ya jokin right

Part 2 of the Gareth story

(I didn’t forget!!!)

You shouted for Daryl again and again but he never appeared. Maggie comes in and comforts you.
“He’ll be back (Y/N), he loves you too much,” she soothes as you cry into her arms.
“Why couldn’t he stay with me? Why did he have to leave?” You sob.
“You know what Daryl’s like, he needs time to cool off, will probably be back soon, try not to worry yourself too much honey, you need to rest after what you’ve been through,” she says calmly. You nod along with her and she lets go and backs out of the room to let you sleep.
“Rick, she needs Daryl,” Maggie says as she meets him outside the door.
“I know, he can’t keep going off like this, especially now. I’ll go see if I can find him, just keep an eye on her, she’s been through enough as it is,” Rick replies, exasperated. He heads out and searches around the vicinity of the church but with no luck. He widens his search a little and finds Daryl sitting on top of a huge rock in the middle of a clearing.
“Daryl, (Y/N) needs you. Please come back,” he says exasperated.
“She deserves someone better. Someone who can protect her,” he replies bluntly.
“No, she needs you, because for some reason she loves you, even when you’re angry as hell,” Rick says sternly.
“I need to find him. I need to kill him.”
“Not yet. His time will come Daryl, trust me on that. (Y/N) needs you more right now. She’s laying in that church with scars from what’s happened the past few days and you’ve run off to sit on a rock.” Rick bellows, annoyed at his friend. Daryl huffs and jumps off the rock, walking next to Rick back to the church in silence. Once he steps thorough the door, Maggie runs up to him and pulls his arm to go see you.
“She’s not in a good way Daryl, in and out of consciousness. I don’t think the wound’s infected, but it could be due to the stress of the situation,” she explains.
“Shit, I shoulda been here,” he grunts, running into the room where you’re laying. Your brow is damp with sweat and your hands are shaking when he enters.
“I’m here, (Y/N), I’m here,” he soothes, wiping the sweat from your forehead and kneeling next to the bed. You open your eyes and look at him confused, then after realising who he is you smile and put a hand up to his cheek. Suddenly you lurch forward and vomit right next to him.
“I’m so sorry,” you mumble, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.
“Don’t be, I’ll get something to clean ya up,” Daryl smiles. He goes outside and asks Maggie if she has anything to wipe you with. She hands him a pack of baby wipes out of Judith’s bag and he comes back in ready to clear the mess up.
“How are ya feeling now?” He asks as he wipes the floor.
“Better. Much better,” you sigh, where did you disappear to?“
“I went looking for him. I wanna kill him for what he did to ya.”
“So do I, but if we need to wait for our opportunity then we can’t help that.”
Rick comes in the room after thinking about what we can do about the remaining few from terminus.
“(Y/N), how are you feeling now?” He asks kindly.
“Better now thanks Rick.”
“Great. I’ve got an idea about Gareth. If he still wants to get to you, then maybe we need to set a trap for him here. Would you recognise the place you were taken to if you saw it again?”
“Yeah, I think so. It was like an pulls school outbuilding. Does Gabriel know of any schools around here?”
“I’ll go check with him now,” he says, heading off to see if he knows the local area.
“I don’t want ya doing this,” Daryl mumbles, sitting on the floor next to the make shift bed you’re laying on.
“Why not?”
“What if he gets ya again?”
“He won’t. You’re here,” you smile at him.
“Mhmm, I wanna be the one to do it.”
“Daryl, stop. Lets just see what Rick has in mind. It doesn’t always mean killing.” You and Daryl head out to the main part of the church where everyone’s now gathered, discussing what should happen.
“They need to be permanently stopped,” Rick says, addressing the group, “we can’t let them leave here alive.” You roll your eyes after what you just said to Daryl about Rick not always meaning we have to kill people, then speak up.
“I’ll take Gareth,” you say, voice quivering slightly.
“Nah ya won’t!” Daryl shouts.
“Yes. I will. He’s mine,” you say seriously, looking Daryl dead in the eye. He nods and backs down as he can see how determined you are about this.
“What’s the plan then?” You ask.
