Family Farmhouse

I was reeeally in the mood to build another farmhouse ‘cause I looove farmhouses, so yeah, I did… and it ended up pretty big. I kind of had this idea that there’d be a main house they’ve combined with a renovated barn until my bf was nice enough to shoot that idea into the ground by saying it didn’t look like a barn. Thanks, man! I don’t care though, it’s a barn, mkay.

This house is for a larger family, but there’s also room for pets! It’s for 2 grownups, 2 teens, 1 child and 1 toddler, but technically there’s room for 7 sims. It’s a rather spacious builds, so both the living room and the kitchen are kind of big, but I like it and I hope you do too!

  • 5 bedrooms - 7 sims
  • 4 bathrooms
  • Built on a 40x40 lot
  • Built in Brindleton Bay
  • I’ve used a little bit from every pack!
  • Completely CC free!
  • Pretty big, quite decorated, crazy landscaping - §251,857
  • Use bb.moveobjects on when placed
  • Download it from the gallery. ID is AvelineSims!

Please don’t reupload it! Other than that you can do whatever the heck you want with it!

Should you be interested in watching the speed build, you can find it here [xx]

Sharing the Season

Summary: Sam overhears your wish for the holiday season and decides to take action.

warnings: fluff, Sam crushing on the reader, cute and slightly awkward Sam

word count: ~2150

Holiday Fics 2017 - Holiday Fics 2016

Sam was walking down the hall of the bunker, heading for the kitchen to get a glass of water to drink before bed.  His footsteps were silent with his socks on the bare floor, his pajama pants hanging low on his hips.  He ran a hand through his hair as he yawned deeply.

When he rounded the corner and passed the door to the library, he heard soft talking.  He stopped, wondering what you were doing up so late and who you were talking to.  He peeked his head around the door, seeing you sitting at the table with your back to him.  You had your cell phone to your ear, the act explaining immediately who you were talking to.

Sam didn’t mean to intrude, but he couldn’t help but be entranced by the way your hair was pulled up messily into a bun, looking awfully cute, or the way your sleep shirt had fallen off one shoulder in a way that wasn’t meant to be sexy, but definitely was appealing to Sam.  He thought you looked perfect, all ready for bed and comfortable in the bunker, but he couldn’t admit that to you.  He was keeping his distance, he didn’t want you to get hurt because of a relationship with him.

“I know, Bess…”

Bess, Sam thought.  Garth’s Bess?  Sam and Dean had introduced you to the werewolf couple a few months back and you had gotten along great with Bess right off the bat, but he didn’t realize that you were still in touch.  As much as Sam didn’t want to intrude on your girl talk…

“Sam just doesn’t see me that way,” you said, making Sam’s mind stop wandering and zero in on your words. You were talking about him, on the phone late at night, to Bess.  Why?

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Something More - Six

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: FWB!CEO!Tom

Notes*: uh oh!!!!!!!

“You’re… where?”

You frowned at Tom’s tense voice, gnawing at your lip as you glanced around the pillar and saw Brian sitting, looking at a menu. “I’m sorry. Your dad called and told us to meet him here, but we’ve been here for twenty minutes and he hasn’t shown up.”

“Maybe because he just walked off the elevator and into the office right now. He’s talking to the secretary.”

“Your dad… set me up?”

“Is my dad trying to pimp you out?”

You tried to suppress your laugh as you shook your head to yourself. “Please, don’t use that word like that.”

“You’re mine though.” His voice came out whiney, making your cheeks heat up. His. “Call you back.” He said hurriedly, hanging up on your quickly. You frowned, shrugging before putting your phone away and taking a deep breath, heading back to the table where Brian sat.

“Dad,” Tom said, nodding toward him. “Did you send Brian and my assistant out on a… date?”

“Did she call to tell you that?”

“Yes, she did. Why the hell did you do that?” Tom tried to not let his voice come out as loud as he wanted it to be. His dad knew that you and Tom were close – he just didn’t know how close you two actually got.

“She’s young, and beautiful! She should be going on dates.”

“She’s not your kid.”

“Don’t worry, I’m working on someone for you, too.”

“Not interested.”

Tom’s dad sighed heavily, moving to sit in the chair across from Tom’s desk. Tom rolled his eyes, heading toward his desk to take a seat. “So, you’re just going to stay single, forever?”

“How do you know I’m not already seeing someone, and not telling you?”

