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follow spree

basically, i unfollowed some blogs recently and my dash has significantly slowed down, which is not a good thing. so, if you blog about:

  • art
  • ya lit (tsoa, hp, aftg, ari and dante, carry on etc.)
  • movies / tv series (b99, skam etc.)
  • poetry / writing
  • aesthetics

please like/reblog this so that i can check out your blog and maybe follow you!

mutuals, pls signal boost to spread the word? ❤︎

vivaldei  asked:

uuuuuuuh i don't think i can fully articulate to you how intensely i love the darkest minds series like???? every time i pick up any of the books i'm just OVERCOME WITH EMOTIONS

hoLY SHIT i will never shut up about this series omg i’m actually gonna make a sideblog because the darkest legacy comes out in august and the movie comes out later this year and i am NOT CHILL. should i use the url @miraclebusboy or @blackbettygangs? i’m so conflicted.

and LISTEN RUBY AND LIAM WRECK ME EVERY DAMN TIME. AND ZU?? CHUBS??? VIDA??! JUDE??!! just akjsdhfsjgh i can’t deal with how VIVID and REAL these characters are. alex wrote one of the best series in YA and it’s so underappreciated. i want tumblr to latch onto these books and never shut up about how amazing they are because WTF. also alex gives amazing hugs and she gave me great advice on writing. she wrote nice messages in all my books and i love her endlessly.

please ignore the fact that i am a fifteen-year-old fetus in this photo.


i’m emotional about the darkest minds you’re not alone buddy

30 Questions Tag!

I was tagged by @pancakepxls  💖 Thanks for the tag!

Rules: Answer 30 questions, Tag 20 people

Nickname(s): Jella, Nutella, Jelly Belly, there’s quite a few.

Gender: Fangirl.

Sign: Taurus!

Height: About 5'7" and a half :P

Time: 8:56 AM

Birthday: May 7th

Favourite Bands: Right now it’s The Vamps, The Script, and Imagine Dragons <3

Favourite Solo Artists: Harry Styles <3, Niall Horan, and AJR.

Song stuck in my head: Feels, Middle of the Night, and All Night.

Last Movie Watched: Fugitive

Last show I watched: FRIENDS!

When did I create this blog: Late December last year.

What do I post: Currently my Not so Berry Challenge.

What did I last google: “define lax” for one of my recent posts and I wasn’t sure about the meaning xD

Other blogs: I have a CC Finds blog but for some reason it says the navigation links on that blog have malware and I’m trying to fix it :/

Do I get asks: Sometimes! And I love it when I get  them :)

Why did I choose this URL: It’s a reference to one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite shows of ALL TIME, which is Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender when he said “Hello, Zuko here” and I loved it so much I put it in my URL. i love him so much omg

Following: I currently follow 541 people. I follow back almost all of my followers and there are such amazing CC creators out there my gosh.

Followers: I just need 5 more for 100 followers!!! <3

Average hours of sleep: Usually 8 or 9.

Lucky number: I honestly don’t know xD 2 or 7 I guess.

Instrument: Piano my baby <3 I also play some ukulele.

What am I wearing: One of my fave comfy shirts and shorts (it’s hot in the Philippines)

Dream job: I’d love to be an author, a fashion designer, or something to do with medicine.

Favourite food: I’m a sucker for chocolate. Anything chocolate.

Last book I read: If you mean last book I finished it would be Queen of Shadows.

3 favorite fandoms: ATLA!!!!!!! Harry Potter, and is Sims a fandom? idk

Tag 20 people: if you’ve already been tagged obviously don’t do it twice, but I tag @limericksims @hcbsims @sopranosimss @simsinsanmyshuno @pootaint @bella-goth @toskasims-stories @theslightlyawkwardsimmer @apricotsimmer @kikacute @livvsims @phsims @idioticjenna @leechesplays @sadtrait @simdiv @simmerpaws @gabbythesimmer @fieryspaghetti  @simlizsh  + @monets-pixels 

strix  asked:

Get to know the blogger.... With the negativity going around at the moment... let’s start something fun and just downright silly! List five (5) weird and wonderful (or just bizarre) facts about yourself... then pass it on to as many people as you want! Let the craziness begin!

Ok 5 weird or bizarre things thanks @strix

1. Pez, pez and more pez I am addicted I eat them like breath mints those lovely sugar cubes

2. I jump at a specific scene and yes I know its coming. Its like ingrained in my brain, “You must jump now” funny thing is now I just laugh

3. My BFF and I have our own Empire Records reenactment we pick characters and quote etc exactly like the movie and yes sometimes we even pause the movie. No we aren’t drunk in fact we usually are eating Cherries and skittles along with M&M’s yep if ya know that movie ya know. Plus whatever soda pop is in the fridge cause well Sugar High.

4. I love thunderstorms I will go outside on my porch or look from my window and just watch the thunder and lightening.

5. I enjoy scaring ppl. I have done this numerous times to room mates in college and high school. I don’t scare easily but I enjoy making other ppl jump.

Rules: tag people you want to get to know better

@callmethehunter & @lovedyouwild tagged me for this! Thank ya darlins 😘

Relationship status: I was born alone and I’ll die alone

Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick

Favorite color: Red yellow orange, give me warm cozy vintage hues any day of the week man (but I do really like turquoise / mint)

Last song I listened to: It’ll all work out, Tom Petty

Last movie I watched: The Room!!! ITs so bad I love it

Top 3 TV shows: …supernatural… Madmen, Godless

Top 3 bands/artists: Zeppelin, Floyd, Eagles!

Currently reading: just finished: I’m With the Band, by Miss Pamela Des Barres (so good)

I tag @animoopie @bsidemusings @mintynjeb @dearprudence68 @sausage-roll

Rules: Answer 30 questions, Tag 20 people

Nickname(s): none

Gender: girlo

Sign: taurus 🅱️ 

Height: 5′1?

Time: 10:04 pm

Birthday: april 26th :’))

Favourite Bands: uhhh imagine dragons is all i can think of

Favourite Solo Artists: ed sheeran

Song stuck in my head: the cup song from pitch perfect lmao

Last Movie Watched: idk but probably IT

Last show I watched: the office

When did I create this blog: june 

What do I post: sims and i reblog it and stranger things 🅱️  (i need to stop with that) 

What did I last google: b emoji 🅱️  

Other blogs: a primary one that i dont post on

Do I get asks: sometimes but ya girl wants more 

Why did I choose this url: cause im a genius 🅱️  (seriously im so annoying what)

Following: 200 something

Followers: 650 something (tysm ily)

Average hours of sleep: 8

Lucky number: 7 & 22

Instrument: tHe vOCAl ChOrDs 🅱️ 

What am I wearing: a shirt and shorts

Dream job: architect 🅱️ 

Favourite food: sPAGHETTI

Last book I read: last one i finished was harry potter and the goblet of fire, but im currently reading harry potter and the order of the phoenix 

3 favorite fandoms: it, stranger things, and sims?

Tag 20 people

no thank you i have to go to bed so do this if you want :))

Daveed: I like this Lafayette character. What about Jefferson? Do I get to rap a lot for him, too?! I love rap!¡! 

Lin: Well…