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nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

boyfriend!tom accidentally tells an interviewer he’s dating

bc homeboy is TERRIBLE at keeping secrets

- okay so you and tom met through zendaya

- so you tagged along when the cast + haz went out or hung out @ the house in atlanta 

- so basically you and tom got along real quick and after a few weeks of spending a lot of time fEeLIngS were developed

- and omg tom is not one to get flustered easily but when jacob joked about you and tom his face would get so red and he’d be all

- “shut up, man” 

- *cue blushing*

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-completely unrelated but just wanted a backstory

-moving on

-so tom jacob laura and z were on a late night talk show

-lets say it was james corden bc that interview has yet to happen

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Can you give us some book recommendations?

Okay book recs. Oh my god I have so many. I have a question after this that say’s POC book recs, so I’m going to keep this post to book recs that arent poc to keep these separated just for the sake of the anon’s that asked. 

Red Rising by Pierce Brown (Trilogy with a new book - a ‘spin off series’ coming out next year) - I will fucking promote this book series until I die. This is hands down, one of the best books I have EVER read. Honestly, for me it sort of beats out Harry Potter (Which if you know me, I’m obsessed with. I mean, I had a Harry Potter Sweet 16. [I’m from Long Island. Everyone there has a Sweet 16]) Not only is Red Rising extremely diverse and beautifully written,  but the storyline is incredible and the characters literally jump off the page. I dont think I’ve ever read a more human character than Darrow. Honestly PICK UP THIS BOOK. IT NEEDS MORE FUCKING ATTENTION. 

^^^^bolded it so people know that this is the best book ever and needs the read. 

Abarat by Clive Barker (Four books so far) - Now, this may not be everyones cup of tea. Maybe because I’m a painter, I appreciate him more. But his books are wonderfully illustrated with his paintings that follow along with the beautiful storyline. I recommend this book to the fucking stars. Its a fantastic story with amazing paintings. (Clive Barker, for those who don’t know, also created Hellraiser [Pin Head] and Midnight Meat Train along with a plethora of other stories. It’s worth the read.)

Song of Achilles (novel) - I mean, If you want to fucking CRY  then this is the book for you. It’s so fucking depressing but so FUCKING GOOD. I mean, if you know the story of Achilles, then you know why its depressing. But that doesnt take away from the beautiful story between Achilles and Patroclus. Definitely recommend this book. 

Along with that last book, a book that I feel goes hand in hand with it:

Captive Prince by C. S. Pacat (trilogy) - Now. A lot of people have a problem with this trilogy. I personally, as a (mixed, black) poc, have no problem with this book. It’s about two kingdoms, one of poc, Greek-like, and the other of boujee af french-like, white kingdom. In short, the Prince from the Greece inspired Kingdom is framed and shipped away to the french kingdom as a slave. Now, he becomes a slave (as a dark skinned man) to a white prince. There are a lot of things that happen like he gets whipped and other horrible shit. People have a problem with the book because of the dynamic between the two. They find it racist and insensitive. Here’s a great post as to why people don’t like the post, and the second comment is why I read it. I honestly find it to be a beautiful story that develops amazingly over time. I definitely recommend it. 

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold (novel) - I’ve just recently read this book and I absolutely fucking loved it. It’s an extremely diverse, beautiful story. Personally, I found the story sad, funny, heart warming, and inclusive. They brush upon the difficulties that black men specifically, have with the judicial system, by having an African man whom is loving and kind, constantly blamed for crimes that he did not commit. Again, it’s a really lovely book and this stuck with me for a very long time. I really recommend it. 

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (novel) - If you don’t want to fucking SOB then don’t read it. If you want a beautiful story, I recommend this book to the stars. Honestly, I went into the book not knowing shit about it, just that people loved it. Then I realized that it was about fucking cancer and I was about to throw my god damned book because I don’t fend well with sad things. THEN I found out that it’s also now a movie with Liam Neeson. Ugh. I havent seen the movie yet, but damn was this book magical and heart breaking and wow… Read it. I personally fucking loved it. 

Fangirl  by Rainbow Rowell (novel) - I mean, I feel like this book actually summed up my early college experience lol! I was writing fanfiction, roleplaying, cooping myself up in my room - the only difference was, I didnt have a quirky, beautiful, sweet man to hold me as I read outloud to him (if you read the book, then you know what I’m talking about). Honestly, this was a fucking amazing book and I loved it so much. it was feel good and extremely nostalgic for people of my generation (’94-’96 specifically) really well. If you loved Harry Potter, grew up with it, went to the midnight book releases and movie screenings, submerged yourself in the fanfiction, then you will love this book. I thought it was fantastic. 

which leads me to this rec. 

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (novel) - Ugh. So in fangirl, there’s a fanfiction that the main character is writing. I know that this book is not the fanfiction, but it is named the same thing - so thats a nice connection. Again, if you love Harry Potter, if you love shipping Drarry (i dont because I find it problematic. But I feel if you like Drarry) then youd love this. I mean honestly, if you just like a cute story, with ridiculous spells, and adorable love, then read it. If you love Harry Potter ESPECIALLY READ THIS BOOK. 

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (Trilogy) - Okay. Honestly, I havent seen many people promote this book series, but it is amazing and arguably, one of the most beautifully written trilogies that I have ever read (besides Red Rising. Ahem. Read it). It’s a wonderful story that comes together beautifully and is such a different book from your usual YA. 

The Archived by Victoria Schwab (Series of two) - So, if Victoria Schwab sounds familiar, that’s because she also goes under V.E. Schwab okay. Listen. I know that everyone loves A Darker Shade of Magic. I havent finished that book yet and I bet it’s amazing. However, we cannot forget the other amazing books she has written. The Archived is such a lovely, creative story that deserves more credit. Honestly, I’ve never read a book like it before and it stuck with me for an extremely long time. Apparently there is a third book coming out that I have actually been waiting for forever. I’m not going to say much about it, but these books are wonderful and deserve the read. 