“Are you?”

Tom pursed his lips, not letting his annoyance be the reason he outs you two. What would he have to out? There, technically, wasn’t anything between you two, besides sex. But, was that all it was? Tom felt this sort of… shift between you and him. He couldn’t place what it was, but he wanted to see you in daylight whenever he could. He tried to pass it off that it was because you two had known each other for so long. But, maybe that wasn’t it anymore.


Tom looked up, seeing his father looking at him. “Sorry, what?”

“I asked why it bothered you so much. She’s your best friend, don’t you want her to be happy?”

“Of course, I do!” He rolled his eyes. “That’s not the point.”

“Do you… like her?”

“Dad, I have a meeting in a few minutes. I just want her back in the office soon. We have a lot of work to do. Alright?” He waited for his dad to reluctantly nod. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to prep for my meeting.” He stood up, fixing the buttons on his suit and reaching his hand out for his dad to shake. His dad shook his hand, walking toward the door to leave. Tom sighed in relief when the door closed, quickly sitting back down and picking up the phone, dialing you again. He waited until he got your voicemail, exhaling deeply before hanging up.

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anonymous asked:

You know that part in the MY mv where Loui is checking on his phone and one of the boys takes it away??? Could you like write something about this, like that he constantly wants to contact him but he always keeps himself busy in order not to?? Sorry for disturbing 😘😘😘 or maybe something about Christmas! Its finally snowing here 😂😊😊😘😘😘 thank u and sorry 😘😘 love u

Oh love you’re no bother at all!!!!! You’re so sweet :):) Here’s a little MY video ficlet thing. hope you like it <3 <3

Underneath Louis’ hands, the bar was sticky with spilled beer. Bodies pressed in around him, surging like the tide, desperation to be noticed turning elbows sharp and feet careless. The music was loud, too loud, and it pounded in a rhythm that was just slightly off from Louis’ heartbeat. His pulse raced to catch up with it, but it never quite could.

When the bartender finally noticed him, Louis held up his palm. Five shots. He thought for a second, then flashed his fingers again. And again. 15 shots. He had no desire to fight his way back for more.  

“Good lad,” Oli laughed behind him, slapping Louis on the back. Louis faked a smile and tapped his fingers against the bar to keep them from reaching in his pocket. He’d promised the lads he’d be good tonight.

He was already itching to text Harry, though. He pictured his boy now, long limbs everywhere as he sprawled on their couch and pretended to consider watching some hipster-approved documentary but really knowing he was going to put on Love Actually because it was three weeks until Christmas and Harry had only watched it a total of four times this year.

It would be a missed opportunity if Louis didn’t make fun of him for it. Maybe he’d send a gif of that cute little red head kid and Liam Neeson reenacting the Titanic. There had to be had to be something out there that also included the time Harry and Louis had done the same at the beach.

Harry would laugh, that single short burst of amusement that always seemed to be ripped from his belly, that always seemed like something he couldn’t quite control. Louis loved that laugh the best.

“You’re thinking of him,” Oli sing-songed as Louis passed back the tray of shots.

“Do you see my fucking phone?” Louis joked back. Even if he’d wanted to text, Harry had told him he wasn’t going to check all evening.

“It’s Cal’s birthday, Lou. Go have fun with your boys. Don’t worry about me.”

But Harry was leaving in a three days, and everything in Louis cried out for him to get in a fucking Uber and go home and crawl into the soft space beneath Harry’s arms and cuddle his fucking boy.

Instead he downed the sweet liquor in the shot glass Oli handed him and laughed when Calvin crawled onto the table for an impromptu striptease and joked with the rest of the lads about absolutely nothing. And the whole time he ignored the weight of the phone resting against his thigh.


The cool night air was a relief against his sweat-slicked skin as they tumbled out into the sidewalk after the fourth bar.

“Everything is fucking great,” Louis yelled to the sky and the lads joined in, drunk and happy and stupid with it all. His words got lost among the stars anyway, swallowed by a canopy of black that didn’t care about sarcasm or pub crawls or a tiredness that seemed bone-deep and intractable sometimes.

He hadn’t checked his phone all evening, and there were sure to be notifications piling up. But the one he wanted to be there wouldn’t. Harry had promised and he didn’t break his promises.

“Don’t worry about me.”

Except it had been said with a little pout, as if Harry knew they were the right words to say but was just a bit grumpy about having to be the one to say them. Maybe he would be watching his phone.

