ya i could fap to this

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I fap to your shirtless pictures, does that creep you out?

Ya know what if you are being genuine I don’t care as a matter of fact I’m flattered you think I’m that attractive to do it to xD and if you’re doing it in the privacy of your own room its not hurting anybody so go do you but thanks for the laugh hahahaha if the girls in high school could hear about this now! 

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Jee shucks I really wish people cared more about others than their fap material. I guess that's asking too much of human beings in this day. Especially when. You point out what they like hurts people. Instead of being like "oh shit really? Sorry!" They kinda go "ya right, how could this triggering content hurt people?" Hmmm... Not a hard concept to grasp Brenda

oh worm??? i’m really not sure what’s so hard about this to grasp