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Jeff/Annie and Gina/Rosa? :)


  • who holds the umbrella when it rains: Jeff. It’s pure logistics. He’s so tall! If Annie was holding the umbrella, he’d probably risk decapitation.
  • who is the grumpiest in the morning: I could see Annie being grumpy before her caffeine, whereas Jeff sort of maintains a consistent level of grumpiness all throughout the day. Also, I feel like Jeff would be dangerously amused by grumpy Annie.
  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt: I feel like Annie would worry a normal amount and probably coo at Jeff sympathetically a lot, but Jeff would try to act chill about it and then legit cry in the bathroom because he could not bear to see his beloved suffer so.
  • who plays pranks on the other: I feel like they probably both play pranks on each other, almost always because another member of the study group (or many!) is in on the scheme.
  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa: Jeff literally first suggested it in HIS VERY DAYDREAMS.
  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other: Based upon her dragon list, I could see Annie coming up with a pretty extensive nickname list for Jeff. Then she runs them all by him and he ranks them on a scale from 1 to 5. (His favorite is “Jeff Pratt, Chris Pratt’s Hotter Cousin,” which he himself suggested and which really does not have any catchy nickname-like qualities. He just likes hearing Annie say that he is hotter than Chris Pratt.)
  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep: Jeff, and then he’s really horrified when Annie tells him about it.
  • who says ‘I love you’ first: Jeff. I like to think that it is a “Jeff rushes to Annie’s door because he can deny his feelings no longer (probably her temporary door because she’s off at her FBI internship) and confesses his love” situation, to sort of right the wrong that season two did us. If Jeff runs all the way to Washington D.C. in the rain, all the better.

Rosa/Gina (yay!):

  • who holds the umbrella when it rains: Rosa.
  • who is the grumpiest in the morning: Gina. I feel like, similar to Jeff and Annie above, Rosa’s mastered the art of all-day consistent grumpiness, but Gina is grumpy with THEATRICAL FLAIR in the morning. She probably threatens to burn the precinct down every morning and Rosa has to grab onto her ankle and try to forcibly pull her out of bed.
  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt: I think they both worry about each other quite a bit, and everyone else makes fun of them for it because they both have reputations as such unfeeling stone cold B’s.
  • who plays pranks on the other: They do not play pranks on each other. They play pranks on other people together.
  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa: I think it probably involves Gina seductively saying “You want a piece of this?” and then they sit down and watch The Great British Baking Show on Netflix and scream at the TV despite the results being long since decided.
  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other: Gina obstinately calls Rosa “Ro Ro” (’cause it rhymes with J.Lo, bitch!) and Rosa hates it with the fire of a thousand suns, but eventually answers to it. One day Boyle hears Gina call Rosa “Lil’ Ro Ro” and Rosa respond as if that is an acceptable thing, and on that day, Jake/Amy are temporarily his second place otp.
  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep: Rosa does once when she falls asleep after days working on a very exhausting case (maybe involving PIMENTO being EVIL!!!!! … ahem), and Gina doesn’t dump her immediately and flee the country, and that’s when Gina knows that true feelings have awakened in her frosty diva’s heart.
  • who says ‘I love you’ first: Rosa says, “Hey, I love you” to Gina one day out of the blue after they’ve been dating for awhile. Gina panics and says, “Pshhhhhh, tell me something I don’t know, ho! YA BURNT.”, tosses her hair, and runs away. (She probably goes and hides in Babylon and CRIES, but this news will never be revealed to the public.) Jake becomes the very awkward go-between in this social situation. Eventually, Gina tells Rosa that she loves her too via public flash mob. It definitely ends with confetti falling on everyone and a dip kiss. Boyle cries. His two former lady loves, loving each other. It’s so beautiful!

This is one of the many reasons why I’m apart of the “I Will Listen to Anything Mitch Grassi Suggests” Club!

  • Shara: Scared Cassian away again, did you?
  • Jyn: This may come as a shock, but I'm actually…not very good at talking to men.
  • Shara: Why, is there someone you are good at talking to?

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In filthy when he said jin's ex girl friend was burnt what did he mean by that?


Y’know when you insult someone and there’s always that one guy who pops outta nowhere saying “ooo you need some ice for that burn?!?”

