ya m8

The Plot of Every MM Route
  • Yoosung: Holy shit you're Rika! Lolol jk
  • Zen: I'm fucking beautiful and I think you're beautiful too because you agree
  • Jaehee: I love you no homo (aka Fuck you Jumin)
  • Jumin: I deserve to have feelings but rn I love cats and bdsm
  • Seven: Ew why do you love me save yourself (no wait bby come back)
  • Prologue bad ending with Unknown: Ya done goofed m8
Goodbye for now.

Undertale has been great yeah. I’ve made great friends here. @notsogooddoodles . @smiley-seiko , rory, claudia, hannah, reyindee, itoire (still miss ya but im moving on) , clover (im sorry, i cant bring myself to talk to you anymore. guilt is eating me up) , opaquespectre (hope ya doing fine m8). 

but honestly my tumblr has gotten super quiet. excitement no longer stirs in here. i tried my best to keep in contact. however, i just feel so tired now. i havent talked in months. i only visited the skype group chats on rare occasions now. and i just feel so stoned everytime i visit here. theres like,,, nothing for me to come back here.

so imma abandon this account for a while. it will probably go on a huge hiatus. because, well it is meant for fandom blog only. now that im confirming that im out of undertale, there won’t be fanarts until i find a new obsessive fandom.

you guys can still interact with me aight on this blog aight!! if you want to keep on track with me, follow on my other social medias. im more active there!

Main Tumblr Blog: jadehowlett

instagram: jade.howlett

twitter: jade_howlett

i love yall. thanks for the fun time here.

shadowthshapeshifter  asked:

I got a good one for ya m8. So a friend o' mine is hosting a Call o' Cthulhu based game right, and we were escaping a town while driving away in an old car. We are attacked by a killer tree on the road. At some point the car is launched by the anger tree, my dude is sitting in the backseat of the car as it rolls and slams into a tree. I made a one in a mil save and somehow stayed perfectly strapped in the car, unscathed. Sir Giggert Half-Hazard III always has safety first. Use your seatbelts.

That sounds incredible, I like the idea of a cool collected character who never seems to get injured

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anonymous asked:

why are you saying what dan said about sexuality makes no sense?? it does obviously i was v glad that he spoke up about it and made people more aware of it

ya m8! the general gist of it was obvi amazing and made sense, like his point was adequately communicated, i was just saying that he was stumbling a lot and barely making any grammatical sense with his sentences. which was getting to a larger point that dan was clearly not prepared to deal w the “you look gay” “he’s not gay he’s just looking girly” comments coming into the live show and was genuinely speaking off the cuff there. and although he’s clearly miles ahead of where he was when discussing those types of comments back in 2011-13, there was still some underlying anxiety and discomfort with the topic which is why he seemed to be flustered! and that makes sense. (i wrote more about why he would be flustered/nervous here if u wanna give that a look)