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have a fucken day m8..........ya.......ray of fucken sunshine you

This sounds like it was said with great pain, but I greatly appreciate it


Kysset (2015)

Directed by Mathias Broe

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Could you draw mercy wrapped up in a blanket next to hanzo wrapped up in mccree's serape as they discuss things over tea? (Sorry for the long request, this is something I've wanted to see for a very long time.) Thank you!

here ya go m8. (i want some tea now)

“I Am Approved For Testosterone”

A sigil for trans men hoping to talk to their doctor, get their recommendation letter sent out, and start testosterone.
Either take this with you in your pocket to your doctor’s visit.
OR if you’re already past that stage and are just waiting on the approval itself, take this sigil out and burn it.

And know that I’m rooting for ya m8.
(I will be making a sigil for being approved for estrogen too, when I finish it I’ll put the link here)

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Um, i don't know if you did that before but, how will RFA react to MC being a virgin? (like didn't even hold hands with a guy before)

RFA + discovering MC is a Virgin


  • ( cracks knuckles ) listen m8 ya boi zen
  • will never ever force something you do not want and he would always ask your permission first ( he may have come to you so strong at first but trust this guy that he always has your best interests at heart )
  • so whenever there is a time when you two are at the right moment to kiss each other and you would never come to him first, he won’t force it to you or would just lightly give you a peck
  • but he would always be the one to kiss you first each time
  • just woke up? expect a good morning honey kiss from zen
  • going to sleep? just the same
  • you, yourself is so insecure at the fact that Zen is a good kisser ( he knows how to do wonders with those lips ) and that sometimes, you are so stiff and you worry he might be turn off at the fact that you never kissed someone and you’re not entirely good at it
  • and hell, every first you experienced is with him
  • but lately, he had noticed that you have been actually avoiding physical contact with him
  • so one day, he straight up asks you regarding the matter, with a worry laced on his crimson hues and a small pout on his mouth
  • “Princess… is there anything wrong?” cue worrywart momma zen
  • and god he looked so worried and insecure?? zen was actually getting insecure?? the world must be ending lolol
  • you hesitated at first because you considered it as p embarrassing on your part but when you told him your concerns, he sighed in relief and laughed
  • you couldn’t help but smack him in his arm because why are you laughing you jerk
  • “God… I thought you were getting bored of me!” he continued to laugh as he pulled you gently to his arms, hugging you tight like he couldn’t get enough of you “But, really? I am your first?! Ahh, god! I couldn’t believe it. How lucky can I possibly be, hmm?”
  • and when he confirmed that he was your first, he couldn’t help but stare fondly at you every chance he gets and he would smile sweetly like
  • ‘This girl is mine and I am her first oh god I am so lucky!’ look on his face
  • he would from time to time, tease you about it teasing with a little cuddling and kissing


  • ok getting your first hand holding with jaehee was a bit awkward
  • the poor girl was so shy that all of her attempts to hand holding was futile
  • you have tried several times too but nah, she would only look at you with a puzzled expression and would wonder why are you putting your hand in the middle of the table while eating that was not so discreet of you actually is2g
  • and you are hella nervous because you have never held hands with anyone before and jaehee is older than you are so you assumed she may have at least done it a few times
  • but she is just the same as you are
  • sometimes, there are moments where you two were walking together while going home and you just want to hold her hand but then she raises it and points at something timing’s a bitch
  • or when jaehee would give you the clean dishes she would graze your hands with her just to lay the idea down on you and you do not get what it means
  • ugh
  • so one day, after dinner, while she was brewing tea on the kitchen, you gathered your guts to tell her straight about your concern
  • “Uhm, Jaehee?” she turned to face you and when she saw that your cheeks were cherry red, she became extremely curious about it
  • “Yes?” she was looking at you, puzzled as to why you were fidgeting so bad “Is there something wrong?”
  • “C- can I… Uhm…” light lip biting “…can I hold your hand?! I- I want to feel it against mine!”
  • she was taken aback by such boldness and you looked hella cute too so she giggled a bit
  • “I’ve been trying to relay that message to you myself…” she walked to you and held your hand, lacing her own fingers to yours “I’m glad it got through.”
  • and you two have been obsessed in holding hands for a week