Speaking of V.E. Schwab

Vicious by V.E. Schwab - This book deserves more recognition. Not only is the cover absolutely AMAZING, but the story is fuckign awesome. If you like Brandon Sanderson books, if you like superheros or Marvel and DC, read this fucking book. It’s fantastically written and needs to be read more. Get on it people. 

I mean, these are just some books. I purposely stayed away from some YA  series because I feel like a lot of people know about them. But I mean, some YA series that are well known that I like are:

Obviously Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

The Darkest Minds  by Alexandra Bracken


So anyway.. i think this is all I’ve got right now haha. I’ll put my favourite books written by poc in the anon above this!  

The Case for YA

Yes, I read YA. Yes, I like it. No, I’m not too proud to admit it. Young Adult (YA) books offer some things that “adult” books don’t. Here are just a few reasons why I think you should give YA a try.

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1. Representation

In my experience (admittedly limited, I’ve yet to read ALL the books) YA is ahead of the curve when it comes to representation. Not only has it been easier to find YA titles with diversity in mind; the YA titles I pick up for one reason or another have a wider variety of people in them then the average adult book I read. Anecdotal, yes, but since it has been holding true for me, and I want to continue reading more diverse books, I’m going to keep picking up YA.

2. Honesty

YA tells The Truth. A trademark of the YA books I’ve read is authenticity and honesty. The YA characters I’ve read are fierce and unflinching in telling you how they see the world and how it shapes their experience. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and Labyrinth Lost spring to mind.  One of the complaints I often hear about YA is the emotions are “so over the top” or “extreme.” That’s just a part of the honesty of it. That’s part of the realness, part of the appeal.

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3. My kids are getting older

And so am I. The older I get, the harder it is remember what being a young adult is like. Not to mention things like technology have dramatically changed life for all of us. Reading YA helps me gain a bit of awareness of what that world is like.

4. Empathy

One of perils of aging is to eyeing younger generations with suspicion and disdain. (See any series of articles about things Millennials are Killing). Reading YA helps me see another’s point of view; it helps me respond in a way that is better informed with another’s perspective. So instead of thinking “Kids these days…” I can have some idea about where the kids these days are coming from. 

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5. There are good stories being told there.

If you ignore an entire genre, you’re going to miss out on some great stories. And that’s all there is to it 

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Can you write a Daryl x reader where the reader has a small child, who's like 3 or 4 years old. Ever since he met them he's protected them. One day the kid calls him daddy. That'd be cute. I love baby fics ❤️❤️

A/N: This was such a cute little fic to write. 

Characters: Daryl x Reader

Warnings: None, just fluffy.

Word Count: 1185

Send me Negan or Daryl prompts!

You gazed on fondly as Daryl scooped Bella up in his arms preventing her from running outside of the closing gates.

“Ain’t ready fer the big wide world just yet angel,” Daryl said with a chuckle. “Come on let’s get ya back to mommy.”

Bella had been with him all afternoon while you helped Rick with plans to fortify some of the weaker walls of Alexandria.

The pair had practically been inseparable since the day you met him out in those woods, wondering aimlessly, your baby girl scared and hungry, much like yourself. If Daryl hadn’t found you that day you honestly aren’t sure you both would have made it, you’d been with people for a while, nice people, but ill equipped. The camp got overrun one night, both of you barely making it out alive. After that you kept on the move as much as possible, but scavenging for food and water when you had a three year old with you wasn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Alexandria was like a god send, Daryl was like a god send. He didn’t hesitate in giving you both all the food and water he had, even going so far to clean a nasty gash you’d gotten on your arm when running from the heard of walkers. Bella took to him instantly, clinging to his leg at the first sign of a walker, clapping happily when Daryl shot it down with his crossbow.

You’d never be able to thank him enough for what he’d done for you both. He’d protected you both from the moment he met you, even if you’d go out on runs with him now he’d guard you with his life. It wasn’t always needed but it was relief knowing that if anything were to happen to you, Daryl would take on Bella without a second thought.

“I wanna go play,” Bella pouted as Daryl strolled back over to where you were sat.

“Ya know that’s the same face yer momma gives me when I tell her I didn’t find no chocolate,” Daryl laughed as he approached you, your eyes narrowing.

“That is not true Daryl Dixon,” you scolded lightly, standing up to take Bella from his arms, smiling softly as she fought a yawn.

“Yeah ‘lright then,” he snorted, scuffling Bella’s hair gently as she rested her head against your shoulder sleepily.

“She hasn’t been any trouble?” you asked, rocking her gently back and forth as she began to lull to sleep.

“Nah, never is, lil’ sweetheart. Feisty thing though, although I’m guessin’ that’s ‘nother thang she gets from her momma,” he smirked.

You raised a brow at him with a smirk of your own, “well you’re not wrong. I should probably get her up to bed but I’ll be back down in a minute if you wanted to stay over a while?”

You weren’t sure if he’d say yes. There was something simmering between the two of you, had been for a while. You definitely felt something for him, that much was evident. But because of Bella you never pushed for anything more, your sole focus had to be on her, even if she did love Daryl to death.

“Yeah sure thing, I ain’t got nowhere else ta be,” he answered, stepping forward to open the front door for you.

You smiled at him, walking indoors, just about to ascend the steps when Bella spoke up.

“I want daddy to take me up.”

You and Daryl both froze.

Pulling Bella back from you, you looked down in question, “what did you say sweetheart?”

“Daddy,” Bella demanded, her arms reaching out towards Daryl, “pwease mommy.”

You didn’t know how to handle this. Daryl wasn’t correcting her, if anything he looked pleased, like he was fighting off a grin.

Seeing him look like that made you feel warm inside, like maybe, just maybe, he wanted to be her daddy.

