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It’s been a bit since I had an OC commission. Volts belongs to @deaddrawndomination. Sorry I forgot to take picture of her in the photo booth, I kind of forgot before shipping her out. I like how despite her outfit being a body suit it has layers to it. Oh and her usb tail is super cute! Sorry it took so long to make this post😅
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Voltz: “After Armageddon”

From their only release, Knight’s Fall (LP, Airship Records, 1982)


Blackrock Chronicles: Shy and withdrawn in public, crazy weird in private, BR is by far the most mysterious of the group. Her avid love of mushrooms and magic often get her referred to as a witch almost as much as Evicted. Due to her boyish figure, shes often mistaken for a guy by people who dont know her. She doesnt mind, but it leads to quite a bit of teasing.

Modded Madness: Dont you just love her body mods? After all the tattoos and piercings, Mod took to.. more extreme modifications. Which, incidentally, is her robotic eye and leg. She proudly displays her modified eye, yet seems to hide her leg. Her boyfriend, Voltz, helps a fair amount in keeping her technology updated.

Voltz: An explosive man with an explosive personality. He`s the oldest of everybody, and makes sure nobody forgets that fact. Making sense isn’t his strong suit, and his hair doesn’t help dispute the whole “mad scientist” look. MM loves it, though, Especially when its extra fluffy in the morning.

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I just died out of laughter watching this XD hehheee

Voltz: Abduction, Part 2

[Read Part 1 of Voltz: Abduction here.]

Here we go!  Part 2 of my Voltz fanfic series.  Thanks everyone for all the great feedback for Part 1.  As our story continues, Sips realizes he’s in for more than he expected from Ridge, and Sjin seeks out a way to get Sips back.  Semi-NSFW again, for swearing and domination.  Enjoy!


Sips wrenched at the lead, kicking his feet at Ridge as grass flew by underneath him.  His mind swam from the tight grip Ridge maintained at his throat.  Though he managed to get a good kick at Ridge’s legs every now and then, the demigod barely flinched at Sips’ light-headed attempts.  His mind was still reeling at what was happening—what the hell had gotten into Ridge?  This wasn’t the first time Sips tried to push his buttons, so what was his deal?  He couldn’t figure it out.  He tried looking up to track where they were going, but any movement of his head brought more stars to his vision.  Instead he swung an arm behind him, hoping it would connect with some part of his captor.

Ridge swatted the arm away.  “Stop that.”

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