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Fun Facts about Marvel Loki!

Inspired by that one popular Deadpool post from forever ago!
(I may be cheating because I’m technically including multiple incarnations, but they all “count” as him in some way- no alternate universes or timelines- so shaddup. The distinctions between them obviously matter, but not for the purposes of this list.)

  • He was in the Marvel universe 13 years before Thor was
  • He has “put a terrible slash on the internet” (Yes, that kind)
  • He likes Daft Punk
  • He likes Wicked
  • He got to use Mjolnir once. Against Thor. For the good side.
  • He identifies as both male and female, is clear about it, and other characters acknowledge it
  • He’s pansexual
  • He’s the patron god of certain sex acts
  • He basically killed himself twice to escape his evil baggage from the past (and then his mind to escape future evil baggage)
  • He wore the Guy Fawkes mask once
  • He’s also worn the X-Men uniform
  • He goes by the “God(dess) of Stories” now
  • He wasn’t evil enough to be elected president
  • Really, to sabotage his own campaign, he just called people lighting cars on fire over him idiots, clarified that he wasn’t “evil” anymore, and said he planned to basically play by the rules if elected
  • While “trying” to become president (he actually wasn’t), he made sure to face off against a woman whose life he’d ruined in the past so that she’d look like a hero when everyone realized she was right about him, which did great things for her career
  • When he was forced to erase his memories and “change,” he only made sure to remember that he loved Thor and his one friend, Verity, who believed in him
  • He used to secretly hire Deadpool and Gambit to run cons for him, then would trick them into thinking they’d betrayed each other to get himself off the hook
  • He named his hellhound puppy after Thor when he died
  • He’s totally a selfie person
  • He hates the word “smooch”
  • When he was trapped on earth with false memories (due to his own spell), he was a friendless, nerdy child. When others explained to him what was going on, he quickly regained his memories, led them through a convoluted set of steps create a second spell to free everyone else from their own fake memories, and then…. turned out to have not regained his memories at all. He thought they were role-playing with him. The new “spell” failed at a critical moment.
  • He was the protagonist, antagonist, and “innocent victim that died at the beginning to kick the story off” of one series, all at the same time.
  • He was once locked in a tree by Odin. The only way to escape was if someone cried because of his situation (the joke being that no one ever would, since everyone hated him). After a long time, he finally built up enough willpower to fling a leaf into someone’s eye, /technically/ drawing a tear that existed because of his situation.
  • Sleipnir, Loki’s 8-legged horse child from the original mythology, technically does exist somewhere in the universe. Other canon children include the Fenris Wolf and the Midgard Serpent. He’s even rumored to be the father of Hela, Queen of the Dead, but neither of them have any idea if that’s true or not, especially since she has existed longer than he has
  • He actually time-traveled and tricked Odin into adopting him
  • He once dramatically took the form of a unicorn
  • “Loki’s the bad guy! Sauron multiplied by that antiDumbledore guy cubed! His alignment is totally chaotic evil! He sends misogynist abuse for the lulz!” - His playful description of his more evil past self

Imagine giving Loki a gift. He doesn’t quite know what to make of it - you’re just a servant, after all. He tosses it aside until later that night, when he has a chance to really examine it. He holds it up, turning it over in his hand, trying to figure out what it does. Suddenly, a calming feeling washes over him - feelings of happiness, warmth, and peace. As you sit in your chamber, holding the trinket’s twin, you realize your enchantment has worked. As long as he holds it in his hands, you’ll feel as he does, and he as you.

Imagine running into Tom at a café in London. You popped in for directions, hoping someone could point you towards the palace. You ask a tall man in a suit if he could help you, not realizing it was Tom until he turned around. You apologize for bothering him, and all he can do is apologize for startling you. When he finds out what you need, he offers to walk you to the palace himself. That way, you can tell all your friends he took you to meet the Queen.


for @lgbtincomics’s pride month challenge 2017

Day 7: a character that represents you (the same lgbt+ identity) (and) a character you identify with (in terms of personality) - Loki (YA/AOA)

“I’m me. First, last, and always.”

anonymous asked:

Ooohhh how about a oneshot where reader is the only one who can get through to Loki when he is in a rage or jealous or when he struggles to control his jotunn powers etc. Thanks my love ✨💙

Pairing: Loki x Reader / Thor x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: language

A/N: thank you for this request, darling! Also, this might have a part 2! :)


“I’m coming! For fuck’s sake,” you rushed to the door of your apartment and opened it, extremely angry at whomever was on the other side and rang the bell about 50 times since you’ve woke up from the sound.

You were a little surprised to see Nick Fury standing on the other side of the doorstep.

What the hell?” 

“Wasn’t sure you were up,” he shrugged, as if it was the most normal thing to do in the middle of the night

“I was up after the first time you rang the fucking bell. That’s usually what fucking happens. You don’t have to press the fucking button 49 more times,” Steve would certainly have his fun with this sentence. But you were so mad right now.

“I need your help,” he walked past you.

“It’s 2am. And by the way, sure, do come in,” you were having none of it right now. All you wanted was to snuggle under the warmth of your blankets and sleep for a few more hours.

“It’s about your Asgardian.”

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