Daryl caught your eye after a few moments of silence, giving a little nod as he held out his arms in waiting for the little girl.

Bella grinned as you passed her gently over to Daryl where she immediately cuddled into his chest.

His brushed his shoulder lightly against yours as he took Bella who was almost asleep upstairs.

You waited for a few moments before quietly following up after the pair. He was so good with her, such a natural father figure that you almost hadn’t been surprised when she called him daddy. Her dad would have never been on the scene anyway, wasn’t there through the whole pregnancy, wasn’t there when she was born…he was a useless piece of crap. Bella had only been a few months old when the outbreak started. You’d never been so terrified of being alone.

Peering around the doorframe of your daughter’s room, you were filled with joy that plastered a smile on your face. Daryl had Bella tucked into the covers, stroking her head as he bid her good night.

“Night night daddy,” Bella yawned.

“Good night darlin’,” Daryl responded, standing up from where he was crouched down to her level.

“Love you,” she murmured shyly, pulling the covers up to her eyes.

Daryl paused for a moment as you watched in silent suspense.

“Love ya too sweetheart,” he said softly, backing away towards the door.

Bella finally let her eyes close then, snuggling down into her bed.

You pushed back from the doorway, Daryl not noticing you until he’d shut the door behind him.

He wasn’t surprised when he saw you there, leant against the railing to the stairs.

“Do love her,” he said eventually, his eyes honest yet apprehensive.

The words made you so happy you wanted to cry. “And she loves you too Daryl. Closest thing to a daddy she’s ever had.”

“Did ya want me to tell her ta stop callin’ me that?” he asked unsurely. He’d take her own as his own, in a heartbeat. But he didn’t want to overstep boundaries, didn’t know where he and you even stood, let alone the little girl.

You shook your head, bravely reaching out for your hand to grasp his, your thumb rubbing against the back of his hand soothingly.

“That’s up to you, I’m never going to expect anything from you, I know you didn’t ask for this.” You knew you should have just stopped at that but you could feel yourself begin to ramble on nervously at the next part. “And as for us…I don’t mean ‘us’, y’know, there is technically no us- but I was meaning to- oomph!”

You were cut off when Daryl’s mouth crashed against yours. He couldn’t listen to another second of your word vomit, it made him want to burst out laughing.

You smiled easily into the kiss, wrapping your arms eagerly around his neck as he clutched at your waist, pulling you in close to him.

He kept you close when he finally pulled away, resting his forehead against yours. “Do love you.”

You nuzzled you nose against his, reaching up onto your toes to give him a chaste kiss.

“And I love you too.”

Strong Like Daddy

“Alright kid, now listen up. Here are the rules.” grunted Raph, acting serious. The little six year old just stared at him like he was crazy. Raph just looked back at her and cracked a little smirk, making her smirk as well. “Eh, there are no rules.” 

Raph’ s little daughter, (d/n), was basically a tiny, female version of Raph. She was a major tomboy with dark, messy hair and had one tooth missing already, even though her adult teeth hadn’t all come in yet. Raph and his daughter loved to play-fight. It was a cute pastime and it also helped tire her out so he could put her to bed easier.

“Alright, squirt, gimme all ya got!” Raph said, getting into a little stance so he could face off against his six years old. Her little legs moved as fast as they could and she immediately went for Raph’s left ankle, wrapping herself around it tightly.

“Ha! I got you! Now you can’t move!” she said as she looked up at her father. Raph pretended to look scared then pretended that he couldn’t lift his foot to walk, making her think that she was actually holding him down.

“You’re no match for me kid, not with that strength. I mean, how am I supposed to beat you if I can’t even move?” said Raph. The little girl just looked up at him cutely.

“Because I’m strong! Like you, daddy!” Raph nearly melted on the spot. God, he loved his little girl so much.

Tell It To The Barista

In which Riskua starts working at a coffee shop

A little ficlet for @tsume-yuki​ for her fic Tell it to the Marines. Because the coffee shop AU didn’t yet exist and I love TITTM so much.

A peaceful little job, Mama had suggested after they moved to this town from Melring. Riskua needs to get out more, apparently.

Riskua is fairly certain that this hadn’t been what she meant. Actually, knowing her mother, it might have been exactly what she was talking about.

Whoever thought coffee shops were peaceful needed a reality check. It’s Riskua’s second day. The store manager just quit and walked off, and with her three of the employees. Which leaves just her and Law, a guy who’s working here surprisingly not to pay for his classes - he’s some sort of genius and has a full scholarship, also his father is apparently kind of over the top when it comes to giving him money - but because he genuinely loves coffee. And another reason, but Riskua doesn’t yet know what it is.

It’s the morning. This is the only coffee shop near the university campus. And there’s only Riskua and Law manning the shop.

Law gives her a look akin to one a general might give his troops just before heading into battle.  “At least we’ll be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, Ris-ya,” he says.

She gives him a lopsided grin and twirls her pen before clutching it like a dagger. “My father always says to beat them off with a stick. It never made sense until now.”

Law gives her a mildly exasperated look, and then there’s no time to speak anymore. The masses have arrived. It is time for battle.

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You know what I’m not gonna pretend that Joss Whedon is a perfect writer, I think it’d be unfair to say that about any writer but that’s not the point, for now Joss Whedon is not a perfect writer. There are certainly issues in his scripts, the occasional racism being a big one (although one thing I think we should all bear in mind: don’t think it’s ever been intentional. Not an excuse by any means, but there’s a big difference between being a racist writer and being a flawed writer who fucks up every so often because they don’t get the intricacies of the issue).

