ya i know its bad

*sighs sadly*

leaving now for a party I really don’t want to attend; the music will be too loud & I’m not really going to fit in–but I can’t beg off because it’s a housewarming kinda thing for one of my best friends

all I really wanna do right now is get some sinful food…and then write


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

why is it that RIGHT after Mac comes out and the gay side of the IASIP fandom gets a little bit louder suddenly all these randoms start popping out of the woodwork to talk about how we’re watching the show wrong and trying to police how we interact with the show and what kind of gay memes we gays can make like

calm your asses down let me be gay and excited about the bad funny men being gay in peace 

  • Kou: Hey I'm getting stuff for everyone on movie night want something?
  • Kei: You can't possibly get me what I want.
  • Kou: hAH TRY ME-
  • Kei: I want Kai back
  • Kou: .....
  • Kou: ....So chips or something?
  • Kei: *facepalms*

Considering I don’t make graphics, gifs, edits, or any technical contribution to the snk fandom at all, just weird captions with the perfect accompanying screenshot…

I’m uselessly happy to be in trending tags all four weeks the show has been back on.

anonymous asked:

pls talk about aurora's hair like how thick //is// it and does she ever put it in different styles or does she prefer it to be down????

I AM SO HAPPY THAT U ASKED THIS  ???  🌹     mainly because i’ve mentioned how iconic princess aurora’s hair is so many times and it honestly is.    i’m gonna try to keep this short but  ??    we all know that’s not gonna happen……  so aurora has really,  really  light hair.   it’s like a perfect medium between honey - blonde  and  platinum - blonde.    it’s always been this color  and  part of its beauty is that she’s never really done much to it.   

her hair is also extremely thick.  EXTREMELY THICK.   she has so much hair and i am jealous    !!!!!    its healthy  and  is naturally a bit curled.   it’s also very long  and  falls down to the small of her back   /    just past her rear when straight.     and  as far as styles go   !!!   she actually normally wears it down,   typically loose  and curled.      when she is in the guise of briar rose,   she’ll usually slip a headband in.     HOWEVER   !    she’s been known to wear it in a high - braided - bun when she’s doing diplomatic /  ceremonial / royal events   &.   she’ll wear it in a low pony - tail before bed.   what a lot of people don’t know   !!   is that she’s an equestrian   !!   so when she rides,   she’ll wear her hair in a loose braid.     HER CROWN IS COMPLETELY SEPARATE.    when shes around the castle,   she’ll wear a traditional tiara.   aurora has a special,   extremely - jeweled tiara for royal events,  however    !!    

       basically…..  the princess’ hair is beautiful  and  imo,  it’s one of her most important,    stand - out features    !

So two days ago I saw my white next door neighbor outside grilling chicken...

Now I’m taking my trash out to the trashcan which is in my back yard and see my white neighbor grilling chicken. Out of pure curiosity and the fact that I’m petty af I ask him what he uses to season his chicken before putting it on the grill. Son, I promise to y'all on everything that I have…(actually let me chill, all I have right now is a great sense of humor and an increasing student loan). Let me rephrase that, I promise to y'all on everything that I hope to have that this man responded back saying “Olive oil.” Now I’m waiting for him to continue naming at least one kind of spice but no that was it, just olive oil. Now as soon as he said this the conversation was over from my point of view but apparently not his. This nigga just kept going on. He’s like “yea I sprinkle a bit of salt on it then lather it in olive oil for the chicken to just soak up its flavor a bit ya know? Then I just put that bad boy on the grill and we’re good to go.” Now I’m thinking to myself “where Tf you going? You better go to Walmart and find some chicken seasoning b” this shit is unacceptable.


“Figured you guys need some grub … hospital food is the worst. And the portions? Very small.”


Surprise surprise!!
So I decided to start translating @fairieswithoutwings ’ beautiful fic into my native language. So here you have it, a few sneak peeks of I want to love you but i dont know how: Georgian version (lol)
But yeah, this is just the beginning and I’m curious to see how me being a translator ends hahaha :)

  • Me: *puts in disk 1 of The Musketeers*
  • *within moments*
  • Mom: WOO such a sequence of endless delight

not to be so over dramatic but like i feel like if you’re showing a show to someone who’s never seen it it’s like common courtesy to warn them at least a little bit that the episode is rough to watch

I really like to think that ‘’Mulan’’ is a SasuSaku disney version or something like that. Because come on

Mulan: At the beginning ‘’weak’’ and ‘’useless’’, but then she cuts her hair, works harder and kicks villains’ asses. 

Captain Li Shang: cold, harsh, strong, he want to make his father proud, but then he dies and Li Shang wants revenge

And just look at them:

I like think in that way.