It’s that, like Jin threw savage comments at his ex during an argument. He ‘roasted’ her or ‘burnt’ her - not literally tho that’d be weird lol

I didn’t wanna say ‘Yoongi looks more roasted than Jin’s ex’ cos it didn’t sound that good and cos it was really hot outside at the time, Yoongi was getting sunburnt so it went really well when he says ‘he looks more burnt-’

Ya feel me bruh?

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BTS scents
  • jin: cherry lip balm, flowery shampoo, sesame oil
  • yoongi: spearmint gum, leather, bonfire smoke
  • namjoon: fresh coffee, aged paper, rose perfume
  • hoseok: honeysuckle, caramel candy, fruit bodywash
  • jimin: subtle cologne, cinnamon buns, chamomile
  • taehyung: coconut lotion, strawberries, ocean air
  • jungkook: aftershave, fresh laundry, korean bbq
Seth Meyers is a gem, and you should all be watching Late Night!

If you like SNL, Weekend Update, and/or Seth Meyers hosting Weekend Update, then you will love watching Late Night with Seth Meyers, and here’s why!:

  1. His entire monologue is basically a solo Weekend Update
  2. His desk bits are hilarious and informative and broken up into 5-12 minute segments that somehow make sense of the news at the same time! (See: A Closer Look, A Couple Things, The Check In)
  3. He’s one of the most inclusive talk show hosts out there! (See: Jokes Seth Can’t Tell & any segment where he lets his writers make fun of him, like Seth’s Affirmations or Joke Bucket)
  4. He actually listens to his guests! He doesn’t talk over them or interrupt them or make the interview about himself! In fact, he even starts nearly every question he asks with “you” because he wants his guest to get all the attention.
  5. He’s super close with his family! He even has them on for every Thanksgiving, and they take over the whole show, and it’s the cutest thing ever. His parents are also frequently in his studio audience. And have I mentioned how adorable his own new little family is? (See: Seth’s Story Time)
  6. He is a huge proponent of “this is not normal” rhetoric. He’s not afraid to take a side and make his politics known. His interview with Kellyanne Conway is amazing, and really shows his skill as a host and interviewer.
  7. He not afraid to make himself look like a goofball and have some fun too! (See: Seth Explains Teen Slang, Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week, Ya Burnt!, Hey!/Really!?!, Back in My Day)

Basically, watch Late Night with Seth Meyer weeknights 12:35/11:35c on NBC or on his youtube channel!

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Omg i looooove love these writings so much. I look forward to seeing them whenever they come out. Could you have the RFA+V+Saeran's reactions to mc accidentally cutting or burning themselves while trying to make food for them? (Sorry if this has already been done!) :3c

oh my god??? thank you so muuuuch!! <3 aaahh you´re too sweet <3 


-he has his own chef why are you doing this??

-is very confused about why you would “waste” time making food for him.

-when you cut yourself he calls his doctor right away, even tho its just a tiny cut

-he would act a little bit annoyed at you, out of worry

-when you explain you just wanted to  make him happy, he apologizes straight away and thanks you profusely

-will eat ya burnt food no matter what


-you´re making dinner for the two of you, zen is working late, its his fave dish

-when he comes home the dinner is on the table and hes just so grateful??

-its only when you two sit down to eat that he notices the band aids on your fingers

-immediately drops his cutlery to kiss every single one of your fingers

-“its not that i don´t appreciate this, babe..but please be more careful, i’d rather starve for 3 days,  then you getting hurt”

-fckn drama queen zen


-he´s resting after a full night of studying, so you figure, why not use your time to bake him a cake

-everything is going well and all, until you’re taking the cake out of the oven

-your fingers somehow manage to push the fabric of the cloths, aside so half you hand end up on the hot ass baking tin

-the yelp you let out has yoosung by your side in seconds

-will bring you ice and cute band aids 


-jaehee may be working her dreamjob, but her habit of overworking herself kinda sticks

-so you decide to bring your lovely girlfriend breakfast in bed

-but on the way to your bedroom, you make a slight stumble, causing scolding hot coffee to spill over your hand and down on your thighs

-the sound of your gasp waking jaehee up

-she immediately runs to your side, dragging you back to the sink, to hold your hand under ice cold water.


-he’s completely focused on working and doesn’t have the time to care for himself, so you decide to throw together some easy food.

