This is a song from the 2007ish Dreamboat record that I first recorded on the 2005 album I listed the other day. It’s, as far as I can remember, the only song I’ve recorded and released twice. Here’s the original  – CLICK.

There’s tranquility to the chord progression that makes it as hypnotic to play as listen to.

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“Mirrors Across the Ocean” from the 2007 release The SpaceDragon was one of the first songs written for that album. I wanted it to be the lead track but was talked out of it by various wiser minds. In any case, on a record with some great songs, this one really stands out, I think.

This is the final track on a crazy … crazy great … and totally crazy record I recorded in my little apartment in the Caribbean during a two-week rainpour. 

The tracks vary, but this one was always a standout in my mind.

Bored of Santeria 
Fell down on my knees 
I can’t hide, no I can’t hide 
I can’t hide anymore, nor would I 
Born a so-n-so 
Dancing on the sea 
Leave it all behind 
Leave it in the papers 
Lay across the cross-hairs 
Leave the skin deep behind 
And so become the river 
There’s nothing left behind us

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Back in my punk days, in the early-mid 1990s, I was always interested – and I guess I still am – in the sedate and wild, the romantic and robotic, the sloppy and precise, popular and wretched, all these juxtapositions.

I had this chorus around for a long time, but it didn’t really work until I paired it with this wild guitar verse work. This chorus stems from my early youth, learning guitar by trying to play the theme music and in-show music from Scooby-Doo. No joke. Saman is great on the backing vocals. She really had no idea what to do, hadn’t even heard the song when I hit record and said “just go with it.” She did and it was super fun.

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New Record in Production

All records are “concept albums” of some sort. Sometime there is a theme or audio textures that bind, other times there is an overt story being told.

The latter scenario is where real trouble starts. Ziggy Stardust is amazing, almost everything else is total crap.

When I started work on this newest production I knew it was closer to an opera than a punk rock record, and I knew the general outline of the story, but I didn’t realize it’s full extent until I was four songs deep. By the end of this week all major recording will be finished and the mixing will begin. I will share the story because it is not completely evident in the music, and because I’m pretty sure no one will read this far into an all-text tumblr post. I’ll post the full libretto later.

Looking out the window, our heroine is elated to be alone and free for the first time. She has escaped her tormentor and reflects on the peace and quiet of the night.

As she drifts to sleep there, she dreams of a spider crawling onto the icecube in her glass.

The spider is the captain of this ship and torments her with his authoritarian control. He sails for just one thing, escape from the rising sun which will melt his icy ship.

She dreams of the scene that caused her to flee int he first place, a murder. She discovered the body floating in the pond behind her house. Her twisted husband the perpetrator. No matter how she frees herself physically, he still lays claim to her mind – until the spider fills that space. Captive on his icecube ship, the spider is spiriting her away until, finally, the sun rises to melt the ice ship. Terrifying as he may be, her eight-legged monster is in fact freeing her from the murderous tormentor.

At the end, Chronos stands before his fire, beckoning the sun charioteer Apollo to take to the sky and complete his daily mission. Another day will dawn and set. He says, “And if death doesn’t take right I’ll see you by this fire side again.”

There you go. Concept album, opera, call it what you want.

Tentative release date: January 2015.

The Narrows: I had devised a vary scary collection a while back called The Narrowing, but wound up breaking it up in to chunks for other albums, and other bits being scrapped all together. This song is not from that collection, but came from that vibe.

I woke one morning, went to my studio, and recorded the acoustic guitar with little-to-no preparation. The lyrics and vocal melody escaped me until inspiration seeped out of a Pernod bottle that night. They were completed on the first attempt.

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This is an old track but a fun one. Written in 2000 or so for the “Season of the Witch” album. Normally I’m come into the practice space with a few songs to hammer out, but I showed up with nothing one day and found Ritchie and Joel rocking the drums and bass for this. Without even a hello I picked up the guitar and invented the melody line exactly as it is here. That doesn’t happen very often, peeps. It was neat. Anyway, those with the original 2001-release of “Season of the Witch” have the title as the failed pun, “The End Comes To Soon.” Scratched that for the rerelease.

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