However I do not understand the sudden hatred of him on this site. Like actually stop and think it through for a second here. Go back to buffy, actually think it through. Again, not perfect writing, and some stuff in the early seasons could potentially be interpreted as slut-shaming (although I genuinely believe if you go and watch it again without a closed mind, that was absolutely not the intention). But can we just not forget how fucking important that show was? How much that show paved the way for better representation in tv and movies. It was one of the earliest shows to have an openly lesbian relationship within the main cast (and especially in a main stream show), which honestly I think was handled really well for the time (late 90s, early 2000s, really not a good time for this stuff on tv). It was never sexualised, like even remotely, it was just shown as a normal relationship. The one time it was slightly sexualised was in a dream sequence in Zanders mind which was intended to show the grossness of straight cis dudes. And also to the people complaining that almost no lesbian kisses were shown and the characters were always referred to as “gay” without a mention of the possibility of being bi, REMEMBER WHEN THIS SHOW CAME OUT. Honestly it’s astounding that they got away with showing what they did. Seriously shows we’re being pulled around that time for being less explicit than that.

In terms of buffy as a female character, again there are certainly flaws but AGAIN think about when this came out. Think about other shows around then. Buffy was as good as it got then for feminism. And sure, it could have been better for that stuff but if it wasn’t for buffy we would not be at the point we are at now. We’d be several years behind. She gave young girls a role model, who was tough and a badass but also vulnerable and could be very feminine. She was a well rounded, well written character. A female character who was given an opportunity to be flawed.

Buffy is the reason for so much of the the advancements we’ve had in tv representation and how these characters are written and developed. Yes it would’ve been nice if a non straight white dude was given the opportunity to pave that path, but again at that point in time that was simply not going to happen. That isn’t Joss Whedons fault, and you know what he did a damn good job as a replacement. I mean what do you want him to do? Not write parts for women and lgbtq characters? Sure he’s not the most qualified but speaking as part of the latter community I’d much rather he tried than just didn’t bother, and so far he’s done a good job by me.

Touching on firefly for a second, here’s a mainstream sci-fi show with an ensemble cast with a 50/50 split between male and female characters. Again, that was not common back then. All the female characters are well written, well rounded, interesting and diverse characters. Each one was distinctly different from each other and never once blended together, arguably even more so than the male characters. A point I forgot to mention with buffy was that these were characters who were able to enjoy their sexuality and were never put down for that, except to make a point about a male character being gross. Mal makes comments about Inara’s occupation as a companion but this is always shown as kinda gross and as a representation of a certain way of thinking about things that was separated from what was expected from the audience (mal was frequently shown to be NOT a representative of the audience, hence why he was able to be a very flawed character). Also, while less obvious and less talked about, Inara is a canonically bi character (Kaylee may also be, although that’s a bit more implication than with Inara). I say it again, all of this was a fucking big and frankly brave move when these shows came out and helped a whole fucking lot with improving writing quality and representation.

On top of all of this, both of these shows were just really fucking good. All of this was handled brilliantly, because they just got on with their stories and character development. The lesbian relationship in buffy was a big plot line but the plot line was never “look willows gay now”, it was 100% of the time “willows in a happy relationship, isn’t that nice” and the fact that it was with a girl was talked about exactly as much as it should be which means, if we are talking about true representation here, not very often. Like, a realistic amount. When willow comes out to buffy she’s surprised for like 10 seconds and then the show moves on, which is how it fucking should be. It wasn’t a lazily thrown together “coming out and dealing with my lesbianism” plot line, it just got on with things because that how real relationships work. Even today, how many mainstream shows can you think of which handle this subject that well?

And very quickly on avengers, DOES EVERYBODY REMEMBER HOW FUCKING WELL WRITTEN AVENGERS 1 IS? And then sure, he made some bad choices in AOU, but that was around the time that marvel was cracking down on its writers and directors to make sure that the films fitted into the wider mcu. Marvel had full creative control over AOU, and completely crushed whedons creativity. That’s why he left marvel if you remember, because he wasn’t able to make his film, he made a film put together by money people. I 100% believe that’s where the concerning choice about Natasha’s character came from. Not him.

Ive only seen bits and pieces of whedons scrapped Wonder Woman script. I’m not going to deny that it sucks because it does. It really does. I’m a whedon fan, but it sucks. But what we really need to hear in mind is:

A) It was written 10 years ago. Yes firefly and buffy were before that but in the course of 10 years chances are he’s improved.
B) it was a first draft. Pretty much every script ever sucks in its first draft, because it hasn’t been refined but also because writers have to include the shit that keeps the producers happy in their first draft, and then they can figure out how to improve it once it’s green light.
C) This is one bad script. 1. Writers fuck up sometimes. Are we really gonna throw a writer under the bus based on 1 dodgy script? Honestly that’s a fucked up way of judging art and a scary precedent to set. “Awh ya fucked up once? Awh well, fuck you forever.” Like seriously? Get a grip.

We don’t know what the justice league scenes he’s doing are going to be like yet (and let’s be fucking real here, they’re going to be a hell of a lot better than whatever awful, steaming pile of shit a puke that Snyder has come up with), and we know nothing about his batgirl movie yet. How about we all climb down of the high horse for a second and just wait and see instead of pre-judging him like a bunch of whiny entitled babies.

Yes I’m a fan. Yes I’m biased. But I also recognise the concern. I get it. But can we please calm the fuck down and just wait and see for once? That’d be nice.

In fact can we just marathon buffy and firefly?

Holy fuck that’s a long post

Obsessions part two (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word count: 938

Pairing: peter parker x reader 

AN: You can read part one and three here

 It had been a few days since your encounter with the superhero Spider-man. You wanted to stop thinking about him but that was next to impossible as your sister brought him up every second of every day. And today, yet again she had dragged you along on one of her stupid chases, thankfully this time it was in daylight. 

 Fumbling with the zipper on your jacket you faintly listened to your sister going on about how Spider-man was seen fighting near the cafe a few streets away. You swore this girl had a death wish. "Do we have to chase this guy, your gonna get yourself killed one day ya know.“

"Didn’t ask you to come.” She reminded you, muttering her words in a mocking tone. "Someone has to be the responsible sibling around here.“ You mocked back causing her to turn around and send you a glare. You ignored her harsh stare and continued walking along the pavement, occasionally kicking rocks to the side in your boredom. 

