ya thats my foot what of it

That’s What I Thought

Prompt:  Trope 8: Oh great, I’ve just cut my foot and now you have to carry me bridal style and did I mention that we hate each other…

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1105

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my submission for the SPN Fanfic Pond’s Challenge! It’s kind of rough, and un-beta’d so any mistakes are mine. Either way, I hope ya’ll enjoy! 

You leaned against your workstation quietly, completely focused on sharpening your knife set. The restaurant had closed about an hour ago, yet you were still there, prepping for the next day. It wasn’t like you had any place to be anyways.

The move to Lawrence, Kansas had been a complete, irrational, scape goat that had resulted in nothing but lonesome nights and a couple months of scraping by. Sure, you had a decent apartment and a stable income from working at the local diner, but you had gone to culinary school to learn the craft of making food into an art form, not flip burgers.

A chance at freedom from an overbearing family and a toxic relationship seemed to outweigh the consequence of constantly going home with the lingering smell of oil and grease, yet leaded to every ounce of creativity being zapped out of you – and you despised it.

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