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hey hi hello its kim from the est !! i’m 18 and i have two trash babies to present to you guys today, dylan and raelynn ! i suck at making intros but im gonna try and go as quickly as i can since i just remembered that the rp was opening today bc im a fucking idiot and i have absolutely nothing prepared !!! dylan is probably my favorite muse that i’ve ever played, and its been a while since i have, so i thought it was time to bring him back ( sorry for using an fc from like 2014 i …c an’t help it ) anyways like this and i’ll msg you to plot !!

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Tour Series #8: They Mention You in an Interview

Michael: You had gone home a few days previously, now sitting back at home because it was your one day of the weekend you had off. You were on the couch, cuddling with your dog and missing Michael like usual. The jet leg from flying to and from Europe had really taken your energy out of you, it taking everything you had to stay awake. It wasn’t a normal day like any other, 5SOS had a television interview in whatever country they were in and you had set up your laptop to stream the interview on your TV. You grabbed your cup of tea and plate of vegamite and toast, sitting back down on the couch ready to watch Michael and the guys goof around on international television. Are you watching babe? was the text you had just gotten from Mikey, smiling because he had to know you were already ready. Where else would I be? you reply, attaching a selfie of you and your dog on the couch. He replied with a bunch of excited emojis, making you laugh at how cute he could be sometimes. 

“Hi guys, I’m here in studio with new international sensations, 5 Seconds of Summer!” The interviewer said into the camera, motioning to all the boys who were smiling like idiots. “Welcome, welcome boys. How are you?” “We’re great, this tour is amazing so far. We’re so thankful to be here.” Ashton answered. You knew why of course, the boys always liked how Ashton worded things, so he always answered a lot of the questions. They got the usual barrage of questions, like what it was like to be on tour with One Direction, how they were discovered on youtube, and things back home in Australia that you almost knew what they were going to say before they said it. Sure you were used to the answers they gave, but you still listened and watched every single interview they had because you knew it made Michael happy. So far the interviews on the tour had just been asking about what it was like to tour with One Direction and the kind of music they played, which made you grateful they hadn’t asked about relationships yet. However you had a strange feeling that this interviewer was going to be different. He had that  “I NEED TO KNOW” look on his face.

Of course your feeling was right when you heard him go “So boys, which of you are single?” “MIKEY’S NOT!” Ashton outed him right away, pointing to him and making him blush. You thought he looked adorable when he blushed. “Oooooh Michael! Who’s the lucky gal?” “Ashton I hate you.” He said, blushing even more. “Oh come on Mikey, spill the deets! Who’s the lady?” “Her name is Y/N, we knew her at school back home.” “Are you guys happy together?” “Of course we are, she makes me very happy. It’s hard with me being gone all the time, but we make it work.” “It sounds like you two have a very nice relationship. How long have you two been together?” “Almost two years, she played hard to get for awhile.” He looked right into the camera, which made you feel like he was looking at you making you blush yourself. You knew exactly what he was talking about, Michael liked you for years before you finally gave in but you were glad you did. “Sounds like a cheeky one! Has she come to visit you on tour?” “She just left a few days ago with Ashton’s girlfriend actually!” Michael said smirking, looking at Ashton. “Screw you Michael!” You couldn’t stop laughing, the look on Ashton’s face made getting up early completely worth it. 

Calum: It had been another one of those long days at work, and now all you were ready to do was curl up on the couch with Junior and a cup of tea with a movie. It would be nice to cuddle with Calum of course, but you would probably fall asleep on the couch due to jet leg from your flight a few days previously. It was hard to keep track of time when you constantly wanted to sleep because of jet leg. When you wanted to sleep, it was like your body was telling you not to. You didn’t regret going to see Calum at all, but the jet leg wasn’t exactly nice to come home to. You looked at your phone once you sat down on the couch, not expecting anything to be there. When you went on twitter, your mentions were exploding. Ever since you and Calum had gone public they had been like that, so you had gotten pretty used to it by now. Most of them were about how they wanted to be you because you were with Calum or how they wanted yours and Calum’s relationship. Of course the hate was there, but you chose to ignore it.

Today was what you found strange. A majority of them were tweeting the same link to you with varying captions basically saying “Y/N YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS!”. You guessed it was something important, so you clicked on it. When the video started playing, it was an interview the boys did the day after you left. It was set up like a dating quiz show and the boys were all being asked about if they were single or not and anything along those lines. Immediately you got nervous because you knew Calum was going to be talking about you. “So Calum, you’re taken is that right?” “Happily, for two years with Y/N.” “Wonderful! How did the two of you meet?” “I’m not sure she would want me to share that with you!” You sighed a sigh of relief, thankful he wasn’t going to talk about it. That is, until the interviewer kept talking. “Come on Calum, don’t tease us like that! Now you have to tell us!” You saw him think it over for a second before you saw him opening his mouth to speak. “Well we we’re at Macca’s after band practice one day, and long story short her friend tripped her so I would notice her and she spilled her drink all over me. She turned so red I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit because she kept apologizing. I forgave her of course because I couldn’t take my eyes off her after that. It was a pretty memorable day!” “How did you ask her out then?” “She ran out of the shop after that, so I followed her. I wasn’t about to let her get away!” He turned something really embarrassing into something sweet but you were still gonna get him for it. Your cheeks were bright red, and thanks to the jet leg had not had a chance to talk to Calum about the interview yet.

