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Dean |mad love| Ambrose


Okay, y’all remember that snippet from last night, right? Welp, it turned into a mini series also. And let’s face it, Team Ambrose… Our boy needed a story like this. Hang on to your asses because this is gonna be kind of angsty to start with? Oh and for anyone patiently waiting on smut, I warn you now, this will be another slow burn.

Dean x Original Character, possible hints of Finn x Original Character with a Dean x OC endgame, (maybe?? who knows??). mini series based on the song Mad Love anyone? With a dash of movies No STrings attached and Friends with benefits thrown in?


two stubborn people in love, angst, steamy eventual smut, use of an original character!!!! and I’ll add to the warnings as needed.

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…………….You took a knife to my heart
And cut out the rational parts……..
I knew that you were just misunderstood;;

He sat up and started to re dress and I bit my tongue. No strings attached means exactly that.. No strings. No commitment. No laying around in each others arms for hours after a night like tonight, watching the candles flicker on the walls while you whisper things to each other. The fact that I felt something for him meant nothing. There was nothing I could do about it because we both agreed to all this months ago after that first wild and passionate night.

But it didn’t mean I had to like it.

It didn’t mean I couldn’t wish and hope that maybe one day, he’d change his mind, maybe he’d want more. Even though I knew going in that he wouldn’t.

“See you around.”
“Yeah.” I answered, biting my lip, hesitating. I almost leaned in for a kiss, I almost asked him to stay but instead, I kept quiet.

I heard the door closing downstairs as he left and I just broke down.. I think I laid there for at least two hours and I just sobbed. My phone rang and I rolled over, answered it. “Becky, hey.”

“What’s wrong wid ya?”

“Nothing, I just..”

“Did ye two ‘ave a fight?”


“Ah thought ‘e was comin over. Did ye talk to ‘im about how ya felt?”

“I.. I couldn’t.” I rolled over onto my back, pulling the sheet up over me as I sighed and twisted a strand of hair around my fingertip.

“And why da ‘ell not? Do I needa talk to ‘im?”

I wiped away tears and laughed quietly. “This isn’t like when we were kids, Becks.”

“Da ‘ell et isn’t.”

“I’m just gonna end things I think.” and even as I said the words, it hurt. I felt like I was stabbing myself in the heart. I loved him.

But I didn’t honestly think that he could ever just settle and love me.

“Maybe endin things is for da best.” Becky sighed, I could tell she didn’t want to say it because she didn’t want to hurt me.. But Becky has been my best friend since I was 14 and my mom moved me all the way to Ireland because she remarried a military guy and we got the house next door to Becky’s family.

Becky and I have been through a lot together, she’s like the sister I never got to have.

“Maybe you’re right.” the words were spoken softly and tentatively and I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to do it. “Maybe I do need to just end it. Maybe it will be for the best.” I felt the tears coming again and Becky sighed.

“Ah’m on m’way. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, right? And Sons of Anarchy?”

I managed a smile and wiped at my eyes. “You don’t have to do that, Becks, it’s almost 3.”


Dean lingered at the door for at least three minutes, staring back up the stairs. Deep down he knew where he wanted to be, but that wasn’t what she wanted.. If she wanted things to be different, he had to believe she’d say something, she’d do something to make them different.

… ‘Sides.. even if she did, you know ya wouldn’t ever be good enough for her… and sooner or later, she’d run like hell… they all run like hell when ya get too intense. The taunting of his mind was another big reason he found himself walking out the door and driving away.

When he got home, he poured himself a good measure of Jack and he slammed it back, feeling the bitterness and the burn as it made it’s way down his throat. “Maybe I oughta avoid her a while.. Stop doin this every single time one of us is a little too lonely. Because the more it happens, the more I don’t wanna leave at the end and I can’t fuck up another thing.”

He flopped down onto his bed and took a long and deep breath and he made up his mind.. Rather than try, rather than completely fuck something up, he was going to stop their little arrangement, he was going to avoid her and he was going to do his best to move past it, save her from the misery that he was a lot of the time.

It was just better this way.


[ two weeks later Kristina]

“And now we know.. All I was to him was a convenient piece of ass whenever he wanted. I mean look at him over there, laughing and smiling and not caring.. Meanwhile, I’m over here and I feel like I’m dying.” I shook my head and sighed bitterly, signaling for another mixed drink. Becky eyed me with a raised brow and I raised my glass. “To getting over him.. Finally.”

She eyed me and we clinked glasses and I slammed the drink back and stretched, eyes darting around the crowded club.

