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A lil sunshine in these scary times...

So, my friends and I are sitting in a Krispy Kreme just eating our donuts, chatting, whatevs. Out of the corner of my eye I see this country ass teenage boy walking up to us. Like, a Trump-supporter-looking dude with a country accent so thick that it was almost comical. Of course, my first thought is oh shit, he’s going to say something ignorant. Ya know, given that we’re sitting here in Columbus, MS and I have a pride flag painted on my face from an event earlier in the day. He approaches me and says, “Excuse me, but is that flag painted on your face meant to represent… you know…” 

“Gay people?” at this point in this interaction I was ready to throw hands so tbh my tone was more than a little bitchy. After I say this I see him hand me a piece of paper, and think it’s probably a pamphlet for a church or something so I can be “healed.” 

Then the biggest plot twist of my life happened. The piece of paper was a huge #gaypride sticker?? He said, “I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything. I made some of these for a friend and had an extra and I thought you might like it.” So that’s the story of how I thought I was going to have to fight a hick in a donut shop but ended up with a super gay sticker.

okay so I was talking to @tiberius-herondale abt Julian nd kit and ,, this happened

  • okay so kit is utterly terrified of jules at first bc he’s probably v scary to anyone who isn’t family (ya I’m choosing to ignore that scene where cristina compared him to a puppy or whatever the first time she saw him let me have this) and also bc Julian is rlly tall and kit just isn’t
  • so ya kit is scared of him , (like Julian would look at him and kit just, shits himself) BUT eventually they warm up to each other and bond through their mutual love of gossip and ty 
  • its not uncommon to find them talking shit about ppl (especially Cameron-discount-captain-America- ashdown) 
  • nd if someone says something rude about ty you can bet ur ass that Julian and kit are both there to fuck a bitch up , , (one day someone says smth rude about kit and he goes to stand up for himself and Julian just walks up beside him and folds his arms and stares that person down (bc he actually cares abt kit ok) 
  • ok but real talk,, shadowhunters are completely disconnected from the modern world so  kit has to teach Julian all the modern slang and memes,,
  • like one time Julian complains abt the heat like, ‘its too hot,’ and kit is just like, ‘hot damn,’ and that’s how Julian learnt what uptown funk was
  • (he didn’t stop playing it for four months much to everyone elses horror)
  • oh and if u thought that kit wasnt gonna take this opportunity to screw with jules u thought wrong buddy
  • he convinces Julian that the way to woo a girl is by going up to them nd saying ‘hey lil mamma lemme whisper in your ear,; and Julian falls for it,, Emma has never been so confused in her entire life
  • kit gets the whole thing on camera but the video quality is really bad bc kit wouldn’t stop laughing
  • one time emma walks in on Julian and kit just bopping to fireflies and she just does the stares into the camera like shes on the office face
  • kit also tries to convince Julian that wearing Hawaiian shirts on backwards is currently the height of mundane fashion and Julian says he doesn’t believe him but later he gets a text from emma with a picture of Julian with his shirt on backwards ‘did you have anything to do with this?’ and kit straight up cackles
  • pls consider,, kit printing out memes just to teach them to Julian only for him to use them incorrectly in an attempt to be ‘down with the kids,’
  • nd kit shows Julian vine and when he goes to download it and finds out that its gone, he gets So angry, ,,
  • everytime Julian does something remotely wild he says ‘do it for the vine,’

             - ‘Julian that was a red light !! you’re supposed to stop,” “yeah well, I, an intellectual, am doing it for the vine,’

         okay this got rlly long but kit and Julian bonding nd getting to have a good time nd a fun relationship is my shit ok ,, 

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How would the 2Ps react when their longtime friend who is a girl, slowly starts showering them in pick-up lines and says the smoothest shit. Example: "That shirt is very becoming on you. If I were on you, I'd be coming too." (Love your blog by the way!)

((I’m back with the quality content™, my dudes ;))) and thank you, dear))

2P! Italy:
- “Falling for me already, hm?”
- he’d get the idea that she’s interested in him lmao
- reminder that Luciano IS the smoothest shit out there, and wouldn’t be fazed by such petty lines
- he’d just lightly chuckle and probably respond with an even smoother one
- (protip: if you say a rlly good pick-up line yo any of the boys while stuttering and being a blushing mess, they’ll fucking melt, trust me would recommend 10/10)

2P! Germany:
- “Pffff, did ya get tips from Luciano, or what? Cause I assure you it’s working ;))”
- he hits on his friends just for fucking fun, so he’d think she’s doing the same
- pick up line war ensues
- pretty much ends up with sexual tension

2P! Japan:
- “And you’re doing this, why? I don’t see how you’d benefit from this nonsense.”
- thinks she’s just messing around
- but wait
- the entire time they’ve been friends, she hasn’t done anything like this, only now, which means…
- kuro.exe has stopped working

2P! Romano:
- “Si. This shirt does look good on me, no? I’m glad you noti- wait you did not jUST—-”
- goes quiet for a while, while looking at her intently (wtf did I just type “while, while”)
- “honey, don’t tell me you’ve got a thing for me?”
- insert dainty gasp

2P! Prussia:
- poor baby is dying omg are you doing this on purpose
- literally goes fucking red every single time
- and turns into a stuttering mess smh
- “U-uh… Shirts! Yeah! I-i uh, um um. You’re becoming shirt- I mean- I- aaaaaaa-”
- won’t be able to look at you without blushing

2P! Austria:
- “Dear, if you’re starting to develop feelings for me, just say it outright, okay~?”
- he won’t take it seriously, really
- he’s just joking
- “joking”
- secretly hopes that she actually does

2P! America:
- “I don’t quite believe ya, doll. Why don’t you try it out, to find out?”
- the line above is stated jokingly, but wouldn’t mind if you do take it seriously,,,,
- allen is a fuckboy but the good kind, you get me?
- he’ll just play long with it

2P! England:
- “Ahahahah, that’s pretty nice, love”
- totally doesn’t get it
- ‘She’d be coming…? Coming where?…wat’
- finally gets it mid convo
- a flurry of red covers his face

2P! Canada:
- “Okaaay, can I just ignore that?”
- coughs awkwardly
- is completely unsure if she meant it or not
- proceeds to think about it for the rest of the day
- he won’t care much if it came from some random chick, but holy fuck a close friend said that,,,,,

2P! France:
- “If that’s your way of getting laid, then I suggest you think of something better”
- hell just smile
- ya heard me, my dude, francois bonnefoy smiled
- anyways
- looks like he doesn’t give a shit as always but will contemplate it when he’s about to sleep
- existential crisis time yay

2P! Russia:
- “Err…did someone dare you to behave this way?”
- would feel v awkward
- hey, it’s not everyday someone hits of him
- much worse it came from a close friends
- ‘do I respond with something like that, ad well or…..? gOD–’ “you okay?” “shut up I’m thinking”

2P! China:
- “holy shit did you jus- I, uh, I mean- why wouldn’t you, babe~”
- tries to act cool
- but his blushing face sets him off
- who you fooling zao
- mentally screaming
- thinks about it for the rest of the week (life)

2P! South Korea:
- blinks
- proceeds to remove his clothes
- is smacked
- “Okay, okay. Sheesh. I thought it was an invitation”
- smacked

“You’re not bad for a frat boy.”

for erengayer’s Cruise Control.

holy shit, this is such a sad excuse for a fanart, //sobs. this is from the third installment of the In the Midst of Youth series, which was actually among the first ereri fics i ever read (//yeah, i’m slow, stfu). and i enjoyed it so much that i screamed and convulsed for a bit, left a lengthy incoherent comment (smth bout cafe mocha, ya dig), followed stalked gayer on tumblr, and then made some random claims about future fanart. which i have finally accomplished.
be proud of me.

just ignore the shit goin’ on in back, because wow yeah this is why i don’t do backgrounds.

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kagehina + 42? Things you said when you asked me to marry you? :0 (ps you've inspired me to try writing fanfic)


“The sushi is kinda soggy. Gimme your napkin, I’m gonna mop up some of this gunk.”

Kageyama gave Hinata a look over his plate. “Do you always have to be a total moron in public?”

Hinata grabbed Kageyama’s napkin and swept it delicately over each sushi wrap, inspecting them closely. He leaned in, took a sniff, licked at one of them with his tongue, screwed up his face as he considered the taste, then spat into the napkin, folding it away with a satisfied look. He took his chopsticks and popped a sushi roll in his mouth, chewing happily, bright cheeks chubby like a chipmunk’s. His eyes always creased when he did that, smiling and eating at the same time. He looked primly at Kageyama. “Yes,” he said, mouth full, sushi spitting onto the table.

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Oh, I love your asks <3 Romanced companions(+X6, and Deacon react to maybe saying something to harsh/unintentionally saying something that reminded the ss of their past and triggers the ss to cry (Maybe throw in elder Maxson and Valentine)

You are a sweet one <3

It has been too long since I have posted a reaction and I have missed writing for this blog immensely, hopefully I can get more time again to write and answer as many of the hundreds of great asks as possible.

Cait: Cait was still mad as hell at Sole for pissing her off, but she hated the thought of hurting the one she loved and the only one that loved her. “Listen… I’m sorry for what I said, I say things I don’t mean sometimes, just remember I love ya,  yeah?” Her anger faded while she sat by Sole’s side.

Curie: “Oh my love! I am so terribly sorry! I love you so much please, please, please! Forgive me for the awful things I’ve said” Curie continued to wrap herself around Sole, she was more upset at the thought of hurting Sole, than Sole over what had been said.

Codsworth: “Oh sir/mum… I can only apologise in my entirety for that remark, I didn’t realise what I was saying. I hope you can find it in your heart and I implore you to forgive me”

Danse: “Soldier… I… I’m sorry, I spoke out of turn, please… pay no attention to my remarks, I was out of order. I’m sorry” Danse hangs his head slightly in shame at the thought of upsetting Sole

Deacon: “Ah… crap. Hey look… I’m… I’m sorry for what I said, ignore me.” Deacon then put an arm around Sole, “Hey, how ’bout I take you on a tour of the fun places round here, might cheer you up a bit”

Hancock: “Shit…” He said to himself, though distinct enough to hear. “Love… you know I’m sorry, dont ya? I feel like a real jackass for this, I’m really fucking sorry, I just hope ya forgive me”

MacCready: “Ah jeez… look… I didn’t mean what I said, I just got a bit upset. C’mon drinks on me for a change” Mac threw his arm around Sole’s shoulder and with his other hand, held theirs, cheering them up a little.

Nick: Looking down to hide his eyes under his fedora, Nick let out a remorseful sigh, “Listen, you know I don’t mean any of that…and I’m sorry I hurt you, I forget sometimes in this place that we’re not all murderers and criminals but people, with feelings, and I’m sorry”

Piper: “Blue… I… I…” Piper, one the one instance her words failed her wrapped her arms around Sole and hugged them with a considerable squeeze, “Blue I’m so sorry… god I feel like an ass” With no immediate response Piper softly pulls Sole’s chin up, “I love you Blue, I’m so so sorry for what I said, I love you”

Preston: “General… I’m…. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that, God I feel awful, I just hope you can forgive me General”

X6-88: “I apologise for the outburst sir/ma’am, but I stand by what I’ve said” X6 was not one to back down from an opinion and he maintained the view that for him to speak out of turn as he did, Sole must have pissed him off quite badly.

Maxson: “Soldier, I realise what I said was wrong, despite that though we still have duties to attend to, we can discuss this later back at my quarters, I have no doubt I will have a way to make it up to you”

Kings and queens.

Summary: You get injured on a run but Daryl saved you and admits his feelings.
Warnings: Swearing, violence, fluff.

You sat in the car with Daryl and you couldn’t help but glance at him every 5 seconds. You thought he was ridiculously handsome and your eyes were just drawn to him. He didn’t make it obvious but he could feel your eyes on him, it made him nervous. He didn’t know what was going through your mind, what if you were judging him? He wanted to impress you but he didn’t know how so he just kept his eyes on the road and pretended to be oblivious to the eyes burning into him. You met Daryl and the group at the prison but you were never close to Daryl, now in Alexandria you’d like to say you could call him a good friend, even though you wanted more. You pulled up outside the pharmacy and got prepared.

“Ya ready?” He asked as he stood at the door. You nodded and he banged on the glass to alert any walkers inside, there were only 3 so it didn’t take long to take care of them. You went inside and started to take what you needed, stuffing it into your bag. You picked up a few boxes of condoms and Daryl raised his eyebrow at you.
“Somethin’ yer not tellin’ me?” He smirked and playfully nudged your shoulder.
“I wish! They’re for Rick and Michonne. We aren’t all lucky enough to be getting some in the apocalypse.” You chuckled as you continued to put supplies in the bag. He shook his head and laughed at you.
“I’m gonna take these to the car.” You smiled at him as you left the pharmacy, he replied in typical Daryl style with a grunt and nod. You put your bag in the back seat when you suddenly felt someone roughly grab a fist full of hair, yanking your head back, you felt the cool metal of a blade being pushed to your throat.

“Make a noise and your dead.” You heard a deep voice behind you. You whimpered slightly from the fear and also pain of your hair being pulled so hard. Your heart started hammering in your chest and tears started to slide down your cheeks, you didn’t know what to do.
“Lets wait for your friend shall we?” The asshole smirked as he moved you so you were both facing the pharmacy door, next to the car. Daryl walked out casually and when he saw you he stopped in his tracks, suddenly aiming the bow at the man. He saw your lip tremble and he could see how scared you were, it made him feel sick.
“Let her go!” Daryl roared, the anger in his voice was like fire but it also held panic at the thought of you being murdered by this prick. The guy just laughed at him and pulled your hair tighter whilst pushing the blade harder on your throat, causing a small trickle of blood. You couldn’t help it and you let out a choked sob, your whole body was shaking. Daryl was panicking, his eyes darting from you to the man. There was no way he could get a clear shot of him without hitting you, so he slowly took his backpack off.

“Let her go first.” He demanded, his eyes held such ferociousness you were surprised that laser beams didn’t start shooting out of them. He was trembling slightly, just about keeping it together. His jaw was clenched tightly and his breathing was ragged, he wanted nothing more than to jump on this guy and beat the holy hell out of him for just breathing the same air as you, but he couldn’t.
“And how will I know you won’t shoot me?” He sneered, yanking your head for dramatic effect and making you yelp. Daryl didn’t like it one bit but he didn’t know what else to do, so he threw the bag to the man.
“Alright. I’m taking the car.” He laughed, he used you as a human shield as he got in the car, then just before letting you go, he stabbed you in the side as a distraction so he could drive away without being followed. You cried out as the blade pierced your flesh, the pain was horrific.