The lads had stumbled ahead of him, Mark cradling Calvin in his arms, while Oli spun in dizzying circles, arms stretched wide. They were all—all of them—hanging on each other, in each other’s space, hips bumping hips, arms locking without thought to boundaries or comfort. He smiled as he watched, truly thankful he had them.

But his hand slipped into his pocket anyway. It wouldn’t hurt, right? Just a quick peek, a short text, a small connection that could reach across the miles that separated them with far too much frequency?

He slowed so that he fell back even further and pulled his phone out. He ignored the other messages, notifications and emails, and quickly thumbed to his thread with Harry. The last thing the boy had sent was a picture of a pair of socks with rainbow teddy bears. “Do you think ten pairs is enough??? Or more??” followed by “Nevermind, I just bought all the ones they had.”

The corners of Louis’ lips tipped up, but the moment was short-lived. The phone was brutally yanked from his hands. His head jerked up, a curse sitting on his tongue, his fingers curling into fists. But it was Calvin holding it away, a loose grin on his face that was flushed from the heat and the alcohol and the giddiness of a good night out. Anger faded into an apology.

“Sorry I swear, I won’t look at it again,” Louis squeezed the lad’s shoulder and smiled, and this time it wasn’t faked.


It was nearly four a.m. when Louis finally toed off his shoes in the entryway. The house was dark, quiet and still. Louis’ body ached from the liquor and the dancing and the relentless energy it took to have a good time these days.

He avoided the squeaky board on the stairs, as he made his way up to their bedroom. Harry had left the hallway light on for him and Louis didn’t bother with brushing his teeth or washing his face. He just tugged the turtleneck over his head and let it fall to the floor–he’d get it in the morning–then stepped out of his joggers. When he was down to his pants, he pushed open the door to their room.

The moonlight filtered in through the curtains throwing a pattern over the soft carpet near their bed. Harry was a soft lump under the blankets. The single foot hanging off the end of the mattress was the only sign that there was a human being under the duvet and all the pillows.  

Everything that had been wound tight in Louis’ chest all evening relaxed, unfurled, calmed. Louis slipped under the covers and inched toward Harry’s warm body, desperate to be close when all they’d had was separation all night.

Harry murmured something, sleepy and slurred as he realized Louis had come home. He pulled Louis flush against his chest, wrapping around him like a koala and Louis couldn’t be happier.

“H,” he whispered into the skin just above Harry’s heart. It was a slow and steady beat beneath his mouth.

“Didyahaveagoodtime?” Harry asked, and Louis could tell he was already half-way back asleep.

Louis smiled. “Yeah baby, I did. But, shit, I missed you.”


So yeah I did this pic for End. So uhm…I have nothing more to say other than 404’s face basically caused PainttoolSAI to crash, which caused the program to delete Nightweavers Lineart……and I had to do it all again…at least it was worth it bc he is my fav sans…


Characters used:

-Endtale Sans by @endtalesans

-Underhell Sans by @underhellsans18

-Error404 by @alphatale15

-Nightweaver (Ghost!Sans) by @wraithvine

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To the anon- I think it's pretty fair to say, though, that SA1 and SA2 didn't quite have the same dev cycle issues that later modern games came to face- The changes in development more reflect the genesis era, and how typically Sonic Team would have so many ideas and so many concepts that they ended up having to make changes/removals towards the end, but never any real lack of development time- like, say, Sonic 06. Not that much was left out, and most things they wanted to implement, they did.

Yeah, I guess that’s a factor too. “Big” games took a lot less time to develop and polish back then.

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Not rushing but I was wondering how the next chapter of undeniably important is coming along you left us on a cliff hanger

Oh yeah! I did do that didn’t I? :}
Honestly though, I am sorry for leaving you all on a cliff hanger, I’ll be done with most of my finals next weekend, so I hope to have another chapter up by then. My apologies for making you all wait this long. I hope you can forgive me…or not…*looks at storyline and coughs* …you know there was a reason for all the fluff and hilarity at the beginning of the story…right?


my animation final!!!! or you know the bare basics to pass

audio from prozd


He’s just trying to bond with you Lance I thought you wanted this?

I was gonna add Hunk but he actually likes puns so the airhorns are lost on him … I should draw Shiro and Hunk bonding over puns soon to make up for this grave error