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in need of some blogs/friends to follow

hi! my name’s shannon & someone clearly needs to stop me w this snap filter

anyway i’ve been looking to follow some new blogs recently, having mutuals is always a good time so if you’re down to clown u can reblog or like this or message me or follow me idk. i mostly blog about ~~~

music. i rly like pop punk/alt bands mostly including:

  • brand new
  • the front bottoms
  • neck deep
  • the story so far
  • mayday parade
  • modern baseball
  • state champs
  • the maine
  • all time low
  • moose blood
  • panic!
  • the wonder years
  • flatsound
  • seahaven
  • citizen
  • joyce manor
  • blink
  • la dispute
  • bright eyes
  • turnover
  • pinegrove
  • wow okay that was a lot u get the gist!!

so yea like lyrics mainly or band pics, graphics, merch all that jazz
// other stuff you will for sure see on my blog:

art! paintings! drawings! tattoos! i love it all! show me all of the art!

space. idk man i like stars,, i fuck with nasa

jokes. dumb memes. comics. tweets. puns. let’s hear all of the shitposts

lowkey just cool photography, film, nature, the sky, mountains.. i’m a big sunset gal..,even just ordinary things shot well are much appreciated

shows: always sunny, bob’s burgers, stranger things, the office, etc etc

quotes, poetry, nice meaningful words!

// my blog is a mish mosh of stuff so i had to stop myself there

but ya send me a message if u want to talk or if u want me to take a look at ur blog or just say hi! love u all

ig/snap: shaanns


Thank you @last-of-my-bloodline for the suggestion!

Hexafusion 10: idk some cool group title

I actually love Fleetway’s swirly eyes too much for my own good. but eh, what can ya do?

Also, i wonder if anyone looks up the names i give em… like those arent just names

Bonus Paneis:

wow ok here goes

1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m not really a Freed fan so it’s hard to ship him with anyone honestly. I don’t mind this ship though I think in terms of love/sexual things, both can get pretty flustered (dem dorks) 

2. Holy hell no! LMAO if you think that is sexy then we most probably have different taste. I find that hilariously ridiculous! Idk, enjoy yourself, Freed xD

3. YUP! I like almost anyone/Natsu! Dragon slayers brotp is my weakness. Anyways, I have answered similar question here

4. Hello! YAS I like Macbeth/Jellal, I think they’re fluffy!!

5. Canajane is NICE but I lack the inspiration to ship them  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. Nope. Never heard of it but they do look good together and that ship name is pretty o.o

7. They’d look good together but I can’t really imagine how they’d interact?? It’s weird. I can ship Gray x Rogue but with Sting… Some kind of a jock and cool aloof guy romcom? xD

beabaseball  asked:

/sticks arm in

*grab ur arm and just dangling on it* heyooo

1. First impression: I dont.. exactly remember? I know you from MAYEM but didn’t really goes too deep your blog yet by then (just kinda oh that cool ppl who hangs out w/ skull) but then Ragester arc happened and that’s the first time i actually goes down crying after a fanfic in a while so basically its a deep FUCK YOU I LOVE YOU BUT FUCK

2. Truth is: Actually a good person, a mom with lots of catchildren, and disney princess (how??)

3. How old do you look: I dont think I ever see ur selfie at all so idk

4. Have you ever made me laugh: Beat Farm

5. Have you ever made me mad: …. ya know i thought this was meant like “get me angry enough to fight you” and i would’ve said no and I said no to skull too for the same reason, BUT I just remember that fanfics and MAYEM is a very real reason to get mad over the coaster of feels you and Skull has set everyone in so the answer is also yes.. you have.. plenty plenty of times ;;w;; ( i lov u but damn mom)

6. Best feature: The lowkey ready to fight aura you have is really admirable tbh and also lots of out fandom align and its great??

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nope!

8. You’re my: Internoot mom!

9. Name in my phone: Baseballmom

10. Should you post this too? Sure if you wanna~

((Mutuals send me a “hey” and I’ll answer with stuff))


Birthday present I drew for my best friend SIOBHAN!!! It was yesterday and I already showed it to her before : ) I just wanted to do something rly special with this (kindofembarrassingbutidontcare) vampire AU that has become our lifeblood in the past few months

(already so many feelings said already but I wANT 2 SAY MORE BC BEST TOMO!)

