ya locals


☆.。.:* Commissions are OPEN! .。.:*☆  

I will NOT draw: 👎

  • NSFW.. Basically anything suggestive or sexual.
  • Gore, vomit.
  • Furries, animals.. (not skilled in the area)
  • Bayverse.
  • Deathsaurus. Never again.
  • PDA. No romance. No ships. Dancing and hand-holding is as far as I’ll go. Ask me if you want to know if your idea will make the cut!

I WILL draw: 👍

  • OCs! (You MUST have a clear ref!)
  • Transformers, Beast Wars.
  • Things other than Tranformers! SU, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Ninjago, MLP, Star Wars, ect...

Please feel free to send me any questions you have through IM or inbox- I’m always open!

Payment is through paypal invoices only.

Thanks for taking a look! :)

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