jeydonn asked:

Your anon is very judgmental and not very understanding. You can have the surgery and still think it's fine for a girl to have a penis. Just because you are dysphoric and MIGHT Have the surgery does not mean you find it wrong for girls to have a penis. I'm 13 and that anon is most likely older than me so they are making themselves look like a complete idiot ._.

Well, I completely agree with you.  And from what I was reading, obsessed with what’s between trans* people’s legs like almost everyone else.  That’s one of the creepy things.

Dear Jeydon,

If there was no distance…

we’d probably spend the day cuddling and watching movies.

I’d take care of you if you didnt feel good.

I’d let you fall asleep in my arms if you were sleepy.

I’d give you a long,tight hug if you were upset.

I wouldnt let you be alone until I knew you were happy again, unless you needed to be alone,then i’d give you space.

I’d get to wear your hoodie when it’s cold.

I’d get to feel safe in your arms.

We could spend the night blogging together and talking about our fandoms

I would probably smile a lot , because,well you make me smile.

I would also make you food…and burn the house down.

I love you , Jeydon <33


Dear Jeydon,

okay so this is close to what i texted you the other night but you didnt get it because technology is sometimes stupid :/

Jeydon, I love you so much and it honestly scares me to death to lose you. It really does. They say not to make a person be the only reason why you’re happy because when they’re gone , you’re left with nothing. but i can’t help it. Im so attached to you and you make me so happy. Honestly,you’re one of the only reasons i smile lately. 

It scares me that one day we might break up. I don’t want to. I can’t see a reason why we would because I believe that we’re perfect together. But if we ever do break up, i don’t want to lose you as a best friend. i cant. You’re the only best friend I have.

I love that you’re my best friend and boyfriend, i can tell you anything <3

You turn my frowns into smiles and my smiles into giggles(i think thats a weird word) and my giggles into laughs and it just gives me another reason to love you more and more every day <3

And I hope I can make you smile like you make me smile because im in love with your smile.

I really want to be in your arms right now,to feel safe in your embrace, to cuddle with you and wear your hoodie on cold days,to hold on to a stuffed animal from you when im upset because you cant be here. There are so many things that I want to do but 1,236.2 miles are in the way :/ And I hope that we do get to meet one day and do all the things normal couples take for granted <3

And when ever we Oovoo,Im not even lying when I say that I get butterflies right before we do. I don’t think i’ve ever gotten butterflies.


Love Always, Jordan <3