ya sickos

My Bendy Muses Be Like...

Charleston: Judging performer with an obsession for protecting his younger brother Engel from everyone.

Engel: Literal down-to-earth “fallen” angel that would give you everything he owns and forgives you no matter what.

BB: Rapscallion little Bendy that’s out for tricks, but is endearing and loyal once he considers you a friend/family.

Celluloid: Demonic raged ink beast that resorts to cannibalism way too often.

Beep: Baby.


Y'all aint annoyed that a 14 year old is calling you out. Y'all just scared because we’re onto your little “non-offending” shtick. You’re on Tumblr. Minors like me are on Tumblr. Y'all ain’t non-contact. You’re not as innocent as you claim to be, you sure ain’t sly bout it eather. Screw your candy coated terms too. MAP is just something to use to look neat, when you just wanna have sex with kids ya sickos. Y'all never be welcome anywhere, not in LGBTQ community, not online, not even in the jailhouse