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superseriouscapturepro  asked:

Heya, Idk if ya do this kinda stuff but would it be cool if I had a little bit of positivity? I'm a Trainer Bronze from the fangame Pokemon Brick Bronze, and due to it being a fangame I often feel less true than other main series game Trainers. Not to say that's the case for everyone, just that it feels that way for me, yknow?

Hi Bronze!

I personally think its really cool that you’re from a fan game! Being from a non-official source doesn’t make you less true than any other trainer. While it may not seem like it at times, your adventures with your Pokemon and the region of which they took place in are all very much real, and just as amazing as any other! Roria looks like an amazing region and I would love to look into it some time! I think its amazing to meet a trainer from such a new region! I hope you begin to feel better, and more secure in your identity Bronze!

recourse-ao3  asked:

hey 👋

1. First impression: great lis writer who wrote my otp so good and did my mentally ill lesbian justice i was aware of from ao3 and ao3 comments who’s blog i stumbled across in the chaseprice tag is going to write MY rarepair?????? lord save me – is what i thought, really

2. Truth is: I REALLY didn’t estimate what our friendship would be turn out to be like honestly thinking back on when we first interacted i had no idea u were gonna become like one of my fave internet friends. you’re ridiculously talented, funny, intelligent, very generous and giving towards friends, you’ve helped me out and given me advice on a lot of occasions, idk you’re just great and strong and cool and i’m glad to know ya

3. How old do you look: mmm… 22-25.

4. Have you ever made me laugh: yup

5. Have you ever made me mad: nope

6. Best feature: still not 100% sure if this means like personality wise or appearance wise but im gonna do both here and say your cool ass zarya hair and also like ur self awareness and creativity and stuff

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nahh!

8. You’re my: good buddy!!!!!!

9. Name in my phone: don’t have ur number

10. Should you post this too? Yesssss do it

ohkissme  asked:

H e y

1. First impression: must be a real cool person

2. Truth is: what a NERD but you’re so so so strong and I love u with all my heart

3. How old do you look: idk like 17?

4. Have you ever made me laugh: hell ya

5. Have you ever made me mad: no?

6. Best feature: everything lol you’re gorgeous

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope

8. You’re my: oldest friend

9. Name in my phone: I think just ayana

10. Should you post this too?: sure

numinousbones  asked:

I'm v curious about warframe but don't have a lot of energy and spoons for checking it out myself - what do you like about it and what makes it fun to play? (it looks gorgeous so that's already a Big Selling Point)

Hi!! Sorry this took awhile it took a bit to like, think of a good response.
IDK i just, love it, so much.
I really like the collection aspect of getting all the weapons, mods, and warframes like some dang, pokemon. but instead its look at this cool new sword i got I can stab someone w this. And there’s the customization! A lot of it you gotta get w/ platinum (basically Warframe’s version of cartel coins), but you can do so much w/ it and make ya Warframes really unique. True end game is bein as fashionable as possible,,
And the overall setting is good, basically it’s set very far in the future in our Solar System, and you’re a Tenno who controls Warframes, you get woken up from status by the Lotus and you gotta protect the Solar System.

The combat is fast paced which I love.. Its very adhd friendly in that way bc there’s always some pull to keep playing lmao, it keeps my attention p well. it’s also fun just when you get a lot more weapons and keep trying out something new to use.
Like, when you start playing the game and haven’t been playing it already since like, it’s launch, there’s SO MUCH to do in it, I’ve played for 600 ish hours and I feel like I still have so so much to do in the game. I can log in and be like, oh well, what should i do in it today? Should I work on getting a new weapon? Warframe? Mod? Should I work on leveling or releveling a Warframe? Should I grind for Prime parts? Like there’s just like, lots to do. Once you get in the swing of it too it’s very fun to play w/ other people, especially on harder missions. Like I stressed out for a long time abt group missions but once I got into them they’re super fun and make hard solo missions a lot more fun.

I also like the mod system a lot and the difficulty curve, the game is admittedly hard to get into when you first start playing, and it can be very grindy depending, but when you start researching and figuring out how mods function and which ones to use to level weapons and warframes and progress through the Solar System, it’s really easy to get into the flow of it. Idk, I really like how it kinda leaves it up to you to figure it out which I’m generally a fan of in games. Plus I can help other people out too if they’re stumped on something.

AND THEN there’s the story quests.
The earlier quests in the game are alright, but once you get to Uranus and unlock Natah, Second Dream, Silver Grove, and War Within BOYYY the lore and the story is just, really good. Like I don’t wanna spoil it but those story missions are very good and easily my favorite in any game. IDK, a lot of the lore too is very Dark Souls in that you kinda like, gotta look for it I guess? Outside of it being presented in quests.

