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Machetes and Mascara

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, 

Warnings: Fluff, Some slight violence, A touch of angst. Clueless Dean, Confused Dean, Clueless Sam, Smart Castiel, Unsure reader, Attempts at humor, Romance. 

Notes: So I wrote this for @chaos-and-the-calm67 , who wasn’t feeling good and wanted some fluffy Dean to cheer her up! I hope I did this justice!! This kind of fits in with my #LoveYourFlaws challenge, although there is no song. I just went that way with the fic, and I hope that it worked! 

Word Count: 4893

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Small Reminders // Barry x Reader

Request: Hey can I request an imagine with barry where we go clubbing and then someone comes up and flirts with, ya know Y/N, idk while barry is in the bathroom and when he comes back he gets all jealous and angry and then he gets a little freaky when we get back home?….

Warnings: slight angst and smutty smut smut

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caught out - miniminter smut

Originally posted by ultsdmn

the winner of the monthly top fan writing comp thing is ;  @lovvelyxdreamer !! congrats x bel

prompt; in which you are friends with JJ and youre from the US. however you and simon are FWB. you stay home on a night out with simon, and things happen. ;)

requested; technically

warnings; smut

pairing; simon x bri

word count; 995 words

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I was taking a webinar on interviewing tips and one of them shocked me really strongly, because I didn’t realize that people didn’t know this, so I’m going pass it along to you: be nice to people.

In the context of the webinar, it was “be nice to the receptionist and security staff when you come in”, but also, be nice to them even after you have the job. Be nice to secretaries and admin staff and the janitorial staff. Be nice to IT and the maintenance workers. Be nice to the food service and retail workers. Be nice even if they’re not people you normally work with. 

And I say this for two reasons: First, they’re humans and they are deserving of respect and kindness, and its shitty to be shitty to them. Their jobs are hard enough without you being a dick to people. Second, they’re people and they think about these things. In the context of the webinar, they said that interviewers will often ask other people in the office what they think of you, and a smile and a polite comment or two will go much further than being a huge dick to them. 

But even when you have the job, being nice to people means that they will be nice to you back. I was nice to security at my interview and when I left the interview, they told my boss, unprompted, that I was lovely and they thought he should hire me. I say hi to the IT staff every day, so when I ask for help with something, they’re more inclined to help me first than someone who only ever interacts with them by calling to yell. I talk to the lady who cleans our floor and she tips me off when she’s about to clean the bathroom so I can run and pee before she shuts the bathroom for half an hour. Ya know, shit you do for people you like. I’ve known secretaries help me pin their boss into a meeting when they’ve been trying to dodge me, or get me an appointment when I technically shouldn’t get one because they have a friend who’ll help me out. 

Just be nice to people! They’re people, and they notice, and they’ll be nice back to you. Just be nice!

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I'll make the real™ questions here since no one is doing it, smh. What would be RFA (including V) and Unknown reactions if they opened the bathroom door only to find MC pooping and just, you know, relaxing there, reading a magazine or something?


  • Nopenopenopenope
  • Is that Mariah Carey? Ariana Grande? No it’s Yoosung shrieking
    • “S-SORRYY MC I-I-I”
  • Stumbles his way out but ends up tripping over his feet and falling over
  • And you burst out laughing
  • He rubs his head trying to stand up
  • He snatches it from you
    • “This isn’t a bathroom book, ya know!” He yells from the living room


  • No change in facial expression
  • Gives no fucks
    • “Oh, I found you. Hurry or your dinner will get cold.”
  • He’d smile before turning back and walking out
    • “Don’t forget to wash your hands, princess.”
  • He’d call out behind him before closing the door


  • Stunt-double rolls back out of the bathroom like a freaking scared ninja
    • “Oh GOD! L-Lock the door next time, babe!”
  • He needs a minute to compose himself
  • But he can hear you quietly laughing in there
    • “I hope what you’re reading in that magazine is an article on me!”


