grounded and not embarrassing like Jason Grace. Blushing slightly, you smiled.

“Thanks Jace.” You responded, and Piper winked at you, before grabbing Jason’s hand in her own.

“We’re gonna, go back to the fire.” Piper smiled, before tugging Jason away, leaving you and Leo in an awkward silence. Your heart raced, stomach holding a mosh pit for about five thousand butterflies. Refusing to face Leo, you gritted your teeth. Annoyed at yourself, you clenched your fists at your sides, looking up at Leo.

“Got anything to say, repair boy?” You clenched your jaw, mad he hasn’t said anything yet. You just confessed your love to the kid, the least you could get was rejection. But, what he did next irritated you. A smirk spread across his face. “Oh no.” You mumbled.

“You love me?” Leo asked in a teasing tone, dragging a hand through his curls. You gritted your teeth. So much for having fun being dramatic. “You, Y/N, you love me. Leo.” Leo continued to tease you, grabbing your hands in his own so you couldn’t move away.

“Yes Leo, I fucking love you, okay? Reject me if you want, I don’t give a fuck at this point, I-mmph!” Leo pressed his lips against yours, stopping your rant. A shiver ran down your spine, as you wrapped your arms around Leo’s neck, pulling him closer, pressing your chests together. Leo pulled away, a smirk on his face, dragging his thumb across your bottom lip.

“You love me.” He repeated, but this time he wasn’t teasing you. A genuine smile spread across his face, and he grasped your face in his hands, as he repeated the sentence again. “You, love me.” Leo spoke as if it finally sank into his brain.

“Yeah, loser.” You muttered, and chuckled slightly, before looking him in his eyes. “I love you.” You spoke, and Leo’s breath hitched. A dorky smile spread across his lips, and he pressed another kiss to your lips.

“I love you too.”

this is the best thing I’ve ever written thank you I’ll take three noble prizes and like, maybe an oscar for the movie adaptation, Disney can sUCK IT

(walt’s gonna fucking haunt me now ur welcome for that shitty joke)

- nez

Gatekeeper p.3

Comments: This is like late I’m sorry but this is the begining of #babymonth. I hope ya love it.

Pairing: LafayettexReader

Warning: cursing i think thats it like smut but not really smut cause it’s like- you’ll figure it out. If it is smut to you then blast me in the comment section

Song Inspiration: Kill You- Eminem

Words: 1,071

“Yo Laf let’s go we made ego’s and we’re gonna watch a movie.” Hercules said from the other side of the door.

“Mon chéri would you like to watch whatever silly kids movie they have decided to watch?” Lafayette asked cupping you’re face in his hand wiping away some tears.

“I would love to Laf but I’m not sure that you’re friends would like that very much.” You said looking down.

“My friends will not care they are good people” Lafayette said ducking down to meet you’re eyes.

“Ok but if they feel awkward please inform me I don’t hesitate to tell me please” You said wiping the last tears from of you’re face.

“Let’s go then mon amour they have made eggo waffles the easy waffle” Lafayette said as he lead you out of the room.

“You know that it’s just called ego’s?” You asked jokingly.

“Non they are called eggo waffles” He said taking a seat on the couch.

“No it’s just ego’s Laf I promise” You said laughing a little.

“Wanna bet?” He asked smirking.

“I’m gonna win but sure I don’t care”You said sitting next to him.

“Hercules we need you!”

From that day on you and Lafayette had been inseparable constantly going to movies or just other cute coupley things. In the next week you had noticed that you were late with you’re period. Due to that you took a pregnacy test, it showed positive,you wanted think of a creative way to tell Lafayette.

That Night:

“Mon chéri I’m home” Lafayette said as he walked into the house that you rarely left.

“I’m in the room” You said as you got ready pulling out the box.

“How was you’re day sweetheart?” You asked not getting off you’re bed but waiting till he came closer to you.

“It was fine work was work got some really great pictures published.” He said sitting down next you.”How about you?”

“Oh nothing much I made dinner and I went to the mall” You said trying to sound as nonchalant as possible knowing that to both of you that was a big deal.

“Oh what’s for dinner- Wait you went outside!?” He asked getting off of the bed.

“Oh yea me and Eliza went out to the mall I wanted to get you something” You said giggling.

“But what about the paparazzi weren’t they following you?” Lafayette asked pacing across the room.

“No we had John tip them off that I went to Nobu for lunch” You said a smile never leaving you’re face.

“You shouldn’t of gone out someone would of tipped him off” Lafayette said.

“I don’t care about him. I went out to get my boyfriend something nice and I was going to do it either way.” You said folding you’re arms.

“I’m not worth you going out I promise.” He said pausing in front of you.

“I got you a gift” You pulled the box from behind you’re back and handed it to him.

“Y/N I can’t-”

“Lafayette you will open it this instant” You insisted.

He sighed and pulled off the wrapping paper and opened the box to reveal a white shirt that said “I’M A DADDY” in bold letters. He looked down at the shirt and then back to you.

“You’re?” He asked. You nodded and smiled probably the biggest one that you ever did you’re life.

