“My bones snap and realign themselves. Blood pours from my mouth and ears, melting through my skin. My gills. My fin splits, tearing me straight down the middle. Breaking me in two. The scales that once shimmered like stars are severed in moments”

Lira, To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo (Credit goes to orignal artist)

Most YA Novels VS Sarah J Maas Novels
  • Katniss: I'm really not that pretty.
  • Peeta: Your so beautiful.
  • Tris: I'm not pretty.
  • Four: I love your haircut, and you're gorgeous to me.
  • Clary: I'm not beautiful, or pretty, I'm just cute.
  • Jace: You're the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on.
  • Aelin: I'm the most stunning being to ever grace this freaking planet.
  • Rowan: Yeah babe, even the bakery down the street heard you yell that.

Those moments when you read something that’s so fucking badass you need to stop reading and just take a moment to compose yourself because you’re shaken to the core

  • Friend: Yeah, I'm not really a book person.
  • Me with blood shot eyes from crying and lack of sleep, empty wallet from buying books and paying overdue library book fees, aching body from constantly being in an uncomfortable reading position, emotionally drained from reading that heartbreaking scene, overwhelmed from the mountain of books on my TBR: You poor unfortunate soul.

Tbh I think any book with a love triangle should be labelled as fantasy because really having TWO people wanting to be with you? At the same time? Fucking witchcraft