A loud bang caught both you and your sisters attention as you look up from the pavement, mouth almost hitting the ground at the sight in front of you. There, a few meters away stood Spider-man as he battled the villain the green goblin. Just great. Your idiotic sister squealed as she pulled out her phone, taking photos of Spider-man in action on her phone, but you knew better than to be so stupid. Grabbing her arm roughly you began pulling her away from the scene so you both wouldn’t be injured or worse from being so close to the mess. "What are you doing?!” She whined in protest as she tried to claw away from your grip.

Anger flooded throughout your body as you tightened your grip on her arm. “Are you stupid! Do you want to die?! We need to get out of here alright, for once in your life listen to me!" Something in her snapped as she nodded her head in understanding, starting to follow you away from the scene without you having to drag her. Guilt seemed to have consumed her as she sulked next to you as you walked away. "I’m sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean to put us in danger." 

"It’s alright it’s just. You have a brain, you’re really smart but when you pull stunts like that I just…I just don’t understand how you can become so foolish. I’m supposed to be the younger sister, you’re meant to be looking out for me. It’s like you just don’t care." You ranted, letting all the thoughts you’d kept inside for so long now be heard. Looking down at the pavement in sorrow your sister responded quietly. "I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you felt that way." 

Letting out a sigh starting to feel bad for the way you yelled at her previously you stopped your movements to pull her into a hug. "It’s alright. I’m just glad we’re safe now." She wrapped her arms around you in return which shocked you, you both hadn’t hugged since you were kids. "Thanks sis." 

Later that night you heard knocking coming from your bedroom window causing you to jump in your place. Thinking it was just a bird you got up and opened the curtains to shoo it away, but you’re met with a different scenario. There outside your window was Spider-man. What the heck was he doing here? Opening the window to let him inside you wasted no time in asking."What are you doing here?" 

"Why hello to you too Y/N." He laughed at your introduction before landing on your carpeted floor with a slight thud. "Oh how very funny. Seriously though, what the heck are you doing here?" 

Scratching his head he cleared his throat before answering in a nervous tone. "I saw you today…near my fight with the goblin. I-I just, wanted to make sure you were okay." Immediately feeling guilty for your outburst you felt your heart sink, why were you so rude to him when you were obviously developing feelings for him? Playing with the ends or your sweater you avoided his gaze as you looked at the ground. "Oh…that’s really nice of you. Thank you. Sorry for interrogating you it’s just…it's been a rough day." 

"It’s alright. I guess it is kind of weird for me to show up so randomly." Chuckling at the end of his sentence you mindlessly responded. "Nah, I could get used to it." 

Looking up at you evidently hearing your words, he tilted his head in confusion. "What?" Oh god did he hear me?! Panicking you quickly changed the topic. "Nothing. So how did you go today?" 

"Goblins locked away for now, but who knows when he’ll get out next." He seemed frustrated at the later part as he sighed, rubbing his temples. Feeling sympathy for the superhero you placed a hand gently on his shoulder, feeling tingles course through your body at his touch and you’d wondered if he felt it too. "You’re really brave you know that?" He turned his head to face you, nodding his head at your words. "Someone’s gotta be." 

"I was wandering…is their something I can call you, like a first name?" You asked hopefully, you wanted to put a name to the brave and kind boy you’d grown to care for so suddenly. "Peter…you can call me Peter." 

Smiling widely at his answer you felt butterflies swarming in your stomach. You couldn’t help but feel special that he trusted you enough to tell you his name. "I like it. Hopefully one day i’ll meet the boy under the mask.”

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #21

Rules: You can find past rec lists here. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Days of Gladiator Love by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 3,589
Author’s Summary: Turns out, there was a fair bit of merchandising involved with the Gladiator battles, especially with their more famous fighters.Apparently, this includes romance novels.
My Comments: Warning for an explicit description of…something. This fic is hilarious, and I could see it playing out in my head all too clearly. It could be an episode, except for the aforementioned…something.

Remember Me For Centuries by 0bviousLeigh
Words: 38,045
Author’s Summary: Every legend starts with someone who has no idea what they’re about to get into.
My Comments: This is a Pokemon AU, and it an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT. I was so very, very pleasantly surprised! I barely know Pokemon at all, so I was hesitant at first, but this fic is one hundred percent worth taking a risk on, I guarantee it. Especially if you love Lance. The worldbuilding is so careful and delicately balanced that you really don’t need to know Pokemon much, though I’m sure it helps. I had to keep googling ones I’d never heard of so I could properly imagine the story, haha. But yeah. This fic is incredible. And it just finished. Parts of it made me tear up, I am not kidding. Everyone is absolutely fantastic and SO worth the effort, ahhh, I love this fic.

Let It Haunt You by Emerald_Ashes
Words: 2,785
Author’s Summary: Keith is a little worse for wear upon his return from the Blade of Marmora’s base. Both mentally and physically.
My Comments: Another really lovely missing scene. WHY DIDN’T WE GET SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN CANON WHY. Ah, but all the interpretations from fandom have been lovely, so I really shouldn’t complain. Lance is a good kid in this one, too.

Loyal to the Bone by Shenzuul
Words: 1,392
Author’s Summary: Shiro has been recaptured by the Galra. As he fights off paralyzing terror, Lance’s voice in his ear is a thin lifeline against sinking into despair.
My Comments: Can be read as romantic or platonic. I’m a big fan of these two together, as my own fic testifies, and this is a very sharp and vivid portrayal of them. Love Lance doing everything he can to help Shiro hold on. It’s too short, though.

