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✨ smol pocket camp tips: ✨

  1. want to pick your fruit but lack inventory space? no worries, just leave the fruit on the ground and pick them up when you need them! they will sit there until you need them!
  2. pick up your shells! they spawn slow and most villagers request them daily! the faster you pick them up - the faster the timer will start again!
  3. shake all the trees! any trees that don’t grow fruit have a small chance to drop bells! so shake every tree now!
  4. if you have linked your Nintendo account, go to more > my Nintendo! they give extra stretch missions which give out leaf tickets, clothing, and lots of bells!
  5. best place to spend your newly found leaf tickets? extra crafting slots! it’s best place to spend them - more space equals more crafting duh!
  6. before inviting a new villager to visit your camp - make sure you’ve finished all the requests or talked to all of the villagers at your camp. camp requests reset after you invite a new member!
  7. always help people out with digging - you get bells in return for helping out! ya free bells!
  8. certain crafting matarials are hard to get, such as cotton and preservatives ! it’s always best to have villagers at your camp who give out these items! rex for example gives out cotton :-)

if you have more tips, reply or something ~ thank you  (◕▽◕✿)


Temporary Accommodations by @comeonblub

One of my first and alltime favourite fics, a crime that I haven’t done any fan art of it until now. (It’s on AO3, I’d link it but ya’know, tumblr…)


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Btw guys, what do you think of the comic name “ Ruines of the Void” ? :3 <3 

Well Well WELLLLL! That smexy guy has black hair now! :D MA COMIC; I DO WHAT I WANT! Byatch! :D

I hope Ya will enjoy it! 

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That feeling when you love a book so much you’re just bursting with love and you recommend it to everyone like your friends and colleagues and your dog it’s just the best

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Headcannon where you get really emotional when tom sends you a pic after he has no curls? Comedic fluff lmfao I'm a evil being I know

I MEANN YESSS-but do you guys realize, that since chaos walking is over,Tom’s curls are COMING BACK IM SO DEAD IM OVER HERE WAITING ON THE DOT!

-okay but like tom would text you saying he has to cut his hair for chaos walking
-“wtf no don’t do it your hair is not worth it”
-“don’t worry luv I’m pretty scared too”
-“but your hairrrrrr”
-“it will grow back”
-“this is a joke right you are not actually gonna do it right?”,,
-the second that tweet comes out
-“bye bye hair”
-you would call him
-he wouldn’t answer cuz obviously he would be getting his hair cut
-you left him 50 texts
-40missed calls
-you were shook
-then tom would text you back and be like
“It’s done”
-“sorry love you’ll just have to wait till everyone else can se it:’)”
-“bitch I am your gf/bf(gender neutral) I get to see above all”
-“I think tf nOT!”
-then tom would do all the teasing like the insta stories you would see
-you would text him being all
-then he would release the pic on insta and send you the same one with multiple close ups with him of course
-making idiotic faces :’)
-you would see his hair and think it’s not that bad actually you would of course miss his curls those soft ,,,,brown ,,,curls -
-you cried
-Tom would see you read his texts and realize you weren’t texting back
-Tom would FaceTime you and see you crying
-“darling why are you crying did someone hurt you-“
-“wow love you too babe it’ll grow back”
-“why are you crying it’s just hair love it’s not what you love me for right”
-“no it’s just I got triggered”
-“I miss my curls too but don’t worry it will-“
-“grow back I KNOW TOM I KNOW”
-“,,on the bright side-“
-“you look like you are 12”
-“we’ll that’s kinda the whole point of cutting my hair for this ro-“
-“I didn’t ask Thomas”
-“love you too:)”

I laughed the whole time making this 😂😭💖💖💖👏🔥🌹✨

Tengo tantas ganas…

De mandar a la verga todo.