“Y/N you’re pregnant!” He said picking you up and spinning you around you both giggling at the same time.

“But mon chéri we have not?” He said pausing for a second the smile slowly fading from his face.

“I know the baby she- I mean they aren’t yours.” You said sighing as he set you down on the bed.

“Oh I do not care I will raise them as my own son anyway we can name him George.” He said smiling as he kissed you’re cheek.

“What if it’s a girl?” You asked smirking as you sat up.

“It will not be a girl trust me I can feel it” He said dashing towards the doorway. “I must tell Alex, non we must tell Alex” He said running back over to you and extending his hand which of course you took.

“Alexander please will you come here?” Lafayette called from the living room.

“I’m really busy right now please can it wait?” Alex asked from his room.

“Alexander this is very important.” Lafayette said smirking. You heard some  rustling and he emerged from the room.

“This better be good” Alex said sighing as he crossed.

“Mon ami you are going to be an uncle!” Lafayette said smiling

“You know adopting a dog and calling it you’re child doesn’t make t you’re actual child right?” Alex asked turning around to go back to his room.

“No Alex were not getting a dog Y/N is pregnant!” Lafayette exclaimed.

“You guys really need to stop joking with people before we start a prank war” Alex said turning back to face you.

“No no I swear on every american flag I own even the t-shirts!” Lafayette chimed back.

“And I swear on the unborn child that’s growing in me that I’m pregnant Alex” You said laughing slightly.

“Wait you’re being serious?” Alex asked

“We have been being serious this whole time mon ami!” Lafayette said

“Oh my god you’re pregnant!” Alex said giving you a hug “I’m gonna be an Uncle! And you brother you’re gonna be a father!” Alex said going and giving Lafayette a hug

“I’m going to be a dad!” Lafayette said squeezing Alex back.

That Night:




“I’m coming” You said getting up and of the couch

“Mon chérii you should really stay of you’re fet now that you’re carrying a tiny human.” Lafayette said from the couch.

“Well you don’t seem to be getting the door do you.” You said as you opened the door. His cologne hit you before you even saw his face and you knew who it was as you looked up his icy blue eyes met yours.

“Well hello gorgeous I’ve been told we’re expecting” Ozzy said that permanent smirk still on his face his body leaning against the door frame.

15 Day Books Challenge - Day 7

Day 7: Favorite movie adaptation of a book

THIS THIS THIS THIS. Both are beautiful and well-done stories in their own ways. The book really makes you feel for Charlie; you get to know him so very well that you can’t help but want to be his friend and make everyone else around him understand him the way you do. And his parents & sister and his relationship with them is my absolute favorite aspect of the book… and while the actors chosen for their roles in the movie did a FANTASTIC job of playing them, I felt like that aspect of the book was pushed aside for other things in the movie.

However! THIS GODDAMN MOVIE IS INCREDIBLE. Not just by itself as a work of film, but as an adaptation specifically. It captured the essence and heart of the book. Probably due to the fact that the book’s author Stephen Chbosky directed & wrote the movie. Logan Lerman nails it. He is a cupcake. It is a heartwarming, funny, but also surprisingly raw and difficult movie.

Like I said though, it stuck to its source material. Some things were changed for the movie (like the importance of his individual relationship with his family), but it didn’t make the movie bad in any way, it just shifted the focus. By the end of it though you are still left with the same feeling and message as you are in the book.

Charlie’s relationship with his 2 closest friends is something that was much more fulfilling for me to watch rather than to read. I just couldn’t help but love them even more because they were real people in front of me.

Other than what i’ve said above, I don’t quite know how else to pinpoint why I think this movie is my favorite book-to-movie adaptation. If you haven’t seen it, please go watch it. I recommend it over the book tbh. <3

What is one book-to-movie adaptation you absolutely love??

anonymous asked:

How real are those Balem abs though? I am having a hard time believing the posters are not manipulated in some way (photoshop/lights/make up) because in the movie itself the seconds we do get to see him shirtless he's not THAT ripped? Not saying he looked bad or anything - at ALL, but he looks decidedly smaller in the movie. And it's Hollywood so let's face it, manipulating posters is nothing new.

Haha! No, I get ya. They are noticeably more ripped in the photos. I believe it is the lighting. Because even Eddie looks more pale in those lol And from BTS photo shoot they seem to be manipulating the light. Either way, damn son.

anonymous asked:

Are you actually Peter Pan? Everytime I see your selfies I'm like LOOK ITS BADASS PETER PAN AGAIN! You look just like he looks in my head! (Not a wee baby 12 yo peter pan nah man but like a cool young adult peter pan ya kno?)