  • Immediately apologized for intruding
  • She just needed to wash her hands
    • “I’ll give you some space then-OH! Is that Zen on the cover?”
    • “Yeah! Check it out there’s a whole in-depth interview with him in here!”
  • She sat on the tub next to you and you both flipped through the pages, gushing over it


  • He’s the guy that has a little magazine rack next to the toilet with all of his books
  • He was sick of waiting and needed to take a shower so he just waltzed in
    • “That one’s old,” he pointed to the magazine in your hand, “here, this one is better.”
  • Gave you a kiss
  • Yep
  • While u pooped
  • Strips down and jumps in the shower giving no fucks


  • Walked in the bathroom
  • Felt around for his toothbrush
  • Continued to brush his teeth
  • You’re just sitting there reading, quiet as a mouse
  • He gargles
  • Splashes his face with water
  • Dries his hands and his face
  • Finally walks out
  • Calls out to the kitchen
    • “MC are you brewing the tea? Where are you?”


  • Bursts through the door
    • “You’re taking too long.”
    • “Leave me alone!”
    • “It’s been 40minutes MC what the hell. You’re not the only one who lives here, ya know?”
  • Snatches the magazine from your hands
    • “Give it back!”
    • “No,” he ran out of arms length, waving it tauntingly in the air, “if you want to keep reading you need to get out.”
Coat(Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Request- Could I request a Daveed x reader where the spend an evening watching Hobbes & Me and Daveed knows the reader finds his tiger mink coat lowkey (highkey) sexy. I think you and me both know what this is gonna end up as- Anon with winky emojis
I posted this on the wrong blog by accident I’m sorry
Also, this wasn’t supposed to end here. I’m posting this now because I haven’t been posting much. I have a bit of the next part written if you want more. I hope you enjoy.
Warning: Mentions/the beginning of sex I think idk
Ship: Daveed Diggs x Reader

“Dammit, (Y/N), it’s just a coat.” You said, looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror. “It’s just a fucking coat.”
You leaned down and splashed more water into your face. Tonight was one of those rare nights where neither you or your boyfriend had work. Discussing it, you decided to stay in and watch some funny YouTube videos. After showing him the Llamas in Hats videos, he requested to pick the next series after using the bathroom. You agreed, regretting it as soon as he came back, wearing his tiger coat without a shirt. You excused yourself to the bathroom and now here you were, splashing water on your face because of a damn coat.
“(Y/N)?” Daveed asked, knocking on the door. “You okay?”
“Yeah!” You answered, turning off the water and drying your face. You opened and smiled up at him, forcing yourself not to stare at his abs. “I just had to use the bathroom. Too much beer, ya know?”
Daveed chuckled, shaking his head at you. “Come on, I got the video ready.” He threw an arm around you and led you back to the couch, dropping back into his spot as you sat next to him. He went forward and pressed play, quickly leaning back so you could curl up against him.
“Hobbes & Me?” You asked, laughing when you saw Daveed and your mutual friend Rafael sitting again the tree on the screen. “Really?”
“What? They’re good videos?” He grinned down at you before shifting his eyes back to the screen. You did the same, just as Daveed adjusted his coat, giving the camera a glance at his shirtless torso for a moment before it was covered. Your eyes glanced down and you bit your lip once you saw much more exposed than what was on screen. Fighting yourself, you glanced back up, seeing the next video had started and tried to pay attention.
But damn was it hard to pay attention when all you could think about was the heat radiating off your boyfriend’s body. By the time you had gotten to ‘Dynamite for Susie’ you’d given up, taking to eyeing the man next to you instead of the ones on the screen.
“(Y/N), are you even paying attention?” Daveed looked down at you, chuckling as you shook your head. “I told you you would get bored just watching YouTube all night. What do you want to do?”
You sat up a bit straighter, smirking. “I can think of something.”
Daveed raised an eyebrow. “Oh really? And what might that be?” You brought your hand up and tangled your fingers in his hair, tugging. He groaned out your name and you grinned, looking down to see just what you did to him. “I think you know.”
“Hell yes.”

