ya big babe

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I hope one day someone looks at me the way you look at wrestling 😚😚

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nikki i freaking swear y’all put up with so much of my shit – i love you 

and also same - like seriously we deserve to be loved that incredibly much

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*text message ping* Hey Zoozy. So I think I know why my messages never freaking get to you. Must be the shitty signal up here, Arin's rented a little cabin in the woods a la Snow White and the seven Dwarves for us to shut ourselves out from the world in. Not 'cause he's planning to ravage my sweet bod but to write Starbomb, you know. Don't get funny ideas. Anyways I hope at least this message does reach you. It's like you get one out of every thousand I send...missing ya <3<3 -Danny

Danny, my sweet babyboy!! I would keep an eye out, Arin still might be planning to ravage that sweet bod. Don’t let him have too much, though, I still want a piece ;3 im missing you too, boo, you’ve definitely been on my mind. Hopefully you guys get some good work out, I’m hoping big for ya, babe 💞