I wasn’t expecting my eyes to find his and I wasn’t expecting him to already be staring at me. I quickly dropped my gaze and feigned interest in the countertop in front of me as I fought back tears again.

“Maybe ye needed ta. Ah mean et’s been two weeks and he hasn’t called, hasn’t tried talkin to ya.” Becky eyed me and I nodded. “It’s just.. Harder than I thought it would be, okay? I’m fine, I swear. I just have to work through this, I have to stop wanting what we were never going to be in the first place.”

“Want me ta go over and beat his arse?” Finn asked as he glared at Dean and all I could do was shake my head no. “Guys, I love you both but it’s over.. Just let it go. He didn’t do anything to me, okay? I fucked up.. I got attached and I knew that’s not what he wanted. It’s better this way.”

Even as I said the words out loud, I knew I didn’t mean them. For him, yeah it’s better.. For me, not so much. I still feel like this is going to kill me..But friends with benefits only means that.. And he pretty much said a time or two he wasn’t cut out for an actual relationship.. And I know I’m not.


[two weeks later – Dean]

“She was fuckin usin me. Can we stop discussin it now, huh?” Dean slammed his fist down on the tabletop, earning him a raised brow from Jimmy and Jey. Naomi shook her head, sipping her drink as she mused aloud, “You are both messy. This stuff does not work. I mean they made an entire movie about why this very thing never works, Dean. One of you always wants more in the end.” as she toyed with the straw in her drink and stared down her husband’s friend. Jimmy nodded with her in agreement and told Dean, “My woman’s got a point. Have you even tried talkin to her though?”

“What the hell would I wanna do that for, huh? If she wanted more she woulda tried.. Somethin.”

“Typical.” Naomi snorted and Dean glared. Naomi went on to explain, “She wouldn’t if she was afraid that asking for what she really wanted meant she’d lose you, you stupid assface. We’re not like y’all, okay? There’s emotions attached in sex for us. All I know is when we were all in NXT, man… She looked at you like you were the best thing alive.”

“She did not. Didn’t even know who I  was until we got off our face drunk and kinda slept together that first time.” Dean insisted, finding himself staring across the bar as he sipped his Jack Daniels and tried to fight the urge he had, he wanted to walk over to her so badly he could taste it.

“You really are blind as fuck.” the twins snorted in laughter and Dean eyed them, then looked back at Kristina, shaking his head. If she really wanted him, she’d have cracked by now, called or something. She wouldn’t be out at a bar with Balor and Lynch having drinks.

Just the fact that she was even friends with Finn Balor was enough to make the most primal jealousy surge through him and lately, it had only gotten worse. Lately, Kristina never seemed to be anywhere without Becky or Finn and Sami.

“What’s she gonna want my ass for anyway. She’s got that guy.” Dean gestured to Finn and Jimmy and Jey shared a laugh.

“You do know he’s dating some other girl, right?”


“Dean, just hush now before I tape your mouth shut.” Naomi shook her head and finished off her drink as Jey mused aloud, “One of you should at least try to say something about what happened.. If you want more.”

“I don’t.” Dean practically growled the words, even knowing that as he said them they were a complete lie. He wanted more.

He just didn’t feel like he deserved more.

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Daryl Dixon Imagine (Daryl’s POV)

Based on a request

You and Daryl have been seperated when the outbreak hit. Not one day goes by where he doesn’t miss his wife and daughter. One day Maggie and Glenn bring in new people…

word count: 1580

approximated reading time: 8 minutes

It had been a long day for Daryl, not just because he got up so early today and it was already dark outside but metaphorically as well. He had to think of a book he read a while ago, something he had started to do when he found out why his wife had been so passionate about them. In a way he felt close to her again when he read the books she had loved. Daryl sighed deeply. Or was it a song where he had heard it? Maybe a movie?! He couldn’t remember but now more than ever he knew what it meant. It had been such a long day without her and every night Daryl was wondering when the time would come to meet her again, tell her all about the things he did while she had been gone. She… and their daughter. Daryl crossed his arms behind his head leaning against the wall behind him. He missed them more than he could tell. If only he knew what happened to them, if only he knew if they were still alive. He had assumed them dead after he found their home burned down, overrun by walkers but he never found their corpses. Maybe they had gotten away somehow.
“Hey, Daryl, wanna lend me a hand over here!?”, Merle panted appearing next to Daryl out of thin air. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead and threw a quick glance over to his cell room where he was packing the few belongings he had brought with him.
“Watcha tryin’ to do anyway?” Daryl looked him up and down. They had found Merle a few weeks ago and he had moved to the prison shortly after. Daryl had thought his brother dead. Finding him safe and sound after so much time had passed… It raised hope in Daryl, hope to find his family again. His wife and daughter or maybe just one of them. Anyone. But maybe it was too much to ask for.
Daryl hadn’t felt like himself since he had lost them. He wanted to feel whole again but didn’t know how to do that without them. Maybe he simply had to get used to feeling empty, alone, as if he was merely a shadow of who he used to be.