“Y/n!” Daryl yelled as he ran to you as the car sped off. You collapsed on the floor shaking, clutching your wound. Daryl grabbed a rag from his pocket and pushed it onto your wound, you could see his hands trembling.
“We gotta get ya back alright? Im gon’ have to carry ya cos we gotta walk.” He soothed, his voice cracking slightly. Your eyes started to close, your body felt weak, you were losing blood fast.
“No, no, no! Y/n! Ya gotta stay awake darlin’, please?” He cried as he grabbed your face to get you to look at him. He was struggling to contain his tears as the realisation of possibly losing you hit him hard. He couldn’t lose you, not now, he needed you.
“I’m…so tired Daryl.” You whispered as you struggled to stay conscious.
“I know sweetheart but ya gotta fight it ok? I need ya to stay with me.” He said softly as he ripped a piece off your shirt and tied it around you to hold the rag in place.
“Am I…am I gonna die?” You asked sadly as your lip trembled slightly.
“Nah, not a chance y/n. Ya ain’t goin’ nowhere ya hear? I’m gon’ lift ya now darlin’ and its gon’ hurt like a bitch, but we need to get ya back.” You cried out as he lifted you, the pain getting worse. You couldn’t control the small sobs as the pain took over and you cried into Daryls warm chest.
“I’m sorry sweetheart, I know it hurts.” He said with a shaky voice. He couldn’t run without causing you too much pain so he sped walked as fast as he could. He tried to stay calm but inside he was freaking out, the chance of you dying was very real and it was killing him.
“Just leave me Daryl, I’m not gonna make it.” You whispered. You were getting weaker by the second and it was getting harder to stay awake.
“No! Ya gon’ be fine! Stop sayin’ shit like that! We’re gon’ get back and get ya patched up, everythin’s gon’ be fine. I’m gon’ look after ya and treat ya like a fuckin’ queen cos ya deserve it. And ya ain’t goin’ outside those fuckin’ walls ever again.” He commanded as he looked down at you.
“A queen?” You asked amused, trying to ignore the pain.
“Yeah, a fuckin’ queen. Yer amazin’ y/n, I love everythin’ about ya, from the hair on yer pretty head, down to yer soft lil toes. I ain’t ever felt like this before, I didn’t even know what the fuck was goin’ on at first. The things ya make me feel, ya only have to smile and my insides turn to mush. Ya makin’ me soft woman. Ya deserve the world…fuck, ya deserve more. And I ain’t got nothin’ to offer ya, so I never said anythin’, but fuck it. I’m in love with ya y/n, and ya ain’t gon’ die cos I won’t let it happen.” He admitted sternly, avoiding your gaze in fear of rejection. You were silent for a moment, taking in what he had said, the pain in your side suddenly not as bad. Daryl glanced down at you, silently freaking out that he said too much.
“You…You love me?” You asked in disbelief with a slight smile on your face.

“Yeah, every lil bit of ya.” He chuckled slightly.
“I love you too Daryl. I honestly didn’t think you felt the same.” You admitted shyly.
“I’d be a fool not to.” He smiled looking at you, your words had lifted him greatly. You loved him, he was actually lucky enough to have someone as amazing as you that loved him. All the years of being made to feel worthless and unlovable were erased in an instant at your words. You groaned in pain as it started to hurt more again just as you got to the gates of Alexandria. Your eyes started to close again and you couldn’t control it.
“Wake up sweetheart, ‘member what I said, ya gotta stay awake!” He panicked as he looked at you, but his words fell on deaf ears as your eyes rolled to the back of your head and the world went black.

Your eyes fluttered open and adjusted to the light, you soon realised you weren’t dead because your side was hurting like a bitch. You looked to your side and saw Daryl sleeping in the chair, you were in the infirmary. You’d been patched up and had no idea how long you had been out. You tried to sit up and moaned in pain as you did, the stitches were pulling. Daryls eyes shot open and he flew towards you.
“Thank fuck yer awake!” He cried as he sat on the bed and grabbed your hand, clutching it like his life depended on it.
“How long was I out?” You asked as you tiredly rubbed your eyes. He smiled at you, thinking you looked adorable.
“Just one day, but I was startin’ to worry I wasn’t gon’ see those pretty eyes again darlin’.” He admitted as he stroked small circles into the palm of your hand. You smiled at his words and blushed as you remembered his confession on the way back. You bit your lip and with your free and hand you cupped his cheek, stroking it lovingly with your thumb. He sighed contently and leant into your soft hand, the feel of your skin setting his ablaze.

“Come here.” You smiled, trying to pull him closer. He leant in and his lips caressed yours in tender but loving kiss. You could feel his raw emotion in the kiss, the love, the pain from nearly losing you, it was all there. You broke apart and he rested his head on yours as you both smiled at each other like a pair of love struck teenagers.
“I love ya Queen y/n. ” He smirked, making you chuckle.
“I love you too King Daryl.” You smiled as he laced his fingers with yours.
You couldn’t help but be a little grateful at the fact you got stabbed because you knew that Daryl probably wouldn’t have revealed his feelings otherwise. As you stared into his beautiful blue eyes you felt excited for the future. For the first time in a while, you finally felt hope.

Not Your Average High School Romance

The problem with Eggsy Unwin was that, not only was he smart and gorgeous, but he had a sharp wit, a tendency to talk to thin air, and a reputation for turning down everyone who ever asked him out. It was attractive and infuriating and Harry hated it.

Harry had always had a crush on Eggsy, ever since they were freshmen. It had been a more practical crush back then; Harry had been invisible and nerdy and Eggsy had been the class clown and delinquent. They were both outcasts in their own way.

But then the summer before junior year happened and now Eggsy was fucking hot, and no one cared about his delinquency because it made him a “bad boy,” and literally everyone in the school wanted to fuck him and all Harry got was a bite from a spider that let him climb up walls.

I mean yeah, he got to fight crime and all, but that wasn’t going to help him get the man of his dreams.

“Just ask him out already,” Merlin sighs, typing away at his laptop –probably a class assignment Harry was avoiding – and looking up periodically to see his friend continue to mope. “What’s the worst that could happen Harry?”

“The worst that can happen is him saying no and my chances of ever not being bullied going to negative percentages.” Harry moodily picks at the gelatinous mess on his tray. “And it’s not like I have any chance of impressing him.”

“You could shoot some webs at him.”

“You know exactly why I can’t do that,” Harry says with scowl. “Like I’d risk Uncle Percy’s safety by revealing myself. He has enough to deal with now that Uncle James…now that Uncle James isn’t around anymore.”

“I don’t know what to tell you, Hart,” Merlin decides, “ask him out if you want, but don’t complain to me about how you can’t because you’re a damn coward.”

“You are literally the worst.”

“Hey my beautiful crime fighter,” Deadpool sings, parkouring over to where Harry is sitting on a roof, looking out for any criminal activity. Harry sighs underneath his mask. Deadpool was a recent development, just like him. A smart-talking, but clearly mentally unhinged individual that could recover from almost any wound and had a tendency to slash and dash before asking questions. He was the antithesis of everything Harry was trying to be, but Deadpool insisted on following him around London and trying to talk to him.

And he kept calling Harry beautiful, which was annoying…but nice. Harry could let himself appreciated Deadpool’s assets in spandex, it wasn’t a crime or anything.

“Spidey? Ya with me?” Deadpool asks, kneeling next to Harry, “ya lost in thought babe?”

“Don’t call me babe,” Harry says offhandedly, “what do you want Deadpool?”

“Just want to talk, that a crime? Ya gonna lock me up Spidey? I’ve been a bad boyyyy.” Harry could swear he could see Deadpool’s eyebrows wiggling at him through the mask and bit back a laugh.

“Please stop, you’re disturbing me.”

“Ya hear that ladies and gentlemen? I’m disturbing this precious angel, shame on me.” Deadpool addresses this sentence at the open air, gesturing dramatically before turning back to Harry and leaning against him. “Why won’t ya fight crime with me Spidey? Haven’t I been a great help? I’ll do all the dirty stuff for ya, or to ya if you prefer.”

“I can’t take you seriously when you say shit like that!” Harry finally exclaims, after trying to ignore the masked vigilante. “How am I supposed to work with you when you act like a child?”

“Well that hurts my feelings,” Deadpool pouts, and it looks like he’s about to add something, but there’s an explosion coming from nearby and Harry is gone.

The swinging gets easier, each time he rushes to a crime scene. The new formula he’s been developing for his webbing is stronger and more durable with each variation, and it won’t be long before he has the perfect webbing for swinging and rounding up bad guys. And the stronger the webbing, the faster he can travel without worrying about the webbing breaking under stress. As it is, he manages to reach the burning building in a record time, evaluating the scene to see where people need his help.

Harry hears Deadpool come up behind him and turns to tell the masked man to help him clear out the surrounding area, but he doesn’t have the chance before Deadpool screams out “mum! Daisy!”

And shit, Deadpool wasn’t speaking in that obnoxiously fake accent right then.

And Harry would recognize Eggsy’s voice anywhere.

But he can’t focus on that right now, so he lets Eggsy’s grab his family members while he swings towards the top floor of the townhouse complex and looks for people in need.

There’s a toddler and her mother in one home, a scared teen and dog in another. Harry continues to go door to door, helping those who were caught in the explosion out of the fallen rubble and taking them to safety. He doesn’t find any dead bodies, to his relief, and thanks whatever entity exists that there weren’t many people home at the time of the explosion. As it is, he and Eggsy evacuate twenty shaken individuals and four traumatized pets.

“Did you find your mom and sister alright?” Harry asks Eggsy softly once it’s all over and done with, the emergency medical responders on site and taking in the wounded.

“I- yeah,” Eggsy admits, fake accent completely gone as he realizes that Harry has figured out who he is. “Kind of obvious who I am now, isn’t it?”

“You sound like you now, so yeah,” Harry admits. “How long have you known who I was?”

“Since the beginning.” Eggsy adjusts his mask nervously. “I, uh, recognized your arse in the suit.”

“What!” Harry squawks, and immediately clamps his mouth shut because what the fuck was that sound?

“I’ve had a crush on you forever. I like the way you look in your stupid fitted suit pants and sweater vests and all and I may look at your arse more than is proper and- yeah.” Eggsy fidgets, “It’s stupid. I can leave you alone now, I just wanted to spend time with you even if you didn’t know who I was.”

“Are you kidding me?” Harry exclaims, “I’ve been wanting to ask you out for ages at school! But you’re so popular! I kept rejecting you as Deadpool so I could save myself for you!”

“You’re fucking with me,” Eggsy laughs, turning towards Harry. “You’re not fucking with me.” He launches to his feet and pushes up the bottom half of Harry’s mask so only his mouth was visible.
“We could have been doing this for ages.” And then Eggsy’s mouth was on Harry’s and…


Yeah, this was nice.

They should keep doing this.

Even if Chief Valentine was glaring at them from his car.

They should definitely keep making out.

Written for @repentantheroes for the giveaway

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My mom keeps telling me to "stop looking at those Koreans/dumb shit and go look at a movie" and I want to flip out because I COULD BE DOING ACID LIKE THE STUPID FUCKING KIDS AT MY SCHOOL GETTING SUSPENDED. I just had to say that because I can't say it to her


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Platonic and romanced companions catch sole really checking them out!

Cait: Platonic she gives Sole an annoyed look and tells them to beat it before she beats them but romanced she tugs them close and gives them a hard kiss before laughing. “Y'know those eyes ya been giving me might give me ideas ya?”

Codsworth: Platonic the look doesn’t register at first, not until after the moment passes does he recognize the look as one sole often gave their spouse and his face turns crimson. Romanced he gets very giggly and cuddles up to Sole.

Curie: Platonic she ends up looking down at herself, trying to see what Sole is looking at, wondering if  her clothes are damaged. Romanced she gets better at recognizing when Sole is checking her out but not much better.

Danse: Platonic he has to do a double take before choosing to ignore them and try to focus on their mission, even if his face feels burning hot. Romanced the blush doesn’t go away and he does tell Sole that they need to focus on the task at hand, but he does walk in step with them, their arms brushing every once in awhile until they’re holding hands.

Deacon: He laughs it off when it’s platonic, ignoring the pink it brings to his cheeks thinking that Sole cant really mean it. Not truthfully. Romanced he still laughs but he strikes a pose before saddling up beside Sole. “Wanna tell me why you’re giving me pretty looks there?”

Hancock: Platonic “You take a real good hit and start seeing shit?” He shakes his head and laughs thinking that cant really be checking a ghoul out romanced he still doesn’t believe it but he grins big. “Like something ya see sunshine?”

MacCready: Platonic “Oh ha ha real funny pal that ain’t what the 200 caps was for and you know it.” He doesn’t take it seriously until romanced where he gives an amused snort and points at the nearest hiding place. “If your really in the mood there’s a spot.”

Nick: “Quit kidding around.” He crosses arms and gives them a very tired, albeit slightly amused look when it’s platonic romanced is almost the same except he then pulls Sole close for a kiss.

Piper: “Eyes up here Blue.” Platonic she aims to sound annoyed but she does find it a bit flattering. Romanced she laughs it off before kissing Sole’s cheek.

Preston: At first he doesn’t know why Sole is looking at him like that but when he realizes they’re checking him out he pulls his hat down to cover the red of his face. “Th-that’s enough teasing General.” Romanced he doesn’t tug his hat to cover his blush but he ends up laughing as he hugs them close.

X6-88: Platonic he just gives sole a disapproving look “Perhaps the institute should adjust your vision if you’re unable to see clearly.” Romanced he chooses to ignore it, until Sole’s back is turned an he allows himself a small smile.


“I don’t follow Zack and Rian on Twitter because they never tweet fans.”

If that’s all you care about on Twitter you need to get your priorities straight. Following band members is about learning about their personalities and staying updated on their lives. It’s not about you boosting your bio and gloating in the fanbase.

“Zack and Rian are just backups. They’re not as important as Alex and Jack.”

