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Kar’s 150 Milestone Giveaway

Not gonna lie, I’m actually shocked my ass made it back to triple digits in less than three months. At any case, low key running a giveaway as thanks

The Prize: One Free Commission of Choice OR a $25 Gift Card towards…whatever you fancy. Amazon/Steam/Starbucks. Ya feel?


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I guess that’s it.

Deadline is July 28th, 2017. 

How AC characters study for finals
  • Altaïr: *stares at the stack of papers* DESYNCHRONIZED
  • Malik: *tries to get Altaïr's shit together by repeatedly insulting him* NOVICE!!!
  • Ezio: *sexts his girlfriend*
  • Ezio text: [hey come over I'm going to fail this anyways lol]
  • Connor: *studies hard the whole night, watches puppy videos to relax*
  • Connor: I'm going to die :,)
  • Haytham: *doesn't need to study because this ass is a smart ass*
  • Lee: *procrastinates because knows that he's gonna cheat from Haytham tomorrow*
  • Hickey: *doesn't give a shit, drops out the day before finals are over*
  • Aveline: *crams material that isn't even on the final, but just in case*
  • Aveline: Imma learn all capitals of the world for this math exam....
  • Edward: alright, after studying hard for an hour, I'm going to take a shot of vodka...lets go
  • Edward: *gets drunk in 30 minutes*
  • Adewale: *tries to help Edward, gives up and drinks as well*
  • Shay: *betrays his study group, skips finals, decides to become a sailor*
  • Shay: fuck ya'll, imma swim to the sunset.
  • Arno: *consumes a large amount of baguettes in 15 minutes because he's nervous*
  • Arno: Ah merde, there are no questions about me. I'm going to fail.
  • Elise: *tries to study while watching Arno sob about his sorry ass*
  • Elise: ....why am I dating you again?
  • Evie: *studies hard af a month before finals, takes extra classes, barely leaves her room*
  • Jacob: :D lel where da party tho?
  • Henry: *joins to study with Evie just because he has a crush on her*
  • Henry inside: *^* she is so concentrated, omfg I want her now.
  • Starrick: *joins Haytham on the Smart Ass train*
  • Starrick: idgf, I've got money, ya'll can suck my d-

My totally original characters guys lmfao

Jk, I wanted to draw the three hedgies in the Mickey Shorts style? I think thats what it’s called? X’’D I think the style is adorable so yeeee o3o.

Don’t ask me why I made Shadow and Silver similar to Bendy and Oswald–And the fact that Sonic is wearing Mickey’s pants X’’D.

Hope you liked it! If ya did

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And here is another art raffle to celebrate 300 followers ^-^


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3. That’s all. Just wait for the results now or you can chat with me if ya want, I love talking to people xD

I won’t draw:

- mecha
- nsfw

Raffle ends: 20th May

If you have any questions feel free to ask them ^-^

The list of the most amazing people in the world xD :

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My watch has ended...

I started this blog 1 year and 2 months ago. I wanted to create a gallery with all the pictures of Caitriona during her modeling days. To celebrate her amazing work as a successful model. I spent hours searching, looking at thousands of photos to try to spot her. It was fun, like a treasure hunting. Sometimes i was like “wow” or “wtf is that?”. Every time i found a new fashion show i was excited, mesmerized by Caitriona and her “runway style”. So unique, fierce, sexy, self-confident and funny sometimes. Through 2000 to 2013, i’ve found 487 shows and i’m sure there are more out there. I couldn’t have found all of these shows without the help of some people during my quest. Thank you @atraveleramongearth, @balfyoddlyeager, @lulu-tan79 and @the-sassynach.

The important question now is what i’ll do with this blog… i don’t know yet… Maybe i’ll post collages, manip once in a while… Or maybe i’ll create another blog to interact more with people, to reblog and to post various stuff. Anyway i’ll stay around because even if it’s not fun everydays lately i’ve made good friends with who i like to talk and the women here are so funny, strong and inspiring. My inbox will stay open if you have questions or if someone find new fashion shows i could add to the list. 

Thank you to all of you who liked, reblogged, commented on my posts. I hope you liked it and it was a fun ride for you too. I salute you “and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”.

PS: i don’t stop posting fashion photos because of all the things that happened lately. It’s just because i don’t have any pictures left to post and there are no new shows on my list ;-) 


commissions open! help me pay for rent and food and get a really cute drawing in return. please send inquiries to kathrynsimrell@gmail.com

  • i’ll draw anything ! including gore, explicit, ocs, fanart, robots, animals, just ask if you’re unsure :)
  • prices are in USD and payment is thru paypal only! full payment is due once the first sketch is approved
  • you’ll receive a hi-res .png file upon completion that you can use however you’d like (except selling/commercial use lol)

thank you for reading! reblogs are very much appreciated



hey guys! 

its been awhile since the last time i posted my lockscreens. i was so busy (lazy) lately so i dont really post lockscreens anymore. But im kinda back now! Got lots of lockscreens to be uploaded very soon. Hope you enjoy this lockscreens i made ya! <3

ps. send me messages tell me everything! :D



Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

hello this is me again, first of all I wanted to thank everyone who reblogged and/or liked my previous post. You made extremely happy, and knowing that it may have made someone laugh warms my heart, so yeah thanks again, love ya!Second of all I don’t know how many of these I will make, I already have another one ready for next week, but then I’ll need to watch more series to do more so yeah there’s a little problem. Oh and feel free to suggest me some anime to watch and “review”

“It’s not a fashion statement, it’s a death wish” and “Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today” are Big Mood trauma songs


110417 • 1st Week of April •  🎧 : The Spring - Jung Eunji 》
Ya girl had her first driving lesson last week and I died within the first 20 minutes :-) I nearly crashed the car oml. And I have my next lesson tomorrow. Hopefully I do better this time round. (´๑・⌓・`)

Also I made an studygram: @ttstudys. I will most likely be more active on there since there’s no need to reblog things and maintain tags :’) I’m lazy as hell. Hope to see you there! And hope you all have a lovely day!!!  ♡

Inspo: @stillstudies

hey everyone i’m on mobile but it’s annoying the hell out of me so stop reblogging c/herryands/ister/s. she’s made killing stalking art (http://cherryandsisters.tumblr.com/post/157393583834/what-a-jackass) even though people have repeatedly told her to stop. she’s rlly big in ya lit fandom/lots of anime fandoms rn and i’m tired of seeing her on my dash


someone asked for trans keith icons so here ya go :3c

I tried to get a bunch of different expressions but keith is p much grumpy 90% of the time

if you want me to put a different flag behind one of these hmu

please reblog or like if you use/save


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