If I Never Knew You Part 3

Series Summary: Set 14 years after the events of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, Lucifer is roaming the earth again after being released from his cage.  Angels and Demons are ushering in the apocalypse. And the reader and Dean haven’t spoken in several years. What happened to push them apart, and what happens when they meet again at Bobby Singer’s place when all the world is about to end?

Part Summary: A few years ago Dean made a deal to save his brother and in the process ended up sacrificing everything he had with you. 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer

Content: Angst

Word Count: 2.4k

Part 1 Part 2

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anonymous asked:

Hey can I request an imagine with barry where we go clubbing and then someone comes up and flirts with, ya know Y/N, idk while barry is in the bathroom and when he comes back he gets all jealous and angry and then he gets a little freaky when we get back home?....

Posted! I love jealous Barry tbh thank you for this request. Hope you enjoy!

BTS Reacting to you teasing them in public

hajrakhan786 asked:  Hey can I request a gif reaction of them reacting to u teasing them *cough cough* in public? ☺️ And can it please be a long explanation? Thank u 😁

Jin: *shoves food in his mouth*

If you guys were at a resturaunt having dinner or something with family/friends and started teasing him like that under the table or something I feel like to distract himself he’d shove his face with food he’d also probably do that to surpress moans

Rapmon: *irregualr breathing, trying to understand what people are saying to him*

I feel like Namjoon would like it. Like I mean that he would whisper to you to stop but not actually try to stop you if that makes sense. 

Suga: *fans himself*

Yoongi would probably glare at you through out the whole time, but like Namjoon, he’d really not try to stop you. But then eventually slap your hand away or something. Once he gets turned on tho he’d probably excuse you guys from wherever you are/whatever you were doing and go to the bathroom or something to ya know, finish what you started.*wink wonk* ;)

Jhope: *tries to pull away from you but ends up falling off his chair onto the floor*

I feel like Hoseok would be surprised but would probably try to hide it. He would probably try his best to also hide what’s going on under the table like they all would, but in the process do something stupid, like falling off the chair, and get more attention directed towards the two of you then there was to begin with.

Jimin: *satisfyingly laughs*

Let’s be honest here. We all know Jimin would be the one teasing you.

V: *awkwardly looks around*

Taehyung, i feel, he would try to show you that what your doing isn’t effecting him and pull it off pretty well but at some point, like J-hope, end up doing something that makes it obvious as to what was going on.

Jungkook: *enjoying what his naughty noona is doing*

Jungkook wouldn’t care and he wouldn’t try to hide anything, if people find out they find out. 

Sike. This wouldn’t happen because Jungkook is a fetus. How dare you. 

-Admin I

#6 You're on your period

Your name: submit What is this?


It had been a long day and it didn’t help that as soon as you got home your period decided to start. After taking care of business you curled up on the couch with your blanket and bowl of ice cream and watched sad/romantic movies. Later that evening at round 9pm your boyfriend of 1 and a half years walked through the door to your shared home. “I see that it’s that time of the month, do you need me to get you anything?” Zayn said setting his things down on the counter. “No I’m good but I want to to come and cuddle with me.” You pouted, sitting up and making room under the blanket. “Of course I will, but let me just grab a couple of things first.” And with that said he disappeared up the stairs. After a few minutes of hearing soft thumps and grunts of frustration he came strolling down the stairs with a box in his hands. Walking over towards the couch, you asked him what it was. “I grabbed some chocolate from a stash I keep just for you and a box of tissues because I know how movies affect you during these times.” He said with a wife grin on his face. “Awe, you shouldn’t have, I love you so much Zayn.” “I love you too y/n.” And with that he leaned down and passionately kissed you. 


You were laying in bed with a heating pad across you lower abdomen, watching reruns of Friends on TV. Louis came home from work early because he knew it was that time of the month and he wanted to be there just incase you needed anything. “Lou, I appreciate your help but you can go back to work if you need to, I don’t need you here I can take care of my self.” You said “I know babe, but I just don’t want you to be in pain and I want to take care of you, plus I get to spend more time with you.” He said winking. “Fine, you can stay.” You said in defeat. Louis got comfortable next to you. Just him being beside you helped the pain of it all go away and you were glad he stayed. Periods scared most boys away but Louis would always be there for you and you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life together with this man no matter what anyone else said. It was meant to be.