YEAH. Sorry this got really long and rambly!! I’m bad at talking abt games I like lmfao.

You’re at school and stiles leaves in class and ya follow him. Stiles is turning into a vampire bc he got bit. Idk XD
This is such a cool idea just sayin’

Who likes history? Me. Who doesn’t get history? You guessed it, me. Who has a hot smart kid in their class that they’re on good terms with? Me!

As usual, when the bell rang to signal the end of a hellish day, I was left sitting in the classroom with a confused look on my face. Our assignment made no sense whatsoever, but you know who seemed to understand? The hot guy I mentioned earlier. Stiles Stilinski. So, I decided to jump up and get his attention, maybe even ask for a cute lil’ study date.

But something was off with him today. He shuffled out of the classroom as fast as possible, when he normally waits for me. He didn’t even go to his locker, just ran out the front doors of the school. Naturally, being as nosey as I am, I followed him to see what was up. Staying a safe distance so I wouldn’t be caught, of course.

I followed him for about half an hour, since he was taking all of these different routes as if to throw off anyone who was following him. But when there is a cute guy, I go full hunter mode, and I was not thrown off.

He reluctantly stepped into the woods, and walked for a while until he got to what seemed to be the densest part of the forest. I watched him take off his jacket and place it on top of his backpack from behind a tree.

A deer came into view, and it took every ounce of self control to not take my phone out and take a snapchat. Trust me, it was hard.

But just as I was regaining myself, I saw Stiles attack the poor thing. He grabbed its neck, and actually bit the poor creature.

Stiles, you’re cute as hell, but what on earth are you doing.

I couldn’t help but let out a yelp of surprise, and he must have heard it, because he let the deer drop to the ground as he looked straight at me.

I froze.

He slowly walked towards me, and with every step closer, I took a step back.

“Y/N…so you’re the one who was following me…” He muttered, his voice husky.

God, if I wasn’t in a situation where he was sucking blood, that would be insanely hot.

“P-please don’t hurt me…” I whimpered, tripping over a tree’s root sticking out of the ground. I fell back, and stared at him as he loomed over me.

“What? God, Y/N, I would never hurt you.” He said, kneeling down beside me. I blushed. I actually blushed.

“Wh…what are you?” I managed, looking away from him.

“I knew I should have told you guys…I got bit by a vampire a while ago…” He mumbled, looking at the ground.

“You’re joking, right?” I asked with a nervous laugh. “We have vampires now?”

Stiles let out a soft chuckle, and then stared at the crook of my neck. I felt uncomfortable, so I tried to ignore it by making small talk. He didn’t listen.

“Stiles…?” I whispered.

“Do you like me?” Stiles asked me, still not moving his gaze.

“I-I…um…yes…?” I stuttered, unsure of how to respond.

“So you wouldn’t mind spending forever with me, would you?” He asked, biting into my flesh.


Alright so @all-that-and-a-bag-of-trash asked me to draw us being cool friends. So I wondered what if I met her in real life?where would I take her? Well idk if you’ve tried bubble tea, Elle but this would be the first thing I’d wanna do with you 😁. Also I’m just gonna pretend that the fishy likes it after trying it 😋.
(Also for some reason I thought your OC looked kinda like Undyne? Maybe the way I drew her lol) Anyhoo this was super fun so I’m defs gonna draw some more. (But not tonight, it’s 2:00 am and prim needs her sleep 😂)

greatermeaning  asked:

hey dude! saw ur tag on that harry styles t shirt with the hands and was wondering if there's a large quantity bc like if theres just one u should have it but if theres more id like to buy one too so if ya want to would u send a link over? thank you :)

Hey! I think they make tons because you can pick size and quantity!! Idk what the quality of the shirt is or even how they make it tbh but it looks cool lol. I hope the link works since I’m on my phone but if it doesn’t I think I just searched harry styles shirt on Etsy and it came up somehow!!