Tricky Shopping by earthstar
Words: 5,293
Author’s Summary: Ever since Keith was reunited with Shiro, he finds he likes having him around and Keith is determined to prove he can take care of himself.
My Comments: Sequel to an earlier recced fic where Keith is slightly younger, slightly more abandoned, and subsequently slightly more adopted by both the red lion and Shiro. I adore this series so much. I hope there will be much more.

Silver Lining by HeIsSoBlue
Words: 7,664 (WIP 4/?)
Author’s Summary: Being captured by the Galra was probably one of the worst things Lance could imagine. Yet, even the worst situations can come with a silver lining.
My Comments: Another one of those fics where Lance is captured by the Galra, but this one has a twist I don’t want to spoil. It also feels a little more on the realistic side than some others I’ve read. Anyway, I know I have followers who like these fics, so here ya go. Subscribe! Kudos! Comment!

Where The Lions Roam by Mytay
Words: 6,980
Author’s Summary: “ … tell me why Blue is making the moves on Keith.”Pidge stared at him, a touch incredulous. “You really haven’t figured it out?” “Pidge. I am very intelligent, but I am not a genius,” Lance said patiently. “Spell it out for me.” “Well, you just sort of answered your own question,” Pidge said, snorting. “Your Lion is making the moves on Keith — and by ‘moves’ I mean responding to your abject terror whenever Keith is in danger.”
My Comments: Oh, look, it’s the Klance hurt/comfort for this week. This one is super good. Post Season Two and all about that insecurity, yo. The part at the end made me so hurty, and Shiro and the others just going NO made my heart sing.

cough syrup by EmmaLuLuChu
Words: 4,493 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: Just another morning at the Galaxy Garrison, save for one tiny problem Shiro realizes. *MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2*
My Comments: You know that theory that maybe Shiro got zapped to an alternate universe? WELL PREPARE YOURSELF FOR PAIN. I really want to know what happened here and how things went so wrong for everyone, gah, it’s tearing me up to see them like this. But Shiro is determined to fix it, and, you know. I believe Shiro can save the world.

Varadero Beach is 1976 Years Old by DizzyBunnies
Words: 2,217
Author’s Summary: When invited to a party to celebrate their alliance with the Arusians, the team decide to get a little…intoxicated–well, specifically Hunk and Lance. Or: Hunk and Lance get drunk for the first time together and won’t shut up about random shit.
My Comments: Huuuunnnk. Laaannnccee. Oh, my sweet boys. It’s nice to see them hanging out. This is funny and a little bittersweet, as serves them well.

Flower For Your Thoughts by BrOwNiEfOx
Words: 3,070
Author’s Summary: Soulmate AU: when you get hurt your soulmates blooms flowers. The Paladins are meant to be together and their connection is deeper than just friendship.
My Comments: Short, sweet platonic soulmate AU with just the right amount of pain to make it all come together.

Bad Diagnosis by ElfGrove
Words: 11,483
Author’s Summary: Pidge has been having bad headaches for nearly a week straight, so she decides to see if the infirmary has some sort of Altean Advil. The actual news is not so great.
My Comments: I avoided this fic for awhile, because the tags are scary, but it’s definitely worth it. Everyone tries so hard, and it’s incredibly painful, but also good. Pidge’s family loves her to death.

His Red-Stained Footsteps by CoranCoranTheGorgeousMan
Words: 4,620
Author’s Summary: Standing facing their newly constructed teludav, crucial to their newest, most desperate measure yet, Coran tells her softly, “Your father would be proud of the leader that you’ve become.” She thinks about that, and isn’t sure.
My Comments: Really gorgeous background for Allura and Coran. Painful, but it all came together really well. Feels like canon all the way through.

Momentary Meltdown by Nandireya
Words: 4,384
Author’s Summary: In the wake of Shiro’s disappearance the team have to come to terms with their loss and what it means to their future. One in particular is not handling it well…
My Comments: I really enjoyed this look at Keith and Allura and the way their relationship is having to evolve after the events of Season Two. Keith deserves a meltdown, honestly.

The Arms of Voltron by squireofgeekdom for rimahadley
Words: 2,001
Author’s Summary: The developing friendship of Pidge and Keith over the first and second seasons, and afterward. The arms of Voltron will hold them all together.
My Comments: I love stories about these two developing a friendship. They have so many similarities and so many differences, it’s always fun to watch.

Giggle at a Funeral by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 2,375
Author’s Summary: Stranded and wounded on a planet, Shiro is bleeding out. Luckily, he can still contact his team. Unluckily, he’s well enough to talk at them.
My Comments: Shiro’s sense of humor is the WORST. It’s BossToaster, of course this fic is amazing and you should read it.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

Where No One Goes by earthstar 
A Couple of Ticks by easternCriminal
Just What You Want by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) (now complete)
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny (this last chapter made me cry so hard, oh Lance you beautiful child let me hug you)
Here Stands a Man by awkwardCerberus
Aid by Haurvatat
One Week to Say Goodbye by squirenonny
Bromances in Space by ptw30
Mini Lions by earthstar
Hunk and Lance’s Excellent Adventures by kiaella_v
Worth of A Paladin by Rururinchan
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny

I can’t believe it’s 2017 and we have to see Zayn be turned into a scapegoat for some air-headed wrapped in white privilege yet again. I’m tired. I don’t even know how the people who supposedly like him can believe it or how they can believe it and supposedly like this image of him. If you haven’t figured things in this fandom after literal years I don’t think really there’s any hope for ya.

“It’s promo for him!” “She made his name big!” “She obviously support him!” Name one time Ms. Self-serving (or her team) has come in his defence from heavy shit like that episode with Ms. Chickens-in-the-wardrobe. Name one time we got any signs of “support” that were not heavily publicised because it made her look good in the press and wouldn’t get her backslash. (Funny how now’s the time to go silent when she’s missed MANY gold opportunities to keep her mouth shut before.)

Y’all can miss me with this thirsty and conveniently ‘colour-blind’ family. 

