ya im not sure either

…………what if the real reason ks never takes off his shirt on stage is cuz ji is always leaving hickies all over his chest and not cuz he dont have abs

I remember the first time I ever walked the Wrong Jedi arc.

I don’t specifically remember crying when Ahsoka left (though I’m sure I did), but I vividly remember crying during this scene in To Catch a Jedi

I was in a hotel room with my parents watching it on my phone with ear buds in. And I legit cried legit tears. It was rough

Thinking about it now this is a super-sad scene, and not just to my 13-year old self. 

First off, Ahsokas slow head shake and Anakins face are just

And it’s just so sad bcuz they both think they are abandoning each other. And then after the end of the arc, they both worry that the other thinks they abandoned them

I’m sure there’s a better way to put that into words but ya. This arc is sad. Clone wars is sad