Find a friend who knows their way around music-editing software. Ask them to take out the bass line and all of the percussion. Enjoy your brand new shitty songs with a steaming cup of your incredibly ignorant opinion. 

This one I saw today. Real statement (paraphrased): "Zack is kind of rude sometimes…He doesn’t always come out to meet fans…He doesn’t show that he cares"

This ties in with that girl who bitched to Alex on Twitter about them not coming out after the first Brixton show. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? If you go to shows just to take pictures with the bands (that’s all you get to do really after shows, unless you’re real lucky) then you can go fuck yourself. Sorry, that’s harsh. But I’m real tired of fans who claim to be such dedicated fans yet whine when they can’t meet them. Guess what? At least you got to see them. There are long-time fans who have never even seen them live once. How dare you take that for granted. I’ve seen them six times and met them four times. And at every single opportunity I thank the lucky stars that I’ve had these chances. I’m so fucking grateful because I understand that there are fans who would kill for chances like these. And I feel guilty. Why do I get to do these things when there are people who have been fans twice as long as me who’ve never even seen them live once? They deserve it way more than me. 

Comments like these prove just how little you know about this band. If you think Zack is rude then you obviously have your head shoved so far up Jack and Alex’s asses (or possibly your own). Three things to know about Zack: 1) he’s shy, 2) he has a more subdued personality when he’s not around his friends, and 3) he’s just about the sweetest person on the planet. My friend at M&G asked if he would take a picture with her where he’s carrying her in his arms. He politely declined and said “why don’t we just hug instead?” and wrapped his arms around her for a solid 3 minutes. Yeah. How rude of him. Maybe he’s awkward at M&G. Maybe he chooses not to go out and meet fans after shows. I can’t even image how weird it must be to have hundreds of people every night shoving markers and pictures and CD cases and cell phones and cameras into your face. I’d feel uncomfortable too. 

And don’t even get me started on the bandwagon fans coming over from the 5SOS fandom…

All Time Low have been around for like 11 years now. This fucking issue with Rian and Zack being under-appreciated shouldn’t even be a fucking issue anymore. Get your shit together, people.

Also, it’s 2014. If I see another Jalex comment on IG or Twitter I’m gonna lose my shit. Calling ATL “fags” or “the gayest band ever” or actually believing Jalex is a real thing is so disrespectful at this point, it physically hurts when I see it used. Not to mention you look like an idiot going around saying it so it physically hurts me just because I feel so embarrassed for you. Jalex is like the bandom inside joke that should never actually be taken seriously or ever leave the walls of Tumblr or casual conversations with friends.

I can get shit for this, that’s fine. Honestly, if you like the band and the music, great. There’s no definition of a real fan. It’s the spouting of the ignorant opinions that gets my knickers in a twist, ya feel? There would be no All Time Low without all of All Time Low. No guy is more important than another. 

YA Fantasy Author's Worst Interview Ever

Kamilla Reid (remembering): It was on the…


Shirley Shit: Shirley Shit show!

KAMILLA REID (still remembering): Okay okay, her name wasn’t Shirley Shit but it should’ve been…

SHIRLEY SHIT: I’m Shirley Sheet and you’re watching Arts Afire with special guest Kamilia Reid, author of the young adult fantasy series The Bone Grit Historeum. Welcome, Kamilia.

KAMILLA: Actually it’s Kamilla. 

SHIRLEY SHIT: K..Ka…MILL-a. Oh! Like that…you know…that (whispers) hussy who stole Charles.

KAMILLA: Actually, it’s KAmilla. Like Pamela but with a K.

SHIRLEY SHIT: Kamilla. Kamilla! Oh, I’m terribly sorry. 

KAMILLA: It’s okay. Honestly, I get it all the time.

SHIRLEY SHIT: Never heard of Kamilla. It’s got an odd sound to it, doesn’t it? Sort of like Pamela. But with a K.

KAMILLA: Um…(looks awkwardly at the camera) Exactly.

SHIRLEY SHIT: Right. Well, you…(over enunciates) Kamilla have written a book!

KAMILLA: I have.

SHIRLEY SHIT: Three books!


SHIRLEY SHIT: And they’re…young adult fantasies.

KAMILLA: They are, yes. Fantasy adventures.

SHIRLEY SHIT: (suddenly defensive) What’s the difference?

KAMILLA: Between?

SHIRLEY SHIT: Well, I said fantasy and you corrected me with adventure.

KAMILLA: Oh! No, I just added that. They’re fantasy adventures.

SHIRLEY SHIT: Well, isn’t that what I said?

KAMILLA: Sure. I…yes…you did.

SHIRLEY SHIT: (ruffled, returning to her clipboard) So, tell me about The Bone Grit Historeum… 

KAMILLA: Okay, well it’s a fantasy series and…

SHIRLEY SHIT: Adventure.

KAMILLA: (laughs) Adventure.

SHIRLEY SHIT: (not laughing)

KAMILLA: (clears throat) About a girl who…

SHIRLEY SHIT: Wait! You said it’s a series. It’s not a trilogy?

KAMILLA: No, there are actually six books in the series.

SHIRLEY SHIT: (after a horribly long pause) JK Rowling has seven. 

KAMILLA: She…does.

SHIRLEY SHIT: You can’t possibly compare yourself to JK Rowling.

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Chapter 23: Before Prom.


I was so fucking pissed that Raye had set me up. Thought I was just gone come here and chill with her and Bri, but I guess I thought wrong. I didn’t wanna be here with this nigga Chris at all. I’ve lost all respect for him. She know I don’t fuck with Chris so why the fuck would she ask me to come? I’m bout ready to go the fuck off.

“Can you get to the fuckin’ point?” I snapped out of anger at Raye. I didn’t mean to come off so rude, but once again a nigga ain’t wanna be here. Ya should see the expression on my face right now. My face was probably as red as the jersey I was wearing. 

“Ok!” She yelled as Chris scooted away from me on the couch. This nigga. Ion give a fuck about him moving away. Ion want his punk ass in my space anyways. Fuck he think he is? 

“Nigga you think I give a fuck about you moving away? Don’t want ya fake ass near me no way.” I spat as he sucked his teeth and looked at me like he was about to do some shit. I dare his crippled ass to. He need to just sit his injured ass down some where and chill.

“You better shut the fuck up talking to me.” He warned as he pointed his index finger at me but I waved him off. I’m bout to just ignore him because I’m gone really end up fucking him up. 

“Will y'all be quiet now?” Raye asked innocently as she batted her eyelashes and smiled at us. The fuck she smiling for? Ain’t shit to be happy about.
“Ok, I’m just gonna get straight to the point guys.” She said before letting out a deep breath. I hope it’s not nothing bad. I don’t need to be stressing when I’m bout to graduate. 

“This lil beef shit y'all got going on is getting annoying and old as fuck! First of all, you guys are just about grown and yall acting like we in middle school! If you two wanna continue to talk to me, please get your shit together cause I can’t take it anymore!” She explained as she stared at both of us. Ah fuck no, she got me fucked all the way up. What she smoking? Dick? 

“You got me fucked up, Raye! This proves that you don’t respect me because this nigga tried to fuck you and you still want him around? Fuck that!” I yelled as I stood up in front of Raye. My body towering hers. 

“I do respect you!” She argued back as she put her hand on her chest like she was offended by what I said. 

“I can’t fucking tell! This nigga ain’t nothing but trouble, ion’ wanna fuck with him!” Sucking her teeth, she groaned loudly before pacing back and forth across the living room. 

“Nigga, I know you don’t wanna start. Cause we can go there. Big head ass nigga.” Chris laughed as he stood up next me. I know his fat head ass ain’t talking. I’m bout to fire this nigga up.

“Sit down! You two are going to squash this whether you like it or not!" 

"Fuck that.” I mumbled to myself as I shook my head. She can’t be serious right now. I tried to get along with this fool and ya see how he did me? Nah fuck that, she crazy. 

“Oh really?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at me with her hand on my hip. 

“Damn, you look sexy when you do that.” Chris said, bluntly as he bit his lip. This the shit I’m talking about. He gone flirt with my girl in my face? Nah, ion like that shit. 

“Nigga you better watch who the fuck you talkin to like that.” I spat at Chris. Chucking lowly, he continued to send looks towards Raye and it pissed me off cause I know she saw that shit. Just when I was about to say something, she beat me to it. 

“Chris, stop flirting with me! August, calm the hell down! We’re not leaving until you two at least try to squash this beef. Yall don’t have to have a relationship, just cut the damn drama out.” She explained as Chris sat up on the couch and sucked his teeth. 

“Alright fine, no more drama. Happy now?” Chris asked Raye as he gave her a fake smile. I wasn’t saying shit and I hope Raye knew that. She called me for no reason if she think I’m bout to say that. 

“Alright. August, is there something you wanna say?” Raye asked me as she smirked cockily. I don’t know why she think I’m about to agree to this fuck shit.
“Yea, when you gone let me hit it?” I asked as I laid back and got comfort ale on the couch. This shit was making me a little sleepy. 

“Never if you don’t agree.” She said and I immediately shot up. Shit, now I ain’t got no choice. I know she serious too. 

“Shit, let me hit it for ya one time, then.” Chris smirked as Raye elbowed his in the stomach afterwards. That’s what he gets. Punk ass. 

“Fine, no more drama.” I mumbled lowly as Raye smiled and starting clapping. I wasn’t happy about this shit at all. I was basically forced to get along with somebody I don’t like. Shit, I can’t fucking stand him.

I’m ready to go. 


“Mhmm Chris..” I accidentally moaned out and immediately stopped bouncing up and down on August once I realized what I had just said. Kill me now. This is the second time I did this. This is like the worst shit ever. Shit, all hell is about to break loose. I didn’t mean to say that.  Fuck, fuck, fuck!

“Da fuck did you just say?!” August yelled  as he pushed me from on top of him and put his sweats back on. His face said it all. He looked like he wanted to beat my ass. If looks could kill, I’d be 6 feet under. His eyebrows were furrowed, nostrils were flaring in and out, and his breathing got heavy. I stayed silent, and I guess that pissed him off because he kept yelling. I don’t know why people think yelling is going to solve problems.

“Why the fuck is you moaning that nigga’s name?!” His voice echoed throughout my room, as I jumped at how deep his voice was. His voice sounded like a bass at a Migos concert. Do you know how loud and hard that is?

“August, I didn’t me–” he cut me off by yelling again.  Well damn, can I fucking apologize? He’s gonna be complaining about how I didn’t apologize later but I’m trying to now. If he doesn’t wanna hear my apology, then fuck it. It was a fucking accident, geesh. He’s acting like I fucked up his car.

“Fuck that! You shouldn’t even be thinking about this nigga while we fucking! That’s disrespectful as fuck! I’m bout to leave before I do some shit I regret cause I swear to God..” He groaned in annoyance as he picked up my VS Pink duffle bag along with his phone and charger before storming out of my room. I wanted to laugh because he didn’t know that I stole his so he just started using mine like it was okay.

“You swear to God what?” I asked, putting my hand behind my ear. I wanted to hear what the fuck he was talking about. He sounded like he wanted to do something. He’s bold.

“Shut da  fuck up talkin’ to me!” He yelled from downstairs as I heard the front door slam a couple of seconds later. He made the whole house shake. You would’ve thought it was an earthquake or something. Strong ass.

Grabbing my teal colored fuzzy pillow that Chris got me a while back, I put my face into it and let out a frustrating scream. Why the fuck did I just do that? He’s probably thinking that Chris and I did something now. He’s probably not gonna trust me.

Today was going by pretty slow, and I was just ready to go home. I wanted to just take a nice warm bath for my shitty mood. I couldn’t stop beating myself up about what happened earlier. I would just leave, but school’s almost over with and I always left during the beginning of the school year. The only thing I’m looking forward to is prom next week, and graduation. This journey at Gardena has been one hell of a journey. I can’t believe that I’m graduating already.

I never thought I’d end up with August like this. I didn’t even know we’d talk, because I remember seeing him and Chris hang out all the time so I thought he hated me too. I remember the first day we met like it was yesterday. Chris and I were supposed to be working on that project and August was sitting behind me. I’ll never forget that day. Mainly because Chris scared the shit out of me after I wrote that paper about him. Boy was he angry. 

I knew I fucked up when I said that I was finished out loud because I felt his eyes land right on me. As soon as I heard him ask to read it, my heart sunk because he sounded all nice and my letter was a little mean but it was true. I didn’t think he’d read it. He hardly ever paid me any attention.

But most of all, I never even thought Chris and I would come this far. I thought he was still gonna be a mean ass bully. I couldn’t wait to get out of this school at first but now, I’m kind of sad that I’m leaving. This school year went by pretty fast. If I wasnt stressing over getting bullied so much I could’ve graduated my junior year, but oh well. I’m still gonna graduate regardless.

Looking around for August in this class, I failed miserably so I got up out of my desk and walked outside of the classroom to go look for him. I still wanted to apologize to him and I couldn’t text it to him because they were taking phones. I think I know where he is. He always goes in here when our class ain’t popping. 

Turning a few corners, I finally found the class that I was looking for and noticed that they had a sub. That’s probably why August was in here. To chill with his homeboys? Every time there’s a sub, people from different classes come in there. The subs are dumb enough to believe them when they say that they’re in that class.

Averting my eyes over to August, I gasped once I saw him trying to be Prince Charming and shit with this new bitch. What makes it even worse is that he let this bitch kiss him on the cheek. “What the fuck is this, August?!” I yelled, catching everyone’s attention. I noticed that Chris was in the back sleep until my yelling made him shoot up. He looked confused as hell at first but smirked once he noticed I was yelling at August. It was pretty loud, but I’m fucking mad. He left me to hang with this bitch.

“What you mean? I’m just talkin’, chill. And I know you not trying to check me about shit when you been fuckin’ up all week!” He stated, scrunching up his face. He had that look Plies had on his face when he says ‘Bihhhhh’. If I wasn’t mad, I’d be laughing but this is serious. 

“That don’t look like talkin’ to me! You was holding this bitch hand, and you let her kiss you! She over here rubbing all on your chest and shit. You basically left our class to be with her? Why is that? And yes, I am. Problem?!” I yelled, as I rolled my neck with my hand on my hip. By now, the whole class’ attention was on us. Nosey ass motherfuckers.

