The xihra is a valuable animal, especially to the sylph, for its indiscriminate diet—it is one of the few creatures in Erj capable of digesting the ubiquitous ash blooms. Indeed, xi/ra in Old Sylph translates roughly as ‘beast of ingestion’.

Xihra females are kept by the sylph for use as beasts of burden, helping to transport provisions and merchandise all over Erj. Though slow, they possess great strength, and can tow enormous volumes.

Xihra males, however, remain undomesticated. Small and vicious, these agile 'whippets’ roam the wastes in packs, and travelers of all races know to stay wary.


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Estari Comic

A teaser ;) Jenn & I have been developing a comic/webcomic for over a year now. I was organizing my files because I am messy and because we are kicking it into gear for a Jan-Feb launch, and thought I’d throw out a something to my followers.

Jenn is one of the most brilliant artists I’ve ever known, and to get to work on a project with her is such a huge honor. Her comic work is PHENOMENAL, and I can only hope that my colors will help bring her lines to life.

This is an unfinished page one. There will be 35 pages to this chapter to be released weekly once we launch in early 2014. Adventure, dragons, etc.

A general summary of what today will be like
General summary of what today will be like:

[6/4/14, 6:18:41 AM] Jenn: blrurghmorning
[6/4/14, 6:19:18 AM] Aun-Juli: fffggghhdfdmorning
[6/4/14, 6:19:30 AM] Jenn: OMFG MORNING
[6/4/14, 6:19:34 AM] Aun-Juli: OMG JENN
[6/4/14, 6:19:37 AM] Jenn: OMG JULI
[6/4/14, 6:19:39 AM] Aun-Juli: OMG
[6/4/14, 6:19:51 AM] Aun-Juli: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[6/4/14, 6:19:55 AM] Aun-Juli: HHHHHH
[6/4/14, 6:20:05 AM] Chris: Is that today already?
[6/4/14, 6:20:08 AM] Aun-Juli: AHHHHHHH
[6/4/14, 6:20:11 AM] Jenn: it is that day
[6/4/14, 6:20:14 AM] Jenn: IT IS THAT DAY
[6/4/14, 6:20:20 AM] Aun-Juli: TODAY IS THAT DAY
[6/4/14, 6:20:30 AM] Jenn: TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY
[6/4/14, 6:20:37 AM] Jenn: I’M SO TIRED
[6/4/14, 6:20:44 AM] Aun-Juli: WHAT DO WE SAY TO THE GOD OF DEATH
[6/4/14, 6:20:50 AM] Aun-Juli: OUR COMIC LAUNCHES TODAAAYYY
[6/4/14, 6:21:00 AM] Jenn: TODAAAAAAY!
[6/4/14, 6:21:08 AM] Jenn: oh god I need coffee

I’d really love to draw more chubby centaurs! I thought it would be fun to open up for specifically centaur commissions! $20 would get you a hi-res sketch like this of a centaur character based on your design specifications! Just tell me the details you’d like and I’ll make it happen!

This is still very much an emergency and I need to make some change super quick. Any buys or reblogs you do for me would be hugely appreciated!

If you’re interested in a cheap and great cute centaur please send me a DM here or email to y2jenncommissions[at]gmail.com!

What I said to the Admin Y2jenn

I went to get out of my suspension early and I went to file a claim and such. When I was told to wait for the rest of time and told to stop this is what I wrote to the Admin Y2jenn.

“Allow me to say this y2jenn. I have push myself away from this, I’ve stated many times I could care less what people like as for my friend he stated his opinion on something and he was attacked for it. I’ve never attack anyone on anything and the people who reported it are bleeding hearts. I mean no disrespect to you but hear my side of the story before things like this even go down. Yes I can see my time shall be up soon, but I have never attack anyone I’ve been the one being the one attack many times, I’ve reported it many times and I’m told to pull myself away, which I have and they still attack me and my friends. I find this unruly as for a fact. They can attack me and my friends when we say something, stalk us, or even dehumanize us. I’m just getting of tired of being insulted even after I block the set person who even reported me. Which I know who did, but he still attacks me, I report him and nothing is done. I’ve spent two years on this site, trying to improve as a writer but I can’t think straight knowing there is someone watching my every move, willing to stalk me, and say I’m a bully. To call me a bully is a very idiotic thing, The person who reported me is a bully, even worse if you ask me. I love this site, I truly do, I love with all my heart. But when this happens to me, I think I have a right to say something. I suppose the point I’m trying to get at is, I’ve only said one thing to someone which I followed up on and said I could careless who he ships. I’ve neared attack anyone, when I saw someone of my group in that other group. I ask him and I just stated how I felt about it. I didn’t block the person from m group after that, I respect how he felt about it and moved on. I’ve never attacked anyone, nor have I bullied anyone, I’m just asking the Admins of this site to look a bit further on these reports and look at both sides and ask what is going on. I mean no disrespect of saying how the mods do there job I just wish they would look into it further and see what is going on.


This is what I wrote and I mean every word of it. I do hope most of the mods did get there heads out of the cave and look for the truth a bit more.

Dal is just enjoying a quiet sit. I did the lines for this piece and Glitch Ritual did the beautiful colors! You’re going to be seeing a lot more of this character and her world, so please give Glitch Ritual a follow on his blog so you don’t miss out on peeks of it!

Glitch Ritual is also on Facebook and Twitter.

And I’m in these places! FacebookTwitterdeviantART