Your periods were never as bad as other girls said there’s were and you were okay with that, but this time it was different. You were having excruciating cramps and your flow was heavier than normal, and your lower back would hurt every time you tried to stand up from your chair at work. You decided that it would just be best if you went home early and luckily your boss understood. Having a woman as your boss always had its pros, this being one of them. As soon as you got home you took a hot shower hoping it would help with the pain which it did a little bit. Then you took medication and got into bed and tried relaxing. Harry came home and saw you in bed, he rushed over to your side and asked what was wrong while feeling your forehead for a fever. “Nothing.” You said giggling, “I’m fine, it’s just cramps.” “Oh.” He said with a blush of embarrassment creeping into his cheeks. He slowly backed up and looked at you as if you were an alien or something. “What?!” You asked confused as to why he was acting this way. “It’s just that… Periods are scary…” He said. You burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?” He asked getting in bed next to you but not too close. “It’s just a little blood flowing out of my vagina, what’s scary about that?” You asked. “Everything.” He said grossed out. “We’ll get used to it because whoever you marry is going to have it every month.” You said playfully hitting his shoulder. “I will, just for you, cause I’m gonna marry you one day.” And with that he kissed you lightly in the forehead. 


It was the second day of your period and of course Liam was aware of that fact. You started your day off by laying on the sofa with Liam cuddled up with you while watching old Disney movies. Your cramps were not pleasing as usual and Liam was doing anything he could in his power to make it better. Liam always hated seeing you in pain, if he could he would get rid of Mother Nature just for you. To help you he would rub his fingertips around slowly and softly in circles on your lower hips while humming to you. If that didn’t help he would just hold you tightly and lay soft sweet kisses all over you making you know how much he cares about you. At this moment he was tightly holding you. “I hate seeing you this way, it makes me feel like I can’t help you, I just want you to feel better.” He mumbled into your neck. “I know but you can’t fix everything Li.” You replied giving him a soft peck on the mouth before returning your attention back to the Disney princess on the television.


For the whole week, even if it doesn’t last that long, Niall gives you chocolates and a bouquet of you favorite flowers. You always feel bad because he is sort of spoiling you but he disagrees and claims that if he doesn’t do it then you will be in more pain and he doesn’t want that to ever happen. You had just got home from university and a trail of rose petals was in front of you headed to what you thought was the bedroom. You carefully followed them to see what Niall had done for you. As you finally reached the end of the trail in the bathroom you looked in and saw a hot bath with flickering candles spread out around the room. “Niall!” You said surprised. “What’s all this for?” “Well I wanted to do something special for ya because I know that you’re in pain because… Well… Ya know.” He said standing in the corner of the bathroom. “Aw, you shouldn’t have babe, thank you, I love you so much, you’re too good for me.” You said crossing the room over towards him. “No you’ve got it all wrong, you are way too good for me. And I love you so much y/n.” He said before kissing you passionately.

Oceans (featuring Catmilla)

“Come on, Carm. I really want you to come with me.” Laura pleaded from inside of the bathroom.

“I’m a cat, therefore not a big fan of the water, Sweetpea.” Carmilla protested from her seat perched on the hotel bed she had been sharing with Laura.

“Neither is Perry. Just sit under the umbrella with her and relax.” Laura suggested, her words muffled by the hair tie clenched between her teeth.

“Whoa.” Was all Carnilla had to say when Laura stepped out of the bathroom in nothing but the blue bikini. “I’ll come, just never wear anything but that ever again…whoa.” She reiterated.

“Geez, this isn’t even the skimpy one.” Laura teased.

“I don’t even have a bathing suit.” Carmilla said triumphantly, thinking that she’d much rather stay in the hotel room and get Laura out of the bikini.

