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hi. :) can I possibly have an imagine with Peter, where I think he's cheating on me, and I've been kind of down and avoiding him, and he finally confronts me about it, etc.? Fluff please?

Of course :)

Teen wolf Imagine - Relationship insecurities - For anonymous! :) enjoy!

You weren’t normally insecure about, well, anything, hell, you thrived in being confident but now? Now you feared your boyfriend of a year was cheating on you. Why? He always came home late, always checking his phone every few minutes, and one time you got this over powering smell of perfume from his clothes it almost made you gag.

Your conclusion? He was cheating on you.

There was no other possible explanation - Peter was cheating on you and that crushed your heart.

He returned home every night, late as per usual, and every night you felt yourself shutting off from him, hating the thought of him with another woman.

Only this night was different. This night he realised something was wrong.

“(Y/N) what’s wrong?” He asked, sliding a hand down your arm and you flinched ever so slightly, tears welling up in your eyes.

“Nothing’s wrong… don’t worry about it” You said shrugging, about to walk away but he caught your arm, spinning you around to face him.

“Something’s wrong… I know it is”

“What? You know that with your super werewolf hearing?” You snapped, pulling away from his grasp, ignoring his hurt look

.”(Y/N) What’s wrong? You can tell me” He stated, “What’s happened? Has someone hurt you?” He asked, a dangerous, protective glint in his eyes.

“Yes - you” You fumed, a single tear running down your cheek, and he gaped at you.

“Babe… what have I done?” He asked, tilting his head to the side and looking at you in concern.

“You’re cheating on me aren’t you? Don’t deny it” You said angrily, “Who is it? Who with?”

Suddenly though, he started laughing, like full blown, laughing his ass of, laughing, and you felt your mouth go slack. Was he serious right now?

“Stop laughing” You demanded, hitting his chest but he still continued on, holding a hand to his side as tears of laughter rolled down his cheeks.

“Oh my god… you think… ahaha, oh my… that is the best laugh I’ve had all night”

“This isn’t funny” You screeched, and Peter quietened down his laughter, still smirking at you though, as he reached out to move some hair away from your face, “Hun… I’m not cheating on you”

"Oh really?” You said scathingly, “I beg to differ”

“Honestly” He chuckled, amusement glistening in his eyes.

You glared at him fiercely, “Then why come home late, why do you keep checking your phone, and why do you smell like perfume cause it isn’t mine” You snapped and he smiled at you making your blood boil.

“yes, cause I’m totally gonna cheat on the love of my life” He said sarcastically, smirking, making your heart skip a beat.


“Yes, the love of my life… I’m not cheating on you”

“But… you’re acting so.. off” You replied, as he stepped forward, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I’m trying to protect you” He corrected, leaning his forehead against yours.


“Why do you think?” He retorted, “Because I love you”

“But…” You couldn’t grasp what he was saying because for the past week you were so sure, so sure, he was cheating… it just made you all confused.

He rolled his eyes, playing with a strand of your hair, “I’ve been helping Derek till late with this whole, tedious ‘nogitsune’ business” He shrugged and you frowned at him.

“But… but what about the perfume?”

“It’s Lydia’s” He replied simply, making you raise your eyebrows, “Oh not like that silly - that girl goes through a bottle a day I’m sure it sticks to everyone’s clothes”

relief spread through your veins, making a smile appear on your face.

“Believe me now?” He chuckled, leaning forward, his nose nuzzling yours.

“…I guess” You smirked, hands sliding over his chest and across his shoulder blades.

“Good… because now I can do this…” He whispered, leaning down, pecking kisses along your neck and across your jawline before meeting your lips in a sweet kiss.

“Mmmm” You moaned, pulling him closer as his grip on you tightened.

“If that’s the kind of reaction I get every time you’re mad at me I should anger you more often” He chuckled.

“HMMM, maybe you should” You agreed, lips quirking, as he bent down to lift you up into his arms, spinning you around and making you laughing gleefully.

Hope you enjoyed :)