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A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 86

-Kaneki is crowned the One-Eyed King and Pageant waves his way to kick some ass

-Eto:Don’t Worry deary Mommy and Daddy made sure your throne would be ready for you

-I’m shocked that Mougans whole head isn’t on fire considering the amount of product in it.

-Touka is a living Taser

- Ya know I hear all this bullshit about medics being weak, but who saving your fav… MA BOI BANJOU

- You know I heard roasted Rabbit is delicious

- Aura and Mougan can’t TAKE that sick burn

-Kaneki: Bitches better bow down 2 da king

-In the distance Furuta dramatically falls down his chest pounding ears burning Furuta:They revealed the OEK without me

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:King: Aura and Mougan thought they were going rabbit hunting, until they themselves became the hunted.