“Girl, he can do whatever he wants.” The bitch said. I had to silently count to 10 so I wouldn’t have to curse this chick out. Who does she think she is?  Beyoncé? Acting like she own shit. I see that she a lil bold bitch. 

“August, train your hoes to stay in their lane.” I warned him before chuckling bitterly. Sucking his teeth, he got up out his desk and got his bag before pushing me out in the hallway. When we were in the hallway, he pushed me against the recently green painted lockers. Oh hell no, if this nigga got paint on my shirt.

“Da fuck is wrong wit’ you? Calm the fuck down!” His voice boomed throughout the hall. The class wasn’t even loud anymore they probably got quiet to listen to us. I know the teachers heard this. When I curse, they act like its a big deal. I swear, August does shit all the time and hardly gets in trouble. This school loves him.

“You calm the fuck down! I should be the one mad! That was our only class together but I see you wanna go spend time with that bitch!” Groaning because he was annoyed, he ran his hands over his thick black curls that he’d been growing out. They looked so good on him, but I don’t need to be thinking about that right now. I’m mad at his ass.

“You act like we not gone see each otha’ afta’ school! I shouldn’t even be talkin’ to yo ass anyway!” He yelled back as I scrunched up my face. Alright. I remember that when he wants me to talk to his bitch ass. 

“Since you wanna see that bitch so bad then why don’t you go to prom with her!” I spat as my eyes started to get watery. I didn’t mean that but I wanted him to feel bad. “Nah ba–” I cut him off. Now his ass wanna feel bad. Fuck that. 

“Shut up talking to me!” I yelled so loud that probably the whole school could hear it. Storming off down the hall, I felt a presence behind me but I ignored it. It was probably Chris because that scent smelt familiar. It was my favorite. Armani Exchange. 

“You aight?” I heard Chris’ deep raspy voice whisper in my ear. Would it be bad if I said my panties got wet? His voice sounds so sexy when he wakes up.

“Yea, what about you? You looked pretty pissed when the sound of my voice woke you up.” I said as we both chuckled. He looked like he wanted to go AWF. Well, until he noticed that I was yelling at August.

“Hell yea, I didn’t get no sleep cause my momma was like 'you ain’t goin’ to sleep until you wash them damn dishes’.” He said as he imitated Momma J’s voice, causing me to chuckle in amusement. I could so picture her saying that. Her voice fits it perfectly. Chris sounded just like her, too.

“I can imagine her saying that.” I mumbled as her voice echoed in my head. Yea, that was def. something she’d say. I’m gonna ask her about that if I ever go back to Chris’ house. I miss her. 

“You look good today.” He complimented me as he looked me up and down and licked his lips. You know when you’re in a good ass mood and you wanna look good as hell cause you’re feeling yourself? That’s how I was feeling this morning. Despite the whole argument with August, I listened to some Beyoncé and a bitch got turnt.

“Boy, sit yo crippled ass down.” I waved him off as he chuckled. I was putting up a major front. On the inside, I was dying. 

“I’m crippled with a big dick that all you hoes want.” He shrugged, cockily. I swear Chris is so blunt. I was not expecting that to come out of his mouth.

“Oh so I’m one of your hoes, huh?” Chris had finally got all of his hoes back and he didn’t know how to act. Remember when we were dating and he had dropped all his hoes for me? Well, he finally got them all back and he was too excited about it. I don’t know why boys think it’s cute to have hoes. It’s really not. 

“Nah baby, you special.” He said as we walked back into the class that I was in. The teacher didn’t even notice that I was gone. She was too busy filling out paper work. She stays busy. Immediately the song Busy Body starting playing in my head, causing me to let a small snicker escape my lips.

Chris’ wet ass kisses all over my face broke me out of my thoughts. I forgot he likes to give those granny ass kisses. You know when you see that old family member that you ain’t seen in a long ass time? Then they give you one of those comforting hugs and a big wet juicy kiss to go with it? I hated that. Cheek be covered in spit. “Sloppy ass kiss..“ I mumbled as I chuckled.

"I miss you..” He sighed as he grabbed my comb in my bag before combing my hair. I loved when people played in my hair, it felt good for some reason. I think I’m gonna get braids soon. Nobody’s ever seen me in braids.

“Huh?” I asked, pretending like I didn’t hear him. I just didn’t want to say I miss you back. Even though August just pissed me the fuck off, he’s still my boyfriend. I don’t think he’d like me telling other guys that I miss them. My ex at that. I’m not gonna be petty.

“Nothing nigga, you know you heard me.” He laughed as he muffed the shit out of my head.

“Shut up before I break your other leg!” I barked at Chris as he continued to talk shit about me. He’s been on a role with his lil’ jokes all morning. Neither of them were funny. Wack ass.

“Damn, I’m hurt.” He said as he held his heart and pretended to cry. A smile spread across my face as I shook my head. I can’t with Chris. 

“Yo bathing suit small as fuck.” He said bluntly as he examined my body.  Looking down at my bikini, it was not small. It was the perfect size.
“I’m not about to play with you.” I laughed as I got out of the pool to check my phone that was on the table by Chris. His crippled ass couldn’t get in the pool so he was just watching me like a hawk.

As I was scrolling through my TL, I felt a hard smack to my ass. Sucking my teeth, I raised my hand up to hit Chris causing him to flinch extra hard so I didn’t. He’s already injured so let me stop. “Don’t touch me, thot.” I warned him, calling him by his new nickname. It fit him so perfectly. 

Chris became a man whore. Everyday after school, I see a new girl go home with him EVERYDAY; literally. I wouldn’t be surprised if he smashed every girl in the school. If he hasn’t, he was so close to it. If he keeps it up, his dick is gonna fall off. “Ain’t no thot bih, I just like pussy.” He waved me off as I scrunched up my face. Hoe. 

“Know what I like even better?” He asked, giving me a creepy ass smirk that made me wanna laugh. 


"Your pus–” I immediately stopped his nasty ass from finishing that sentence. Boy finally sees me in a bathing suit and don’t know how to act. 

“If you don’t stop bein’ nasty..” I mugged him as I shook my head only for him to smile. 

“Hold on, one of my hoes texting me.” He said as he gave me the 'one sec’ signal with his index finger. Sucking my teeth, I grabbed his phone out of his hand and started reading his messages. 

Me: you better give some bomb ass head. talkin like yo shit a1
🅱: ok and you better return the favor 💁
Me: nah ion get that dirty 😷😷😷
🅱: well don’t expect shit from me tf
Me: nah I heard you give that sloppy toppy 😩😏🙌 a nigga can’t miss out on that
🅱: 😂😂😂 you gone be real disappointed when we get to the hotel and you don’t get what you want
Me: what’s your name again? Brianna? Britney? Bianca?
🅱: Bliss 😑
Me: damn that name sound like you got some bomb ass pussy 😈
🅱: 😂😂😂😂 bye.

Exiting out of that convo, I scrunched up my face and handed Chris his phone back. Chris had over 5,000 messages and most of them were nasty. Ionly had like 100 something, but then again..I’m taken. 

“I’m about to cook once I get out of the shower. You want anything?” I asked Chris, as I stood up and reached for my phone off of the table. “Hell yea, I’m right behind you..” He mumbled as if something was occupying his attention.
“Damn your ass done got fat.” He mumbled as I felt his hands on my butt. Moving them away, I smiled at the reason why my butt’s gotten so big. If only he knew.
“Whatever, I’ll be in my room.” I told him as I slid the back door open to go to my room. A few seconds later, I heard his heavy footsteps trailing behind me. He’s always following me.
“Ima take a nap up here.” He said, referring to my room as we walked in. Plopping down on the bed, he had got comfortable and started staring at me. Ignoring his stares, I had grabbed an outfit out of my closet to throw on, along with a towel.
Turning the shower on, it got hot in no time so I had to hurry up and get out of these clothes. Putting my hair up in a bun after I finishing stripping, I stepped into the shower and sighed as the hot water came in contact with my skin. This was much needed.

“Shit.” I mumbled to myself as I dropped my soap. Groaning because I didn’t want to get my hair wet, I just shrugged and bent over to get it anyway.
“Raye where the tissue at? My stomach hurt.” Chris mumbled in a sleepy tone as he covered his eyes. He knew I took showers without the shower curtain pulled back cause I’m too scary Thank God, cause I didn’t feel like cursing him out.
“Go in the other bathroom.” I pouted, because I didn’t wanna smell his nasty ass while I was taking a shower.
“Raymond’s in that one. Man, come on hurry up!” He said, as he started bouncing around causing me to giggle. Ugh, I need to hurry up and get out. Why he wait til now.

“Hand me my towel, stanky ass.” He quickly handed me my robe and I stepped out of the shower before putting it on. Reaching under the cabinet for a new roll of tissue, I handed it to him before getting back in the hoswer.

“You’re fucking nasty Chris.” I yelled since the water was so loud. Plus, I had the curtains pulled back since he was in here. 

“That’s that shit I ate earlier. You know me and dairy don’t mix.” He groaned, making me bust out laughing. I dont know why he continued to eatstuff that had dairy, knowing it was going to affect him. 

“Whatever, I’m leaving cause I dont wanna smell you.” Cutting off the water, I touched my hair and realized that it was now wet. Great, just great. I basically straightened it for nothing. Reaching for my robe, I put it on then stepped out the shower and met eyes with Chris. Shaking my head at him, I re-entered my room and grabbed everything that I needed. After about 20 minutes, I was finished getting ready and had nothing to do so I uploaded a pic on instgram.

rayeisbae: photo cred: @fuckyopictures 

As soon as I locked my phone, I had got a text from August which was surprising because he hasn’t text me all week because he was on his period. Maybe he wants to apologize. 

Baby: I’m sorry babe, you gonna hate me after this. 

Raising an eyebrow, I palmed myself before re-reading the text over again. Oh God, what did he do? Ireally wasn’t in the mood for arguing. We’ve been aarguing all week. 

Me: what is it?

Baby: my momma is sick..

Me: why would I hate you for that? 

Baby: you dont get it. thats why I go back home so much, to take care of her. it’s gotten worse and I gotta go back for.. good. 

Dropping my phone out of my hand, I couldn’t decided what to do next. I was stuck. Was he serious? No,no, no he cant leave me. Not now. Were about to graduate. This cant be happening. 

“Hold up, why you crying?” Chris asked as he came out of the bathroom, drying his hands off with a paper towel. Tapping my leg so that I could get up, I did as he said but instead he sat me on his lap. “You gone tell me why you crying?” He whispered in my ear. Pointing to my phone, he grabbed it and unlocked it, The first thing that popped up was Aug and I’s messages. He had sent me another text but I didnt want to read it.

“Yea, his mom been sick for a long time..” Chris mumbled, as he moved pieces of hair out of my face. Thank God, he’s not fussing at me about how much he doesn’t care about August.

“I’m sorry, I know how it feels to have somebody leave you.. especially if they aint got no choice. That shit doesn’t feel good at all. I know I shouldn’t bring her up, but that’s what happened to Alisha and I.” He explained to me, as I put my head in his chest because I knew I was about to start crying. 

“What happened?”I asked in a shaky voice, as he continued to rub my back up and down.

“The first time she got pregnant.. When her mom found out, she went crazy. She made her move back to VA with her dad and a nigga was devastated.” He explained as he placed a kiss on my cheek where a tear had fell.

“Everything was going so good, Chris. We were gonna go to college together and everything. I feel like we wasted time.. We’ve been arguing all week when we could’ve been spending time together.” I told him as he brought my chin up to look at him.

“Go talk to him then. Dont ignore him, he needs as much as you need him.” He said as we heard light knocks on the door downstairs. 

“That’s August. I guess I should be leaving..” Chris said as he got up and grabbed his stuff. Trailing right behind him, I walked him to the door and when Chris opened it, there stood August. 

“Tell momma I said get well..” Chris said to August as he held his hand out to dap him but August just nodded instead. I guess he was still skeptical about Chris. 

“Bye Raye, remember what I told you..” Chris smiled at me as he chunked up the dueces and got in his car before speeding off. August shut the door behind him, and we were just staring at each toher for few minutes. 

“Can I come with you?” I asked August as he shook his head no and carried me upstairs to my bedroom. “Nah, baby. You need to stay where your friends and family are. You’ll do good without me.” He mumbled, but I shook my head no, 

“No I wont. August dont leave please!” I yelled as I started crying all over again. Sighing, he started to wipe my tears as he held me tighter. 

“Raye, I dont got a choice..” 

“Promise you’ll come back and never forget about me?” 

“I promise.” 


I feel bad for Raye because I know exactly how she feels. When Alisha left, my ass was a complete wreck. I’m pretty sure August is gone come back, though. And I feel a little bad for fucking with him because I forgot all about his momma being sick. 

Sending Raye a quick text asking her was everything ok, Igot no reply so I shook my head. They probably getting that last fuck in. Best sex ever. Goodbye sex. Fucking like yall aint gone never see each other again. Like it’s the end of the world. 

Chuckling at my thoughts, I started to think about how I could be ok with this shit. No nigga wants to be cool with the next nigga that’s fucking around with his ex. Shit feel weird as fuck.Especially since we were cool.

“What ya thinking about?” One of my hoes, Bliss asked me. Smirking at her, I thought about a smart remark to say.

“How far I’m bout to shove my dick down yo throat.” I stated bluntly as she gasped. She seemed so sweet and innocent but she was an undercover freak. The quiet ones always be the freaky ones. 

“You so dirty! Ion even wnna do it no more.” She rolled her eyes. She always got mad when I talked to her any kind of way, but shit.. she dont mean shit to me so hell yea I’ma talk to her any kind of way.

“You better getcho’ ass over here and give me some damn head. Talkin all that shit on the phone. False advertisement.” I mugged her as she laughed. She think I’m fucking playing with her. 

“I told you I wanted my shit first.” She said, folding her arms over her chest. Pushing her ass down on the bed, I hovered over her andstarted to whisper in her ear. 

“Dont be loud cause my sister downstairs.” I warned her.


Adding a few finishing touches to my face, I grabbed my mirror and examined my face through it. I did good. This was one thing I was actually good at: doing makeup. 

Since my hair was already done, I just took my bonnet off and fluffed out my waves a little bit. I was looking cute. I couldn’t wait til tonight. We were going to celebrate my 16th birthday. It’s not until tomorrow but who cares? 