“That’s a non-issue. I bought you two of them. In black of course. Laura announced happily, despite her face reddening from Carmilla’s intense seduction eyes.

"Here we are.” Laura said as she pulled the black two piece out of the bag, the kind that doesn’t wrap around but is connected by the two black rings on the hips.

Carmilla grinned wickedly as Laura pulled a coverup on over her suit
“If you play nicely. I’ll let you put my sunscreen on for me.” Laura teased some more as Carm took the bikini into the bathroom to change.

“You say that like it would be such a hardship for you, Cupcake.” She teased right back.
They continued to banter until Carmilla was done changing.

“Okay, okay. Just tell me I don’t look too ridiculous.” She said as she stepped out of the bathroom.

“You look, wow.”

“Ya know, I think I’ve heard that phrase somewhere before.” Carmilla laughed.
The black cloth matched her hair and contrasted with her vampire’s porcelain skin in an amazing way.

“Breathe, Creampuff, breathe.” Carmilla reminded her.

“Right, yeah, here.” Laura coughed and passed her a shift styled cover-up.

“You ready to go then, vampire?” She asked.

“I go where you go, human.” Carmilla replied, catching Laura’s hips as she opened the door, kissing he soundly on the mouth before closing the still open door with her foot before they could go through it.

“Just to warn away any beach prowlers.” Carmilla says, a thigh pressing between Laura’s legs to pin her the door. Laura moaned and Carmilla’s fangs exposed themselves.

A flash of fear and excitement flashed through Laura’s blood, triggered as usual by the way Carmilla’s eyes had gone darker and softer than they ever did in public. Her tongue lazed out between the fangs and traced Laura’s collarbone, directly below the twin scars marking Carmilla’s possession of this human. Now, she would mark her I a way even the humans would understand.
“Nnmmh.” Was Laura’s only offering of protest as her fingers interlaced in the long black locks of hair and pulled her still closer, her other hand’s blunt fingernails taking down Carmilla’s backs

“There, I bet they’ll leave you alone now.” She proclaimed, wiping her thumb over the forming bruise on Laura’s pulse point.

“Mmmhm, yep, that’ll do it, yeah.” Laura mumbles, still waiting until her knees were capable of holding her up on their own.

Gently, she pulled Carmilla’s face down so that she could connect their mouths.

“There.” She said breathing heavily. “Now we can go.” She said cheerily. She swept out of the room, giggling when Carmilla groaned and slouched against the door and followed.

On the beach, Carmilla relaxed on the blanket with Perry, watching LaF and Laura play in the water and build sandcastles. The sun, even though they were in the shade, , was wonderfully warm and eventually she simply transformed into her cat form and napped while Perry stroked her back.

“Carmilla, wake up! Something’s going on.” Perry whisper yelled at her, shaking her until she popped back into human form.

“No, go into Panther mode that’ll scare them off.” Perry fussed.

“Not when I’m dealing with humans. What’s going on?” Carmilla asked, scanning the area for her person.

“Those guys won’t leave Laura alone and I’m pretty sure LaFontaine is going to get themself beaten up again. Go and do something about it, you useless vampire.” Perry ordered.

“Fine. I’ll go handle it. Stay here.” Carmilla said, putting on her big, floppy sun hat and walked out to where the human boys were messing with her human and her human’s best friend.

“What’s up, Laura?” She asked calmly and casually.

“Carm…” Laura sighed in relief.

“OOOHHH, you’re hot. We were just trying to get the shorty hottie here, to come and join in our wet tshirt contest. Maybe you could come too.” The taller and more muscular of the two offered as he eyeballed her up and down in a way that made her skin crawl.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that my girlfriend said no and now you two are just pestering my friends.”

“Carmilla…” Laura whispered as the boys cracked their knuckles.

“Leave them alone and be on your way. Your generation understands nothing of how to talk to a lady.” She said in her most threatening vampire tone.

“You’re not turning me down though, are you Shorty? It’s okay, I’ve always wanted a lesbian.” The only slightly less huge guy asked Laura and Carmilla was afraid that everyone would be able to hear her blood boiling.