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any actiony or thriller YA books (wlw would be nice but i'm not too picky )

Yessssss OKAY THIS IS IMPORTANT - Trust Me, I’m Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer is m/f and you don’t know the MC is bi yet, but read it anyway because Trust Me, I’m Trouble comes next and it is SO GOOD and has the freaking best f/f ship ever. 

Another one I love is A Darkly Beating Heart by Lindsay Smith - also a bi MC and not exactly romance-filled but definitely recommend.

Oh, wait, duh, actually I have a post of Bi YA Thrillers: https://lgbtqreads.com/2016/12/19/fave-five-ya-thrillers/ OK yes read those; they all have wlw bi protags.

I also have to throw in Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig - it’s mlm but it’s so freaking good. If you like action-y and thriller-y in genre YA, also check out Tim Floreen’s books (which are sci-fi mlm)! 

I know this a bit late, but I wanted to do somethin for the amazinly talented, and awesome artist @superyoumna for her b-day. IF you guys haven’t subbed to her yet, I would very much recommend it. She’s an amazin person, who has a great amount of artistic skill. Plus, she’s an Art Senpai of mine(whatever that’s wroth to ya)and I think she deserves all of the love. >u<

So ye. I hope ya like it, Youmna. I know it’s a tad late and all, but I still wanted to do somethin nice for ya. I hope your burfmus was good, and I hope you have many many more to come. ^u^

What could I possibly say 
that can capture the essence of a black woman? 
the fact is there are no words that can describe
the feelin’ when you’re in vibe 
with a sister that is strivin’ to be 
all that she could be looking at history, 
it was the black woman that pulled us through 
centuries of strife often sacrificing her own life
for the welfare of generations to come 
never to be undone by the tribulations she faced 
the Black Woman, much love to you, 
the backbone of our race you know, 
sometimes when I walk across campus I have to stop, 
and lift my hands up to Jesus and say “Thank Ya’!" 
for puttin’ melanin in my skin
cause’ I can’t begin to tell you How these anorexic,
rice-cake eatin’, slim-fast sippin' 
make sure you get my good side come on…
Vogue runway walkers just won’t do 
because there’s something about the way that you walk 
and the way that you talk that’s phenomenal
and it’s a blessing how men will submit themselves 
when the RIGHT ONE comes along 
one who is strong and persevering, 
yet gentle and caring 
loves her man,
but doesn’t need him to define her 
has a mind of her own and knows how to use it
when I see a sistah like that for real, I lose it 
(but I gotta play it cool, cause’ I’m a man, you know what I’m saying?) 
She could rock the natural locks
steal the show with a nappy fro
take it to the max with no lye relaxer
or let the weave fall to her knees
as long as she’s pleased with who she is 
then other jealous women can mind their biz 
because a true black woman is who she aspires to be 
and reflects those that represent the epitome of our ancestry 
like Terry and Oprah, 
Maya and Rose,
Harriet and Nikki,
Sojourner and Sonia,
Lauryn Hill killing us softly with her musical tracks,
Angela Bassett ‘bout to tell us how Stella got her groove back
I could give a hundred names, but they all result in the same
magnificent being that has survived
and blossomed throughout the tests of time
the Black Woman 
the light of the world 
may your spirits continue to shine….

~Unknown Author

Got7 as uncles at a family reunion

Original Request:  “Got7 as weird uncles”

A/N:  I’m writing these as if they were uncles at a family reunion, to give some more context to the idea.

Request texts, snapchats, scenarios, reactions, groups as___(Ex: Got7 as highschoolers), smuts, MTL, and series ideas for Bigbang, BTS, Exo, Got7, Monsta X, and Seventeen


  • The uncle that you see like twice a year but always gives you a big ass hug when he sees you and it’s just uncomfortable for everyone involved
  • Always so fuckin’ pumped to see the extended family
  • Says “So how’ve ya been?”  to literally every person at the family reunion like okay Jackson, leave  Aunt Carol alone
  • Probably brings little gifts for the kids that will be at the reunion 
  • Tries to give tips about schooling for the parents of children who haven’t started school yet, even though he has a total of zero children
  • Is he married yet?
  • Why does he still show up to these family gatherings alone yet so damn happy?
  • No one knows
  • Happy drunk uncle without being drunk


  • The classier richer uncle that everyone wonders if he’s actually related or not
  • “How’s the wife Jim?”
  • Asks about everyone’s wife
  • Find your own wife Jinyoung
  • Reads to the little kids at the reunion 
  • Wants absolutely nothing to do with the barbecue station by the picnic tables
  • Complains about the pollen
  • Gets into a deep conversation about politics with a rich cousin and realizes about twenty minutes in he has no idea what’s going on
  • Probably going to clear out the wine cooler before the day’s over


  • “Who keeps inviting him?”
  • “I bet it was fuckin’ uncle Jackson”
  • Befriends every child and future child that has yet to exist 
  • Gets into a fight over juice with one of them
  • How can someone dressed so fancy be mentally seven
  • The uncle everyone thinks is rich but in reality he’s just a tall child that is struggling with adulting so he tries to look the part
  • Stays away from the alcohol
  • Gets conned into helping cook meat at the barbecue
  • Burns it
  • Stays attached to like one outsider cousin the whole time


  • Everyone gets so pumped because hell yeah, fun and somewhat normal uncle Mark is here
  • The kids love him
  • Brings his own meat to cook at the barbecue station
  • Groups of forty year old divorced dads gather round him as he’s doing so
  • Wear’s an apron the whole time
  • Makes a toast with wine while Aunt Becky winks at him 
  • Uncomfortable because what are you doing to me Aunt Becky, we’re related
  • The cool uncle that pretty much everyone thinks is a god send