Re-entering my bedroom, I noticed that Chris was sitting on my bed scrolling through his phone in an all white suit. Since this idiot didn’t have a prom date, I had to go with him. Well, he begged me to go, I didn’t have to. 

“Why you not wearing a dress?” He asked as he looked over my outfit. I didn’t want to wear a dress because first of all we were gonna leave in an hour or two, and second of all I’m not gonna feel like changing. 

“Cause I don’t want to. You can go by yourself.” I shrugged as he sucked his teeth causing me to laugh. I was just playing with him. I wouldn’t leave me big brother hanging. 

“Whatever nigga, you look good now come on.” He mumbled as he grabbed my hand and as he grabbed his phone in his other. 

“Uh uh, where’s my birthday present?” I asked, unlinking my fingers with his.
“Girl, I ain’t giving you shit til’ tomorrow.” He waved me off as he grabbed my hand and led us downstairs towards the front door. He was walking pretty fast, forgetting that I had on heels. 

“Ion like this outfit you wearing.” He mugged me as we began to walk outside. Standing next to Chris as he locked the door, I waited for him to finish so I could talk.

“You just told me I looked good." 

"I just said that so you could come on. You look like some of the hoes I be talkin’ to and that ain’t cool. All this makeup, you only 15. Don’t let no niggas talk to you, either!” He ranted using lots of hand gestures. This nigga. Every time he thinks he’s home alone, he goes in the kitchen butt ass naked and I don’t say anything. For this past month he’s brought in a different girl everyday. But he’s complaining about my outfit? He got me bent. 

“You’re overreacting..” I laughed to myself as I went on the passengers side and opened the door myself. Chris’ rude self wasn’t gonna do it anyways. He didn’t even attempt to walk over here. Rude, I swear. 

“No I ain’t. Now that your hoe-ness is deleted, I ain’t letting you talk to nobody.” He stated with a straight face as he started up and dropped the the top on the car that Dad got him because he’s never around. He always sends us money and I don’t mind but I just wish he was around a little more. Not gonna really get into detail about it though because I’ll get emotional. It took me a while to put on this makeup and I’m not about to mess it up.

“When was I ever a hoe, though?” I finally replied back to Chris once I stopped day-dreaming. How am I a hoe? When was I ever a hoe? I don’t recall.
“Back when you was messing with ole boy.” He smirked at me as he brought up August. Ugh, I hate when people bring him up because it’s gets me in my feelings. I miss him so much and I hate it. He got over me so quick but I’m still over here thinking about him EVERYDAY. I try not to but I can’t help it. He has that effect on me.
“Ugh, don’t bring him up.” I mumbled as I sunk down in the leather seat. Let me put my seat belt on, because Chris drives like a maniac. 

After a while of silence, I tried to think of something to talk about and I thought of Alisha. I haven’t been seeing much of her. Only at school. “You still talk to Alisha?” I finally asked as he looked at me then focused back on driving. 

“Nah, I broke up with her sorta kinda.” He mumbled lowly to where I could barely hear him. What’s he mumbling for? 

“Omg, what happened?” I gasped, putting my hand up to my mouth. Chuckling, he had shrugged and got more comfortable in his seat. I guess it was a long story since he had to get comfortable.

“When I broke my leg, it’s cause I was fighting August. He ain’t break it: I did. It was cause of the way I fell on the stairs. Anyways, we were fighting cause when he had left I was about to go apologize to Raye but then I saw how sexy she was looking… I just had to have her fine ass,” he paused as he smirked and licked his lips. Ew, nasty self. 

“So I started touching her, and she turned around thinking I was August. When she noticed it wasn’t, she flipped and August walked in. I think he was more mad at the fact that he tried to be nice to me earlier that day and I went behind his back and did that but I honestly don’t give a fuck. So yea, after that we fought and I broke my leg. While I was at Alisha’s, she asked me how I broke my leg and I lied because I knew she would get mad if she found out the real reason. A nigga ain’t feel like hearing all that yelling. So she answers my phone, and Ty’s dumbass basically said what the real reason was. Then while we was arguing, I broke up with her.” He explained as my mouth was formed in an 'O’ the whole time. Dang that was some tea. 

“But why you cut her off? If anything, she should’ve cut you off.” I asked curiously. He’s the one that fucked up, and he cut her off? I’m not understanding.

“Cause I was just thinking about how ever since Raye and I broke up and I started fuckin’ with Alisha, my grades dropped. I don’t need to be stressing over them while I’m bout to graduate.” He said as he looked at me and winked. Look at him, putting his education first. 

“Ooooooh, I’m proud of you then.” I smiled as I started to pinch his fat cheeks. Sucking his teeth, he slapped my hands away and he parked in some area in front of a huge building. 

“We here.” Chris mumbled as he shut the car off. Getting out of his side, he quickly jogged over to my side and helped me out. Probably cause I was about to fall earlier. 

“Alright baby, don’t look at shit until I say so. Close your eyes.” He explained as he put his hands over my eyes which smelt really good. I was starting to think that this wasn’t prom anymore. It if was prom why he didn’t want me to look? Then I started to think about it, prom wasn’t even today.

As we started to walk, he held me so I wouldn’t fall as we walked through the front door. Once we walked in he removed his hands and a few seconds later lots of people popped up and screamed 'SURPRISE’. Covering my hand over my mouth, my eyes started to get watery so I started fanning them. Squealing and attempting to jump in these heels, I turned towards Chris. 

“Thank you so much! I love you!” I screamed out as I jumped on him. I was super excited. I’ve been talking about having a surprise sweet 16, but I thought nobody was gonna throw it. 

“You welcome baby, go open your gifts that I got you.” He said, pointing to an area that was like 3 truck loads of gifts. I feel so loved. 

As he let me down, he led me over to the area as everybody watched us and took pictures. Sitting down in a chair that went to a table, I handed him my phone so that I could open some presents. I’m only going to open like 2 or 3 for now.

“OH MY GOSH! SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed out as I saw the label Christian Louboutin on the shoe box. I started to think about how Chris payed for this, but oh well atleast I got them. “Thank you so much Chris! I love you!” I smiled as I couldn’t take my eyes off of my new shoes.

“Smile.” Chris said, as he took my phone and took me a picture. Handing my phone back to me, I uploaded the pic to ig. 

chrissywithdacakes: best birrrrrrrfday ever thanks to @fuckyopictues. thanks to everyone who came and brought me gifts!

Putting my shoes back away, I looked aroud at everyone and smiled. Wow, Chris invited almost everybody. There were lots of people that I didn’t know, but oh well cause they brought gifts. 

Time to have some fun. 

Chapter 10


“Babylove, don’t you think you should relax?”

She and August kissed three days ago and she was still stressing over it. Personally, I didn’t see the problem. It was obvious that something was bound to happen between those two sooner or later. It was only a matter of time. The chemistry between those two was ridiculous. 

“Isis, how am I supposed to relax after what I did?” She said. “This isn’t something I can just relax about!” She sighed loudly and buried her face in her pillows. 

Honestly, I would of sworn she had committed murder with the way she was acting. There was no doubt in my mind anymore. August was special. He had to be. Any man that could make Mariya Owens lose her cool like this was special. I knew I liked Summer Rains for a reason. He made my babylove happy, whether she knew would admit it or not.

“Everything happens for a reason, Mar Mar. I’m actually surprised it took this long. Summer strikes me as a fast one.” I teased.

“It shouldn’t have happened at all!” She mumbled into her pillow. “But it did.” I sighed. She was making this so difficult. I didn’t understand why she just couldn’t admit it. “Adriana’s going to kill me.” Oh, yeah. Her absentee girlfriend.

“Aren’t you ignoring her too?” I questioned, eyeing her vibrating phone. I wonder who the message was from this time? August and Adriana had been blowing up her line since I made it here. “She broke her promise to me, but I guess I’m wrong too now.” Lifting her head from the pillow, she turned to look at me. “I’m wrong, aren’t I?”

“You’re human.” I said. “We all make mistakes, though if you ask me, I wouldn’t consider what you did a mistake. It might have been more of a wake up call." 

"A wake up call?” She questioned. Mariya stared at me a moment before suddenly shaking her head. “Isis, no. It wasn’t that serious.” The fact she was denying it so vehemently made it obvious it was true. “It was just a kiss. Nothing more.” She stressed, bringing her knees to her chest. “There was nothing behind it.”

I sighed. Still being stubborn. “So, answer me this, Mariya.”


“Do you have feelings for August or is he just a substitute for Adriana?”


“Nigga, you lookin’ like yo dog died or some shit.”

Munchkin had my dawg acting depressed as fuck. I’ve never seen Aug act like this over a female before. Looking all sad and shit, like a lil lost puppy. “She can’t ignore you forever, man. Chill.” August just shook his head and sighed.

“I fucked up, bruh.” He responded. “I shouldn’ have kissed ha.”

“But you finally got past just talking with her. I don’t see the problem.” All the times this nigga said he was gonna fuck her and here he was emotional over a lil ass kiss. Nigga sprung and don’t even know it. “And she kissed you back. Munchkin knew what she was doing.”

August ran his hand down his face and exhaled. I sighed and grabbed my phone. A small smile appeared on my face when I saw the name on my screen. Me and Isis kept in touch after the party that night. Lil mama was cool as fuck. She was a nice change from the usual females I kept around. 

From her last few messages, I knew Munchkin was acting the same way Aug was. I just didn’t see what was so hard about admitting this shit. It was obvious to everyone around them. They were both too fuckin’ stubborn to admit it.

“Aug, I got a question.”

“What, bruh?” He grumbled.

Emotional ass. “Do you like Munchkin or do you just wanna fuck?”


As weird as it sounds, the strip club was the last place I wanted to be. Half naked bitches throwing themselves at me wasn’t how I wanted to spend my time. Yaya had my ass stressing. Babygirl didn’t even want to talk to me and that shit was killing me. I’ve never been the type of nigga to stress over a female, but Mariya had me feelin’ some type of way.

“Right this way, sir." 

I followed after the lil attendant to a room in a back. Sean and Trey decided I needed a private dance to make me feel better. I hated them niggas sometimes. Always thought something could be solved by pussy.

I know a nigga aint have the right to, but I needed to pray to God tonight. I prayed that Jamie was not working tonight. I’d been ignoring her ass in favor of  Mariya for the past two weeks and she was salty. Bitch been blowing up my phone with bullshit, even more in the past few days.

Jamie was a good fuck, but she got too attached. Thinking she my wifey and shit. I don’t know where the fuck she got that idea. "Here you are, sir.” The attendant opened door and let me into the room. “Your dancer will be here shortly. Enjoy.” She flashed me a smile before closing the door. I frowned and took a seat on the small sofa.

I pulled out my phone while I waited for my private dancer. Opening my Instagram app, I was met with a few notifications. Ten new followers, some dms from thirsty hoes, and recent likes. I sucked my teeth at the name on my last three likes. Mariyaluv. She could like a youngin’ pics, but couldn’t return my calls. Women.

The door opened a few minutes later and I was met with the back of my dancer. She didn’t even speak, just walked right over to the iHome sitting on the table. If I was that paid for her ass, I woulda said some slick shit, but I wasn’t. Her movements were sluggish, like she didn’t want to be here. That made two us.

“Alright, lets get this over with.” She announced, turning around. I looked up from my phone and at her. Out of all the strippers I could of got, they chose her. Adriana. Ain’t this some shit? Well, it was a hell of a lot better than getting stuck with Jamie. “Ya sound like ya don’t wanna do this, ma.”

“I don’t.” She admitted. “I’m not really in the mood for any of this shit tonight.”

I left my eyes wander over her frame for a moment. She was bad as fuck. Perky breasts with a small waist and wide hips. “I’m not either ta be honest with ya.” I shook my head and went back to scrolling. “Sit down and take a break. Ya look like ya need it.”

She mumbled a quick “thanks” and sat on the chair across from me. A comfortable silence fell in the room for a while. I felt shawty’s eyes on me, but I ignored it. “Do I know you?” She questioned. “You look familiar, but I can’t place your face.”

“I can’t say ya do.” I mumbled. With the way Yaya spoke about Adriana, I doubted she told her about me. Then again, she was ignoring me. Maybe she finally decided to come clean about our “project time”.

“I do.” She declared. “You’re Jamie’s newest fling. The one she won’t shut up about.” I sighed and fixed my eyes on her. Jamie annoying ass again. I don’t know what threw me off more, the fact Jamie was tellin’ people about me or the fact she knew Mariya’s girlfriend. “Why you been ignoring her? Got her ass all emotional.”

“Iono know why.” I sucked my teeth. “She actin’ like we datin’ or sumn. I got my eye on someone else anyway.”

“Don’t you think you should tell her that?”

“She should know by the way I’m ignorin’ ha.”

Adriana rolled her eyes. “Men.”

“Ya got a problem, ma?" 

"No, I just don’t understand why someone would even waste their time on you.” She retorted. Ya girlfriend. I was so tempted to say that shit aloud, but I held it in. She was feisty, even more so than Yaya. “So, who’s this girl you like and why can’t you get her?”

“Who said I couldn’t I get ha?”

“If you had her you wouldn’t be sitting here across from me now, would you?” She smirked and I frowned. Shawty ain’t know how close to home she was hitting. “I guess ya right on that one, ma.” I admitted while stretching. “So, why you sittin’ here with me anyway? Ya ain’t got a man to be at home with?" 

"My relationship isn’t any of your business.” She stated with a growl. Sounds like her and Mariya weren’t on good terms. “Ya asked about mine so I can ask about yours.” I replied. 

She glared at me, but I was unfazed. “Glare all ya want. Ya might as well tell me seein’ as how ya ain’t gonna dance.”

We stayed like that for a second. Just staring at each other. I wasn’t backing down and neither was she. “….Fine. What the hell.” She grumbled to herself. “It’s my girlfriend.” She paused to glance at me. I nodded for her to continue. If it wasn’t for the fact I already knew Mariya, I probably would have been surprised. “What’s wrong with ha?”

“There’s nothing wrong with her. It’s… me. To make a long story short, she doesn’t like my job nor the hours I work. We don’t spend as much time as we should together. I promised I’d spend more time with her, but that didn’t work out.” She sighed. “So, now she’s ignoring me.”