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Could you make an imagine where the reader had gone to Harvard University before the apocalypse, but she keeps it secret because it hurts to remember stuff like that, and Daryl somehow gets it out of her and is kinda shocked?

“Hey.” Daryl said coming over to me as I rocked on the porch swing. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen ya touch a book before.” He laughed as he put his arm above me onto the edge of the porch swing.

“I was just uhm, nothing.” I stammered as I shut it and laid it on my lap. It was actually my favorite book ever, Les Misérables. I haven’t read a book since the beginning of the end. And thinking about that made me extremely uneasy.

“What’s it about?” He asked as he picked it up and skipped through the pages.

“Eh, nothing really.” I shrugged and sat up.

“Ya okay?” He asked and set the book down next to him.

“Fine, why wouldn’t I be?” I smiled and tried to believe that myself.

“I don’t know, you tell me.” He said slinging his arm around me this time.

“There’s nothing to tell.” I tried to convince him as I leaned into him and put my head down.

“Yer lying right to me.” He said lifting my chin up so I was looking in his eyes.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I said pushing his hand away and leaning back into him.

“C'mon.” He begged and placed a small kiss on the top of my head.

“No.” I crossed my arms and pulled away from him.

“Calm down.” He said and pulled me back onto him and rubbed my back. “So did ya read a lot before all this?”

I just sighed and didn’t say anything. I shut my eyes and pretended he didn’t bring up the past.

“Why do ya shut down Y/N? Every time I bring up somethin’ from before, you get all upset. I just wanna know who ya were.” He removed his arm from around me and laid them on his knees, then placing his head in his hands.

I didn’t mean to make him upset about it, but I hated thinking about where my life was. I guess we had to talk about it sooner or later, and honestly I was tired of the subject being brought up. I kept avoiding it so much, it was like my past was a complete stranger to even me myself.

“Fine, I was a Harvard law student, top of my class, and I had everything figured out. Then this happened.” I said motioning my hands around, meaning the world. “I liked books and traveling, and sitting out in the grass with the sun on my face. I was different, I can’t do any of that like I used to.” I sighed as I finished.

“What?” He said into his hands and slowly sat up.

“Yeah.” I looked down and breathed out.

“No way.” He smiled and nudged me.

“What?” I looked at him as I squinted my eyes.

“Harvard?” He seemed surprised.

“Are you questioning my ability?” I smirked and raised an eyebrow.

“No, but Harvard?” His eyes were wide as could be.

“It was a toss up between there and Yale, but I liked Harvard better.” I smiled, but I was serious.

“Unbelievable.” He slung his arm back around me. “Now why was that so hard?”

“Because I’m not her anymore. I worked so hard for all of that to be nothing.”

“Yer not nothin’, yer a survivor. Yer so strong and brave. Look how far ya made it.” He nudged me.

“Yeah I know, I just don’t wanna remember it anymore.” I told him.

“Well, don’t lose yourself. Ya should remember, that’s incredible and I know it don’t feel good thinkin’ about what ya were, but one day yer gonna look back and wish you never pushed that away. And plus, I kinda want everyone to know how smart my girl is.” He smiled at the last part and I just nudged him.

“Shut up.” I laughed and looked back down to the ground.

“So why don’t we lay back and you can read whatever this is to me?” He offered holding the book up.

“You’re not going to like it.” I stated as I took it from his hands and opened back up to the page I was on.

“Yeah I know, I just like listenin’ to yer voice is all.” He shrugged and leaned back with opened arms.

I smiled and took his invite as I leaned back on his chest and began to read aloud.

As I was reading I felt him twirl locks of my hair around in his fingers and occasionally place small kisses on the top of my head.

It wasn’t too long after I started reading that I heard his soft snores and felt the evenness of his breathing.
I know it’s a bit short and I’m so sorry for that, but thank you so much for the request and I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know how I’m doing and send me in some more! I am so sorry this took so long, but I’m working to have more up shortly! Thanks!

