y0ur bl00d is 0ur m0n3y

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You haveny seen your lusus in awhile so why not go visit her ? When you got to your old hive you walked inside the cave but something was wrong so very wrong . You could smell the blood coming off your lusus  when you got closer to your lusus lifted up both of its heads and growled at you . Thats when you noticed one of its eye was gone and blood was leaking out of the eye socket . You should have turned tails then but you wanted to make sure your lusus was alright . You took a few steps forward you did react quick enough when she swiped a paw at you . Luckly you moved back enough where she just scraped you with her claws not deep enough to cause bleeding to death but just deep enough that you’ll have to clean it or infection will set in .  With that you ran out before she could swipe at you again or worse . Once you were far away from you hive you sat under a tree and inspected your wound . Some of it has scapped over already and most of your brown blood has stopped dripping out of it . Your ears perked up at the sound of something or someone coming . You tried making yourself smaller maybe they’ll just pass you bye and wont notice you .