y0umeatflint asked:

you me at six :)

  • Favourite song: Stay With Me or Lived A Lie
  • Least favourite song: urm none
  • Have i ever seen them live: 3 times
  • How many of their albums i have: All of them (five)
  • Favourite album: Sinners Never Sleep
  • Favorite music video: Liquid Confidence
  • Ever met any members: HA! I wish!
  • Theme: 7/10
  • URL: don’t get it or 9/10
  • Posts: 9/10
  • Blog Overall: 8/10
  • Do I follow? Yes :)

send me a band name and i’ll do a band/blog rate c:


How hard could it be?


Believe me, I’ve tried.

Then try again.

Well I can’t.

Get over yourself.

He was my best friend. The only person I could never imagine living without. Except I basically did, every day. He was famous, touring the world and here I was, silently heartbroken and sad. But what could I do about it? As said, he was my best friend and I was in love with him. But how could I not. He was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Well this is basically the summary of the requsted mini-fic! Just posting this so you know that I am working on it! :) xx