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So I heard it was a special somebody’s birthday today! (ok, I may be a tad late but I tried haha) I hope you had a fantastic day, Jack! I’m so proud of you for all of your hard work and dedication. You’re inspiring! Best wishes to you!!

What I love about DC’s stupid ass statement, is that he thinks that “the killer instinct” (besides apparently being something only men have) is what brings a driver to winning.

Newsflash, ya scottish fart, the sport has evolved since your ass was dropped by your team: Formula 1 is no longer about who can make the most daring move, or who can go faster (although those are partially still relevant).

Formula 1 has evolved into a sport that prioritizes multitasking: being able to handle fuel, handle tyre life, being able to patiently wait for the right moment, being able to absorb the constant stream of info from the pitwall, being able to use the info to your advantage, being able to listen to your damn pitwall and not decide strategy for yourself… All of the above (and more), while handling the car and being constantly focused and aware of the your surroundings and what’s happening on track. At crazy speeds.

And you know who is scientifically proven to be better at multitasking? Women.

Happy 259th Birthday Connor!

     “Y/N where’s the cake?” Edward yelled from the living room.
     “Yeah! We’re hungry!” Ezio added.
      “Can I just have a peek?” Arno asked, trying to sneak into the kitchen but she hopped in front of him before he could get through.
      “No! You’re going to stick your fingers in it like you did last year!” She replied, pushing him back.
      “But we’re hungry!” Ezio and Arno both whined.
      Before she could do anything else the three of them began chanting “We want cake” over and over again.
      She rolled her eyes at them and groaned. “You all just ate! Go find Connor if that will keep you all busy.” She blurted before scurrying back into the kitchen to finished frosting.
      “I’ll do it.” Altair offered, heading up the stairs. Shay followed close behind.
      Suddenly, the living room got quiet… Too quiet and she slowly made her way to poke her head around the corner. The three boys were nowhere to be seen. It was like they had just upped and vanished, she never even heard the front door close. She stepped in the doorway, frowning as she looked around the room.
      “We found him Y/N. He was hiding on the roof.” Shay and Altair followed Connor down the stairs, Connor looking less than thrilled to have been caught. She giggled at the sight.
      Just as Connor stepped off the last step, the three hooligans who had disappeared, popped up screaming “Happy Birthday” as they all pelted the birthday boy with handfuls of whip cream. After they ran out of ammo, they dive bombed him and pinned him to the ground and began shoving cake in his face, the cake she had just finished frosting.
     She felt her anger begin to boil, those little thieves she thought to herself but seeing Connor completely covered head to toe in food quickly diminished. A smile began to twist at her lips, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t hide it. “Aren’t you supposed to put whip cream on the cake?” She asked, a laugh escaping her.
    “True.” Edward said, nodding and then shrugged. “Oh well.”
    Connor slowly stood up, a piece of cakes fell of his face and landed on the floor with a plop. His eyes met hers, and she could see her was fuming. She chuckled as she walked over to him. She scooped up some cake with her fingers and placed it in her mouth. “Mmm” She hummed, “I did a damn good job.” Connor sighed, “Oh stop it.” She beamed up at him, “Happy Birthday Connor.”

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…and it’s only the 2nd ep. Yaaass.

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BTS REACTION - When you fart in front of them for the first time.

Ahahahaha I’m so sorry this is so awkward.
I hope you find this cute though!! ♥♥

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Jin: “Jagiya… *chuckles* did you just fart? That was so cute. *continues to smile to himself while thinking about how cute your fart was*

Suga: “… What did you eat ?? …” *judging you*

J Hope: *really shocked* “That came out of you?!” 

Rap Monster: *laughing* “We’re all human, aren’t we?”

Jimin: “Ya! You finally farted! *smirks* Now we’re even”

V: “My jagi even farts cute? Hmm. Nicee. ♥”

Jungkook: “Noona, you just farted?” *laughs like a grade schooler*

(Kookie’s gif was the only one in colour.. Lmao whoops. He really is the Golden Maknae)

Little Bins of Too Much Info
  • *Saitama has one of the tiny Genos with him at the grocery store, walking past people down an aisle*
  • Saitama: *Groans* man my stomach hurts. Wonder if was something I ate.
  • Tiny Genos: *In typical loud child voice* maybe you need to fart, daddy!
  • Saitama: ....
  • People on aisle: ....
  • Saitama: That's probably something we shouldn't be discussing in the middle of the super market...ya little fart.
  • Tiny Genos: *scowls*
  • ----------
  • *Genos is putting things away at the apartment while Fubuki and King sit at the table.*
  • Tiny Genos: Here you go, Mama! *Hands Genos a dish to put away*
  • Genos: Thank you. *kisses the tiny genos' head*
  • Fubuki: It's so cute when you give these little one's kisses, Genos.
  • Tiny Genos: Daddy, likes when Mama gives him neck kisses!
  • Fubuki and King: ....
  • Genos: ...///
  • *Saitama walks in carrying the tiny Genos with him under his arm, groceries in the other hand* YOU'RE A FART!
  • Tiny Genos: *under his arm* YOU'RE A FART, DAD!


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