-you lose yourself in thought for a second too long, and the food is boiling down the sides of the pot.  and without thinking you grab the pot, not by its handles, but the side, with your bare hands.

-seven is by your side before you have a chance to yell out to him

-makes a bowl with ice for you so he can sit beside you to place kisses all over your face

-brings you cute colorful disney band aids


-poor boi is blind, you cant trust him with cooking yet

-well all he hears is the bacon fizzling and the sharp intake of breath you take when the bacon fat(?), hits your hand

-will instruct you on what to do, since he cant really do much to help.

-will thank you 1000 times more than usual for the food tho


-is definitely the type to scold you for cutting yourself, and complain about putting off his work

-all while taking his time to find the cutest band aid of the big bunch he has lying around

-still mildly scolding you (mumbling) while making the rest of dinner and cuddling with you on the couch for the rest of the evening

-“i forbid you from ever cutting yourself again, you hear me?. you cant do that”

A Few Bad Scars

Joker x Reader

Prompt: Joker x reader where they stuck in zombie apocalypse and joker has to protect her (the reader) from the zombies? :)

Warnings: Cursing, slight gore.

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The surrounding area was grim and uninhabited. People had been leaving town- going anywhere they could to escape the epidemic they were forced into facing. What seemed like a long shot, low budget horror movie yesterday, turned into everyones worst nightmare today. 

The wind blew through the trees that lined the city street. The eerie-ness about it was unsettling as you walked the vacant sidewalk. Your whole life, you had been the shy girl who cowered in the face of danger. Who ran and hid instead of facing her fears. Well, now was as good a time as ever to face your fears. Not for anyone else, but for yourself in what you already deemed your last moments alive. It was time to stop hiding. Zombies were walking the earth, and though you weren’t sure how, you know that you weren’t going to go out without a fight.

You walked into an empty store, it was dark and clad in melted candle sticks and dark paintings. It must’ve been an old vintage shop and you felt it was fitting. You loved the darker style, but never had the confidence to rock any other clothing than what you found at Forever 21.

“Why not now,” you mutter to yourself, sliding out of your day old clothes and slipping into a {F/C} corset, tightening it as tight as it’ll go before coming across a pair of black hot pants. 

“At least I’ll die hot,” you mutter again as you slip them on. You walk towards a shattered mirror and strike an awkward pose, laughing at yourself before pulling a veiled top hat from a shelf and putting it on. You found a pair of boots next, just your size.


You looked into the broken glass again, actually liking your appearance. It was weird, and dark. No one would even know it was you if they saw you. Even though no one was in town anymore, you felt like a badass, and that was enough for you.

“Why not now?” a voice asks from behind you, causing you to jump and dash behind a clothing rack. You pick up a stick that was used to reach hangers on a higher rack and look around the clothing, a threatening expression on your features.

“I’ll fucking kill you, whoever you are, don’t come any closer,” you say.

“You’re gonna beat me to death with a stick, I’m so scared,” the man says, his voice low and raspy.

You move from behind the rack and out in the open, facing a man in a purple trench coat with no shirt underneath. He was pale, and his torso and face covered in tattoos. You’d never met, but you knew exactly who he was. Being the quiet girl, you had a few secrets. Dark and gritty as they were, like having a major crush on The Joker himself. You had already counted yourself dead, anyway. Why hold back now?

“Mister J!” You run up to him, embracing him with ease.

“I wasn’t aware we knew each other… I would’ve remembered that body..”

“Oh. We don’t. But I know who you are, and I’ve always wanted to do that.”

You nod before realizing what he just said. You move one leg in front of the other and slide your hand over it just slightly. 

“Careful, J. Ya don’t wanna get burnt, do ya?”

“Ya know, you remind me of a girl I used to know..” he said, his voice almost longing for something.

You watch his face, he seemed almost distant for just a second.

“What are you doing out here all alone, looney tune?” he asks, a fire in his eyes.

“I’m getting ready to die, honestly.” You shrug, throwing the stick in your hand behind you as you head for the door. Making your way to the entrance, you feel a hand grab yours, immediately causing you to turn around. His eyes lock onto yours, and you can feel the tension between the two of you, in your head, you’re cutting it with a knife.

So soon? We’ve only just met,” he says, his tone rising and falling as he speaks seductively, “I’d like to play with you..”

