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“Trying not to think about you is like trying not to think about an elephant that’s standing on my chest.”

“I can’t decide if that is a compliment.”

“Me neither.” -Carry On.

*finds corner, sobs in said corner* I love these dorks!

Art reference by cloven.

Book Collage based on ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by naturallysteph (Stephanie Perkins)

Lola/Isla will hopefully come at some point, hopefully.

You can see the rest of my book collages HERE


“sometimes if you listen closely, the princess will slay her dragons.”
(  tell me the story of sleeping beauty again - m. j. )

black sails lgbtqia character appreciation  × max

the arms of the ocean are carrying me. 

Yo Mama Jokes: TG style

Ok but. Imagine all the mama’s boys/girls in Tokyo Ghoul telling your momma jokes. It’d be a trainwreck.

Takizawa: Your momma is so fat, she can eat a whole restaurant that is at max occupancy.
Juuzou: I know. She does.
Takizawa: Ha–Wait, what? Really?
Juuzou: Ya! She did once! Hmm…now it’s my turn!
Juuzou: Your momma looks so good, so good that she looks delicious enough to eat!
Takizawa: … … … … … … . . 
Kaneki: My momma so nice, she helps my aunt and forget abo– *song plays* Oshiete yo oshiete yo. ……………………. *cries in corner*
Hide: Dude….this is suppose to be a “your” mama joke…
Kaneki: I know…, but that’s all I know. -continues sobbing on his shoulder-
Please add to this trainwreckery if you have anything and send it to TG hell.

i did a thing!

liam x sydney from proxy book series by alex london

(reblog please!)

take a look at those scores- *shot*

okay but it all seriousness. look at those scores! 3 billion to 13 billion! in all honesty i think we put up a pretty good fight. that’s 3 billion to the 13 billion lucina had. if we had people apply themselves more then maybe we could have had even more points!

i mean…. i couldn’t really apply myself to the final round. i had a lot of stuff going on at my house. but it was really amazing to fight alongside team ephraim even if it was only in defeat! i had fun seeing everything all over tumblr about team chrom and team ephraim. and it made me feel nothing but joy at how friendly everyone was because of this event.

it really made me happy…. but now for some congratulations i guess! congrats team lucina on your victory! it was really an honor to fight against you! we knew we weren’t going to win against you…. but it was nice to be in the final round. and it makes me happy to know i experienced it with such an amazing community.

i hope that the next major fe: heroes even will be just as huge and lovely as this one. because i know that what i experienced in this event…. that i won’t forget it for a long time.

So I was bored in the car and wanted to try coloring @venomines’s picture, and four hours later, I accidentally made this beautiful thing