Help! My White BF Supports Trump?! | #LastNameBasis
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Hey guys! This is Franchesca Ramsey’s last video. It was posted a month ago, and it’s about advice that Franchesca and her husband gave to an African American female with a white boyfriend who disagrees with her on a lot of social issues. The video itself is pretty good, but the comment section is complete TRASH. It is filled with vile insults, racial slurs, death threats, and just the overall the dark, black cum filled bottom on the barrell that is the worst of the Youtube comments. That and the video has more dislikes than likes by over a thousand.

Like I said, the video is actually pretty good and insightful, and doesn’t deserve the treatment it’s getting. Honestly almost all of chesclaeigh videos have gotten this treatment for the past couple of years. If I was her, I would have quite Youtube by now. I don’t know how she handles it.

So I thought it would be nice if people: watch the video, leave a like, and/or leave a nice comment. I don’t know how far this will reach, but even if you can get the like/dislike ration to 50/50 I think it would be nice.

Instagram photo by M Copland Gray • Nov 12, 2016 at 7:31pm UTC
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beatgenerationproductions Had the pleasure of meeting Tom Burke from BBC’s The Musketeers yesterday. As a long time fan of Dumas & the tv series was good to meet that swashbuckler Athos. Top bloke and a gent too. #themusketeers #bbcdrama #actorslife

Wrong Warping, AKA “World 1-1 Warping”. What is it?

Wrong Warping is a strange phenomena that occurs when the game incorrectly reads Yoshi’s coordinates. Anytime a warp is initiated, the game reads Yoshi’s current coordinates, and the data of the specific warp he is taking and, as a result, warps him to the correct location. However, this data can be skewed by performing specific actions that move Yoshi’s coordinates, thus making them unreadable. When the game cannot determine a warp, it defaults to coordinates x0 y0 z0, the upper left corner of the screen above World 1-1. World 1-1 exists below the screen, but considering the invalid warp, it is unloaded from memory. Fluttering in a specific manner allows you to load the level below and finish it with no incident. If you do this incorrectly, you will fall below the screen and die. Completing World 1-1 in this manner completes the world you warped from. Have fun!

For @somnomforest!

anonymous asked:

y0 how do you eat bran flakes and pb?? Is there milk invoked? Do you put the pb on the flakes or in the milk or both?? I need new ways to eat bran flakes other than w raisin and I love peanut butter

alright so i’m ignoring any food policing / ed recovery warrior gatekeeper anons i might get after this message bc i don’t care if my food habits are weird sometimes lmao

but lately it’s been 50/50 peanut butter, bran flakes, vanilla yogurt (which i used to do all the time in treatment lmao, add a banana and that was my breakfast and my second breakfast)

but now that i have the freedom of choice…sometimes skipping the middleman of the yogurt all together and just going for the peanut butter and the bran flakes

also sometimes just like heat up the pb first (while the song gooey by the glass animals plays in my head) (or literally plays) and then stir some bran flakes in and i’m good

clearly…a balanced ass meal plan idk


Sucky Fish & Relationship Advice from Ants | Natural News from The Field Museum | Ep. 3

Hey yo hey yo let’s break it down this episode is about: 

  • invasive species in the freshwater aquarium trade
  • prospecting for new species of dinosaurs in Utah’s deserts 
  • symbiotic relationships between ants and acacia trees - also testing the widely-known ‘Red Queen Hypothesis’ 

Get y0 natural history science news on! 

itanohira  asked:

Okay, that one Makoto/Majima one just hit me right in the feels so if it's aight with you can you do them for 6, 13, 15 and 18?

6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s? – Makoto absolutely adores Majima’s big stupid nose, meanwhile I don’t think Majima would be able to name a favorite bc he’d try to list everything.

13. Who reaches for the other’s hand first? – Majima=>Makoto since he got so used to taking her hand and leading her around that way during all the shit that happened in Y0.

15. Who wakes up first? – Makoto, as she finds getting like. Just barely enough sleep to be healthy combats any potential nightmares, and going through the motions of being a Morning Person™ helps her feel normal.

18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?) – Majima’s mad rich enough that they usually meet up for lunch, though sometimes Makoto will indulge in the cutesy stereotype and make a bento and send a Majima family runner to bring it to him with a little note that says shit like “do your best!” or just “i love you!” and the poor runner gets super concerned bc they always make Majima cry.