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BeatCraze Interview: Paloalto, B-Free & Okasian in London

We caught up with Korea’s underground rappers and producers, Paloalto, Okasian and B-Free from Hi-Lite records. The sold out show took place on Tuesday, 17th November at Ace Hotel with the courtesy of Cult of Ya. They successfully brought the K-Hiphop scene to London and willingly expressed their thoughts on popular TV shows such as Show Me The Money & Unpretty Rapstar. What’s more, they talked to us about working with Jay Park, Mino and Zico and their new music. They also showed us the London slang they picked up and more!

How’s your stay in London been?

Paloalto: It’s my first time in London and I really like it here. It’s very clean and the people are nice.
Okasian: I like it, I love it
B-Free: It’s great, I love it, I love London!

How are you feeling about tonight?

B-Free: I’m hype, I’m kind of tired, we’re kind of jet-lagged but we’re still hyped
Paloalto: I’m very excited, it’s gonna be good tonight, fire!
Okasian: Tonight’s gonna be lit, it sold out already there’s gonna be a lot of people.

What projects are you currently working on?

B-Free: I’ve got an album called “Green Club” coming out with my little bro, Sway D.
He’s a new member of Hi-Lite. So we got a small project going on.
Okasian: Right now I’m not working on no projects. I keep making songs, I don’t know, I need to figure out how we’re gonna put it out.

You were on Jay Park’s latest album “Worldwide” how was it working with him?

B-Free: It wasn’t much difference he gave me a verse and I destroyed it. We do party together, we see each other at parties. It was a lot of fun (working with Jay Park)

Okasian: It was fun man, it was dope making music with him.

Have you learnt any London slang?

Okasian: Innit, innit bruv. Underwater Squad innit!

What British food have you tried?

Okasian: Yeah I’ve tried Fish and Chips! And I can’t remember the name I was too jet-lagged.

Do you know any UK grime artists?

B-Free: Skepta! Shut Down!

Okasian: I know Skepta and Macca Wiles.

How was it working with Mino and Zico during SMTM 4?

Paloalto: He’s always in the studio. Zico works very hard and it was very good working with him

B-Free: That was fun. Cause like they work like crazy. Him and Zico…they work like slaves in the studio. All day shooting like 5 videos, 10 thousand songs. And you know I don’t work like that so I was like oh shit. But it was fun, yeah they work really hard

People think K-Hiphop shows like Show Me the Money and Unpretty Rapstar exploit the underground hip hop scene. What do you think?

Okasian: I don’t know, honestly I didn’t like it when I first saw it. I really don’t know
B-Free: No, no no! Hell no!
People like it so I guess it must be good or something. I think it’s real good for entertainment. CJ, that’s the company that made the show, I think they were smart cause there was nothing like that ever in Korean media. It was the 1st time people saw hip-hop on TV. They don’t even show rap videos on MTV. It was really smart!
I grew up on MTV in Korea but it’s not hip-hop it’s different, they don’t show hip-hop.

Final comments
Paloalto: Thank you *Hi-five*
B-Free: Shout out to BeatCraze! Hi-Lite Records! I’m out.
Okasian: Shout out to BeatCraze, Okasian, Hi-Lite records, Underwater Squad!

Special thanks to Cult of Ya