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Can you PLEASE tell us about how you and your girl got together because honestly I'm so curious and I have feeling it's a really interesting story. You're being so vague about it and it's driving me nuts!!

Ughhhhghgh fine ok i don’t wanna bore you but anyway since everyone’s so curious… (This is long btw so I advise you not to bother)

A few months ago I was up for a promotion at work and I’ve been sitting in on dinner meetings with the bosses because they were shaping me up to be part of the assembly and stuff. So that goes on for a few weeks then one day my direct boss says there’s two of us they’re looking at for the promotion and I was like okay cool who doesn’t like a little competition right. One day at one of the meetings, my boss says the chick I’m up against is gonna join us because her boss wanted her to meet everyone. So this meeting happens right and this chick comes in all snooty and prissy and looking like she’s better than everyone and it just irks me ok. I hate people who try too hard and I felt it in my gut that this chick was just opening her mouth just for the heck of it. Ya namsayin? So anyway she just annoys the fuck out of me the whole night and I’m just not having it right but to top it off, she asks if she could buy me a drink at the end of the night all cocky and shit. And lol I hate being cornered so I’m sweaty and about to become a stuttering mess when I muster up the courage to say “ask me again next time” and honestly I was like ????? the fuck did that come from. But anyway I left. And lo and behold there /was/ a next time. Three next times to be exact. And the third one, there were sleazy men involved who were making the both of us uncomfortable. And I could tell that she really wasn’t ok anymore. Her usual bite and snark were faltering so I came in to save the day LMAO ok I have a hero complex so I was like ok hey do you wanna get out of here? (Women sticking up for one another, hey there.) so anyway we drove back to her place and well… In my defense I had like a couple of glasses or margaritas already prior so like 🙃. So the next day I was gonna be like totally chill about it and stuff like it was totally a one time thing ya know? But we had another dinner meeting and she was hella forward. More than she already was. It was both overwhelming and really sexy? Idk how to describe it. I am weak ok. So ya know 🙃 again. Oh and um. Alcohol wasn’t involved this time around so… Okay moving forward it became a regular thing. A casual thing ya know. I still hated her guts because for some reason she was different with other people around? Like she was so pretentious and so anal and just trying so hard to impress everyone and it was just really too much, so exhausting. But like when it was just the two of us it was okay. The banter was very natural, fun, light. Idk it’s like something snaps when she’s around other people. But yeah. So the 🙃 was great. And like I said it was a regular thing right and neither of us was looking for something more ya know. Just the way I liked it because yikes I don’t really do relationships or feelings or commitment. Idk. But anyway! So I got an injury right and my leg was in a cast, so we couldn’t 🙃 and I thought we’d stop interacting altogether which was really okay with me. I wasn’t attached or anything. But we started hanging out and having coffee together and we started being actual friends. And like behind the snooty, prissy know-it-all she was actually really fun to be around. And then idk like something happened overnight I guess I DUNNO but I just know one day she was getting along with people at work like she didn’t used to, and she was laughing and genuinely being pleasant to be around. And like that day I was just like um I wanna be around her all the time what does this mean. So I did what I do best I kind of fled LMAO because ew feelings. But things turned to shit and I realized it wasn’t worth it so I was like fuck it can I officially take you out on a date and she was like how chivalrous and I was like shut up and then there you go.

A bit anti climactic I know. Sorry. But anyway that’s that. There’s a lot I missed out on but that’s the gist.

Oh and I got the promotion.