“She’s said ‘no’ four times now, dick-for-brains.” Protested LaFontaine.

“Maybe we could have a threesome.” The big one suggested.

“That’s enough!” Laura yelled and kicked the guy in the family jewels before single handedly handing the two men their asses, driving them down to their knees.

“That’s my girl.” Carmilla chuckled watching the fiesty little blonde break bones, while standing back and restraining LaF with one hand.

“Stop being such damn bullies! When a girl says no, she means no. I have a girlfriend for Tennant’s sake.” She explained as they held themselves and moaned on the ground.

“I think they’ve had enough, Creampuff.” Carmilla told her.
“Scram.” She hissed at the beach prowlers and let them feel enough of her vampiric aura to send them running.
Laura immediately wilted slightly and returned to Carmilla and LaF, melting into the arm Carmilla wrapped around her shoulders.

“Why didn’t you let me help?” LaF argued, still looking for a fight, their face red and fists clenched.

“Laura didn’t need it. She needed to prove that she doesn’t need protecting.” Carmilla explained.

“You did well, Buttercup. I think it’s time we headed back.”

“Agreed.” Said LaFontaine.

When Laura stepped out of the shower, she nearly stepped on the panther relaxing on her bath mat.

” Carmilla! You’ve got to stop materializing into locked rooms!” Laura scolded, rushing to wrap herself in a fluffy and white towel.

Carmilla responded by licking her upper thigh with a rough, sandpaper, Panther tongue, before returning to her human form, leaning against the double sink counter, naked.

“Thank you, for the back-up earlier. I don’t know if I would have been able to handle those idiots without you there.” Laura said, running a hand through her wet hair.

“Honey, the whole point of me not biting their heads off for even thinking of looking at you in such a manner as they had been was for you to prove that you could handle a situation like that as you did. You are so much stronger than you think, love.” Carmilla said honestly, trying very hard to remain serious as Laura stood there in nothing but a loosely wrapped towel. Somehow, even though more skin was showing in the bikini, this was possibly the most attractive she had ever seen Laura.
“Thank you, anyway, Carmilla.” She said with a shrug, stepping forward and kissing her, one hand burying itself in her hair as Carmilla placed one hand gently on Laura’s hip and one hand cupping her neck.

“I love you.” Laura whispered.
“Not nearly as much as I love you.” Carmilla responded, her grip on Laura tightening as she pulled her ever closer. They had only been a ‘real’ couple for a few weeks and the Vampiress was very careful and respectful of how slow Laura might want to take the physical aspect of the relationship and always watched for boundaries. This was why she was very surprised when her little human very purposefully and very slowly dropped the towel that severed as the only boundary between the two.

Carmilla’s skin began to tingle when Laura’s hands began exploring her body and tugging for the lacy shift to come off.
Laura’s mouth latched on the mirror spot of where Carmilla had left her mark on her collarbone. She had to reach up so far on he tiptoes that it almost made the three hundred year old vampire laugh as she lifted Laura up. With her super human strength it was as though the younger girl weighed nothing. Her legs automatically locked around Carmilla’s waist and her arm folded around her neck as Carmilla let out a hoarse moan, her neck tilted back and red lips slightly parted to reveal the tip of a pearly white fang. Carmilla had never before seen Laura’s eyes that dilated.
“I love you.” She murmured into the vampire’s ,her vampire’s neck.
“334 years of existence, and you’re the first girl to have ever said that to me.” She whispered back, lining Laura’s jaw with kisses.
“Really? That seems highly unlikely.” Laura protested. Carmilla pulled back (but only a little) and looked straight on into Laura’s honey golden brown eyes.
“Here me clearly on this one Laura, I will never again lie to you.” Carmilla promised.
“Understood.” Laura nods as Carmilla backs her up to the kitchen counter and kisses her way down the human’s chest, lingering here and there on her ribs or hips.
“You’ve made a mess on the counter, love.” Carmilla teased, interweaving the fingers of one of each of their hands together. All Laura could do was mumble incoherently in response. Carmilla chuckled darkly and Laura felt that thrill rush down her spine again, the one that said she wasn’t sure if she was going to get eaten or get eaten. Then she was rendered incapable of thought by Carmilla’s tongue on her inner thigh. An open mouthed kiss was placed right below her belly-button before the Vampiress took her for her for herself right there on the kitchen counter, overlooking the ocean.

