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“First time Blake told Weiss she loved her, Weiss literally tried to tip her”

I’ve been meaning to do some monochrome and then @anawitchs and I got to talking about Weiss being emotionally stunted and unable to express love without throwing money at people for affection. And here we have it.

Send help I was not supposed to get this invested in another ship but their dynamic is everythingggg ugh

he looked at his friend,
perhaps for the last time,
and said what he had always known,
from the moment they’d met,
when he’d understood that the prince
was his brother in soul. 
“i love you.”

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In preparation for Welcome to the Madness
  • Yurio *mumbling*: Can you help me with my makeup?
  • Georgi: Huh?
  • Yurio *scowling and mumbling a little louder*: Can you help me with my makeup?
  • Georgi: What? You need to speak up, Yuri.
  • Georgi: Well now you've gone and hurt my feelings. I don't think I want to help you anymore.
  • Yurio: Fine! I'll just ask Mila--
  • Georgi: No wait, come back! I'll do it! She doesn't know the first thing about eyeliner!

                   mass   c h a o s   is in my future.

                                                                           and I’m leaving my gloves   b e h i n d.

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare


So you know that one blooper where Mads is trying to get the potato to land on his knife (I really could make an innuendo about his knife and potatoes but I’m NOT) and keeps failing? And the potato is maimed to various degrees of intensity depending on the take? Well, I was thinking about it and I was wondering:

How many potatoes did it take for them to get the shot?

Like, how many potatoes did the prop department have to peel before Mads was successful? 5?10?100?? Half those prop people are probably never going to be able to look at a potato again without imagining peeling a large number on set in rapid succession all for about 2 second of show time…

Or did they think they’d only need one or two potatoes and then had to rush to the store to buy more? Like, Bryan Fuller flying through the aisles of Aldi grabbing every single potato he can find while the cashier wondered if there was a second potato famine they don’t know about..

Makes you think.