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[FOR CHADWICK] T'Challa and Tony are both wealthy high-tech charismatic geniuses - how do those qualities of money, genius, and heroism play out differently for T'Challa than for Tony?

For me, I have a different responsibility. I’m being groomed to be the leader of a nation. - CB

Nobody Fall For His Bullshit

If any of you think Luke is truly sorry for what he did, guess again. He’s only sorry he got CAUGHT. What he has done was wrong and the thing he has done makes him a bad person and just because he said I’m sorry doesn’t excuse him from his actions, A lot of you are even liking his post and thats horrible cause your excusing his wrong and horrible actions.

All of you think Luke is a good person but how do you truly know, only from watching a ten minute clip of what he ALLOWS you to see, yeah also what do people do most of the time they are in front of a camera is ACT.

Don’t fall for his toxic charm, you know hes a bad person, all you have to do is look him in the eyes and you will see it.

real life girl fighting evil: whitney milam

Whitney Milam is a youtube star and the producer of projects like School of Thrones and writer of the upcoming spooky series Storytellers! She’s smart, funny, and super kind and also here on tumblr.

1. Tell us about some of your upcoming projects! Right now I’m immersed in pre-production for a seven-episode web series called Storytellers that’s best described as Skins meets Are You Afraid of the Dark? - I’m writing the scripts and producing alongside creator Joey Graceffa and director Michael Gallagher of Smiley and Totally Sketch. We recently raised over $140,000 of funding on Kickstarter, so I’m thrilled that people seem to be as excited about it as we are. Look for it to premiere on Joey’s channel in October!

2. You have three girl characters appearing in Storytellers. What about their journeys are you most excited to share? The girls of Storytellers really are the backbone of the series - the three of them consistently take the story to its most intense and exciting places. Skyler is the popular girl desperately trying to maintain control beneath her devil-may-care facade, Celia is the innocent dreamer who might be much more than she seems, and Mai may or may not subvert everyone’s expectations of her by growing into a total demon-hunting badass. They’re all deconstructions of familiar character types or tropes, and I can’t wait to see how the amazing actresses we’ve cast interpret them and bring them to life.
3. What is a normal day in your life like? Very, very busy! Film development and production all day, web series development and production all night. I work full-time as a producer’s assistant, so I set a lot of meetings, answer a lot of phones, read a lot of scripts, and discuss a lot of movies. On the weekends, I’m always in search of new experiences, adventures, stories, and friends.
4. What advice do you have for other girls looking to make a start in the online video world? I’ve found it’s really important to surround yourself with a positive network of friends and collaborators who support and strengthen you as both a content creator and a person. I would also advise being genuine above all things - fakeness and hypocrisy are incredibly transparent online and will always come back to bite you eventually. Just have fun, be yourself, stay grateful and humble, create things that make you feel creatively fulfilled with people who inspire you, and don’t put too much stock in the opinions of anonymous strangers on the internet.
5. Who is your favorite fictional girl fighting evil? If you could play one in a movie, who would you like to be? Buffy the Vampire Slayer forever! She’s the ultimate. I would love to aspire to a mere fraction of her strength, wit, bravery, and always-on-point (see what I did there?) style.
6. If you were stuck in a world where demons were attacking, what would be your weapon of choice? I’m a skinny white girl without Slayer strength or magical powers so I’d probably have to rely on my brain. I’ll just camp out in the library reading up on demonology and impart all my knowledge to the actual skilled demon-hunters on demand. Good luck, guys!

you know how whitney tweeted that picture of the storytellers script that says, “Hunter Crowley doesn’t exist.” and everyone flipped out?
Being me, I put a lot of thinking into something that’s probably not even going to be a big deal in the story line bc why would Whitney just give it away like that lol but anyway
what if Hunter was created and made powerful by Celia in order to make her stronger?? I mean think about it, throughout the whole series she was in this serious competition with Hunter and she devoted all her time to train her powers in order to be better than him. But, since Hunter was so oblivious to this and didn’t “compete” back, that’s why Celia got so filled up with anger and exasperation towards her brother. He, among everyone else, still didn’t 1. pay attention to her and 2. take her seriously
Going back to the bed scene with Celia and Blazer, he tells her that “soon you’ll be more powerful than him” and Celia’s like don’t say that but hey, just supporting my idea that she’s in constant competition with him and, ultimately, wants to be better than him (keep in mind she also summoned a demon into Blazer, so that would be another person she “created” in order to make herself more powerful).
(infomercial guy breaks down your door) but wait! there’s more!
1. The journal Celia wrote in order to frame her brother. I mean that was on a level of Otto Dix (WWI & WWII veteran that went mentally insane and made really, really graphic paintings post war). I mean it definitely shows that something disturbed just snapped in Celia’s mind…

2. The mother’s bracelet. When Hunter gave Celia the bracelet for their 17th birthday, that’s when I think Celia started becoming a badass mastermind, which makes sense because it’s obvious the mother has some dark entity to her. Then booooom the bracelet gave off those evil vibes (I don’t know how to phrase it because it’s 9 in the morning so) and Celia becomes evil like her mom
So why didn’t Hunter ever pick up on it? Why didn’t Hunter ever carry on the Crowley ~evilness~ (someone help me out here)
ba dum dum dummMMMM *insert drum roll here*
I mean really, if they’re twins that both come from this wicked mother, then why does only Celia become evil, why does only Celia fully credit her powers, and why does only Celia see her sibling as a serious competition??
(sorry if this doesn’t make sense, but it’s been floating around in my mind since yesterday so I just wanted to write it all down)


I love Whitney’s So You Wanna Get Into… COMICS! video. Great intro to the comic book world!

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Loved your Cursed Child post, super informative! Any way you could describe Delphi's hairstyle and wardrobe in a bit more detail? SO appreciated if so!

okay sO hmm i think she had a high-ish ponytail?? her hair was like?? a silvery-grey w some light blue streaks & the ponytail was messy?? and she was wearing leggings & a jumper i think??? or maybe it was an oversized cardigan? she definitely had layers & they were p dark (like grey/black/blue) i Think?? if anyone remembers it better, feel free to add on

also thanks !!!!