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hi! i'm an incoming senior high student, and my current dilemma is choosing between STEM and HUMSS. i feel like i'd do better in HUMSS, but i see myself in a more stable career in the sciences. i also passed the STEM track in DLSU and am currently waiting for results from Ateneo (i applied for HUMSS there).

What I’m getting is you want HUMSS bec you think you’re going to get great grades (idk why you would think this, maybe someone told you you got ~talent~ or you think the subjects are easier to pass, in which case LMAO), but in the long run it’s useless and won’t pay much. You think STEM is difficult (maybe you’re not that interested in Science/Math; maybe you were told this) but more profitable in the future (u kno, knowledge economy and all that capitalist shiz). If I were you, what I’d do is really take a look at how I view education. Am I getting educated to learn, am I in school to make my parents proud with my grades, am I in it to get a good job? It’s not even a pro/con situation, because when you make it a pro/con thing, you’re just looking at benefits versus deficits. You’re detaching this decision from context and making it look like the pros and cons are facts. (They are not. You’ll never know what’s “right” except in hindsight. And even then maybe not.) Reflect on what you want&why vs what you need&why. Go to your counselor, talk to a friend, consult to your parents etc etc. In the end you’re going to have to make a choice that you’re going to be happy with. Something you can live with. More importantly, it has to be path that YOU chose. When shit goes down, you’ll be able to say hey, I chose this path and I’m going to make this work.

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★ a line i always go back to is from anna akhmatova's rosary : if i can't have love, if i can't have peace / give me a bitter glory.


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