You catch your breath, holding it and stepping back in closer to him. Your face shifts into that of sensual pout. Cocking your head to the side, you lace your fingers with his and bring your free hand to his shoulder. 

“You wanna play with me, baby?”

You get the chills at your own voice, having never heard a tone like that come from your mouth before. You weren’t exactly the seductive type, but in the face of death, you did want to do and try new things..

“Oh, I do, sweetheart.. I really, really do.”

A smirk graces your lips and you slip from his grip again, heading back towards the doors. 

“Good things come to those who wait,” you say, teasing him with your ass as you sway your hips on the way out of the doors.

I got him right where I want him, you think, almost giddy as you turn to head for the street. For being a man so dominating and full of power, he sure melted like putty in your hands. 

You turn the corner and let out a loud shriek as a group of undead corpses come out of nowhere. You back up, looking for a place they could have come from, and notice an alley way the leads to the other outlets from the outskirts of town.

You back up into someones clutches, screaming again at the top of your lungs in sheer terror.

“Fuck! Fuck you!” You scream, kicking at the bodies and throwing punches. You were aware this would be how it ended. You just weren’t sure how it would feel to be at the mercy of a bunch of dead cannibals.

You fall to the ground, feeling grimy hands tearing at your clothing and gripping into your skin. You can feel and see tears oddly clouding your vision as you do. I thought I was ready for this, to end on this note. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much… The pain from a small patch of your skin being clawed off of your body is unbearable as you writhe, screaming and crying at the top of your lungs into the pavement. You begin to feel the same pain in other places, causing you to wonder if you’ve been bitten into.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

You hear gunshots going off, and feel heavy blood, bug and disease covered bodies falling on top of you. The growling noises and screaming of the corpses filled your ears throughout the sound of bullets being fired. A sob leaves your lips as you give up, giving into the pain that was now causing your body to shut down. 

Your last thought is praying that you didn’t wake up in the same deadly cannibalistic craze as the people who killed you.

Your eyes open and you find yourself laying on a table in the middle of a worn down manor. You immediately panic, sitting upright and falling off of it, grasping at the floor to try to get up and make an escape. Am I dead? Why don’t I have the craving for human flesh? All the information you learned from B-list movies and the Walking Dead come flooding into your head as you stand up and pat your skin down. You see a patch of flesh missing from your thigh and you break down, collapsing back onto the floor and letting out a loud cry every time you see another skinless patch.

“You!” Joker says, running in from a broken window, meeting you on the floor and automatically covering your mouth with his tattooed hand. He looks around as you scream into into it. You continue sobbing as you hold your own hand in front of your face, caked in your own blood from the wounds you’ve just touched on your own skin. 

Shhh!” he exclaims, “Shut the fuck up, or you’ll really look horrific.”

He turns you to face him, a sinister grin on his own lips as he sees the smile on his hand paired with your damp eyes.

“There’s that smile..” he says.

You tear his hand from your face and glare at him, speaking in a hushed, but still loud register between your softer sobs.

“Am I dead? What happened?”

“In case you didn’t realize, doll, we’ve got a little zombie situation. I’d like to make it out of this alive, if you don’t mind. Do you think you can handle being quiet, instead of sobbing away over what’s going to be a few bad scars?”

You blink at him a few times, and he grabs the back of your head, tangling his digits in your hair as he pulls back on it. He reaches for your hat on the table, grabbing it and placing it back on your head curtly. 

“You.. You saved me..” You whisper before hesitating with your next response. “Yes, sir,” you say, looking into his eyes with admiration, now.

“Good girl. Stay that way, and I’ll keep you safe.”

The Worst Cooks in Britain

Closed starter for @memeteamyomi

“My cooking isn’t that bad, love.” Gloria Dawnson huffed as she got out of the cab. She and her boyfriend and bandmate, Arthur Tensten had been picked to go on a show called “The Worst Cooks in Britain.” Their friends and bandmates Sarah MacGrady, Mary Celeste Rogers, and Henry Saunders were coming along, for support.

“Gloria, ya burnt chocolate pudding. Who burns chocolate pudding?” Arthur countered.

“Okay, but you’re goin’ on, too.”

“True, but i don’t burn chocolate pudding…..”

The friendly bickering stopped when the young punk rockers went into the waiting room, and encountered the other contestants and their friends.