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Do you get a different high when you shoot meth versus snorting or smoking it? Like do

Oh frick ya you do. There’s a huge difference. I don’t even know how to explain it.

When you smoke it you get very tense, restless, and you end up smoking it for hours on end because it’s never enough; you are just never satisfied. The high is short-lived, lasting only a few hours. Sometimes you will experience a bit of a head rush if you smoke enough. You become more talkative and jittery due to the restlessness. Even when you’ve only ever smoked it and never experienced it any other way, your body isn’t getting as high as it could be. The absorbency rate of meth into the bloodstream via smoking is 37.4% s.  I’ve seen people sit in the same spot and smoke for up to 10 hours trying to get high and i don’t know how they do it. 

Snorting it burns like hell and has an absorbency rate of 67%. You end up hating the burn but loving it at the same time because you know what it brings - the high. You get a minor rush that kicks in after about 5 minutes and lasts up to 15 minutes. You get more of a body high and you feel very up and speedy. You get jittery. You talk a lot. You are very awake and often more “on one”. I’ve found the most paranoia among users is in those who smoke or snort meth. I have yet to see extreme paranoia and psychosis in those who IV it. 

When you slam it, 100% of the drug goes into your bloodstream and the high ( the “rush”) kicks in within 5 seconds. You immediately get a cool sensation flow through your entire body, followed by a hot tingling that begins to feel very hot in your face, arms, and feet. It’s really overwhelming and it can sometimes take your breath away. If you get a cough you know it was a damn good shot. Sometimes you will experience your head begin to pound - not in a headache sort of way, but in the sense that you can feel your heartbeat in your head after such a strong rush.  

The sensations meth brings via IV is indescribable. It’s like nothing i’ve experienced before and it’s scary how fast I became hooked on it. 

Don’t do what I did. 

Don’t be dumb. 

Don’t do meth.                                            

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hi ang!! han here! i was wondering what oil paints you recommend using for beginners? this summer i want to give it a go but im not really sure at all what to start off with. ty!! <333 luv ya

HELLO HAN u frick*in angel!!!! Lemme think ummm ……. well the only paints ive really ever used are the blick/gamblin/winsor & newton ones and those are fantastic and i still use em to this day so THOSE are the ones i recommend bro

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Helloo! I was gonna ask can you do more Siremus? Also ily and yur work thank yu for existing yu make my day :)

I’m assuming you mean write an actual HC post for them but this idea is too much for something simple cause I’m trash so here we go:

  • the first thing Remus thinks when he meets Sirius is that he could use a bath
  • like why is his hair so slicked back?
  • it looks like a greasy helmet
  • it needs to be washed
  • the next day Sirius comes into their dorm after his morning shower and shakes his clean hair like a dog
  • then he takes the bottle of Sleekeazy’s his mother forced him to bring and tosses it into the bin
  • James’ face grows a little red at that- he hasn’t revealed the Big Secret yet
  • (that he’s the heir of a hair gel empire basically)
  • so anyway Sirius lets his hair be natural from then on
  • and Remus loves it
  • whenever they’re at Hogwarts it’s long and soft and has tiny braids in it
  • Sirius always complains that he wished it curled as much as Remus’ did
  • Remus always rolls his eyes and subconsciously won’t stop running his hands through his hair for the rest of the day
  • Sirius likes it when he does that
  • his shirt rides up and he also gets a nice view of the nape of his neck
  • so he keeps complimenting Remus
  • and meanwhile Remus becomes more observant
  • he notices what shampoo Sirius likes and it becomes his favorite smell
  • and knows how long it takes him to blow dry his hair- when he feels like it that is
  • and he also realizes how soft it is
  • so he starts playing with it
  • and he shyly asks Lily to teach him how to braid so he can have excuses to have his hands in Sirius’ hair even longer
  • and as this goes on Remus’ fingers drift and become more confident
  • and he “accidentally” brushes the skin of Sirius’ neck and shoulders more often
  • it takes everything in Sirius to maintain his composure 
  • but all he’s thinking of is how Remus’ hair would feel in his own hands
  • and one day when Remus walks behind the couch where Sirius is sitting in the common room and lightly brushes his hand through Sirius’ hair on his way by, Sirius can’t take it any more
  • he stands up, his books and parchment falling to the floor, and whirls around to face Remus
  • and there he is running his hands through his own hair now, midriff exposed from his rising shirt
  • and Sirius blushes because this boy is so damn hot, he’s about to lose his nerve
  • but then Remus says “well are you going to kiss me or what?”
  • and Sirius practically leaps over the couch
  • that’s how eager he is
  • taking Remus’ face in his hands he presses his lips to his and realizes how much he’s been missing out on
  • with one hand remaining on his cheek the other drifts into the boy’s soft curls and he almost melts right there in the common room
  • but suddenly, with his hands in Remus’ hair, he realizes that Remus’ hands aren’t in his
  • instead, one is gripping his shoulder while the other roams south and finds a spot on his hip
  • and Sirius suddenly finds that there’s probably a lot more other than braiding that Remus is good at doing with his hands

                       LIKE  FOR  A  STARTER  FROM  ANGELA  FRICKING  WEBER ?  YA.

hot dog on a fricc


  • ok so what if alec and izzy were both the same height for a really long time while they were little
  • because they’re pretty close in age right
  • and izzy was always pretty tall for her age in general
  • but all of a sudden alec started getting taller
  • but like so was she let her live
  • and for a long time it was a lil competition of no, I’M taller!
  • ok but imagine izzy making robert measure the two of them against the institute’s walls
  • and robert raising the pencil just half an inch
  • just so izzy can be satisfied and that she’s indeed not getting shorter and yes, izzy, you’re as tall as alec, see? 
  • and there are still faint lil pencil lines on the frame of izzy’s bedroom door that she wouldn’t dare paint over
  • anyways
  • all of a sudden izzy was losing
  • because the tall tree that is alec lightwood just wouldn’t stop growing
  • so she started bringing out the big guns (aka seven inch heels)
  • and was all like frick ya imma beat alec at this now
  • but then alec just kept fucking growing and growing
  • and now her head barely reaches his shoulder, even while wearing her biggest stilettos
  • but she smiles anyway