“Gabriel knows where the nearest school is, so we’ll head out there with a group staying here just incase they come looking. (Y/N), where do you want to be?”
“I’ll stay here. But if anyone finds Gareth out there, you bring him to me,” you say, knowing that by now Gareth would have found his way back to the church and is probably planning his attack soon. Rick nods at you and half the group head out to the church with Gabriel leading he way. Daryl stays at the church with you, not trusting himself to bring Gareth back alive if they found him. You blow out most of the candles and leave the door unlocked, Carl and Judith hiding downstairs and you, Daryl, Glenn and Maggie in all four corners of the church. You hear footsteps coming up to the front of the church, then voices whispering. The door opens a little and three men enter, the first being Gareth. Maggie and Glenn take out the back two men and Gareth stops in his tracks, holding his hands up.
“(Y/N)! So good to see you again,” he smiles as you hold your gun up, aiming at his head, “I really missed you.”
“How sweet. I didn’t miss you.”
“Really? But we had such fun together! You literally saved my life by providing food for me,” he grins. You feel like throwing up when he says this and one of your hands goes down to your wound. He looks down and nods to it, “how’s it healing?” This makes you snap and you rush up to him, your gun making contact with his forehead.
“SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” You scream in his face. Daryl gets nearer to him as well, never seeing you go off like this before. “Get down on your knees,” you demand. He kneels, head in line with your wound.
“Now look, I’m sorry, but I had to do it, I would’ve died otherwise. And to be honest, you’re one of the best I’ve tasted, I underestimated you,” he shakes his head, laughing a little, “I only wanted to ask if you’d be so kind as to allow me to take anything else from you.” You dry heave at his proposition, and turn away from him. Daryl steps up behind him and puts his gun against the back of his head to stop him moving.
“Never,” you say, holding onto your stomach, “never again will you do this to anyone.” You turn and slowly walk back over to him, looking down at his smug face. You lift your gun and hit him on the top of the head with the handle of it, knocking him to the ground. As soon as he’s down you straddle him and hit him over and over again as Daryl stands there in shock. Gareth stops moving, his head completely caved in, blood splattered all over you. Maggie and Glenn stand either side of you and look at Daryl, nodding down to you. Daryl leans down and take hold of your arms, stopping you from hitting anymore. You scream and start sobbing. Daryl picks you up off of Gareth’s body and carries you into the back room while Maggie and Glenn get rid of the body.
“(Y/N), breathe,” he whispers, sitting you down on the bed as he takes the gun from your shaking hands. He grabs the packet of baby wipes and takes one out to start cleaning your face. You eventually calm down and stop sobbing, tears now falling silently from your eyes as you look at Daryl in horror, realising what you did in front of him.
“Please don’t hate me,” you whisper, worries that you’ve scared him with your actions.
“Hate ya? Yer jokin’ right?” He replies, wiping your chin.
“I don’t know what came over me.”
“(Y/N), anyone woulda done the same. I’m proud of ya,” he smiles, lifting your chin up and kissing your lips softly. You throw your arms around him, needing to feel him against you.
“Thank you,” you sigh as you hear the others coming back.


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"Hey." Katherine sat down in the copilot's seat and gazed at the stars just outside the window. "Crutchie's out for the night. That Zola food really didn't agree with him." Her gaze moved to the dashboard, all lights and levers and buttons begging to be pressed. "And I got thinking about something. You know, if either you or Crutchie ever get sick, you're gonna need a spare pilot."


“Ya jokin’ right?” Jack rarely let Crutchie pilot. He wasn’t about let this trigger happy woman who’d come into his life take the wheel.

“No offense, sweetheart but I don’t think ya got what it takes t’ fly this ship. Maybe somethin’ smaller. But this takes a lot of mechanical knowledge, knowing which bit goes where an’ such.”