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can we get rid of the idea that ‘strong women’ in media can’t fall in love or be straight

  • ok so what if alec and izzy were both the same height for a really long time while they were little
  • because they’re pretty close in age right
  • and izzy was always pretty tall for her age in general
  • but all of a sudden alec started getting taller
  • but like so was she let her live
  • and for a long time it was a lil competition of no, I’M taller!
  • ok but imagine izzy making robert measure the two of them against the institute’s walls
  • and robert raising the pencil just half an inch
  • just so izzy can be satisfied and that she’s indeed not getting shorter and yes, izzy, you’re as tall as alec, see? 
  • and there are still faint lil pencil lines on the frame of izzy’s bedroom door that she wouldn’t dare paint over
  • anyways
  • all of a sudden izzy was losing
  • because the tall tree that is alec lightwood just wouldn’t stop growing
  • so she started bringing out the big guns (aka seven inch heels)
  • and was all like frick ya imma beat alec at this now
  • but then alec just kept fucking growing and growing
  • and now her head barely reaches his shoulder, even while wearing her biggest stilettos
  • but she smiles anyway

what up, it’s ya boy buck and i’ve been rping richie gecko ‘ere for like…ten months and ten fucking days, mate and like i said. i don’t really care if i get more followers than this. or less followers than ten cause i’m all about having everything in tens. so, if i start noticing my follower count going up to twelve or hell, even eleven, lol, ten out of bloody fucking ten— i’ll start to loose my shit. speaking of human excrement, I…don’t have any heart rendering, tear jerking, life moving words to pull out of my ass right now; so, don’t count on it. i’m just genuinely fucking content i made it to ten whole followers in the span of ten whole months and ten whole days; that’s all i have to say. so, i’m definitely grateful to you, mates. you’re all the fucking shit and the fdtd rp community is great. *sammy classic sonic fan voice* you’re all a frickin’ ten, ya frickin fricks. don’t let anyone stop you from doin’ your thing.

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ofhammerhead  asked:

Cindy's arms are thrown around her twin sister's neck as an endless amount of kisses are placed to her oil-stained, cute cheeks. ❛ T'cheer ya up a lil', sis! No frownin', no sad faces! Keep that in mind, okay? ❜ She grins, placing a final kiss to the tip of her nose.

     She doesn’t normally let bad moods affect her, always sunny & positive, but she’s ONLY human. Had she  r e a l l y  been frowning? Leave it to her darling twin sister to notice something so subtle. ❝ Well HEY now! ❞ She’s giggling while she speaks, immediately cheered up by her sister’s affection. The frown is long gone now and her tiny nose  c r i n k l e s  under all the kisses. ❝ Fine, looks like ‘ya CAUGHT me! ❞  


Happy 21st Birthday Jisoo!

Dec 30 1995; the day you were born and when the world looked brighter. You’ve grown up so much the past few months, it’s quite unbelievable! You deserve to rest up on your birthday, you’ve worked so hard the past few years. Your soothing voice and ‘gentleman-like’ personality never fails to make us smile and love you. We hope to stay beside you and support you in the future! No matter what happens, we love you, Hong Jisoo ♡♡♡

Pokemon sun and moon confirmed!! Also some birb pokemon too, that we saw for like a few seconds barely - using screenshots n guessing how its face looks, i drew it!! It looks like a woodpecker, at least the feet~!


This isn’t just a photo of me holding one of the world’s largest chameleons, Furcifer oustaleti, on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, western Madagascar at the tender age of 14.

This is a photo of the first time in my entire life I ever held, or even touched, a chameleon.

It’s ridiculous to think how far I’ve come in the decade since this photo was taken.

The photo was taken by Bill Love.

@ 9029

first of all. that’s my number ya frick. it’s literally tattooed on my arm. 

you’re a fairly new mutual actually. normally i’m hella cautious on this shetty website with follows and stuff. but somehow ya came out as aight when a long time mutual got your reblogs on my dash. 

shet man your interests intrigue me. (other than the toku and grisaia void i personally threw ya in) your taste in horror and AESTHETIC is thicc and juicy. i dwindled in the horror stuff time to time before but your recommendations have been hella solid.

mood wise you’re nerdly chill. your sense of humor is like mine but at a more reserved level compared to my excessive line crossin. you’re like the straightman to my shetposts. 

also man. draw more. i like when people create stuff.