Jean's Last Moments

Heyo! This request comes from an anon. “Anonymous said: Hello! Can you do a recording of Jean and like all of his friends died so he is alone looking into a fire kinda going crazy and talking to marco, idk my ideas are scattered everywhere but ya I think this would be cool anyway THANKYOU”


Hey…Marco…Mikasa and Eren died today. They gave it one last attempt at fighting the colossal titan and…even combined, with Eren in titan form, that wasn’t enough. After Armin last week…that makes me the last survivor of the 104th squad. I don’t even know If I’ll make it through the night but…I just wanted to talk to you. I miss them…but I miss you so much more. By the look and sound of things though, I’ll be joining you soon. So, have a bowl of soup or something waiting for me when I join you, okay? It really shouldn’t be long now…I can hear them…I knew I was going to die anyway but…starting this fire…it reminds me of you. I don’t know why, maybe it’s how warm and inviting or whatever other bullshit it may be but…I’m glad I was able to share my final moments with you.

anonymous asked:

♌️☀️♓️🌙♋️ascending, also, talking in emoji then english feels like im swapping between languages. anyway, have at it.

OKAY im honestly living for this ask bc THATS MY SUN ND MOON SIGN !!! so im super excited to answer this nd also I love u thats so cool we hav the same signs (am libra rising tho just in case ya wondering)

so this might b a lil biased bc its gonna come a lot from personal experience but anyway I fuckin love leos I kno everyone shits on them for being arrogant nd attention seeking as fuck but we r some of the most loyal, generous nd genuinely caring people u will ever meet !!! we’re the most Extra sign lbrh like we love to look gr8 nd b dramatic nd make a memorable first impression, idk man we just thrive off people thinking we’re the absolute Shit yanno. the thing is tho that we dont just take this for granted !!! if u compliment a leo or show them affection it will rly truly mean a lot to them nd theyll probs remember it forever, and if ur friends w a leo they will love u w ur whole heart and theyll show it. we r full of love nd treat the people closest to us like absolute royalty but the downside 2 this is that we expect exactly that kind of treatment back nd will get stressed nd self-pitying when they r treated like anything less than that. i think an important thing 2 remember as a leo is that just bc someone doesnt show love as strongly as u doesnt mean they love u any less! ppl just hav different ways of showing it nd we just happen 2 go all out. it is tru that leos can treat others well 2 feed their ego tho, they want others 2 like them nd do anything 4 that, but we r genuinely loving people also. we’re creative, always havin big ideas but not the patience 2 follow thru lol. usually materialistic. DONT hurt a leos pride theyll either lash out at u or withdraw, its worth remembering that most leos build this whole ego bc theyre scared of being undesirable, they feel hurt if u dont pay attention to them bc they immediately assume it means u dont like them. leos often can take pride in being mean as well bc it gives them a sense of power so this is smth u wanna avoid. a lot of leos hav a tendency 2 lash out when they feel threatened (a fire sign thing lol), to talk lots nd hav confidence nd thrive off social interaction (this being bc they thrive off attention nd being liked lol). HOWEVER not all leos r like this!!! im certainly not most of the time, introverted nd shy leos r out there ESP when u hav a water moon sign which we do ! pisces moons r my absolute FAV. most pisces ppl r quiet nd dreamy, empathic as shit, feel emotions v strongly nd hav good intuition! having a water moon sign means ur gonna b emotional as fuck, not only for u but u feel other peoples emotions 2. u hav a deeply ingrained feeling that u should always put others before urself bc u always feel their feelings as strongly as ur own, this can lead 2 u being kind of a doormat sometimes. pisces people need 2 learn 2 stick up for themselves, they tend 2 expect someone else 2 do it for them esp if yr a leo pisces nd u feel hurt when u arent treated they way u feel u should b. all ur signs interact w eachother nd having a water sign moon kind of. dilutes the fireiness of being a leo a bit, so u r much more likely to b introverted nd less confident nd outgoing, leos r always self-concious but this might reflect negatively on a leo pisces who might find themselves outspoken a lot nd feel angry nd unwanted bc of this. anger in a fire/water sun/moon is almost always internal. there may b the occasion Rage but its most likely u turn ur anger in on urself nd dont let it show, which leads u to get more angry over time. pisces struggle a lot w showing emotions despite how deeply they feel them, nd ur leo sun is gonna b pissed that people arent there for u even tho ya struggle to tell them whats wrong !!! theres a lot of difficulty w being a leo sun pisces moon, theyre clashing as fuck nd being em both is Endless Internal Struggle if im honest but some factors that r prevalent in both signs r caring deeply for others nd doing ur best to b there for them, nd being intensely conscious of what others r thinking. pisces r generally also v spiritually in tune. bc ur rising is cancer people probably perceive u as emotional, sweet and kind, if a little selfish, w a tendency 2 b moody. u actually find a lot of leo and pisces traits in cancers so compared to the wild mix of ur sun nd mood, ur rising makes a lot of sense. cancer risings r caring nd often maternal towards their friends nd r seen as an emotional person who will put themselves first. this means its quite likely ur pisces moon isnt making u a doormat to everyone elses needs, or if it is u dont let this show. bc ur a water moon nd rising ur more likely 2 b a slightly diluted leo

i kno I rly went to town w this ask lol but i was shittin when u sent it like WOW we hav the same signs !!! anyway I hope I got all this right nd if I did we r v similar nd I might hav missed some stuff out but if I did ill go back nd add it nd ya im sending u a lot of love !