Picking up your phone, you decided to call him. “Hey babe, how was work?” He asked, he sounded really excited to talk to you. “It was fine, just the usual. How’s tour?” You were gonna get it out of him if it was the last thing you did. “Amazing. We did some interviews yesterday and tonight’s show is huge! I wish you could be here sweetheart.” “How were the interviews? Talk about anything intertesting? Maybe… about me perhaps?” “Fuck.” He muttered to himself, and you laughed. “Fuck is right Calum, and it’s a good thing you’re not home because you wouldn’t be getting any! I thought we wouldn’t tell anyone about how we met! That was so embarrassing!” “So? It doesn’t matter to me. It’s what brought you into my life isn’t it? Now how cold that be embarrassing at all?” You didn’t know how he always managed to talk himself out of things, but at this point you couldn’t even remember why you had been upset in the first place. “No…” You said shyly, knowing he was smiling on the other end of the line. “ “Exactly. I have to go for soundcheck okay babe? I’ll call you after. I love you.” “I love you too Calum.” You hung up, actually thankful they had tweeted you that interview. 

Luke: (His POV) It’s been a few days since Y/N went home, and I miss her like crazy. I got used to her being around again, but now we’re back to phone calls and video chats. It’s hard, but we’ll get though it like we always do. Currently we were on our way to another radio interview. We’ve been doing a lot of press lately and I was thankful to be kept busy. The less time I had to think about Y/N the less I missed her. I know that sounded bad, but it was true. If I could keep my mind off of her for just a little bit, it didn’t hurt as much being so far away from her.

We all filed into the studio, sitting down in our chairs and putting on the headphones, hoping I didn’t mess up my hair. The interview was quite boring honestly, it was the usual dumb questions about Australia, or how it is opening for/being friends with the 1D boys. I wish people would ask unique questions for once, damn. “Now Luke, is it true that your mum travels with you?” I was snapped out of my thoughts by the question, but nodded. “Yes, she does.” I smiled. “What’s it like always having her around on tour? Can’t get into much trouble now can ya?” I laughed, looking around at the boys. “I don’t mind it honestly, I’ve always been really close to my mum so it’s nice to always have her around. One less person to miss back home.” “And she flew his girlfriend out to see him for a few days.” Michael pipped in.

“So you’re taken?” The interviewer asked and I nodded. “Well where is she? Tell us about her!” I blushed a little, sending Michael a glare before speaking. “Um, her name is Y/N, and we’ve been dating for awhile. She’s my whole world, really… but she’s back in Australia now, but yeah, my mum did help her surprise me on tour.” “We were all stoked on it, he’s horrible to be around when he’s missing her.” Calum added. “Thanks.” I grumbled, knowing far too well that what my friend said was true. “You’re just jealous I have a beautiful girl waiting for me at home and you don’t.” I snapped back at him, smirking at the thought of Y/N at home. What she was wearing, what she was doing, it was driving me crazy. “Whoa there, bud. Let’s keep those thoughts PG, yeah?” Ashton laughed, causing me to blush.

Ashton: (His POV) We were sitting at yet another radio interview, listening to the last few songs they had lined up before we started. I smiled to myself as the last song started, it was Y/N’s favorite. I had watched her dance around the house to it countless times. I glanced down at my phone, pressing my home button to light up my lock screen revealing my favorite picture of Y/N. I still remember the day I took the picture as if it was yesterday. She was straddling me in bed, wearing one of my old shirts, her hair was tied up in a messy bun and she kept making stupid faces at me. She was such a goof, but I loved her.

“Hello? Earth to Ashton!” Luke waved his hand in front of my face. “Huh? Oh sorry.” I blushed, putting my phone away to start the interview. “Alright, so lets start out with you Ashton, what were you spacing out about earlier?” They asked, causing me to laugh. “Um…well the song you played before is my girlfriends favorite and she just left the tour to go back to Sydney so…” The room erupted with Aw’s and I bit my lip. Y/N hated it when I talked about her interviews, she didn’t really want attention from the fans, especially after what happened when we went out. “So you’ve got a girlfriend! Tell us about her.” “Well her name is Y/N, and she’s my whole world. We’ve been together for a few years now and I miss her like crazy, but I’m really happy she came and surprised me on tour, even if it was just for a little bit. Um…she hates when I talk about her in interviews so yeah. Sorry babe, love you!”

“He really is head over heels for her.” Calum chimed in, looking over at his friend. “We all love her, she’s perfect for him and we all know she loves him just as much a he loves her. So thanks for keeping our mate happy, Y/N. We all love you!” I smiled, hearing my friend talk about Y/N like that. “How sweet!” The interviewer smiled. “Now, lets move on..” I nodded, glancing down at my phone in my hand. I had a text notification from Y/N. “Tell Calum I love him too.” I laughed and swiped the screen to reply. “I will. I hope you’re not too upset we talked about you. I miss you like crazy babygirl. I love you.” I locked my phone again, returning to the interview.

(Luke and Ashton written by Nessy, Calum and Michael written by Danielle)