This is a song from the 2007ish Dreamboat record that I first recorded on the 2005 album I listed the other day. It’s, as far as I can remember, the only song I’ve recorded and released twice. Here’s the original  – CLICK.

There’s tranquility to the chord progression that makes it as hypnotic to play as listen to.

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“Mirrors Across the Ocean” from the 2007 release The SpaceDragon was one of the first songs written for that album. I wanted it to be the lead track but was talked out of it by various wiser minds. In any case, on a record with some great songs, this one really stands out, I think.

This is the final track on a crazy … crazy great … and totally crazy record I recorded in my little apartment in the Caribbean during a two-week rainpour. 

The tracks vary, but this one was always a standout in my mind.

Bored of Santeria 
Fell down on my knees 
I can’t hide, no I can’t hide 
I can’t hide anymore, nor would I 
Born a so-n-so 
Dancing on the sea 
Leave it all behind 
Leave it in the papers 
Lay across the cross-hairs 
Leave the skin deep behind 
And so become the river 
There’s nothing left behind us

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