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Day 1 of YALC panels has left me feeling incredibly inspired and sparked my creatively right back up. The main reason I go is to hear authors talking about their books, writing processes and muses. Listening to them chat about genres I write or character’s similar to mine, and how they tackle the writing journey fills me with an excitement that makes me just want to write and edit my own work as soon as I get home!

The best part though was both Karen M. McManus and Emily Barr recognising me from Twitter and then speaking to me about writing as they signed my copies of their books - Karen M. McManus very kindly gave me tips about writing in multiple POVs and making them sound different 😊😊


From the Beginning || Chapter 5 || About TDK || Extras

Soojin ducked her head to whisper in Maggie’s ear.

“If they try anything, run. Better that we lose each other than all get caught.”

Maggie nodded, and a heavy coldness dropped in her gut, like she’d swallowed an ice cube whole. Her eyes flickered to November, who had grabbed Lilly’s hand for support. Lilly did not look fearful or even nervous; instead, her sleepy eyes were alert, roaming around to glance at every possible escape route. Maggie found herself doing the same.


[The Foxes are standing in the foyer, staring at Kevin’s broken racquet]

Kevin: So. Who snapped my racquet? I’m not mad. I just want to know.

Renee: I did. I broke it.

Kevin: No. No, you didn’t. Nicky?

Nicky: Don’t look at me, look at Dan!

Dan: What?! I didn’t break it.

Nicky: Huh. That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?

Dan: Because it’s on the table in front of us and it’s broken!

Nicky: Suspicious.

Dan: No, it’s not!

Matt: If it matters, probably not… Andrew was the last one to leave the court yesterday.

Andrew: Liar! I didn’t even go on the court last night!

Matt: Oh really? Then what were you doing?

Andrew: I try and sleep while Kevin and Neil have extra practice. Everyone knows that, Matt!

Renee: Alright, let’s not fight. I broke it, let me fix it, Kevin.

Kevin: No. Who broke it?

Aaron: Kevin, Neil’s been awfully quiet…

Neil: Really?!

Aaron: Yeah, really!

[off to the side] Kevin: I broke it. Last night, I failed one of my drills so I snapped it in half. I predict ten minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.


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After the death of his mother, Devin Maxwell joins Titan Force, an organization that collects supernatural artifacts using super powered agents. Devin quickly rises to become a brash, yet successful agent under the field name: Streetslam. He forms a pseudo family with his friends and fellow agents at Titan Force.

Devin’s allegiances are put to the test after an enigmatic billionaire offers him the chance to revive his mother, but only if he turns on his new family and steals a mysterious item from the Titan Force vault.

From our latest 5 star review:

“StreetSlam is action packed to the point of rollercoaster and I love it. Where does the fight scene take place? Literally everywhere, also I think you mean fight scenes. Palatial mansion, on the open highway, a mall. The real question is where doesn’t a fight take place. The one thing I’ll say is that the fight scenes can get long. The fight scenes strike me as very anime in their style, they’re the kind of fight scenes you might find in an anime/manga like Naruto and the weapons like something out of Final Fantasy 7.

As much as I loved the fight scenes, my favorite parts of the book was the characters. They were so amazingly developed and diverse. I mean, just take a glance at the cover to get an idea. It’s a stellar cast of characters and I promise you’ll come out with at least three characters that you adore. “

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Kell Maresh from A Darker Shade of Magic.
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