I honestly wasn’t expecting all that. I was happy as fuck tho. At least I wasn’t the only one gettin’ ignored by her. “So, is ya job more important than ya girl?”

“No, why would you ev-”

I cut her off. “But where ya at right na? And where ya girl at?” She opened her mouth to protest, but nothing came out. “Exactly. That’s probably what ya girlfriend thinks. If ya don’t stop puttin’ ya job before ya girl, she gon’ find someone else.

"Mari-” She paused. “She wouldn’t do that to me!” She shouted. It seemed I struck a nerve. “She’s not that type of person.”

“She may not be, but if ya push her away enough she might fall for someone else.” I said. “Lookin’ at ya, I can tell ya girlfriend gotta be just as bad. She probably got niggas and bitches lined up waitin’ to be with ha.” As if I didn’t know. “Look, if ya keep doin’ what ya doin, ol’ girl and gon’ stay aroun’ too much longer.”

It stayed quiet for a while after that. I expected her to go off on me, but she didn’t. “I hate to admit, but you’re right.” She conceded. “I need to get my shit together.”

“Glad you understand.”

She smiled at me for the first time that night. “Thank you. I’d never thought I’d be sitting here getting advice from a client.”

“I didn’t think I’d be givin’ it.” I shrugged. “Ya welcome, ma.” I pressed the home button on my iPhone. Our time was up. I stood up and headed toward the door. “It was nice talkin to ya, ma." 

"It was nice talking to you too.” She smiled. “Thanks again.”

“No problem.” I gave her a small smile before walking out the door.

I know I was foul for the shit I just pulled, but I didn’t really give a fuck. It didn’t really matter if Adriana kept fucking up or not. I wanted Mariya and I was gonna get her.

gather round kiddos

let me tell you guys the story of some crazy dog lady i met once

so i was walkin up this mountain path, nuthin new

when i get to the top, stand around for a bit cause i was fuckin outta shape

this lady is standing next to me with her 2 german shepherds, of course i wanted to pet the shit outta them so i asked if i could and she said sure

i tell her i have a black german shepherd mix right, and then this crazy bitch just starts goin on and on about how that’s not a ‘real’ one because they’re neeeever born black and some shit about dog shows

and i’m standin there with this look on my face like


they’re fuckin dogs dude, calm ya tits because your dogs love me now

so in the middle of her little rant about dogs i just turn around and leave laughing to myself at how surreal this whole thing was

i mean i get it ok, you really like german shepherds ya know whatever that’s great and all, but relax lady

i felt sorry for her dogs

she was a cunt ‘nuff said



Throwing the phone carelessly in the middle of the bed I stood up walking out of my room and down the steps. I’m not sure how B was about to feel about this but it was better to tell her now than wait until the time comes.

Walking down stairs the aroma of pancakes made my stomach growl making me realize how hungry I actually was. Going into the kitchen I seen B with a mouthful while she occupied herself with her laptop

If I thought I could eat, B definitely got a nigga beat. “Ya ain gon wait fa me?” Placing the glass of Apple juice to her lips she shook her head. I had to thank Chan for keeping the fridge stocked up for me.

“No, you was taking to long.” Shaking my head I walked over to her meeting her half way to kiss her. “Morning baby.” She mumbled against my lips before kissing me again.

Pulling back I licked over my lips tasting the syrup before going to get my plate from the microwave.

“Whacha’ doin?” Looking at me she turned her laptop towards me but I still didn’t know what it was. “Wha’ is it?” Sitting my food down I grabbed a bottle of orange juice out of the refrigerator. “My homework, since I was pulled from school.” She mumbled sarcastically only making me laugh. “Why ya frontin’ ya kno ya missed me.” She blushed shaking her head and waving me off.

We sat in a comfortable silence, well I was eating and I wasn’t tryna hold no conversation.

The vibration of B’s phone going off caused us both to glance at the sleek device. I ain’t see the number but from the way her body language just changed I had an idea of who it could be.

“Who is it?” She shook her head tapping on decline. I furrowed my eyebrows pushing my plate to the side. The ringing started up again and I grabbed her phone before she could. Sucking her teeth I ignored her answering the phone.

“Hello?” A deep chuckle permitted through the speakers and I clenched my jaw. “Hello?”

“So you the nigga that she trippin’ off of?” Flexing my jaw I balled up my fist feeling my anger surge. “August hang up the phone.” Her soft voice would usually work but right now she can dead that shit. It ain’t helping that I want to murk this wack ass nigga eitha. “Fuck is ya so worried ‘bout wha’s goin on ova hea fa? Ya see whea she at?”

I wasn’t about to argue with this nigga. I had niggas for him if he ever tried to act stupid. “You sure ‘cause not to long ago I was in New York all up in that pussy. Ask her.” By the volume being up so loud I knew B could hear everything he was saying. “Imma tell ya like dis hea’ stay da fuck away from wha’s mine n’ Brooklyn’s mine. Ya’on wan’ problems wit me bruh.” Ending the call I kept my glare on B, who was chewing on her bottom lip looking everywhere but at me.

“I’on b’lieve ya man.” shaking my head, I chuckled dryly. “Ya fucked dis nigga?” She sighed pushing her hair out her face. “That was before you.”

“I’on give a fuck, ya fucked a nigga who ga’ya ass a disease. Really B?”

She glared at me fire in her almond eyes, “what you’re not going to do is sit up here and make it seem like how you’re doing.” I chuckled angrily, “I’m jus’ callin’ it how I see it.”

Hurt flashed across her features for a brief second before it disappeared, “you don’t even know what happened and yet here you are doing something that you promised me you wouldn’t ever do.” Running her hand over her face she stared at me blankly.

I was still angry but I did feel bad for going back on my word. “Are you mad about what he said or are feeling a type of way because of something I had no control over?” Leaning against the sink counter I ran my hands over my face. “Honestly?”

“Well I would prefer if you wouldn’t lie.” Ignoring her smart ass, I removed my focus from the island counter to her. “Both.” She sucked in a deep breath before nodding her head.

“I knew it.” Turning around she went up the stairs and I stayed in the kitchen.

Releasing my grip from the counter I let out a deep sigh. I’m not sure what happened, and though I meant everything I said it wasn’t how I wanted to tell her.

Licking my lips I pushed my pride to the side treading through the kitchen and up the steps. Like, I assumed she was placing all her stuff in the suitcase while talking on the phone.

“Doesn’t matter. You still in Miami?.” Typical ass B, she always brushes how she really feels off and acts like she’s ok when she knows she’s upset.

Walking into the room fully I walked behind her taking the phone out her hand and hanging up. She gasp turning around and glaring at me. “Why would you do that?”

Tossing her phone on the bed I pulled her into me but she pushed me off her standing against the dresser. “Can ya let me explain?” She shook her head, “no, you explained enough downstairs I don’t want to hear it.”

“Dat ain’ how I wanted ta tell ya.” She shrugged, “I don’t really care. I get you being mad I’m not taking that away from you but do you honestly think I’m happy with the choices I made with him. I admit when I first moved to New York I had no one and Benny and I were in the process of working on shit.” She combed her fingers through her curly hair before sliding her body on the floor.

“He came to New York the day you first called me…” I vaguely remember that day.

“We were suppose to be discussing our relationship which we did but we ended up having sex. Yes we used protection and at the time I had looked past everything he had put me through three years prior…” Trailing off she looked at me before shaking her head.

“I was once in love with him and old feelings were there and after three years of not seeing him I guess I slipped up…” She trailed off before the room became filled with silence. I stared at her for a good minute watching her frown tapping her fingers against her thigh. Licking over my lips I stood up walking over to her holding my hand out. She stared up at my hand for a second before grabbing it, letting me pull her up.

“I ain kno dat.” She rolled her eyes, “I know you didn’t.”

“I’on take back wha’ I said but I’m sorry how I said it.” She shook her head crossing her arms over her chest. “Why am I still here August? If it bothers you that much.” I sucked my teeth, “I ain say it’s botherin’ me but how ya expec’ me ta feel knowin’ ya use ta have a STD.” Even saying that shit got under my skin.

Smacking her lips she pushed me off her again walking over to her suitcases. “Whea ya goin?”

“Home, you’re getting on my nerves. It’s apparent your not going to look past this.” Zipping her suitcase she grabbed her purse and phone walking past me. “Man,” grabbing her by her arm I held her into me sitting us on the bed. She struggled to get out my grip but I wasn’t letting up, she’ll eventually get tired.

“Ya done?” She ignored me huffing loudly. “Look B, I ain gon lie ta ya I do feel some way ‘bout dat shit but I ain gon hold it ova ya head. It was da past jus like dat nigga so I’m sorry if I ova reacted.” Her breathing was still out of place but she did relax a little.

“Ya fa give me?” I squeezed her waist burying my face in her neck and kissing her. “Hmm.” I mumbled trailing my hands under my t-shirt she had on she giggled softly when I tickled her toned stomach. “I can’t hea ya Gi.” Laying my hands flat against her stomach I waited for her to respond. “Maybe it’s cause I didn’t say anything.” I sucked my teeth sitting her on the bed next to me turning her face towards me, “ya’on fa give me?” She shrugged pressing her lips together.

“You hurt my feelings.” She pouted crossing her arms over chest like a little kid. “I ‘pologize fa dat babeh, I ain mean’a hurt ya feelin’s.” She nodded, “I apologize for not being understanding..I guess but the next time you try and make me seem like some ho I’m fucking you up and then leaving.”

“How ‘bout ya jus fuck me den leave?” She shot me an unamused glare before shaking her head. Crawling her small body on top of me laying her head on my chest. I chuckled softly holding her to me. “Why ya always on me?”

Playing with my ear I felt her smile, “because you’re comfortable and you smell good.” Grabbing my phone from the bed I pressed the lock button seeing it was only ten in the morning. Sighing I ran my free hand over my face. “Gi?” I waited for a response but got no answer. Looking down at her I shook my head, her eyes were closed and her breathing was even. Standing up from the bed she moved slightly in my arms but didn’t wake up. I attempted to lay her down but she held onto me tightly. “Noo.” Even in her sleep she complain, “I ain goin nowhea B.”

“Lay wit me.”

“A’ight but I gotta put cha down.” Loosening her tight grip I dropped her on the bed ignoring the glare she sent me. Getting in the bed I laid back and like clock work B climbed on top of me, her fingers resting in my hair while mine rested on her lower back.

“Set da alarm.” Lazily moving her hand from my hair she felt around for whatever phone which happened to be mine. Typing in my pass code she went to the alarm, “for?” Rubbing my hands up and down her back I eventually rested them on her ass. “12” She nodded typing it in before sitting the phone next to her.

“Auggy pumpkin?” I groaned at that wack ass name. “B, I tol’ya ta dead dat shit.” She rolled her eyes, “you answer to it so don’t act like you don’t like it.”

“Whaeva’ whacha want?”

“After this can we never bring up my past relationship I’m tired of talking about it and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it.” I nodded agreeing with her. “Yea, babeh.” Leaning up she kissed the corner of my mouth before pulling back. “Did you really believe what he said?” I looked at B to see her already looking at me. “Nah, ya’on got it in ya.” I spoke truthfully, B don’t come off as the type to cheat. She the type that end up telling you the second she do it.

“I don’t like seeing you that angry.” I cupped her ass pulling her closer to me, “i’on like ya seein’ me like dat, but i’on wanna talk ‘bout it cause it’s gon’ piss me off.” She nodded before kissing my cheek. “Got it, don’t ask ya ‘bout dat shit no mo’. ” I couldn’t help but laugh at her attempt to try and sound like me. “I thought ya was sleepy.”

“I am, but rub my booty it a make me go to sleep faster.” I shook my head chuckling, “n ya tell me ta find ma’ chill.” Chuckling lowly she hid her face in my neck, “well it do.” I shook my head, “I betta be da only nigga puttin ya ta sleep fasta’ matta fact I betta be da only one puttin ya ta sleep.” Looking up at me she smiled her dimples deepening. “Of course baby no one rubs my booty like you do except for Ki.”

I gripped as much as I could of her ass squeezing it in my hands hearing her moan in my ear. B is a undercover freak and it only took last night for me to come realize that. “Tell Ki, ta keep ha hands ta haself.”

I felt her grin against my neck before squeezing her thick thighs around my waist. “Jealous?” Removing my right hand from the comfort of her ass I placed it in her curly hair pulling her head back. Looking at her amused face I licked over my lips staring at her pretty ass face. “Nah, dis right chea mine n’ i’on like people touchin’ wha’s mine.”

She pecked my lips “Sure baby.” Licking her lips the tip of her tongue touched my bottom lip. “Nah, I wanna real one.” Her lips met mine before she slithered her tongue in my mouth. She grinded her hips against me chuckling in my mouth when I grunted. Smacking her ass she bit my bottom lip. Hard. “A’ight I quit.” Giggling she pulled back “You play to much.”

“Nah, ya betta stop fa I fuck ya.” I was serious too.

“I have nothin’ to say to that.” Pulling her down to me I tangled my hands in her hair. “I ain’ wan’cha to.” Rolling her eyes playfully she stared down at my lips and I grinned. “Jus’ ask.” She chuckled, “i’on have to ask for what’s already mine.”

A cocky smirk formed on my face while I gripped B’s ass. One of my favorite features on B had to be her ass. Shit was soft, fat, and it sat up just right. The minute she let me slide up in her it’s a wrap.

I was brought back to reality by B kissing on my neck. Gripping her hips I flipped her on her back causing her to gasp. Pulling at the white shirt she sat up letting me pull it off.

“Wha’ time is it?” She licked her lips grabbing the phone while I kept my gaze on her chest that was sitting snug against a lavender bra.

“It’s 11:30.” Sitting the phone on the dresser she smirked, “you have less than thirty minutes to make me cum..use your tongue wisely.” Pulling her by her ankles I dragged her closer to me hovering over her. I said it before B a freak.

“Ya fa’ got who had cha clim’n’ walls?” She smirked, “maybe, refresh my memory.” Hooking my thumbs against the waist band of her thong I pulled them down slowly watching her chest rise up and down.

“Look at’chu I ain did shit yet n’ ya breathin heavy.” She chuckled breathlessly only making me look at her with a knowing look.

“All this talking you doin’ shouldn’t I be climbing w-” Her smart remark was cut off my the loud ass moan she just let slip from her lips. I grinned, “i’on hea ya na.” She looked down at me her eyes low and her bottom lip embedded in her teeth. “Shut up.” She mumbled before pushing my head back down.