  • you were younger by a few years than him so he had this mental image of you that you already had a boyfriend before him and that you are very much aware of such physical things and he always has a say to how frisky the younger generation are ( much to zen’s, yoosung’s and luciel’s chagrin aka they are younger than jumin )
  • but jokes on him you’re not he’s your first lolol
  • so one saturday night when you two played beer pong ( you taught him and he doesn’t like beer so he insisted you two use wine of any variants /merlot, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, etc/ gdi trustfundkid and it became a wine pong ) you got hella drunk
  • out of the spur of the moment, you received your first ever french kiss ( it was a bit sloppy because your sorry ass is drunk )
  • and jumin was a bit too so he had no restrictions regarding the kiss ( this was the first time in your entire relationship that he had been aggressive since he does not want to pressure you on to anything you don’t want to do with him ) but when he noticed you pushed him away from you, even a bit, he immediately cut the kiss short
  • he sighed as he messed his hair with frustration and offered to wipe your lips with his hanky “I’m sorry… I might have forgotten to restrict myself. It’s because… you were very gorgeous on my eyes and I couldn’t help but praise your beauty with my mouth– in an entirely different way, of course.”
  • despite your drunk state, you blushed on his remarks because how can he say that without stuttering and with a serious expression?? gdi
  • “If you wish to erase any traces of what happened, I will not have any qualms against it.” he distanced himself from you as if he’d been burned by your presence
  • you immediately grabbed his sleeves as you gently whispered with reddened cheeks, “I- It’s my first time…”
  • his eyes immediately widened in surprise “Are you really?”
  • “Y-yes…” stop biting your lip the man has almost no control
  • “…am I your first, MC?” he asked, his eyes darkening with desire
  • “Y-yeah…” you stuttered because you can’t read his thoughts behind his hooded eyes it was so intense
  • “Then, it is an honor to me. I couldn’t possibly ask for more.” he let out a soft sigh of relief as he chuckled, his deep voice sounding so sexy at the moment “I thought you hated my touch for a moment there…”
  • then he carried you bridal style and laid you to his bed, gently caressing your hair in the process
  • “I won’t force you into anything, please remember that. Then, have a good night. I’ll stay here until you fall asleep.” he said, his voice full of fondness for you
  • and you swear you couldn’t sleep properly that night


  • ya boi yoosung is a virgin too ( did not experience any intimate physical touch except for his mom and he was still a kid back then )
  • so when you two were cuddling together one rainy night, on his apartment, watching a scary movie he couldn’t help but scream his ass off and hug you tight, that in the process he accidentally planted a kiss on the edge of your lips
  • you both were stunned he was your first kiss and you were his too
  • and everything seemed slow mo for a moment?? he was staring into your eyes and you were hella embarrassed because you were so sure you smelled like the flavor of chips you just ate
  • but no, ya boi yoosung leaned in forward, eyebrows knitted together as he watched you intently while pursing his lips
  • he kissed you with eyes shut tight like he was concentrating
  • but his touch is gentle, almost feather-like that you swore it felt like you were just imagining things when it happened
  • and when the kiss ended, yoosung looked like as red as a freshly picked rose, he was blushing hard
  • you didn’t speak because you were so stunned that he immediately panicked
  • “U- uhm!! I’m sorry! Uwah! I did not– I mean, I meant it, but uhm!!” he was stuttering so bad you couldn’t understand what he was trying to say
  • poor boi he was too caught up in the momentum of what transpired and he’s a bubbling mess
  • he stopped fussing when you let out a breathy giggle and he was confused because why were you laughing??
  • “No, it’s alright…” you were so sure you gave him a hearty laugh that his face reddened more
  • “W- was I not good? Um… I’m sorry… It’s my first time…” he said shyly while looking anywhere else but you
  • you held his hands tightly with your own as you admitted that it was your first time too
  • his face lit up like fireworks and he couldn’t help but smile in glee as he fussed more about how the two of you were each other’s firsts
  • he leaned in once more, trying the kiss again
  • it was hella sloppy but he was willing to learn with you along the way 


  • this boi has bragged that he had experienced kissing before such a dork
  • but in truth he did not he only saw it in movies
  • you two were going heads to heads one night while playing FFS Dissidia Duo Decimal /he was sephirothy and you played cloudy/ and every time he beat you or you beat him, you two were bound to receive the punishment of the game Never Have I Ever
  • but alas, his character beat yours badly and he was pumping his fist to the air while smirking at you
  • “Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s time for your punishment~” he said as he rubbed both of his hands, laughing naughtily “Well then~ I wonder what I should ask? Hmm~”
  • you gulped because you know this was a very bad idea because Luciel seemed to be so passionate about finding things about you
  • “Aha! My cutie, how about I ask you… dun dun dun dun!! Have you ever kissed someone before~?”
  • your face flushed and almost gave away what your answer would be this dork!! is2g!!
  • “Ohhh! It seems that actions does speak louder than words!” he teased you more and because you didn’t want him to make fun of you or give him the momentum, you stood up with knitted brows and serious look as you marched up to him, standing just in front of his figure as he sat peacefully
  • he was so surprised by what you did that he gulped and asked, “Oh? What are you doing?”
  • you grabbed him, with both hands, by his collar and smacked your lips to his own you did not know if you were doing the right thing but you still did it anyway
  • he was so surprised by what you did that he blushed so hard he looked like an overripe tomato lolol
  • “Mmph!?” this is the way you will succumb to me luciel lol
  • as you ended the kiss, you let go of your hold and he was blushing hard you swore you wanted to laugh at him
  • “Anything you want to know more? Ah, for your information too, you are my first kiss.” you smirked triumphantly because he looked like he just lost all his powers as he turned to jelly under your gaze
  • he gulped as he tried to re-adjust his glasses, trying to cover up his blush and surprise because wow?? he was your first kiss?? and you were so badass about it omg??
  • “U-uhh…” he couldn’t even properly form his thoughts into words lolol
  • he swore he wouldn’t play against you with games like these any more because he knows you would take it seriously