ya i'm tagging him

  • some of y'all: joseph is problematic and deserves absolutely nothing
  • some others: joseph is 100% unproblematic and deserves everything good in life
  • me: i personally think joseph is a grey individual, he's not entirely bad but he does actually say the word ’wink’ whenever he winks so that's not okay,

Rich: …The Squips did this to him. Threw him off his balcony. It’s a miracle he’s still…ya know?

It’s been three months…but I’m not giving up hope yet! Jakey D is tough as nails and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just waiting for the perfect moment to wake up again…

Just. I’ll be here for ‘im, like always, ‘cause he’s my pal. The closest bro I got.

marik, requested by @the-blonde-goblin !!

a pouty boy, and angry boy

i’m kinda slow, but requests for yugioh characters are still open, i’m having fun

frosty-viking  asked:

can you draw hunk helping white haired keith dye his hair black?

ask and you shall receive, frosty


jian + kisses


Gorillaz Gang V.S Humanz Gang

(For @maccamc awesome Gang AU for the Gorillaz!!!)

So, Sasuke has Itachi’s Sharingan-activated memories burned into his eyeballs, right? Because, if that’s the case, Sasuke Uchiha is the #1 living source of information on Kisame. Mannerisms, battle tactics… he could probably teach Killer B everything he needs to know about Samehada. Heck, he could write a short biography on the as-far-as-we’re-aware Last Hoshigaki.

It wouldn’t be unlike a wandering ninja to start self-publishing…


I’ll take anything

progress reports


Goal 1: enjoy plush toys around Gunner regardless of what he’s doing

  • every day I’m huSTLIN
  • jk every day I’m releasing Ash from the bedroom when I get home, giving him his plush toy, and throwing a party with him
    • he is most confident & drivey at this tiem
    • (do we still do the tiem joke)
    • (does it even work here)
    • (anyway)
  • currently at the point where I can now release Gun from his crate, Gun leaves Ash alone, and Ash keeps playing while Gun chews on leftover Kongs
  • introducing plush toy to Gunner, which increases his energy/arousal quite a lot, still results in Ash absolutely leaving right away to his Safe Space the Bathroom

Goal 2: greetings

  • right now I’m popping into Supergirl’s reactive classes on Thursday again
  • we also did a solo sesh with her 1yr old dog Ash has met before
    • he mostly wants to see Supergirl more than her sidekick
    • but still greets!
    • he is polite but he is mildly tense in the face
    • it is much softer than when he meets other dogs in other situations (although there have been some that have been good)
    • at the end sidekick came over to instigate some play, Ash just turned the other way, sidekick accepted the rejection
    • finally we tried to do one last greeting but at that point Ash just laid by my feet, even when sidekick came over to see & sniff him
  • future goal? have Ash react that way anytime somebody greets him
    • like the ultimate goal would be to be able to take him out to patio restaurants or something
    • he just has to get over other dogs/being startled by new things/etc.
    • not that that’s easy
    • but like … if he wants to lay there and ignore another dog and look at me, fuckin A+++ my dude, I’ll body block, I got you, I got you


Goal 1: impulse control/not jumping on visitors

  • so like, he doesn’t jump on us anymore, which I don’t think I really have appreciated enough or given him (or me) enough credit for
  • but when people come over he is still a gosh dang pogo stick
    • in the sense that he SPRANG straight up in the air doesn’t even touch you but tries to boop your nose with his nose maybe
  • anyway I am continuing amp up/ramp down with the Wubba and things are going swell
  • he’s also mellowing out in general as he approaches 3 years in January
    • not that he’s mellow by any means
    • but like
    • he actually reaches a point sometimes now when he says ah, okay, I am done with fetch
    • we’ve certainly gotten to a point where he doesn’t need outside time (30-60mins) and then inside tug time (30mins) about an hour later and then a hardcore chew to cap the night

Goal 2: fuckin let me put him in LITERALLY A N Y SPORT pls???

  • idk what to do about this honestly besides wait and cross my fingers about Supergirl’s upcoming projects, but she also has some health issues to take care of first, and I just don’t really see anything happening until spring at the earliest
  • the two clubs near us are a bit too old-fashioned for my tastes and I am just afraid to bring in my bully breed mutt there honestly
    • it’s where Asher was suddenly yanked off the ground, by his collar, by a trainer, and then another place that seems to be difficult to get into
  • there are other places in the surrounding areas! buuuuut I want to say one is at least within an hour’s drive, buuuuuut I’m pretty sure they’re all at least 1.5-2 hours away
    • which, honestly? on the weekend? I’d probably give it a shot
    • but surprise: their classes are at THREE O CLOCK P M ON WEEKDAYS
    • fml tbh
  • any advice on this would be great, I’m kind of at a loss
  • might just have to start spending summers with @paws-on-contact ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
sexuality headcanons for the paladins

Lance: bi

Keith: gay

Hunk: panrom ace

Pidge: gay ace


Reasons To Date D.O

Talking to him through FaceTime  

Him playing with his hair 

Him being flustered when you say I love you for the first time

His body transformation 

His heart shaped smile 

If anybody and I mean anybody hurts you, they’ll have to watch their backs

You know he’s gonna bring the squad to help with the deed 

But he’ll always be fluffy infront of you 

Him giving  you his jacket when you’re cold

Him in a suit like no…. 

Him being awkward with skinship 

But with you he’ll be super cuddley 

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