  • No one has ever seen him before in their entire lives
  • Did he marry Aunt Wanda???
  • Where did he come from???
  • Tries talking to a few kids but they run away yelling “STRANGER DANGER”
  • So now he’s known as the creepy uncle
  • People talk to him and ask how he has been out of fear even though they have no idea who he’s related to
  • Seriously, did he marry Aunt Wanda???
  • He’s like 35, why does he have a pleather jacket on???
  • Everyone whispers about him lowkey scared yet there’s whore Aunt Becky in the corner just winking it up


  • Ya’ll saw this coming but the sunshine uncle has arrived 
  • The kiddies love this flower boy
  • Is 40 and single but literally picks flowers for the kids
  • Why has no one married him???
  • Aunt Becky, where ya at
  • SO attached to all of the cousins
  • Helps out at the barbecue to be polite
  • Uncle Jackson lowkey scares him
  • Picks flowers for Aunt Becky
  • Stop winking at him Becky, he’s too pure 


  • “He’s an uncle???  How old is he???”
  • The kids love him because his height makes him a human playground
  • Human playground uncle
  • Too shy for Aunt Becky
  • No one knows if he’s actually an uncle or if the kids just call him that out of fondness
  • Drunk Uncle Jinyoung asking shit like “Yugyeom….isn’t that a card game?”
  • Sits at the kids table

anonymous asked:

Victoria, has the NYT not come out for the week of February 7th yet? I know that books don't always make the NYT list, and there are a lot of factors that impact sales, but I don't see King's Cage on the list, and judging from the past success of Red Queen and Glass Sword, I thought King's Cage would for sure be up there.

We’re now officially on the series list, not YA Hardcover, so the series as a whole is counted, not just one copy. :)

Catastrophe at 16 Manga (Guren LN)

Heya guys!!! AS YOU KNOW - I’ve been working in a team that’s scanlating the new manga release of the original Guren LN that tells about events before the apocalypse, and so on.

Recently, we’ve made a side-blog to (I guess?) post Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 on there once we’re through with it - and I guess not many people knew about it SOOOO here: 


It’s recently set up so we don’t have much things yet - but our leader has uploaded a preview of what to expect soon for the manga so :DDDD 

Thought I should give a little heads-up about it and y’know get things moving. If you guys have been following this blog for the OnS scanlations, and were also asking about whether or not I’ll typeset/edit for the Guren LN too - well here ya go! ^^ 

Chapter 1 is nearly done, and after that we’ll just have Chapter 2 left!!! We hope you look forward to it!

anonymous asked:

hey mAn a nibba's goin thru sum shit rn and would Appreciate™ sumthin about fem!reader joinin asher on a stream and bein cute w him blease

oh man oh man i hope things get better for u my guy ♡

ok so when u first sent this i actually hadn’t seen a whole asher stream i’d only seen clips but he happened to be streaming tonight so i watched for a lil bit and o my god

he’s so cute so soft so precious omg (imma put it under a read more just in case i go on too long i dont wanna clog up anyones dash)

Keep reading

Harrison x pan reader

Request// Hiyaaaa gurl I was wondering if you do Harrison osterfield imagines? If so could you Maybe do a thing about coming out as pansexual to him and How it works out is up to you but I would like Some positive vibes 😉 Maybe the medias reaction included or something? If you do not want to do it for Harrison it can be Tom too 💜💜 Thank you love! //

Disclaimer: I realise now that I changed this a bit I’m sorry if it’s not okay! It’s literally 1am rn what am I doing with my life oh boy ,, hope you enjoy tho! :) Also Tom is bi in this, I am in no way saying he is also bi irl, his sexuality is not any of our business, I just used this for the imagine, I’m not saying it’s real guys! Also I made the coming out of the reader as non problematic as possible bc I feel like not everything has to be serious and heavy talk ya know.


You were sprawled out on the couch with your head on Harrison’s stomach (and him stroking your hair bc he’s the cutest) and your feet on Tom’s lap, talking about one of Toms recent interviews.

“I made such a fool of myself! I said ‘I like people’ but the question was ‘what kind of girls’. They’re already making up theories about what my sexuality is and I’m not even out yet!” Tom said nervously while fumbling with his hands.
You and Haz have known he was bi for over a year now, it wasn’t a big deal for you at all, but it definitely was for Tom.
“Dude calm down, it’s gonna be fine.” Haz reassured him, although he looked at you with a concerned expression on his face. You smiled at the sight of it, knowing he cares so much about his best friend.
“Maybe you can just post something on instagram and come out to everyone? I’m sure your fans will be very supportive.” Haz suggested as you nodded in agreement. Tom replied with an agitated groan, throwing his head back on the couch. “I can’t exactly tell them out of the blue now can I? How am I supposed to bring it to them? ‘Oh by the way guys, I’m bi.’?” He looked at the both of you with an incredulous expression, as if you were both crazy for even thinking of it.
“I mean if you write 'by’ like 'bi’ it’d be pretty funny right? It’s seriously not that big of a deal. I mean when I came out as pan no one really cared, of course everyone was supporti….” you were abruptly interrupted by the boys. “You’re pan!?” They almost yelled in surprise. “Yeah I thought you knew already?” You questioned them.
Now that you think of it, you never explicitly told them you were pansexual, but you thought they’d take the hint when you were telling them about that cute trans guy, or the time you got a girls number, way before you started dating Harrison of course.
“So… how did people respond to that? Can you maybe help me with all this?” Tom asked looking at you hopefully. “Of course! It’s gonna be okay, and honestly Tom, the people that give you hate for not being straight are not worth it.” He smiled at your advice and got up to get his phone.
“You know I’m totally fine with you being pan, but that also means I got a lot more competition right now. Kinda sucks.” He whispered before cheekily smiling at you. You got up and pecked his lips. “Not really though. You’re the only one for me anyways.” You said. Satisfied with that reply Harrison began kissing you, only breaking away so that he could tell you how much he loves you. And maybe also breaking away when Tom walked back in the room. That kiss would continue later on though, when no one could walk in the room to interrupt you.