127. Your first fight

Dan: You thought this year would be the year that Dan would ask you to go to Playlist with him. You had been together for two years, but last year he hadn’t even mentioned it. But it seemed like this year it wasn’t going to happen either. “Why can’t I go? I’d love to meet all of your friends. I think it would be fun.” “Not this year. Maybe next year.” “That’s what you said last year. Are you embarrassed of me or something? Why am I never invited to any of these events? Playlist, Vidcon, Summer in the City… Hell, we can’t even hold hands whenever we go out! Why?” you raised your voice. "I’m just trying to protect you, okay?“ he snapped, and continued. "All of my other relationships ended because of the hate and I don’t want to lose you because of that. I care about you way too much.” “I think I can handle it, Dan. They’re what? Fifteen?” you scoffed. "That’s what the others said too,“ he muttered. "What could they possibly say that would make me leave?” “They’ll say anything and everything. They’ll comment on your weight, looks, say that you’re a whore or you’re in it for the money-” “You think I’m all of those things?” you asked quietly. “No, jesus christ. Just listen. They’ll find anything to comment on. They’re brutal. They won’t say it to your face, but you’ll see it online. If your hair isn’t on point one day, they’ll point it out. If you’re not smiling and cheery all the time, they’ll call you a bitch. And I really don’t want you involved with that.” You just looked at him, unsure of what to say. “Trust me, I’d love to show you off to the world. But I know what the consequences of that will be. So if you want to come, you can, I’m just warning you that things may not be pretty.” “Well, we’re gonna need to do this sooner or later, right?” “I guess so,” Dan replied. “Alright. I’ll be sure to bring my battle gear.”

 Phil: You had invited your parents over for dinner and they were to arrive within the hour. Currently, you were cleaning up the kitchen– mopping, wiping, and dusting, all the while Phil was sat on his laptop in the bedroom. You still had to vacuum, clean the bathroom, set the table, and get the food out of the oven. You walked down the hall to the bedroom. “You could help, ya know,” you stated as you stood in the doorway. “Just give me a minute. I’m finishing up this email.” You rolled your eyes and looked at the clock. “You’re unbelievable. Do you have any idea how much still needs to be done? They’re supposed to be here in about forty minutes!” you snapped. "Just tell me what needs to get done. If you don’t tell me what you haven’t finished, then I can’t help. I just assume that you’re fine and have it all under control. You need to tell me when you need help. I can’t read your mind.“ "Well, you would have known I’ve been struggling if you weren’t hidden away back here,” you sneered. “I had to get this work done. And it’s quiet back here. I can concentrate that way. And if you needed help that long ago, you could have just walked the twenty steps over here and asked, instead of struggling.” You just stood there looking at him, leaning your one shoulder against the door frame. Phil got off of the bed and came over to you. “Tell me what needs to get done. I’ll do it. I don’t want to fight and I don’t want you to get stressed. Just tell me what I should do,” he said softly as he hugged you. “Well, the bathroom needs to be cleaned and the front part of the house needs to be vacuumed.” “Alright, I’ll do that right after I finish this,” Phil teased. You glared at him. “I’m kidding! I’m kidding!” “You’re lucky you’re cute, you know that?” you asked as you kissed him.

Moonlight Sequel

Daryl Dixon Imagine

Here’s Part 1

based on a request.

You and Daryl have been seperated when the outbreak hit. Not one day goes by where he doesn’t miss his wife and daughter. When they finally reunite Daryl is overwhelmed.

word count:  1396

approximated reading time: 7 minutes

They stood wrapped in each other’s arms watching their child for a while. Daryl could have stayed like this for the rest of his life. Who was he kidding?! He wanted to stay like this for the rest of eternity, watching over his wife and child, and maybe one day their grandchildren and so forth until they would finally at some point be able to live in peace again. This world sucked. He couldn’t change anything about it and that sucked even more. He wanted his daughter to grow up in safety, in a world as normal as possible and maybe if they could stay at the prison, if they worked even harder at securing the fences, maybe this dream wasn’t as impossible as it seemed at first glance.
“What are you thinking about?” Daryl hadn’t noticed her watching him. She was looking at him with her eyebrows raised and it was only now that Daryl realized he had been furrowing his brows, his forehead lying in deep wrinkles.
“Nothin’”, he muttered. “C'mon, I’ll introduce ya to the others.” Daryl separated himself with a light kiss on her nose. She giggled like she used to ever since they were teenagers. Young and reckless. Daryl sighed. Easier times. Not happier, but definitely easier.
“I think I’ve met a few of them already. They seem nice”, she smiled taking his hand in hers, entwining their fingers. She was obviously not willing to let go of him and he wasn’t either.

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