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What do you think the PPG reboot will do to the Rowdy Ruff boys?

I dont know and I honestly dont care. I stopped watching. 

Heres my deal for shows. 

I give shows 5 episodes to catch my interest

For shows with characters I love I go further. I watched 15 F*CKIN episodes of Ultimate Spider-man trying to like it since spider-man is my favorite super hero and I f*ckin hate the show except for these 2 episodes

I watched 10 episodes of the New Powerpuff girls cause the Original PPG is one of my top 10 favorite cartoons of all time and. I dont like it, there were scenes that made me chuckle but for the most part its bland, its unfunny, The animation isnt that good neither are the characters and so Im done. 

Originally posted by onmogul

If I dont like something I’m not going to continue watching it. 

Like that honestly doesnt make sense to me. Its like their being 2 bathrooms.

One of em is super clean and sparkling and perfect for you to relax in, Big ass Nice Bath Tub, Sauna esque settings and water proof Electronics you can have fun with 

the other is Just a standard FOUL one and COVERED in Shit

And you’re just like “

What the FUCK is THIS SHIT?!?!”

you stare and yet your curiosity makes you go in the Crappy Bathroom and you come out like that was Just disgusting

WHY YA KNOW ITS CRAPPY in there and the NICE ONE is Always empty and free!?

I dont like shows I consider shit so why would I keep watching BS.

Funny story 13 of my buddies still watch it and are

ALWAAAAAYS Complaining that its cringeworthy and a spit on the name of the original

and so I asked 3 of them. 

“If you dont like it why are you still watching it?”

“Cause I want to see what they do next”

I dont get it, but who am I to judge people but I’m not interested anymore. I’ll stick with the classic

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anonymous asked:

How about every brother needing to use the toilet/shower/bathroom sink/mirror etc. at the same time! And theyre all in there doing random shit and poor lil' Sasuke just wants to take a shower without every brother crowding the 7x7ft bathroom.

Aaah sweet shower…It must be the best feeling to be able to take a shower in the moring and go to school around 12:00.  The warm water tickled my cold skin and it made my muscles relax. The door of the bathroom opened.

“The fuck?!” I said as Izuna cracked the door open.

“I neeeedd to peee!!!” He ran towards the toilet.

“Fucker! Raise the toilet seat!”  

“TOO LATE!” He had a relieved expression…..I was frowning …How long could he possibly be peeing? “Hey I am a big boy, I am not going to spill on the toilet-“

“You just did!” I said frustrated and heard the door open again.

“Let go of me!”

“No! when was the last time you washed your hair!”


“YESTERDAY TWO YEARS AGO!” Obito pushed Madara’s head in the sink as he let the water run…Causing the water of my shower to turn colder….Nice….Very nice.

“Oh hey zuna….Sasu…” Obito said. “Pass me the shampoo.” Obito said, and I did as he said. He remained looking at me, and I saw him raising his eyebrow.

“You really did grow- “

“Shut it!” I hissed at him. Madara raised his head from the sink.

“Am I the only one questioning why he hasn’t a single hair down there?”  Madara asked.


“There isn’t much to see.” Izuna laughed.

“Shut it Zu~COOOOOLLDD!!”Izuna flushed the toilet, causing the water to turn ice cold for a second. “That was fun,” he gave me the evil look.

“Go clean the fucking toilet seat!” I shouted.

“You didn’t raise the  toilet seat, Zuna…” Obito sighed.

“I really needed to pee!”


“ I couldn’t hold it…” He said.

“Sometimes I pee in plants…When I am really need to.” Obito said, causing everyone to stare at him

“What?…You guys don’t?”

