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You Owe Me - Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,231

Summary: The reader has an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Having never seen Supernatural, the interview definitely does not go as planned.

Part 1

“Hi! Welcome to Smashbox Studios. My name is Lauren. How can I help you?” An annoyingly perky redhead asks.

“Hi. My name is Y/N Y/L/N. I’m here for an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki. They’re here for a photo shoot.”

“Oh, yes! Ok, so there’s been a change of plans.” She says smiling. 

Of course.

“The shoot is running a little behind schedule right now. The photographer only has a certain amount of time he’s available today. He needs to make sure they fit everything in. So your interview has been moved.”

 Oh, come on.

“Jared and Jensen both apologize. They will meet you at the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar in about two hours. The reservation will be under Ackles.” 

She must have sensed you were annoyed because she kept talking. 

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BTS reacting to there S/O having an enlarged or gauge ear piercing (requested)

A/N: This was requested by @firenightbutterfly I don’t know how good this is going to be because I personally don’t have gauged ears so sorry if I get some information wrong Ps sorry for the delay I had a lot of projects that got handed out before we got relisted for winter break I hope that you like them and thank you so much for the request again I am so sorry for the wait~Zero


I feel like Jin wouldn’t mind you having enlarged ear piercings as long as they weren’t too big maybe like 14mm or 1/16 of an inch would be as big as he would want you to go because he would want you to damage your ear anymore.However when he found out about all the cute earrings that you could get he would probably take you to go and get earrings in almost every shade. Jin: “Jagi what about these ones aren't they cute we should get them to.” Y/N: “But Jin we already have 3 different shades of pink *while holding the earrings up and laughing* Jin: “But Y/N you can never have too much pink so let’s just these ones to please (Gif) 

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Rap Monster:

I am going to be completely honest Namjoon would think that is hot that you have gauged ears no matter what size he would love it 100% especially if you wore the spiral tapers or the hanger/hooks tapers. He would also love all the different designs that were available. Namjoon: “Hey Y/N/N you should get these they bring out the color in your eyes.” he would say while pointing to galaxy spiral tapers. Y/N: “really?” Namjoon: “Ya and they’ll make you look hot. I will pay for them right now.” (the cringe I am so sorry) 

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I feel that at first J-hope would sorta be grossed out because you can fit a pencil through your ear,However, It is J-hope he will warm up to the idea fast and will love you just as much.J-hope: “Jagi I don’t mind you having gauged ears but please do not put anything other than the earring through your ears in front of me please.(He is serious Asf)

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Jimin would love you just as much if not more if you had gauges, I feel jimin is the type of person that will support is S/O as much as the A.M.R.Y supports him with everything you do like you could probably get a tattoo with no meaning what so ever and Jimin will support you.Jimin: wow jagi that is so cool how big do you want to go? I will always support you no matter what but I am just curious. Should I start gauging my ears?*he would say the last part joking*

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Suga would be honest be too tired to noticed when you started to enlarge your ears until you got to about 5.19 mm/size 4 Suga:”jagi did you started gauging your ears or something cause you look different not in a bad way, and when did you start? Y/N: A month ago suga you don’t remember when I told you do you.” Suga:(Gif) what of course I do haha(nervous laughter)

I couldn’t find the gif that I was looking for so you will just have to bear with me 

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V: V would think that is was so awesome that you had the courage to do that and that you just did it without caring what other people thought of you.To Taehyung you are the same Y/N that you were before you started to enlarge your ears it didn’t affect you personally just your appearance. V: “wow jagi you are so inspiring I might start gauging my ears too. I am glad that you are not afraid to express yourself.”

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Jungkook: Ok let’s be real Jungkook’s ears are gauged a little bit because of the type of earrings he wears so when he saw that you started to gauge your ears Jungkook being the cute boyfriend he is would want to gauge his ears bigger with you and that would become your new couple thing. Jungkook: Babe we should make this into a tradition like every time I come home from a very long tour we should go up a size or a half of a size.”

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