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I've seen the hairstyle swaps, and I was wondering if you could try swapping Ed and Riza's bangs? Thank you

You say that but all I hear is “Mama!Hawk” and so here’s Riza showcasing her new braiding skills :D


marvel aesthetic~young avengers//first generation

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures used here

what young avengers taught me

eli taught me to stand up for what you believe in no matter who tells you you’re wrong

kate taught me that you don’t need powers or training or much of anything to fight for the right thing

teddy taught me that being kind to everyone is not a weakness and neither is unexplainable love

billy taught me that having depression is something that you can recover from and that believing in yourself is an important step

tommy taught me that it doesn’t matter where you started it just matters where you’re going

jonas taught me about being an individual

cassie taught me to respect my roots

noh varr taught me that a positive outlook on life is a good thing

david taught me that intelligence and wisdom are badass

america taught me that sometimes you just need to kick ass

nate taught me to not fuck around with time travel or you might become kang the conqueror


Finally back with art now that exams are done !! This one is for the Young Avengers Exchange (so sorry it’s late !!)

Prompt was : Festive happenings in which America is wearing a holiday jumper which does something horrendous like light up or sing a song or something. Possibly Kate’s doing. Amerikate always welcomed!

Well, when you’re from a world created by Billy Kaplan, stars that light up on your swearter might just be normal fashion sense where you come from, you know ? Maybe it does sing. Or has magical properties. Inter-dimensional radio? Who knows.

Okay, Nest Eggs,

Momma Hawk is headed to Disney World this week! I’m going to do a casual Disneybound as Hawkeye and I’ll try and post pics after. BUT because that’s all I can think about I’ve had a hard time with writing so I’m not sure if I’ll have an update to either Cool Down or An Owed Debt. But I’m going to Disney soo…. kinda not sorry lol. Thanks for reading and hopefully you’ll be able to last a little longer. 💜🏹

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should you fight this young avenger?
  • kate: 200% fight kate. she probably blew up something that day and knows it. what a poop. fight kate. fight kate all the way. if you don't fight kate, chances are she'll try to fight you. fight her.
  • eli: well you could. you'll probably hurt his feelings but you could. also he might lecture you in the middle of the fight so if you're into that. But make sure to have a good reason. If no then there are better people to target.
  • cassie: wtf? why? isn't she like actually 12 now? Who fights twelve year olds? Don't fight twelve year olds. Don't fight cassie. Don't touch cassie. what's wrong with you?
  • billy: sweet gullible little child. why would you fight him? no. answer me. do you just get off on punching people who have done zero things to deserve it in their lifetime? How can you make him sad? he's just trying to be a good cookie. let him be a good cookie. (also he inherited mommy's flaring temper and magic powers so even if you're a monster who will fight small children it's probably not a good idea to fight billy)
  • america: no see, you have no say in this. if she fights you, then you're fighting her whether your punk ass wants to or not. You'll lose but it'll at least be a good show.
  • teddy: no. he's just already trying his best. what more do you want from him? what more can you take? he'll probably sit you down and ask you why you're doing this and then be supportive and stuff. really. why fight this nerd?
  • tommy: do not even touch. he doesn't deserve it. you may WANT to fight him and I'm here to alert you that that's kinda normal. but I'm telling you to resist because this small baby has had enough shit in his life and needs to be kept away from fights. no fighting. leave him be. also he blows things up and you probably couldn't catch him anyways.
  • noh varr: just. do. it. why not? might as well. he most likely has done something. and if not, he probably won't even mind. he'll think it's a cool trend or something.
  • david: fight david. what a nerd. push into a locker. he knows like 20 different ways out anyways, he's fine.
  • loki: fight loki. fight loki for no reason. fight loki for shitty reasons. there's always a reason to fight loki. relentlessly fight loki. laugh and fight loki. invite your friends and fight him together. hell, invite loki and fight loki.
  • jonas: why would you even?
  • nate: fight him. do it. he'll cry. you'll feel kinda bad but then you'll REMEMBER and then feel much less bad. fight.
who you should fight: hawkeyes edition

clint: his quiver is full of trick arrows but he’s a strong experienced fighter, catch him on an off day though and he’ll probably just let you beat him up because he’s too tired to care, fight him because he can be a real ass and needs a good slap every once in awhile

kate: will literally shoot you in the face with real freakin arrows and blow you up, if she doesn’t leave you half dead she’ll give you a verbal lashing so harsh you’ll wish she had just killed you, do not fight

barney: he’ll pretend to lose and then rob you when your back is turned, not worth the trouble, avoid fighting him

the neighborhood watch: they took on a heavily armed supervillain mafia and won, they’re fighting to save their neighborhood from evil gentrification plots, why fight them when you could join them?

tracksuit dracula: no more dangerous than your average lowlife henchman but watch out for his tracksuit bros, fight him because it’s the right thing to do

madame masque: if her robot servants aren’t around you could probably take her but she’ll develop a weird obsession and try to date you while planning how best to torture and kill you, unless you’re into that avoid her

mockingbird: lmao do you want to die today?? honestly you won’t even get a chance to fight her, it’ll be over before it even starts

lucky: who fights a dog? whats wrong with you???? just get a pizza to share and cuddle while you watch reality tv