“Where we going?” She mumbled swinging our hands back and forth. I looked down at her short frame the sun casting down on her making her look that much more beautiful.

“Ta go see ma’ nieces.” She looked at me with a smile. “Really?” I nodded directing her across the street. It was no sense of driving considering they lived close by.

“Do you think they will like me?” Wrapping my arms around her shoulder she looked up at me awaiting for an answer. “Yea.” I kissed her lips feeling her smile into the kiss before she pulled back.

Wiping my bottom lip off with her thumb. “Let’s play a game?”

“Wha’ kinda game?” I pulled her closer to me so that the elderly couple walking towards us could get by. “Oh my god your dog is soo cute.” B, squealed while the lady walking the small dog chuckled. “Thank you, sweetie. Her name is Bella.” B moved from my hold bending down and petting the small dog that seemed to actually like her.

“Babe, isn’t she adorable!!” I nodded pulling her up, “C’mon Gi I’m sho dey got places ta go.” Pouting she told the couple bye and we continued walking. “Auggy pumpkin I want one.” Wrapping her arms around my waist she laid her head on my shoulder. “Only ‘cause ya see it.” She laughed, “sooo…anyway let’s play 21 questions.” I slipped my hand in the pocket of her short ass shorts. I keep telling her about her clothes, she gone fuck around and make me throw all her shit out.

“A’ight you go first?”

“K, umm if you could do a song with any artist dead or alive who would it be?” Rubbing my chin with my free hand I thought about it for a minute, “Lauryn Hill.” She smiled, “I can actually see it. It a be dope you should sing me something. ”

“Nah it’s ma’ turn.” We had a least another block to go down before we got to Chandra’s house. “Wha’s da most embarrassin thing dat happened ta you?” The corners of her mouth turned up and the dimples that graced her cheeks deepened. Even with her large sunglasses on I could tell a playful look was in her eyes.

“Wha’ you do?.”

“How do you know it was my fault?” Turning on the heels of her shoes she walked backwards looking up at me with a slight pout on her lips.

“Cause I kno you.” Chuckling she shivered from the breeze and I grabbed her belt buckle turning her around and pulling her in front of me wrapping my arms around her neck. “You don’t know my life.”

“Just tell me.”

“Ok fine, in fifth grade my mom came up to my school and legit beat my ass in front of the entire class.” I tried to suppress the laugh that wanted to escape but it didn’t work. She didn’t seem like the type that got in trouble at school. “Why?”

“I think my actions were justified but I pushed a boy out of the chair and he might of broke his arm.” Shaking my head I looked down at her, her curly hair brushing against my face. “You a bully.”

“Noo I’m not if I don’t want to talk to you don’t keep bothering me it’s only going to make me mad. It seemed like everyone knew that but him. He kept messing with me and after asking him to leave me alone he took it upon himself to take my markers and mix all the colors together. Before he could even put the marker down I pushed him out of the chair.”

“Ya mean as shit, maybe he just liked you.” She looked up at me her head resting on my chest. “You should be the last person to call somebody mean and I don’t really care don’t touch my stuff.” Grinning I kissed her forehead , “it’s cool babeh we can be mean tagetha.” Agreeing with me she asked another question. “Ok, one of your happiest moments?”

“It’s comin up.” I pointed to the house and she nodded. “Answer my question.” I frowned at her demanding tone but brushed it off.

“Uh shit.”

Stopping in front of Chandra’s house I unwrapped my arms from Brooklyn’s neck.

She leaned against the tree that sat in front of her house awaiting my answer. Standing in front of her I pushed her hair behind her ear. “One of my happiest moments is when I’m witchu.”

“Seriously?” I nodded placing my hands on her waist. “Yea.”

Shyly she turned her head looking out at the street a light red color graced both her cheeks. Turning her face with my index finger I kissed her lips.

Standing on the top of her Aqua 11’s her arms automatically went around my neck while her fingers played in my hair.

Our lips moved together in sync, making me forget exactly where we were. Her soft warm lips tasted like cherries. She smiled into the kiss which only made me mimic her actions. Dragging one hand from her waist I tangled it in her curly mane softly grabbing on it. Pulling away she rested her forehead against mine. I stared into her almond colored eyes and chuckled, “wha’ is it about cha?” She let out a breathless chuckle her eyes glistening with happiness.

“I could say the same about you.”

Placing her hand back in mine I led us up to the walk way before we reached the front door. Digging in my pocket I pulled out my key opening the front door.

The alarm sounded and Chandra came running in the foyer. I chuckled at the slight panic on her face. “I told you about dat shit Aug.” Grinning I let B go and pulled Chan into me. “Chill, whaddup sis?” Before she could respond the pitter patter of small feet sounded and I was soon met with one of my nieces.

“Uncle Aug!” Picking up Kay I placed kisses all over her face while she giggled. “Missed you!!” I grinned kissing her cheek, “missed you too lil bit.”

Amaiya and Chaylin were at school so that just left Kayden. “Is that the girl you bought the necklace for?” She whispered in my ear and I grinned looking back at Brooklyn who had a small smile on her face.

“Yea, dis mah girlfriend Brooklyn, B dats Chan da girls mama n’ dis is one a ma lil princesses Kay Kay.”

B waved responding with a hi and Chan did the same. “Hi Kay Kay.” She ignored her keeping her face in my neck. I furrowed my eyebrows together looking at Kay who had her face in my neck. “She never acts like that. I’m gonna take Brooklyn in the kitchen while you talk to her.” Nodding B followed behind Chan and I found myself smiling.

I was happy my sister and girl were so far getting a long. By this being the first and only relationship I ever took serious I was hoping that it wouldn’t be any problems.

Sitting down on the couch I pulled Kay’s face from my neck. “Wha’s good lil bit?” She sighed, “I don’t like her.” I frowned, “why not?”

Playing with her fingers she looked up at me with a serious facial expression. “She take you away from me.”

“Dats not true.” She shook her head up and down, “un huh.” She looked up at me with a frown on her face. It made me smile, cause it was like looking in the mirror. “Why ya say dat?”

“Because I won’t be your princess anymore.” This was really breaking my heart. I didn’t want her to feel like that. At all. “Ya gon fa’eva be ma’ Princess Kay. Dat ain’ changin’ I promise.” Kissing her cheek she smiled playin with my chain. “Ok. I still don’t like her. I never see you.” I sighed lowly, I think this is the only part I hate most about my career. I’m grateful for it but it still limits me from spending time with my babies.

Of course I’m at every dance, play, birthday, or even holiday but I know it bothers them that when they call I can’t just up and leave and go to them as much as I want to.

“I kno I’m not always hea Kay but I be workin babeh. I’on always be wit Brooklyn tho, I barely see ha like i’on see y’all.” The frown on her face disappeared slightly but she was still skeptical about it.

“But she always with you, I’m your princess not her.” I chuckled and so did two other people. Looking behind me I seen B and Chan smiling. I looked at B for a while trying to see if she was ok but she nodded mouthing she’s fine.

“C’mere B.” Walking over to us she sat down next to me and Kay. “You wanna know a secret?” She shrugged, “sure.”

B grinned before leaning over and whispering in her ear. Kayden smiled softly, “really?” Brooklyn nodded, “see I would never take you away from your uncle Aug. I promise.”

“Ok, I guess I like you. But I’m his princess you can just be his girlfriend. Ok?” Everyone laughed and Brooklyn nodded, “ok.” I grinned, I knew Brooklyn didn’t do any of this so that she could get Kay to like her but simply because she knows how important they mean to me. She didn’t want them to feel like she came first before any of them and I thanked her for that.


“Huh?” She pushed her hair out of her face smiling at Kay.

“Can you play with me?” She nodded standing up from her seat and holding her hand out.

“Sure just lead the way.” Sliding off my lap she grabbed B’s hand and lead her upstairs.

Chandra chuckled softly taking B’s spot. “You really like ha huh?”

I nodded wiping my hands down my face. “Yea she sum’n different Chan.” She chuckled, “you don’t know how much you look and sound like Mel right now.”

I grinned, “dat is ma brutha.”

She mushed my head to the side, “I kno dat but I’m sayin when Mel and I first started talkin he said da same about me ta one of his boys. He thought I ain hea em tho.” I low key loved when Chan had stories about her and Mel. They were a couple I looked up to.

She smiled softly, “I remember when I first had Chaylin. He cried fa two days straight no lie. He couldn’t believe he created sum’n so precious n’ perfect after all da fucked up shit he did.” She had a far away look on her face and I knew any minute now she was about to get teary eyed so I changed the subject.

“I talked to ma’ mama.” Chan smiled, “when you was in NOLA fa your album release party right?”

I nodded, “yea.”

“How was it? Did you two accomplish anything?”

Pulling the bucket hat off my head I brushed my hands over my hair. “I mean I guess i’on really kno but I laid e’rything out on da table fa ha.”

Chan nodded, “it a get betta babeh jus keep prayin.” She patted my leg before standing up. “Ya wanna go get da girls from school?”

“Yea, I need ya keys tho we walked hea.” Chuckling slightly Chan grabbed the car keys from the table in the foyer tossing them to me.

“A’ight I’m bout ta go get B n’ Kay.” She nodded before retreating out of the living and into the kitchen. I, on the other hand jogged up the steps hearing laughter.

Walking further down the hall I heard the faint sounds of music playing and I stood against the doorway seeing Kayden play in B’s long hair. “Can you do my hair all curly like yours GiGi.” I rose my eyebrow. They must of been talking for a long time for Kay to know her middle name.

“Sure sweet girl, but you have to ask your mom first.” Kay Kay nodded before dropping her hands and sitting down on her lap.

“I like this song.” Kay said grabbing B phone and turning it up. B chuckled standing up and grabbing Kays hands. “I got loooove all over me and I don’t want to get it off I’m completely covered in your love.” She twirled a giggling Kay around and I found myself smiling.

“I got loooove all over me.” Kay sung off key attempting to twirl B around. Grinning B chuckled letting her hand go. “Hit it Kay.” Closing her eyes she took the brush holding it like a microphone. “In your loooove oooh ooh.” She tried to hit the high note like Monica and B laughed clapping her hands.

“Yes, perfect baby girl.” Kayden chuckled before sitting down on the bed. “GiGi can I tell you a secret?” She nodded sitting down next to her twirling her finger around Kay’s hair. “Of course, sweet girl.”

Grinning, “uncle Auggie is the best uncle in the whole world but I miss him when he leaves me for a long time.” Even though she was only five her vocabulary told other wise and so did her actions.

“Aww sweetie, you wanna know a secret?” Eagerly nodding she looked up at Brooklyn. “Your uncle Auggie misses both you and your sisters anytime he’s away from you guys for too long. Don’t tell him I told you this but he actually cried in front of me because he missed you guys that much.”

Kay Kay laughed loudly falling back against B’s chest. “Really GiGi!” She nodded chuckling, “yeah, I didn’t want to laugh but it was funny.”

“Dats how ya feel B?” She looked up at me with wide eyes before chuckling. Sliding off her lap Kay Kay ran over to me and I picked her up. “You a cry baby Uncle Aug.” I chuckled sucking my teeth playfully acting like I was going to drop her.

“I ain’ cry, I had alla’gies.” B stood from the princess themed bed looking at me with a ‘yeah right’ expression before laughing. “Anyway y’all ridin wit me ta pick up the girls.”

They both nodded and we soon found ourselves in the car on our way to the girls school.


“Can you not?” Brooklyn pushed me out of her way receiving a laugh from Chandra who was cleaning the chicken in the sink.

“See I like ha she knows when ta tell yo ass no.” Sucking my teeth I wrapped my arms around B’a short body. “Tell ha wha’s real babeh.” I mumbled against her neck. Like I knew she would she blushed relaxing her body into me.

Chandra sucked her teeth playfully mugging Brooklyn, “jus had ta prove me wrong.” She chuckled, “I’m sorry Chan, I love you though.” Chandra waved her off, “yea whateva. Aug come out da kitchen.” I groaned, “I ain been able ta hold ya all day.” I grunted in her ear. She chuckled lowly, “I know babe, stop being a cry baby you’ll have me all to yourself later.”

Letting her go I kissed the corner of her mouth before walking out the kitchen and into the living room with my babies.


Cutting up the red skin potatoes Chandra seasoned the meat. “I thought I’d neva see da day.” I frowned looking up from what I was doing. “What you mean?” She smiled pushing her red hair behind her ear. “Aug actually in a relationship especially with someone like you..” I frowned getting ready to say something but she cut me off.

“Not in a bad way but I thought Aug liked em a lil hood. You’re far from that.” I nodded slowly sitting the knife down. “I guess but I held his attention this far so I’m not really worried nor am I going to start portraying myself as "hood” as you put it.“

She let out an airy chuckle, “I kno ya not sweetie I’m just sayin it’s crazy how Augs first girlfriend is far from what he claimed he liked.” I kept quiet letting my thoughts consume me. I needed to talk to August, before I start overthinking shit. Or maybe not. But I get where Chandra was coming from I always thought that Aug liked his girl with a little hood in them.

"So Brooklyn what do you do?” Chandra’s accent was strong but you can tell she knew how to hide it, though at times it would slip out.

“I own a hair company and I’m in school to become a doctor.” Dropping the potatoes in the large white bowel I handed them to her.

“Wow impressive you’re pretty and smart. He chose a good one.” I blushed thanking her before the ringing of my phone interrupted us. “Excuse me.” Nodding she pointed to the back door patio and I followed in that direction answering the phone.


“Lynn, we leave in less than three weeks I need outfits can you help me?” I knew that voice from anywhere. “Hazel seriously, where’s Mikey?”

“His shady ass left me for Z.” The slight breeze brushed against my face blowing my hair against my mouth.

“I can’t fly out to Miami right now I still have classes and finals are coming up so I need to use all that time in between to study before we leave.” Yet here I am in Atlanta.

“Ugh I wish you weren’t so smart, but I still love you. I’ll have to figure something out but how are you?” Shaking my head I leaned my body against the rail staring out at the large backyard.

“I’m happy right now but I just feel like something bad is going to happen. I can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what but I just have this feeling.” Ever since Benny called earlier this feeling has been stronger. I needed it to go away.

