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i live in michigan too! i was thinking of doing the car contest but i feel like i'd be so depressed if i didn't win i don't even want to try. ahaha(:

Same here last time i didn’t win the meet and greet i threw a big fit and was yelling at my mom and i couldn’t even see the next morning cause my eyes were to puffy. Im Weird.

Hello Every One Here It Is Again.KEEP READING please x. I need all your guy’s help. I am entering a contest to win concert tickets to a One Direction concert and a dressing room backstage And A MEET AND GREET with the boys. Heres how i win. i have to decorate a car and the top 10 best decorated cars get entered in a raffle to win. I need some CRAZY ideas that will REALLY catch their eye because this is my chance to actually meet them! Just give me any ideas you have at all even if they’re not the best. Just think if you had a chance to meet them :) Thank you x!

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voted! #8. Can i have a celebrity URL?

thank you!  :)

I have: 

Lucy Hale’s

Niall’s (open one)

Dianna Agron’s

Zayn’s (open)

Zooey Deschanel’s

Joseph Gordon Levitt’s

Harry’s (open)

Louis’ (open)

Liam’s (open)

Debby Ryan’s

Troian Bellisario’s

Which one do you want?

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