“This is the reason why we don’t have plants,” Madara muttered.

“What is going on here, a party?” Shisui asked…The bathroom was crowded enough with three extra people…Wow now number 4 came too.

“And you are not invited,” Madara said.

“I am here to grab my phone..I left if somewhere here..” He said, looking around the bathroom. I sighed…There went my quiet time.

“Why is your phone in the bathroom?” I asked.

“Ya know…I get bored if I am on the toilet…Everyone does it…Right?” Shisui asked.

“I do it..” Izuna said, raising his hand.

“I once dropped my phone in the toilet…While I was talking to someone..” Obito said.

“You craped and talked at the same time?” I asked, “Who was the little shit you were talking to?”

“…You…Remember when I suddenly hung up…I didn’t hang up.”

“….Wow…Realisation hits hard.” I said.

“Who cares, he talks shit anyway.” Madara said.

“Why is your hair still up in the shower? why don’t the laws of physic apply to you?!” Shisui asked.

“Can we stop staring at me!” I hissed trying to cover my body with my arms.

“Move, move move!” Itachi shoved Madara aside…Who bumped against Shisui, who fell in the shower. I managed to catch him before he hit the ground.

“What is with your lens!” Shisui exclaimed….His suit was getting wet from the water.

“It shifted in my eye…It is annoying..” Itachi said, rubbing his eyes slightly…Tch…Telling me not to rub my eyes while he does it himself. “Hey why are all of you in here?” He asked.“Izuna did you just leaked on the toilet seat?”

“….Sasuke did it.” Izuna said.

“Definitely Sasuke,” Madara supported him.

“What?!” Shisui defend me!” I said.

“You don’t have a single mole on your body…No scars…Not ..Nothing…You are just plain skin..How is that possible!” His eyes made me uncomfortable in so many ways.

“I do have moles..Look.” I said, pointing at my neck.

“No…But that basically looks like a tattoo…It isn’t an imperfection on your skin.”

“His skin might be perfect, but his mind is fucked up,” Madara said.

“Madara?!” Itachi said.

“Aren’t you concerned that he isn’t growing any hair down there while he is already 16?” Madara asked.

“He shaves,” Itachi says.

“He does?” Madara looks at me.

“I do…What is so wrong about that?”

“….Every time?  Even when it is just a little?”


“Speaking of dicks, have you noticed your dick-“

“ENOUGH!” I screamed before Shisui could finish his sentence. I punched him, causing him to fall back on Obito, who fell on Itachi, who fell on Madara, who fell on Izuna…Who bumped his head on the toilet seat.

Fuck yeah I love chain reaction!





An incomplete list of being transgender reactions

- you were born a guy??

- so one day you’re gonna like turn into a dude?

- I always wondered how that thing works

- oh my god I’m so proud of you!! *serous voice* you can always come to me if you need to talk

- oh

- wait, so like, you think you’re a dude?

- *looks at me for a second* *looks me up and down* oh… Kay

- cool!

- okay!!! It’s gonna take me a while to get used to the name change though so bear with me!

- I’m gonna have to get used to your new name!

- *some one else walks up* this is dean!!! She’s transgender

- is that different than transsexual?

- what’s… Going on… Ya know, down there…?

- what bathroom do you use?

- *silence*

- OH mY GOd I am sO SOrry i DIDnt knOW

- how does that even work?

- don’t blame me if I get your name wrong accidentally!!!

- *someone calls me birth name in front of someone im out to* *peraon im out to looks at me nervously as if I were to turn into a dragon and burn the person to death*

- wait… So you’re a guy? Like… A guy guy?

- it’s gonna take me forever to know your name!!

- *birth name* can be a guys name too!!!! (No it can’t actually)

- lucky!! You get to use whatever bathroom you want!!

- *upon hearing me not have to do swim unit* what?!?!? So lucky!!! Ugh that’s not fair!!

- haha okay, but that name thing is gonna take a while

(Only a few people use my correct pronouns tho)