Peter Pan was my childhood idol. I used to think I had a crush on him (Jeremy Sumpter from the live movie), but it turns out I more-so wanted to BE him. Basically, you saying that out of the blue brought the biggest smile across my face tHANK YOU FRIEND

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5 Things You Will Find In My Bag:

  • entirely too much lipstick
  • my knife
  • a small first aid kit, since I’m prone to accidents
  • my prescription sunglasses
  • extra hair clips in case I have some wayward hairs

5 Things You Will Find In My Bedroom:

  • again, entirely too much lipstick
  • my art supplies (drawing pencils, pens, canvases, paint…)
  • a bookshelf filled with books, plus a footlocker filled with them too
  • my cat, Tom, usually sleeping under the blankets
  • three art prints of Sam & Dean that I need to frame and hang

5 Things I Have Always Wanted To Do:

  • get a tattoo/get a septum piercing
  • dye my hair pink
  • visit Paris
  • roadtrip across the United States
  • publish a novel

5 Things That Make Me Happy:

  • my cat
  • lazy weekends
  • @jpadjackles (I’ll also take this moment to tag ya in this babe)
  • a cup of earl grey tea
  • making my mom laugh

5 Things I’m Currently Into:

  • the marvel movies- I still need to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
  • The Great British Bake Off- I discovered this show through netflix recently and I am so in love. It’s very different from american contest shows, and I’m really loving it.
  • cherries
  • sketching as much as I can- I’m hoping I can get into a daily routine
  • septum rings- I wear a fake one whenever I can, and I am soooo tempted to get it actually pierced

5 Things On My To-Do List:

  • finish a fic. any fic. hopefully FLH CH2
  • clean off my desk and reorganize it. again.
  • find myself a new job
  • paint my nails
  • buy a new kettle so I can drink hot tea again

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Spiderman Homecoming was A1

A1 means great

oh look another movie master post by ya girl here we go

  • ok im gonna start ya’ll off with a BANGER 
  • so get this when the Avengers first had their alien battle in New York (2012) Peter would have been 10 years old so I low-key think that it was Peter that did the little drawing of the Avengers that the movie opens with
  • Tony is trying SO HARD to be a better dad than Howard was
  • “How’s your daughter?” (u speak Spanish rly Peter)
  • when he’s standing on that building and that guy sees him and goes “Do a flip!” and he actually does
  • “Hey it’s my car dumbass.”
  • when he first walks into the bank and is trying to decide how to stand what a dork
  • Hannibal Buress’ two (2) scenes
  • him running through sprinklers
  • the dog
  • that whole scene where he was chasing the van
  • i feel like the past spider-men were like really graceful and swinging really neatly but this Peter literally hurls himself everywhere and crashes into so many things
  • “You know I’m a curious person by nature.”
  • when Peter rejoins the decathlon team 
  • “You can’t just abandon us then stroll up and expect to be welcomed back by everyone.”  “Hey, Peter welcome back!”
  • Ned has a sticker of the “this is fine” dog on his laptop
  • “Uh I put a tracker on someone, he’s a bad guy.”
  • “Nedcallmebacktheglowythingsabomb!”
  • “I don’t really want to celebrate something that was built by slaves.”
  • plus the guard during that scene and his little hand gesture
  • *Peter falls down the elevator shaft*  “Thank you.”
  • Donald Glover “I know what a girl sounds like.”
  • “That’ll dissolve in two hours!”  “I got ice cream, man.”
  • when he steals the keys from the guys on the ferry he says yoink
  • he is so frantic when he tries to save the ferry and distraught when it starts to fall apart again
  • he literally almost ripped himself in half to try to save it
  • “If you cared you’d actually be here.” Tony: “GUESS WHAT.”
  • deeper twist to that yes he’s there Peter just like his dad never was for him 
  • that scene was a good Dad Tony moment
  • “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” this is so important
  • ^ honestly i could go into so much detail about that just lemme know if you want me to ill make a whole ‘nother post about that shit
  • that hall pass was ridiculously huge
  • GOD the most jarring shift from Aunt May teaching Peter how to dance and tie and tie and there’s happy background music and he’s so excited then BAM fuckin Michael Keaton opens that door and ho-ly shit
  • he is so fucking scared during that whole scene in the house and in the car
  • he’s FIFTEEN years old and he’s got absolutely no idea what this guy will do if he finds out who Peter is. this is basically his frst encounter with a real villian and he scared shitless
  • he literally almost cries in the backseat when he sees Vulture start to figure it out
  • when Michelle flips Peter off at the dance and the way she flips Peter off at the dance
  • “I’m…looking at……porn..”
  • the fucking SCENE where he gets crushed he is so scared and so hurt and oh my god
  • Tom Holland’s acting was A fucking 1
  • he does good hurt/crying/scared noises that sounds weird but it is v important
  • “C’mon Spiderman!” 
  • how desperately he tried to save Vulture he is so good and pure and just really wants to protect people he doesn’t want anyone to die
  • “I’m trying to save you!”
  • the random school mascot running by towards the end??
  • the bathroom scene
  • Tony is so happy to have a son he loves Peter fight me
  • super random but i love the way Tony taps his watch to reveal the suit
  • “Look at that. Look at me.”
  • the way Tom turns his head when he says that is rly funny too
  • when Happy goes “He’s a good kid.” and Tony does that fucking shrug smile thing and the look was a mix of “Yea I know” but also like parental pride??? it’s a very specific look that i cannot fully explain
  • AFTER CREDIT SCENE Vulture is either protecting Peter bc he saved his life or he wants to kill Peter himself

come yell at me about any and all of this please