//talk to me abt astrology ill write u a fucken essay so it seems//

kikistudies  asked:

Hey. I just created this studyblr and I was wondering if you could link me some good blogs to follow 😊

yeah of course! i’m v excited to help you out, hope this helps! 

also, i want to say first (i’ll say it again) but this list doesn’t have every studyblr on it, and consists of only my top favorite studyblrs who have inspired or helped me, there are a billion million more amazing and gorgeous studyblrs out there to discover okay?
(and be warned i’m just gonna repetitively compliment each blog HAHA)

also, to everyone else who sees this, you should add your own studyblrs that you look up to!

first you can follow specific studyblrs via the studyblr index that has studyblrs all over sorted by country, major/minor, subject, etc!!!

and here are my favorite studyblrs: (also, there are a million more studyblrs that i think are absolutely amazing that i haven’t put on here, okay!!)

  • @thearialligraphyproject - has the literal best wallpaper and printables, gorgeous original content and super nice!
  • @gracelearns - super super super nice and has stuper cool stuff!!!
  • @odontologie - original content and posts and stuff really helped me through rough patches. amazing.
  • @asazora - the cutest and hella rad posts ever, and all original content is super bomb
  • @studylikeslytherin - literal goals and amazing posts
  • @studycxlture - that hella cool icon and amazing posts yes please
  • @etudiaire - goals goals goals
  • @fuckstudy - perfect. nothing else to say bc is perf
  • @sirenastudies - MY BAE follow her she’s the bestest and she’s super cute and she has the best posts in the world yup
  • @studywithmaggie - okay okay hear me out she’s super duper uber cute!! and has amazing posts and super duper nice and helpful
  • @the-brightest-witch-studies - makes the best graphics ever ever ever and is super cool
  • @milkystudies - the best icon in the world and super helpful and super nice and super everything…is everything i wanna be
  • @standardunistudent - OKAY THIS IS MY LOVE she’s super gorgeous and out of this world nice and i love her so much ok
  • @studyblr-bri - hella nice and hella rad posts, need i say more?
  • @hayley-studies - inspired me to start my studyblr, is one of the most helpful and super nice ppl ever to exist 
  • @jwstudying - best masterposts and lists and stuff ever omg omg the best
  • @areistotle - baH the uber best is amazing and has super helpful original posts
  • @nehrdist - amazing studyblr, everything posted is a+++
  • @solarstudy - inspiring and uber cool
  • @hope-studies - sUPER nice and friendly and agh so cool
  • @elkstudies - the coolest and friendliest and prettiest and everything-ist ok???? inspired me to make my studyblr yay
  • @academla - okay okay literally look up to this studyblr so much ugh
  • @studyvet - the bestest ever ever ever ever
  • @emmastudies - insp me to make my studyblr, super amazing
  • @hermionegoals - the best original content, hands down
  • @studylou - the first studyblr i talked to, is the friendliest and super helpful!!
  • @studybuzz - most inspiring studyblr ever, literal goals
  • @katsdesk - the coolest studyblr on the block yas
  • @haleystudies - has really helpful posts and is super friendly and super cool
  • @studytildawn - my favorite. super pretty, super amazing bujo spreads, and is just idk, wonderful
  • @studyign - gahhh amazing masterposts and the most helpful ever and super nice and everything
  • @succulentstudy - most inspiring studyblr ever and super nice and super cool and ugh i look up to her so much

okay yah 1) these are only a few amazing studyblrs 2) my repertoire of vocabulary words seems to consist of ‘nice, amazing, helpful, cool, and bestest i’m so sorry i sound like a broken record haha 3) THERE ARE SO MANY MORE STUDYBLRS OUT THERE THAT ARE SO AMAZING so yah this list isn’t by any means finished or complete okay

so guys you should all add your favorite studyblrs to the list okay?????