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According to the wiki, Sam and Penny are friends. Any friendship headcannons for them?

  • Sam is protective of Penny, and closely watches to see if anyone mistreats her.
  • Penny talks Sam down from being an even bigger trouble maker.
  • Sam will play music while Penny reads.
  • Penny has definitely pulled a few strings for Sam with Lewis.
  • Sam invites Penny to play pool with them, but she normally declines.
  • Penny likes making his hair go in every direction.
Eternalism vs. Nihilism

by Samsaran

The Buddha was very frustrating at times. He refused to address questions concerning the soul, afterlife or continued existence with a few exceptions. One was that he stated with an uncharacteristic clarity (he often gave cryptic and confusing answers to students) that eternalism and nihilism were wrong.

Eternalism is the idea that there is an everlasting, unchanging being which we merge with after death. 

Nihilism, as used here, is the materialist view of the universe that all things are composed of matter and energy and nothing more and at death, there is no continuation of being.

He taught that eternalism cannot be right because all things arise from prior causes and that if you keep going back from cause to cause you can never find a thing which is eternal.

He taught that nihilism, also in this case called annihilationism, was wrong because it ignored the existence of consciousness. The body is not just a meat machine. There is more to us than that. He called it mental conditionality. He taught that there is no way we can say that what is was not before and will not be again.

Finally, it is worth noting that The Buddha also refused to get involved in speculations regarding the universe. Knowledge of Eternalism or Nihilism can in no way help man to break the present fetters which bind him to existence and which are the source of all his feelings of discontent which arise from his inability to completely satisfy his cravings. The Buddha considered these questions to be entirely irrelevant. 



You sat down on the couch, more like you had attempted to. The seat was covered in mostly snacks, empty cups, soda cans and… What did you just step on? You know what? You’re not going to even look down. The far left side seemed to be the ‘safe’ side.

“Now that you know everyone,” Leonardo started, “How did you get down here?”

You had began to tell them about your brothers, Sam and Dean, on how you all got separated coming down here. You just left out the family business part. Wait… Shit! You came down for a case!

“Listen, I would love to stay and chat more with you, but I need to find my brothers,” You abruptly stood up.

“What was with the gun?” Raphael asked, his arms crossed as he bit down on the toothpick he had at the corner of his lips.

That was the point when you took a deep breath, “None of your business to know…”

“Well, based on the situation you’re currently in, we do have the right to know as to why your armed, coming into the sewers of the city…” Donatello pointed out.

“If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.” You quickly added.

“Psh!” Michelangelo scoffed, “Try us, dudette! Besides, no one really believe we existed at first! Turtle ninjas!” He demonstrated a move with his nunchucks.

“What he means to say is, nobody believed that there was such a thing as turtle mutants…” Leonardo corrected.

“Fine..” You sighed in defeat.

They all listened intently to your explanation.

“There was always that saying, 'Saving people, hunting things, the family business!’…” You air quoted. “Now there’s some spirit down here that my brothers are taking care of, which they’re probably done, are now looking for me…” And speak of the devil, your cellphone was vibrating. It was Dean!

You quickly answered the phone, “Dean? Hello?”

“(Y/N)? (Y/N), sweetheart, are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine! What about you guys?”

“A bit worn out, but we took care of it. Don’t worry… Listen, we’re going to head back up, you find a way out and we’ll come get you..”

That’s when you pursed your lips into a thin line, “Ah-hem… About that,” You cleared your throat.


Dean was on the phone with you, he slowly turned to Sam and brought the phone away from his face.

Sam gave a concerned look with those puppy eyes of his, “Is everything okay, Dean?”

“We’re going to have to make a detour…”

200 Followers Takeover!

In celebration of reaching 200 followers(205 atm), i have decided to let Sam and Dean takeover my account for a while.

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You can ask them anything, even questing about me! (no smut please).

You do not have to be following me to send in an ask, but it would be nice!

Without further ado, I hand my account over to Sam and Dean!

Ask Away.


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Some Great SAM Limit Break Macro Quotes

“I’m sorry sensei… but I have to go all out. Just this ichido.”

“I’ve… I’ve lost control. Watashi o yurushite sensei.”


“Sensei, … is this the pawā you warned me about?”

“I can’t hold myself back anymore sensei.”

“Cory, you a busta.”

“The blade… has taken control of me.”

“I won’t let them hurt you Asuna-chan.”

“In this world, a single blade can take you anywhere you want to go. And even though it’s a virtual world, I feel more alive in here than I ever did in the real world.”

“No matter what, I promise I’ll protect all of you.”


“She’s not 12, she’s a 1000+ year old vampire mage.”

“Sensei, is this what all my training was for?”