Hazel is someone who I can say is my fairy God mother. She always calls or appears when I need her the most. “You know what I always say love about stuff like that…”

“I know, go with your intuition…but how can I when I have no idea whether or not this feeling is bad or good. How can I prepare for something I’m unaware of.” Frustrated I brushed my curls out of my face embracing the breeze and the faint smell of barbecue. I was so hungry.

“You can’t you just have to trust your instincts.”

“I guess..” I trailed off my mind drifting off to another place.

“Have you spoken to Nala?” I scoffed shaking my head, “no, I have nothing to say to her. She took the word desperate to another level when she pulled that shit with Jaida.” I’m still pissed off about the situation but honestly I have too much going for myself to keep fighting and arguing with females. If it ain’t about money it ain’t worth my time.

“It’s sad seeing a friendship ruined over jealously.” I nodded faintly hearing the patio door sliding open.

“Yeah, but honestly Haze I knew sooner or later she was going to do something to ruin our friendship. I just didn’t expect that.” Feeling arms wrap around my waist followed by the scent of my favorite Tom Ford cologne I smiled.

Resting my head on his chest I tended back to my conversation. “That’s still fucked up but it’s her lost. Anyone should be lucky to have you in their life I know I am.” I grinned before cooing into the phone. “I luh ju.”

“I luh ju too. Where are you anyway?”

I guess Aug was tired of being ignored because he began to kiss the inside of my neck. Working his way behind my ear I moved out of his grip and he smirked. He knew that was my spot.

“I’m in Atlanta.”

“Bae get off da phone!” Hazel gasped in my ear, “can you share him pwease lil cousin! Him sound so sexy.” A smirk formed on my face and I shook my head no even though she couldn’t see me. “No I don’t share and control ya thirst.” She sucked her teeth, “fine but just know I will not stop calling him bae.”

Grinning I rolled my eyes playfully at my cousins antics. “I don’t care just know he responds only when I say it.”

“Oh shit look at’chu claimin yo man.”

“Ok it’s time for me to go I’ll see you soon babe.” After she said goodbye I hung up my phone putting in my back pocket.

Turning in the heels of my J’s I looked up at August tall frame. “What’s up Anthony?” He shook his head grabbing my hand pulling me into him. “I just noticed something.”

“Wha?” He asked stretching the curl in my hair.

“We’ve only been on one date.” He nodded agreeing with me. “So ya wanna go out.”

“Yea, but instead of you taking me out im taking you out. And it’s not negotiable.” Licking his bottom lip he nodded bending down and kissing my lips. “Ya short as shit.” He spoke against my lips his minty breath hitting my nose. “No you’re just a real life giant.” Laughing he pecked my lips multiple times before leading us into the house.

“GiGi!!” I chuckled at Kayden. You would have never guess this morning she didn’t like me with the way she acts now. “Yes sweet girl.” Walking up to me with a doll in her hand she grabbed my hand. “Are you staying for dinner?”

I shook my head no apologetically receiving a pout from her. “Aww don’t pout how about I take you and your sisters out tomorrow.” She frowned shaking her head, “no, can it be just us this time.” Because she said it so sweetly and stared up at me with those big eyes I almost didn’t register exactly what she said. She looked exactly like her uncle.

The second I opened my mouth to say something August spoke up. “Not this time KayKay.” That was all he said but I knew he wanted to say more. Still pouting she huffed but agreed to it anyway. “Ok, promise it will be us two before you leave?” I nodded, “I promise.” Smiling she nodded before running back into the living room.

“Thats all you.” He scrunched up his face, “how?” Gathering all of my hair I placed it on top of my head grabbing the scrunchy on my wrist. “You have her so spoiled to the point where she legit has to have all the attention and all of your time. That’s why she didn’t want her sisters to come.” He smirked, “damn sounds like dis one person I know.” Grinning, I smacked him in his chest. “I didn’t say it’s anything wrong with it I’m just saying you can’t really be mad.”

Patting my bun to make sure it was ok I pulled the bun apart some dropping my hands to my side. Before he could even raise his hand to pull it out I smacked his hand away getting a laugh from him. “Yea, but she kno betta den dat.”

“Look at uncle/ daddy Aug. She’s still young let her be great.” Grinning he stepped closer to me pushing me against the counter.

“Dis ya second time callin me daddy. Ya tryna start sum’n” He looked behind me before placing his face in the crook of my neck. I chuckled to hide the moan pushing him back. “Where is your chill? You gotta keep yo hands to yourself.”

Walking out of the kitchen I went into the living room seeing the girls and Chandra sprawled out on the floor watching tv. This sight made me smile happily but also made me miss my mommy. I haven’t seen her in close to five months.

Although she irks my soul she’s still my mommy and I’m still her baby.

Looking up, Chay grinned, “Hi B!” I giggled hearing August suck his teeth behind me. “Y’all need’a find ya own names fa ha.” She waved him off and I walked further into the room.

“No they don’t, it’s ok to share.” Sticking her tongue out at her uncle Chaylin went back to laying on her moms chest.

“How long you here for Brooklyn?” Chandra directed to me combing through a sleeping Maya hair. Looking at the time I seen it was only six. Poor baby must of had a long day.

“I leave Saturday night.”

“Oh well one of my friends is having this little party at her salon tomorrow you wanna go?” I shrugged my shoulders. “Yeah, I’ll get your number from Aug.”

“A’ight we ‘bout ta be out.” Kay stood up from her position on the floor running over to Aug while I gave Chaylin a hug. “Bye sweetie.” Kissing her cheek I let her go before hugging Chandra who had stood with a sleeping Maya in her arms.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Nodding we parted ways and Aug said his bye’s to Chay and Chandra while I did the same with Kay. “Bye Kay.” Giving me a big hug she surprised me by kissing my cheek before pulling away. “Bye GiGi.” Waving bye to them one last time Aug and I made our way out of the house.

August stopped at the doorstep staring intently at the empty street. I smirked, “bae what you looking for?” I had an idea but I needed him to confirm it.

“Da car.” Snickering I shook my head walking down the porch steps. “Did you forget we walked here?” Realization graced his features before he followed me down the steps. “Yea.”

“Let me get on your back.” I didn’t want to walk anymore.

He sucked his teeth mumbling something along the lines of spoiled but nonetheless bent down so I could hop on his back. Gripping my thighs he stood up straight and I held onto his neck. “Oh my god it’s like a different view up here.” He chuckled pushing me up more before he started walking.

“How’s Kai ain’ she wit child.” He sounded so country. “Yup with my niece or nephew. She’s good though Jay takes good care of her.” I grinned thinking of my sister and her fiancè, I’m so happy for them.

“Thank you.” I scrunched up my face, “for?” Squeezing my thighs, “Fa, ery’thang ta’day ya ain’ have ta do wha’ cha did.” I smiled kissing his cheek, “you don’t have to thank me baby. I do it because I care. Besides, I understand where Kay Kay was coming from.”

I honestly did. She’s not use to some random girl holding her uncles attention so I can see where she didn’t like me. To be honest I would be the same way. It’s apparent she doesn’t like to share, like her uncle.

“I know ya would ya ack jus’ like dat.” I chuckled loudly pulling his ear, “shut up.” He laughed pinching my thigh and I gasped. “Stop, I didn’t come to Atlanta marked up so I expect to stay that way.”

“Hmm, I doubt it.” Choosing to not comment I changed the subject.

We talked a little while longer before we finally made it to his house.

“Babe I’ll be back I don’t have shoes to go with my dress.” I semi yelled over the shower water running. I didn’t wait to hear his response the mall closes in less than two hours.

Grabbing the keys to his white Bentley I grabbed my purse and phone leaving out of the house.


Walking inside Phipps Plaza I went straight to the Saks. I was on a mission and as bad as it killed me to walk past all the gorgeous shoes I had to do it. “Hi, looking for anything in particular?” I nodded my head trying to keep my eyes from diverting everywhere else but her. “Yes, I need shoes to match this dress.” Holding up my phone I showed her the dress and she grinned. “Yes I have the perfect shoe will you be looking for anything else today.”

I pouted sadly shaking my head no, “I’m literally on the clock I can’t as bad as I want to.” Chuckling she asked me my size and I told her watching her disappearing in the back.

“Yes baby.” I spoke into my once vibrating phone. He chuckled, “ya at da mall?” That’s where I told him I was going right?

“Yes baby, what’s up?” The sales lady came out with the beige colored box in her hand smiling proudly. “Get me a cinnamon pretzel.” Licking over my lips I nodded excitedly at the shoe. It was exactly what I wanted. “Sure pumpkin I’ll see you in a minute.”

“Aye wait!!” Huffing at him I handed the lady my card watching her swipe it along side of the black computer. “Yes Anthony?” The sales lady smirked noticing the irritation in my voice before asking me to sign my name below the total.

“Ya ain walk out da house wit dem small ass shorts on. Matta’ fact when ya get back we need ta talk’a ‘bout ya clothes.”

“Bye Anthony see you in a minute.” Hanging up I slip the phone in my back pocket. “Sorry about that, and thank you so much for your help.”

“No problem, love. Come back when you aren’t in a rush.” Grinning I agreed with her before going towards the Versace store.

I already knew what I wanted so all I had to do was just pray that they have it so I can buy it and be on my way.

Pulling out my phone again I pressed my finger down on the home key watching as the lock screen was replaced with my home screen.

Opening my web browser I typed in Flemings getting the location to the nearest one. Tapping on call I hit it again when the number came up putting my phone to my ear.

“Anything you’re looking for in particular?” I nodded, listening to the ringing before turning to the salesman. “Yes, can you just point me to the jewelry.” Nodding he told me to follow him just as someone finally picked up.

“Thank you for calling Flemings my name us Alissa how can I help you?”

“Yes, Alissa I know this is last minute but I need reservations for two at 9:30.” It was a stretch but if I had to drop names I would.

“Umm as of now we’re booked.” I sucked my teeth, “it’s for August Alsina.” Of course I had to prove that it was true but like expected not only did I get us a table but I got it in one of the private sections. After confirming everything with Alissa I could finally focus on what I came for.

The salesman left me ten minutes ago but I didn’t care I knew what I wanted. So his help really wasn’t needed.

My God was on my side because it only took me a little over fifteen minutes to fine exactly what I was looking for.

The same salesman came over and asked me was this what I wanted. I told him yes, watching him unlock the glass case and slide the door open. Pulling out the two gold objects I grinned holding them in my hand.

“We just got these too.”

“Ok, I’ll take them both.” Handing them back over I watched him place them in the white square box before telling me to follow him to the cash register.

Staring down at my Rolex I seen it was a quarter to eight and I sucked my teeth. That left me a small amount of time to get dressed.

“Ok it’s $9765.” Wordlessly I handed over my card tapping my fingers against the black marbled counter tops.

“Just sign and you’re all set.” Handing me my card and bag I signed my name told him thank you and left the store.

Almost forgetting I had to bring him his wack ass pretzel I walked in the direction of PretzelMaker. If I’m not ready in time I’m going to be all types of pissed off.

As soon as I seen the line I had the right mind to turn around but since it was moving fast I decided to just wait. Standing behind a group of girls my age from the corner of my eye I seen one turn around and I looked up from my phone seeing her stare at me.

Shaking my head I smiled looking back down at my phone. I was currently texting Kiana who was sending pictures of the building and telling me how she loved Miami.

I was mad about that to be honest. I really wanted to go home but it’s ok I’ll be staying down there for the summer.

“You’re August Alsina girlfriend?” Looking up at the girl who now got the attention of her friends I simply shrugged. Although he confirmed that we’re talking we don’t sit up and post pictures of each other all day. The only picture we have on my page together is what he took and the same for him. It’s not that I’m not proud to be his girl it’s just nobody’s business on what we do or have.

Looking up at the girls one sucked her teeth. “How you don’t know? He probably broke up with you. He need a bitch like me. ” I chuckled, these bitches really be mad. Like for what though. Her friends looked at her like the fool she was making herself out to be. Flipping my hair over my shoulder I smiled sweetly. “Look at me now look at you.” And I left it at that.

My phone vibrated in my hand and I glanced at the screen seeing it was Aug. “Yes?” I hope he’s getting ready, Aug knows he takes longer than me and that’s saying something especially coming from me.

I ignored the girls motioning them to move up, I was still on a time frame and I wasn’t about to entertain them. “Thim Slick whea ya at?” I couldn’t help but laugh. I got a new name from him every time.

“Well since you want this pretzel I’m in line. I don’t do lines so you know it’s real.” He chuckled, right as the worker yelled out next. “I kno babeh I gotchu lata.” I rolled my eyes a blush forming on my light skin.

Stepping in front of the cash register I told him my order handing him the money and watching him make it. “Ok but I got your stuff so I’m on my way.”

“A’ight don’t eat ma’ shit eitha’ B.” I chuckled he knows me so well.

“Bye.” Hanging up on him I grabbed the Cinnamon pretzel that was wrapped in the bag and left.

Finally making it to the car I placed the bags in the front seat. Pushing to start before the car shut on. Pulling out the mall I seen it was 8:15 and I could of cried. I legit did eighty on the highway, carefully though. I wasn’t trying to be held responsible for an accident nor was I trying to lose my life.

It took me all of fifteen minutes to get to the house. Shutting the car off I grabbed my bags and his pretzel along with the strawberry lemonade I got and made it up the steps. With everything in one hand I unlocked the door with his keys shutting it and locking it behind me.

The loud sounds of music blasted throughout the house and I felt the eye roll coming before I even did it.

Walking into the house completely I ran up the stairs and into the room. Dropping the bags the floor I put his half eaten pretzel on the dresser and the bag I needed inside my purse.

August came out the bathroom a towel wrapped around his wet body and I found myself licking over my lips staring at the water droplets that trailed down his chest. All common sense left my mind and in that moment all I wanted to do was say fuck this dinner and dry him off with my tongue.

“Giselle!!” Jumping I looked up at him seeing a cocky smirk on his face. “What?” Coming out of my daze I pulled off my shirt followed by my shorts. Licking his lips he chuckled shaking his head before going into the closet.

Walking into the bathroom I closed the door behind me going over to the shower.

I was honestly anticipating this date. This would be the first time August and I actually went out as a actual couple. I wasn’t really trying to go out somewhere extravagant as long as I was with my boyfriend I was content and happy.

Like how I always am whenever I’m with him.